Problems with passwords after upgrade to Mavericks

After upgrading to Mavericks I have problems with passwords. MacOS allows me to log in with my password but when I want to install software it does not accept my password. I can go to the user tab in system preferences and change my passwort there. With the new password it works, but when I change to the old password, I have the same problems. Strange ...
Thanks for help

OK. I found the problem (probably it is not related to the upgrade): When I install an application and the installation procedure asked me for a password it switched the keybord driver to a language I only use infrequently. Since my original password contained special characters the change of the keyboard driver was the cause for my typing in a wrong password. When I tried changing the password I used "abc" and this worked since it did not contain any special characters. So everything explained and a bug for Apple to fix.

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  • Wifi problem with Mac after upgrade to Mavericks

    I just upgraded to Mavericks but something wrong with my wifi.
    i can get internet through LAN link from Airport but not through wifi even i can receive an IP address
    i tried connect to hotspot with my iphone5s and it works.
    Other devices can use wifi just fine through Airport, just not my Mac using Mavericks
    In conclusion,
    Airport should be fine because my other devices works.
    Mac wifi should be fine too because i can connect using hotspot.
    so why it's not working when i connect Mac to Airport?

    I was having problems connecting to Wifi with my Macbook Pro (!2010), after upgrading to Mavericks. I was on the phone repeateadly with AT&T because I have Uverse. Testing everything (channels, signal strength) and had techs come out to check the line, ports, switches, etc. When I hardwired the Mac into the Uverse router, it worked fine. This rulled out any problems with the line in.
    I considered getting a repeater but then I read that repeaters are not really good and it is better to reconfigure a router to act as an access point on the network. Plunked down about $80 for a Belkin AC750 router at Best Buy. In the setup it has an option to set it up as an access point only. Clicked that, connected it to my Motorola NVG510 Uverse modem and then connected to the Belkin router from my Mac. Voila!  It's been a solid 11+ Mbs ever since (my plan maxes at 12Mbs). Connection is still solid and life if good even though it ***** to plunk down another $80 for a second router. But it was worth it just to get rid of the headaches.
    I think the wifi capabilities of the Motorola NVG510 modem are the cause of a lot of problems with AT&T Uverse issues, particularly for Mac owners. I think it was also causing my Airport Expresses to drop occasionally.... Few minutes of music then drop... music drop.... All gone now.
    I don't know if you are on Uverse but if so, I highly recommend configuring a second router as an acces point (it can be any old router you still might have - the setup is just a bit trickier because you have to do it manually).
    Good luck.

  • Has anyone had problems with burner after upgrade to Mavericks on an iMac 27"

    Has anyone had a problem with the burner after upgrade to Mavericks.  It is hunting not always reading picture files keeps showing a fault when trying to burn a DVD. 

    I am having the same experience.  I just update this morning and now can't get mail.  Did you ever figure this out?

  • Problems with mail after upgrading to Mavericks

    since I upgraded to Mavericks, I have problems with Mail.
    The mail app doesn't retrieve any mail from my email servers. IMAP or POP or exchange mail no longer work.
    I have these problems on my iMac and my MBP.
    The strangest thing is that I have no more new emails in my icloud account since the upgrade. Not only does mail not retrieve the emails but I even can't see any new mail online.
    On my iphone with iOs7 the mails are retrieved, except of course the mails from the icloud account.
    Has anybody a solution at hand?

    this might help with the gmail problem:

  • Problems with Thunderbolt after upgrading to Maverick

    I have a Macbook Pro.  I just upgraded to Maverick in the last week.   Now my Thunderbolt external monitor won't sync with my Macbook.   They are not operating in tandem.  I've had nothing buy problems with Maverick.  This is just one of many.   Anyone else having this problem?  Thank you.

    You're welcome, and maybe you could share the solution, it may help others.

  • Problem with mail after upgrading to Mavericks

    After upgrading, I do not receive mails
    Send e-mail works fine.

    I not only have the exact same issue, but worst of all the rules do not seem to work any longer (at least not for my Exchange mail account).
    Hopefully it will be fixed along with all the Gmail issues.
    I am going to provide mail feedback in the hope that they pick up on this.

  • Problems with Mail after upgrading to Maverick

    I just upgraded to Maverick and ALL of my saved mailboxes have disappeared. I have months worth of emails stored in the folders and HAVE to restore them somehow. Any help would be appreciated.

    You're welcome, and maybe you could share the solution, it may help others.

  • Problem with iPhoto after upgrading to Mavericks.

    My iPhoto says that I have an upgrade everytime I open it, but when I agree on that nothing is coming up in App Store. I have 9.4.3 and it wants to upgrade to 9.5.  Please help.

    What system are you running, Mavericks? Go to the App Store, log in with your Apple ID and look in the Updates section for iPhoto. 

  • Problems with Preview after upgrading to Mavericks.

    I just updated to Mavericks. Now when I try to use the line feature (drawing a line on a PDF) in Preview, it instead draws an arrow. How do I draw lines?!
    It shows the line tool as being selected. The arrow tool is no longer even present on the toolbar.

    Thanks for this.  There is no option to select in Tools to draw an arrow in the Mavricks version of Preview (at least that I have found yet). Thanks to your post, I figured out how to draw an arrow.  I hope they get this worked out in the next update.
    Unfortunately, I don't know how to draw a simple line either.

  • I am having problems with mail after upgrading to mountain lion. Is there a way to go back to lion?

    I am having problems with mail after upgrading to mountain lion. Is there a way to go back to lion?

    It would always be easier to fix the Mail problems.

  • Problems with Mail after upgrading to 10.9.1

    I am running into problems with Mail after installing 10.9.1. I had NO problems with Mail prior to this update.
    Problems I have encountered so far are:
    - I don't receive some e-mails on my Gmail account.
    - I have sent e-mails that supposedly got "sent" but do not show up in my Sent box both on mail and on web Gmail. My Outbox is empty also.
    Has anyone encountered the same problems and found a solution?
    Thanks in advance!

    Yes Paul I have, but no solution. I cannot send email. My ISP uses a smtp mail server for sending and It will not log in. Have had ISP on phone and checked all settings. Can only put it down to Mavericks.
    It worked OK for a week after upgrading then stopped. So now having to use web mail to send email.
    Strange thing is I receive mail OK, just cant send.

  • Troubles with passwords after upgrade

    Hi, we upgraded the system from 4.6 to ECC 6. and now some of our users have the problems with passwords (login).
    We suspect that more users have the same password. Is it possible that in new verision users need to have different passwords?
    Thanks and BR

    Note: SAP ECC 6.0 password is Case Sensitive.

  • [SOLVED] Problem with murmur after upgrading to 1.2.3-4

    I've been running Murmur on my server for a long time without problems. The last version I had running was 1.2.3-3. After upgrading to 1.2.3-4, the already-running murmurd process crashed after a while (some hours after the upgrade, after constant use) and I'm unable to restart it. The message I get is:
    :: Starting murmur [BUSY]
    <W>2012-01-07 22:06:11.133 Initializing settings from /etc/murmur.ini (basepath /etc)
    <W>2012-01-07 22:06:11.134 OpenSSL: OpenSSL 1.0.0f 4 Jan 2012
    <W>2012-01-07 22:06:11.134 SSL: Adding recommended CA StartCom Certification Authority
    <W>2012-01-07 22:06:11.134 SSL: Adding recommended CA AAA Certificate Services
    <W>2012-01-07 22:06:11.135 SSL: Adding recommended CA UTN-USERFirst-Client Authentication and Email
    <C>2012-01-07 22:06:11.135 Successfully switched to uid 1007
    <F>2012-01-07 22:06:11.230 ServerDB: Failed initialization: unable to open database file Error opening database
    and in murmur.log nothing gets written. Downgrading to 1.2.3-3 works, but I thought I'd look for the cause of the problem.
    After poking around a bit, I noticed that my murmur database (/var/lib/murmur/murmur.sqlite) belongs to a nonexistent user with a UID of 86 and a GID of 86, as well as the whole /var/log/murmur/ directory. I also noticed that a new murmur user and group with UID and GID of 1007 and 1000 exists on the system now. It seems that running:
    sudo chown -R murmur:murmur /var/lib/murmur/ /var/log/murmur/
    fixes the problem. Perhaps the update deleted my pre-existing murmur user and group and recreated them?
    Edit: Guess I should mark this as [SOLVED].
    Edit edit:
    Also turns out the whole /var/lib/murmur/ directory has to belong to murmur, not just the sqlite file.
    Last edited by n17ikh (2012-01-08 03:22:39)

    I had the same problem and fixed it like you.

  • Problem with colors after upgrading to Lion

    After upgrading to Lion, I could no longer distinguish between very light greys (e.g., #f8f8f8) and white (#ffffff) on my laptop monitor. The difference is readily apparent on many websites.
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    Neither recalibrating the color profile nor rebooting have any effect.
    Any ideas?

    iPhoto is not part of Lion. It comes with a Mac. So, the version you own is the one that came with your Mac. If you want the newest version, you'll have to purchase it from the App Store.

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    My phone was fine after I connected to iTunes. It appeared in recovery mode and then it downloaded the update, installed and all was fine.

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