Problems with PDFS in Dreamweaver

I'm new to Dreamweaver. I need to replace some PDFs that have outdated information. I created new PDFs, saved them to the root, broke the old link, made a new link, connecting the new PDF, selected ctrl + double click to open the PDF to make sure it was there, saved the file, and put the file up. Then, when I  open the changed links in the browser, I get a 404. When I go back to reconnect the old, outdated links, they work, but none of the new links do. It's definitely a user error--I can't find any resources to help me past the problem and  I absolutely cannot see what I am doing differently or wrong. It's making me crazy! I hope you can help! Thanks!

Thank you for your comments. I think it is a path issue, but I don't know how to fix. I'm sure it's something simple too. I saved the PDFs to the same folders that had the old PDFs.
They appear as though they are uploaded correctly into dreamweaver. I can see them in the root directory within their respective folders, and when I select the text that makes the link, the link appears at the bottom of the screen so it looks as though it will be published correctly, but then it isn't.

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  • Problem with PDF extract in a report

    Hi guys,
    We are facing a peculiar problem with PDF extract in a report. When we run a report and export PDF , all the records in the result set are populated in the PDF. however, if I navigate away from the report and return back to the same report, and click on export pdf (with the result set already populated) i get a blank PDF document without any records. If i run the report again and then export the PDF it works fine.
    Export excel works fine for all cases.
    I am assuming it has got something to do with the way the system handles the cache for PDF export.
    I also found that this occurs only when we have a value list filter with "none" set as default,and in this case, initially on opening  the report for the first time the query does not get executed automatically.
    Any help on this would be highly appreciated.
    Thanks and Regards,

    Hi Immanuel,
    Have you tried clearing the cache? My guess is, it is probably a defect.

  • Printing Problems with PDF - Adobe Acrobat

    Printer - HP Deskjet 3070A
    Laptop - Asus Zenbook running Windows 7 Home Premium
    Issue: Printing problems with PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader)
    Dear All,
    Please help!
    My printer was working absolutely perfectly until my brother in law recently needed to borrow my printer. He plugged in his laptop running Windows 8 (awful thing that is). Since he did this to print his own PDF, I cannot print mine.
    Although all the text will appear on the page perfectly both in the document view and on actual printing, it appears that some of the transparent formatting stuff on a PDF - such as boxes you have to fill in and transparent areas (such as you find on glorious tax forms) are omitted completely. In fact, in their place I was getting a single black dot. Now, after uninstalling and re-installing updates for the printer, windows 7, adobe acrobat reader, etc.etc. I get squat. Just all the text laid out but none of the shading or boxes.
    I have tried fiddling with the printer settings; the  print as 'photo' option, dpi settings, greyscale - as much as I can think of and I am thoroughly stumped.
    In a desperate attempt, I even installed the Universal Printer Drivers - thinking it might have been that. No. All I got was a page of gobbledygook. Consequently, I uninstalled and reinstalled the normal drivers again.
    If there are any wonderful people out there with any fabulous ideas about how I can get my shading and boxes back; I'd  very much appreciate it. Sadly I have a tax return to fill out (which is already fabulously late) and need my printer to work!
    Much appreciation in advance x

    Hey there @Reverie!
    Thanks for posting on the HP Forums!
    I can see that the printer is no longer printing in the correct format after it was plugged into the Windows 8 computer!  You mentioned you have run the updates and uninstalled/re-installed the printer software.  Have you uninstalled and re-installed the Adobe software? Are you getting the same issue from other programs as well? Are you getting the same issues if you are logged in as a different user on the computer? 
    I have located the HP Update Software Utility that may be able to help.  You can download an run the utility.  It may be able to locate any other updates for the printer.
    I would also recommend running a disk cleanup on the computer to clear any temporary files and junk files that may be causing some performance or software issues. If you do not know how to run a disk cleanup on the computer please follow this document regarding Delete files using Disk Cleanup.  It is recommended to restart the computer after a disk cleanup. After the restart try the print job again!
    Let me know if that helped and thanks again for posting on the HP Forums!
    I work on behalf of HP.
    Please click “Accept as Solution” if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution.
    Click the “Kudos, Thumbs Up" at the bottom of this post to say “Thanks” for helping!

  • We have a mac laptop and dont have any problems with pdf files but our imac will not open them.  any suggestions

    we have a mac laptop and dont have any problems with pdf files but our imac will not open them.  any suggestions?

    Back up all data.
    In the Finder, select Go ▹ Go to Folder from the menu bar, or press the key combination shift-command-G. Copy the line of text below into the box that opens, and press return:
    /Library/Internet Plug-ins
    From the folder that opens, remove any items that have the letters “PDF” in the name. You may be prompted for your login password. Then quit and relaunch Safari, and test.
    If you still have the issue, repeat with this line:
    ~/Library/Internet Plug-ins
    If you don’t like the results of this procedure, restore the items from the backup you made before you started. Relaunch Safari again.

  • Times Font Problems With PDFs

    I am having an intermittent problem with PDFs with Times fonts.
    Sometimes the PDFs print OK and other times words will be jumbled together or strange characters will take the place of certain punctuation marks. There are several other things that seem to happen, but I cannot remember every issue. Every time there is a problem, the PDF "Looks good on the monitor!".
    This happens on 10.3.9 and Os9 machines also.
    I have done Permission Repairs on a regular basis, cleaned my Font Caches, used FontFinagler etc.
    I have run Norton on the Os9 machines, taken all fonts out of ATM and put them back in, trashed Adobe prefs, etc.
    Sometimes this happens on PDFs from PCs, other times it happens on PDFs from Macs.
    All of the versions of Acrobat we are using are Professional versions with the latest updates, so that shouldn't be the issue.
    If anyone has any input on this, it will make my life considerably easier.

    It sounds like the problem PDF docs did not have the fonts embedded into the docs when they were created originally, and the Times font on your computer is different. A couple of possible options, (a) ask the original creator to re-make the PDF doc with embedding the fonts, or (b) try re-writing the doc by doing a Save As... in Acrobat.
    Hope this helps.

  • CUPS problems with PDF printing

    I am having all manner of problems with PDF printing.  Recently added a Lexmark MX710 and have 7 machines that were previously printing fine to an X652de a T652 as well as a Samsung CLP770.  All network printers.
    Now there are bizarre issues with PDF printing. CUPS version 1.6.1.  The MX710 will blue screen and reboot when printing one specific pdf without fail.  There are all kinds of random nonsensical results when printing from different locations.  A pdf that stalls the X and T652 with "filter error" will print from my own machine to the same printer, using the same versions of cups, .ppd file, and everything package related to cups.
    Yet other PDF files will print, while some print complete gibberish, I can't find any rhyme or reason or anything predictable about any of it other than to say printing postscript files works fine all around.
    This has been universally in KDE printing through Okular.
    I've tried some things I've found suggested, such as modifying the mime.conv as suggested by an old ubuntu thread, adding the a2ps package, all to zero effect.
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    At this point the only reasonable explanation I can think of is that the ppd package I downloaded and installed via included shell script from lexmark for the mx710 caused this whole catastrophe.  The only common thread for this problem starting was that I used this on all of the affected machines and they now all manifest problems.  And on four of these machines this is literally all that was done, they were loaded in september, have not been updated via pacman in any way, and are running the exact same version of cups poppler, and okular that they were then, which was working, and now cannot print pdf to any printer at all without causing one of several problems depending on the printer.
    I cannot seem to get this reversed though.  I've gone so far as to force remove all the cups packages, and delete the files associated with the install script, but the problem remains afterward.  From what I can see so far all this lexmark package did was display a license agreement, then copy the ppd files in it's folder to /usr/share/ppd/Lexmark.  This particular printer, the mx710 has no .ppd available that I have found other than this one from Lexmark directly.  Open printing doesn't have anything for this model.
    This printer's driver has some kind of a cups filter driver with it that the install script presumably installs, I suspect this could be what caused the problem specifically, but I must not be removing it correctly, despite following the file removal suggestions in the Lexmark readme for uninstallation.  CUPS printing is something I am new to and only have a basic understanding of.
    To answer some specific questions I nearly forgot, I don't have cups pdf installed.  I have chrome installed which can successfully save pages to PDF, previously it could also print pdf, and presumably it prints everything as pdf given the cups pdf workflow.  That is also broken now too, so printing from the browser causes the printer to fail as well.  If I save as pdf from chrome, and print with adobe reader, it works.
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  • Anyone experiencing problems with pdfs with Mountain Lion?

    When I try to open pdfs downloaded from the internet via Safari to the Mountain Lion desktop I get this message:
    "There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired."
    I have encountered this problem with pdfs downloaded from several sources.
    When I open pdfs received in email messages there is no probem.
    Can anyone advise please?

    I had been having a similar problem on Lion with Safari pdf files despite downloading the latest Adobe Reader XI.
    I would constantly get the same messages - There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired. And I would get a blank page when I tried to print the pdf if I tried printing from the Safari web page using File - Print from the top toolbar on my laptop.
    Then I came across the grey Safari lozenge with action icons.
    This allowed me, without downloading the pdf, to print the pdf file direct from the Safari page by using the Print icon on the grey lozenge that appears centrally three quarters down the screen.
    Then I discovered that if I save the pdf using the Save icon from this same grey lozenge on the Safari page I can open and print this pdf version from my desktop.
    I've tested it with a couple of different pdf files and these methods work using the grey lozenge icons but the same pdfs files don't work using File - Save As on the Tool Bar.

  • Problem with PDF files

    Hello Experts,
    I am having trouble with PDF files corrupting the folder in
    which they are contained. If this sounds familiar, and you might be
    able to help, please see if the following steps give you an idea of
    the problem and the fix.
    I want to link to PDF files from a web page. The copy,
    consisting of several files, was provided by my client as Word
    documents, and converted to PDF by me from within Microsoft Word.
    I copied the PDF files into their own folder in my site, and
    found later, after leaving, then reopening Dreamweaver, that the
    folder was corrupted and unreadable. I got a message to run chkdsk.
    I tried working around the folder by repeating the process
    above in a new file, with the intention of ignoring the corrupted
    one. The second folder also became corrupted.
    I don't know if chkdsk is a Dreamweaver utility, or a Windows
    utility, or if this is a Windows, Acrobat or Dreamweaver problem.
    Does anyone know how to run chkdsk?
    Does this sound familiar to anyone? Any ideas?
    Thanks so much in advance for the urgently needed support.

    chkdsk used to be a DOS utility, now Windows. Depending on
    the OS you have
    and whether it's Mac or PC, you can run it several ways.
    If XP > Start > Help and Support, type chkdsk in the
    Other OSs, search for chkdsk.
    "RTalbott" <[email protected]> wrote in
    news:e91rg5$hkj$[email protected]..
    > Hello Experts,
    > I am having trouble with PDF files corrupting the folder
    in which they are
    > contained. If this sounds familiar, and you might be
    able to help, please
    > see
    > if the following steps give you an idea of the problem
    and the fix.
    > I want to link to PDF files from a web page. The copy,
    consisting of
    > several
    > files, was provided by my client as Word documents, and
    converted to PDF
    > by me
    > from within Microsoft Word.
    > I copied the PDF files into their own folder in my site,
    and found later,
    > after leaving, then reopening Dreamweaver, that the
    folder was corrupted
    > and
    > unreadable. I got a message to run chkdsk.
    > I tried working around the folder by repeating the
    process above in a new
    > file, with the intention of ignoring the corrupted one.
    The second folder
    > also
    > became corrupted.
    > I don't know if chkdsk is a Dreamweaver utility, or a
    Windows utility, or
    > if
    > this is a Windows, Acrobat or Dreamweaver problem. Does
    anyone know how
    > to run
    > chkdsk?
    > Does this sound familiar to anyone? Any ideas?
    > Thanks so much in advance for the urgently needed
    > Richard

  • Printing problem with .pdf

    27" iMac (2012), OS X 10.9.1, Canon MF4770n laser connected by ethernet cable through AirPort Extreme, HP C4200 connected directly via USB
    The Problem:  I received a .pdf file via e-mail and downloaded it.  It consisted of a series of forms in unknown original format.  I needed to print them out, sign them and return them.  I opened .pdf in Preview but when I tried to print it, I got only blank pages from the printer.  The printer seemed to be operating normally in all other respects.
    What I have tried: 
    1.  Successfulloy printed material from other applications using the same computer and Canon printer.
    2.  Successfully printed a different .pdf file from Preview using the same computer and Canon printer.
    3.  Successfully printed the offending .pdf from Preview on the same computer and the HP ink jet printer.
    4.  Successfully printed the offending .pdf from Adobe Reader using the same computer and Canon printer.
      Since I was able to print the .pdf using Adobe Reader, this problem is not critical but it is rather mysterious.  Any suggestions would be appeciated.

    Using ASK.Com - my favorite web browser - does not require you to download anything to use it just enter the url -
    I entered the following:
    Why is my HP laser printer printing slow
    Below is just one of the documents - this one is HP support.
    *just a heads up - whenever you have problems with a printer
    1. stop the print queue on your system
    2. shut the printer power off for about a minute to clear any  printer memory
    3. turn on the printer
    4. start the print queue
    *also - using have also found answers on this site without the struggle of going through searching this site.

  • Acrobat 9 pro and problems with pdf made by photoshop cs4

    I have encountered a problem when viewing pdfs exported from photoshop cs4 using acrobat pro 9. If I open single pdf, it's ok, but whenever I open another pdf, all text is jagged. Then if I close all pdfs and try opening the second one, it's ok again. It looks like acrobat is not able to render texts correctly in newly opened pdf when another pdf is already opened.
    This happens only with pdfs exported from photoshop (file->save as->pdf). It does not really matter if the first opened pdf is from photoshop or not, all other opened pdfs from photoshop are crapy.
    I tried different settings when saving pdf but the results are always the same - jagged type (it does not even look like aliased, it's completely screwed and unreadable) in second pdf. It is funny because text present as smart object from illustrator renders fine all the time. Therefor I think the problem is between photoshop export and acrobat, vectors are rendered with no problems.
    I tried opening on different pc (also with acrobat 9 pro) with the same result. Systems are vista on exporting pc, the second pc is running windows7 beta. However on the third pc with windows XP and adobe reader 9 everything works fine.
    Any ideas how to make this work?

    Solution found for me. From Adobe Acrobat & Reader 9.1 Release Notes:
    Roaming Profiles on Windows and Networked Home Directory on Macintosh
    are not supported configurations for 9.0 or 9.1, however we have made
    several fixes in 9.1. We are looking at the possibility of supporting
    this for the next major release.
    As I am working with roaming profiles, my current solution (which is no solution at all) is to wipe current and reinstall Acrobat/Reader 8. Among other things there are supposed console hacks to make the purchased Adobe software run at all in a group work environment. I will end up trying them later.
    Some good reads are : ser-accounts-open-directory

  • Reader 9 - problem with pdf version 1.0 and descenders

    2 big problems over here:
    * Reader9 will not properly open files created as pdf version 1.0/1.x
    all text is cut off about 2/3 of the way down, whether or not in fields.
    * Any pdf file version above 1.0created with any version of GhostScript does not have the previous issue, However - no descenders of any font are coming out.
    We do not have either problems with any version of Reader prior to 9

    Hi creamac,
    Welcome to communites
    Please install vmware tool and then on vmware task bar select connect or unplug usb drive . You
    will find that on right hand corner above to task bar of host machine  .
    "Nature always wears the colors of the spirit."

  • Problem with pdf-printing in Adobe Acrobat Pro

    I have Adobe Acrobat Pro 9.4.3.
    PDF-printing has always worked great but suddenly there is some kind of problem.
    After printing a excel-document from "Print to pdf" built-in function in MacOS OR Adobes Printer I have corruptet pdf-files when showing them in Adobe Reader/Acrobat, but the MacOS Preview-software shows them correct.
    So, there cannot be any problem with the printing, but the local preview on my computer using Reader or Acrobat. I dont even use the Myriad font in the document, I use Verdana.

    You say you're using Verdana but you're not. The error message clearly shows you're using MyriadPro Bold.
    You probably recently installed the Mac OS X 10.6.7 update which has a bug with OpenType PostScript fonts like MyriadPro Bold. Either use Verdana or another TrueType or PostScript font, or revert to Mac OS X 10.6.6.
    Read about the problem here:

  • Problem with PDF Actions in SAP MII 12.2

    hi all,
    I'm trying to generate PDF documentation work in 12.2 version of MII. Below are the steps followed as per note 1325997
    I've downloaded the PDF Actions files:
    Downloaded the iText.jar and iTextAsian.jar files.
    Custom action updated with PDFActions.jar as the assembly .jar file, and iText.jar and iTextAsian.jar as the dependency .jar files and Deployed the custom action.
    Workbench does show up with PDF action blocks like PDF Document, PDF Table...etc but seems to be an issue as these do not look like the standard actions with no icons attached to them.
    I've tried to create a new transaction and include any actions to the sequence, but no luck as it doesn't assigns the PDF action
    i've downloaded iText.Jar and iTeaxtAsian.jar files from iTEXT website. please inform if exact version i-e 1.4.5 files
    are available on SAP downloads (if any).
    Is anything missing..?
    Appreciate any efforts.....

    Hi Zaigham,
    Follow the steps as mentioned below.
    1. Download PDFActions.jar as per SAP Note 1109054.
    2. Download iText 1.4.5 from
    3. Download iTextAsian (Latest Version) from
        extrajars --> extrajars
        After you unzip the files take only itext-asian.jar
    4. Rename itext-1.4.5.jar to iText.jar
    5. Rename itext-asian.jar to iTextAsian.jar
    6. Zip all the three files (PDFActions.jar, iText.jar and iTextAsian.jar) to one zip file and name it
    Final Step --> upload and deploy the zip file in MII custom Actions.
    Hope it solves your problem.

  • Problem with PDF export and embedded font (characters disappear)

    Designer: Crystal Reports 2008 SP 2
    Engine: CR4E 2.0 SP2 (runtime_12.2.203)
    Hi there!
    we found a problem in the pdf export. It seems like there would be a problem with the embedded fonts, the problem is as follows:
    Rpt file with, for example only a text box which contains the german string " Änderungs Schlüssel ".
    Export the Rpt file with CR4E to a pdf file.
    When we open the pdf file in Adope Reader 8, the text appears to be correct,
    but if we print the PDF file from the Adope Reader, the text changes to " nderungs Schl sselu201C,
    here we are missing ther german umlaute.
    When we open the file for example with an alternative PDF reader like Foxit Reader, there they are also missing.
    After i found some posts here in the forum, there are people facing the same problem, since i couldn't find a solution in the forum, we build a little workaround for it that works for us.
    For all of you that have the same problem here the workaround:
    We used the IText JAVA library, this jar can can help as to fix the PDF file so the text is displayed correctly.
    Here the code:
    ReportClientDocument doc = new ReportClientDocument();
    doc.setReportAppServer(ReportClientDocument.inprocConnectionString);"C:\XY.rpt", OpenReportOptions._openAsReadOnly);
    //... database logon,.....
    InputStream inputStream = doc.getPrintOutputController().export(ReportExportFormat.PDF);
    inputStream = PDFHealer.heal(inputStream);
    //... write the stream some where

    The helper class using IText:
    import com.lowagie.text.Document;
    import com.lowagie.text.DocumentException;
    import com.lowagie.text.pdf.PdfContentByte;
    import com.lowagie.text.pdf.PdfImportedPage;
    import com.lowagie.text.pdf.PdfReader;
    import com.lowagie.text.pdf.PdfWriter;
    public class PDFHealer
       public static InputStream heal(InputStream in) throws DocumentException, IOException
             ByteArrayOutputStream out = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
             PdfReader reader = new PdfReader(in);
             // we retrieve the total number of pages
             int n = reader.getNumberOfPages();
             // step 1: creation of a document-object
             Document document = new Document();
             // step 2: we create a writer that listens to the document
             PdfWriter writer = PdfWriter.getInstance(document, out);
             // step 3: we open the document
             // step 4: we add content
             PdfContentByte cb = writer.getDirectContent();
             int i = 0;
             while( i < n )
                PdfImportedPage page1 = writer.getImportedPage(reader, i);
                cb.addTemplate(page1, 0, 0);
             // step 5: we close the document
             ByteArrayInputStream ret = new ByteArrayInputStream(out.toByteArray());
             return ret;

  • Problem With PDF Generation With CFDOCUMENT

    I am having a problem with generating PDF's from my web
    For example...if you go here
    and click the "Convert to PDF" link on the left you'll see that the
    output is totally wrong.
    Is it to do with my markup? I can't figure this out.
    Many thanks in advance.

    I, along with many others have had these types of problems
    and so far adobe hasn't addressed them (or at least I couldn't find
    anywhere where they have).
    Kapitaine, Have you tried outputting to flashpaper? Most of
    my formatting problems only occur in PDF.
    For instance, align right does not work properly. It pushes
    everything to the right, but is not flushed to the right so the
    output looks very unprofessional. This cfdocument was a good idea,
    and a good selling point but it is embarrassing to have sold my
    boss on it only to find out it is almost worthless in it's current
    state. BTW I'm working on a CFMX7.0.2 on Linux RHEL4.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Can't change print settings on HP C4280

    Hi everyone, I can't change the print settings on my HP C4280 printer. I click the third drop down (Copies & Pages) menu after clicking print on a word document or webpage and I am able to see all the options (paper handling, scheduler, etc.- . I am

  • IPhoto Gallery - phantom albums

    I wanted to have a separate "drop box" folder for photos uploaded by friends in Gallery. So I chose a Drop Box image jpeg which I made and placed in iPhoto (so that image would act as the key photo for the folder) as a photo to Share, and created a N

  • Is the "Wake Lock" app a good workaround for the Missed Calls/Texts issue?

    Back on Jun 18, at the beginning of the "Any One Having Missed Call Problem after ED04 ..." thread, wardcst24 posted that the Wake Lock app seemed to fix the issue of missing calls and that all calls now were received A-OK (not sure about texts). I t

  • Snow Leopard only running newest iLife apps???

    I know this sounds like a dumb question, but I have to ask since I have no way of testing it. My Dad was about to buy the Snow Leopard family pack upgrade for himself, my brother, sister and I. The guy at the third-party Apple retailer he usually goe

  • Is the student edition different?

    I'd like to buy photoshop elements and premiere elements for my daughter.  When I went to "buy", there was a lower price offered for "student edition".  I couldn't find any info on whether the "student edition" contained different, or fewer, features