Process Required for Third party sales

Hi Guru ji's ,
Pls let me know the step by step procedure for Third party sales processing.
on the below conditions.
1] Sales order to be created automatically based on the Bapi .
2] Based on the Sales order, automatic Purchase order and Gr must happen.
3] Automatic invoices must also be created automatically.
Can any one explain us what is to be done under the above said conditions,
Best Regards,
Gurpreet Singh Saini.

Please find enclosed the details on third party.
Process Flow for 3rd Party Sales
Customize the third party sales in summary:
1. Create Vendor XK01
2. Create Material u2013 Material Type as "Trading Goods". Item category group as "BANS".
3. Assign Item Category TAS to Order type that you are going to use.
4. A sale order is created and when saved a PR is generated at the background 
5. With reference to SO a PO is created (ME21N). The company raises PO to the vendor.
6. Vendor delivers the goods and raises bill to company. MM receives the invoice MIRO 
7. Goods receipt MIGO 
8. Goods issue
9. The item cat TAS or Schedule line cat CS is not relevant for delivery which is evident from the config and,   therefore, there is no delivery process attached in the whole process of Third party sales.
10. Billing      *-- Seema Dhar
SD -  3rd party sales order Create Sales Order
      Order Type
      Sales org, distr chnl, div
      Sold to
      PO #
SD -  3rd party sales order View the PR that is created with a third party sales order
      Order Number
      Goto Item Overview
      Item ->Schedule Item
SD -  3rd party sales order View the PR that is created
      Key in the PR number
SD -  3rd party sales order Assign the PR to the vendor and create PO
      Key in the PR number
      Toggle the "Assigned Purchase Requisition"
      Check the box next to the material
      Assign Automatically button
      Click on "Assignments" button
      Click on "Process assignment"
      The "Process Assignment Create PO" box , enter
      Drag the PR and drop in the shopping basket
SD -  3rd party sales order Receive Goods
      PO Number
      DN Number
      Batch tab , click on classification
      Serial Numbers tab
      Date of Production
      Flag Item OK
      Check, just in case
SD -  3rd party sales order Create Invoice
      Invoice Date
      Look for the PO , state the vendor and the Material
      Check the box
      Clilck on "Copy"
      Purchase Order Number (bottom half of the screen)
      State the baseline date
      Simulate & Post
      Invoice Number
      *Invoice blocked due to date variance
SD -  3rd party sales order Create a delivery order
      In the order screen , go to the menu Sales Document , select "Deliver"
      Go to "picking" tab
      State the qty and save
SD -  3rd party sales order Create a billing document
      Ensure that the delivery document is correct in the
      Go to edit -> Log
Third party Return Process
If the vendor grants you a credit memo on a quantity or a value basis, you can then send this credit memo directly to your customer.
The billing type Third-party credit memo (G2S) is available for this. The billing type Third-party credit memo works with the item category TASG (third-party credit memo item). The Billing-relevance indicator F is set in Customizing for Sales for this item category. This means that the cost is not created. In Customizing for Sales, the item category TASG is set at item level in copying control for the billing type G2S (copying control sales document by billing document) as the target item category (source: TAS-> Target:> TASG.)
Process Flow
Create a billing documente with billing type Third-party credit memo (for further information, see the section Creating a billing document in the Billing document). Enter the third-party order as a document still to be processed. The quantities are automatically removed from the invoice.
The above is the process for giving a credit memo which can be adapted for return goods.
Hope it will help you

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  • How to know Delivery Note no. for Third Party sales

    Hello Experts,
    I am configuring Third party sales process.and got the suffcient help from old posts.But i got stuck in MIGO step.While doing MIGO we have to enter PO and Delivery Note No so where to find delivery note no.?
    Another confusion is, In some of the posts in community,for third party sales configuratuion MIGO is one of the step while in other similar posts there is no MIGO step instead they have shown direct MIRO after PO creation so which i should follow ?
    Thanks in advance

    Do you really just follow what others have posted and do not double check with the SAP documentation and even more important with your business needs and some logical thoughts?
    In all our >750 plants is a guy who receives the material that is coming in, he compares the paperwork with the goods and then enters the receipt in SAP.
    This is the normal and logical process of a receipt in your warehouse.
    And now compare this with a 3rd party sales, where the goods are shipped from your vendor directly to your customer.
    The warehouse guy does not get any papers from a truck driver, he can't count any goods before he could do something in SAP, he does not even know about this order. And exact this situation is the basis for the standard design: no goods receipt, just invoice.
    And any deviation is made because of some special requirements (legal and country specific, or just because of an almighty finance department which can't understand that some of their requirements do not make much sense in logistics. e.g. mandatory 3way matches PO - GR - IR which is not worth the name if you force warehouse people to make theoretical receipts which physically never happened and cannot be verified.

  • Process demand for third party direct shipment

    Hello ,
    I need help in below given areas. in our rollout client is given statement of work like this.
    1)     Demand transfer to vendors
    2)     Reminder processing
    3)     Process demand for third party direct shipment
    Please can you explain me about these area, how it works with example. it is very benificial for us.

    Hi Sapera,
    There can be 3 typse of trading scenarios
    1. 3rd party with Shipping notification : Where in u create sales order  and create PO against the PR which si triggered in SAles order adn hen MIGO followed by MIRO and Billing. Here Billing to the end customer can be doen before MIRO because the billign quantity considered is based on the goods Receipt( MIGO) quantity. Many a times you might have your personnels or soem mechanisms to cross verify the delivered quanity as some times the vendor might not dispatch the quantiy in the PO. Here the MIGO doen si consumption posting/Non valuated GR as physically it doenot come into your stock and therefore is not shown in our stock. ITem category used in TAS
    2. 3rd party without shiiping notfication ; Here MIGO is not done and billig ncan be done only after MIRO as the billing quantity is based on the Invocie receipt quantity in MIRO
    3. Bought in items/ Dealer Sales : Here you bring in the materials from the vendor to our depot plant and then dispatch it to the customer . Here PR is geenrated from sales order followed by PO and MIGO. After MIGO you have to do PGI followed by Billing. MIRO doesnot have any impact on the PGI or Billing. Item category used is TAB
    But in all the three instancesthe configurational changes happen in schedule line cateogry and the account assignment which is maintiend in item category and for automatic determination of 2 different schedule line categories we need to maintian 2 different item categories alothough item category settings are almost the same.
    Hope this was helpful in giving you some insights on the trading processes

  • Cannot close sales order for third party sales

    Hello Gurus,
    I cant seem to close a third party sales order even after it has been delivered and the incoming reciept match the sales order as well as purchase requisition or purchase order. at first I thought it was the difference in the unit of measure b/w the delivered products and the ordered products, but that is not the case because even when they are still the same and the quantities match I still have an issue and when I run VA05 (list of sales order) the sales order for the third party sales still shows up. An example is sales order XXX / PO XYZ/ Inv XYY u2013 ordered 45,000, shipped 39,980), we resolve it with the following steps below
    1. change the PO quantity to match the invoice quantity
    2. the requisition then re-opened itself automatically.
    3. I then changed the requisition and marked it closed.
    4. I then could go to the sales order and change the order quantity to match the billed and invoiced quantity. The rejection code 52 did not work u2013 I received a hard error:  PO XYZ must be deleted before the line item could be rejected.
    This is a whole lot of steps to perform just to correct 1 backorder. The reason that it had to be corrected is that the sales order  mfg line stays on the Billing Due list and does not clear it self out unless you perform the steps above.
    Also like I said even when all the quantities are the same I still have this issue so is ther any thing I can do to resolve this issue in configuration or otherwise and also we are using the satndard item category "TAS" for third party sales.
    I will appreciate you contribution and help to resolve this matter

    Unfortunately, all the steps need to be performed to close the status. I think even giving tolerances will not close the status. If it is a regular sale order, a small BDC program may be written to change the sale order quantity to match the invoice quantity. Since its a third party and there are too many documents which are involved in the process using ABAP programs is not a convenient option.

  • Account assignment in schedule line category for third party sale

    in settings for schedule line category CS -for third party sales, in the field Account Assignment category we assign X-all auxiliary account assignment.
    what is the purpose and reason for using account assignment category in third party and at what point of time this comes into picture in third party sales process

    Hi Sudha A,
            Procureement against customer requirement will be booked against cost or expense account. So when creating PO, this account assignment category is determination factor for respective G/L accounts in MM.
    - Account assignment category will have general modification assigned. in MM account determinatoin OBYC settings-
    Valuation group code(this needs to be confirmed) + General Modification + valuation class determines G/L account.
    This is how G/L account will be displayed in PO - item level - account assignment tab.
    To see the settings in account assignment category - check the help of the field & choose customization & observe in details.
    Hope it clears,
    Reazuddin MD

  • Distribution channel for third party sales

    Hello Gurus,
    May I know what is the distribution channel or type of it I should or could use for third party sales order creation?
    I have configured the ITC etc but not sure the distribution channel to use from the standard SAP provided ones.
    Or I can use any without affecting the process?

    You can use any without affecting the process.
    3rd party process is controlled by - item cat. group, item category, schedule line cat., etc.
    At some places, separate order type or dist ch are used only for Reporting purpose.

  • Configuration for Third Party Sales Order

    Hi All,
    I would need some advise on how should I go about to configure a third party sales order. The MM consultant has configured a special item category for it but the sales order has some incompletion data error where the schedule line could not be maintained.
    Kindly advise.

    Hi Lee,
    Pls go through the following links below:
    [Third party sales order|]
    [configuration for Third party sales order|]
    Hope these helps you.

  • Delivery status for third-party-sales

    because of a customizing error our US colleagues created several sales orders with a open delivery status even no delivery is requested for third-party sales orders.
    Does someone know a solution how to complete these documents without creating the delivery note? We now changed the schedule line category to solve the problem for the future but we have to find also a solution for the existing documents. Our colleagues want to change the table for VA05 to deselect the item category third-party. But in my opinion we have to complete the documents it selves.
    Thanks for your help.

    put a Reason for rejection in sales order and save the document. you no longer can use these documents.
    hope this help.
    reward if helpful.

  • Billing Due List for third party sales

    Need a help, I can't view in billing due list for third party sales
    How configure , in-order to view in billing due  list
    New Guy

    I guess in third party sales it will be sales order related billing.So in VF04 tick the check box of order related billing.
    Check the billing date and check if MIRO has taken place.In standard SAP before MIRO you can't do the billing for third party sale.
    Reward points if useful
    Amrish Purohit

  • Stock not updating after doing MIGO (gr) for third party sales

    i am doing third party sales, after creating PO with PR and updating stock through Migo , i am not able find the stock, but i can see through MB51 only , i am see the stock through MMBE or MB52

    Dear friend
    Hope you are clear about third party process
    In  third party process vndor supplies the goods directly to customer and the goods does not come to our premises at all
    In many of the scenarios that i have seen there is no MIGO itself done
    To have MIGO is purely optional in third party
    I am enclosing here with the threads which were discussed on the same
    Forum post in ERP - Sales and Distribution (SD) General: MIGO- why we do it in third party sales?
    MIGO- why we do it in third party sales?
    Forum post in ERP - Sales and Distribution (SD) General: Why MIGO is required in thirdparty scenarion?
    Why MIGO is required in thirdparty scenarion?
    The stock updation after MIGO is posted directly to consumption account and we dont keep the stock
    So it is not seen in MMBE or MB52 (which is a physical inventory orstock report)
    The stock is not there? How can you see that ?
    If still you want to see the stocks this is entirely against business logics and consult with your MM and FI colleagues (as this query is their area of operation)
    If the third party process is happening with item category TAB then stock updation will take place after MIGO and you can see the same in MMBE/MB52
    If not happening means there is some customization error with the PO from MM side Check with MM colleague
    Make sure if the item category is TAB then schedule line category is CB
    In VOV6 for schedulle line category CB
    NB is the order type
    0 is the item category
    E is the account assignment category

  • PO Creation for third party sales

    We have the scenario Third party sales and High sea sales which is already in use (already configured) , where PR getting generated automatically .
    But client requirement is they want the PO to generate automatically by the system the moment i save the sales order .
    Where is the setting in the SAP , where system will generate the PO automatically instead of PR
    Please suggest

    Go to VOV7
    Select third party item category which u r using in sales order >>> Deatils >>> under transaction flow >>> Tickmark to CREATE  PO AUTOMATIC.
    If you activate this field, the system automatically generates both a purchase order requisition for third-party schedule lines as well as a purchase order in the background when you save the sales order.
    However u can not create PO directly.

  • Incorrect delivery date for third party sales order

    When I create a Third party sales order, the delivery date refers as todayu2019s dates, but when I save the order the same is getting copied in to Purchase requisition and subsequently to Purchase Order and is not recalculating based on the Planned Delivery time maintained in the Purchase Info Record.
       Is there any configuration setting to enable re determine the delivery date in PR?

    Hey babu,
    I understand ur problem. First check that you have maintained all the time durations that would be taken into consideration when the sales order will do the scheduling. E.g.
    !) GR processing time
    2) Planned delivery time
    3) Purchase dept processing time ... etc
    Now you need to check if scheduling is taking place on the sales order. That means, does it show you the date that can be confirmed for delivering that 3rd party item when you press enter after entering its material number and the order quantity.
    1) If yes you need to check the box that says  "Fix time/quantity" on the availability check screen that pops up when you place the order.
    Now the system will pass this new scheduled date to the production order, but it will show the requested date as the one determined from the lead time in the order type. so no need to worry.
    also if it is not showing you the availability check screen and automatically using a date scheduled in the future based on the values you set in PIR, in that case yo need to go to the item details > schedule lines > and check the box that says "Fix time/quantity" for that 3rd party materials and the confirmed date will be passed to the PO automatically.
    2) If no then you have to make sure that availability check is turned on for that material and then try placing the order.
    Vinit Parkar

  • Problem in Partial Billing for Third Party Sales with Shipping Notification

    Hello Guys,
    There is one issue related to a scenario of Third party Sales with shipping notification. Here the basic process that runs
    are : Sales order --- > PR -- > PO --> MIGO --> Billing document --> Vendor Invoice Verification.
    In this specific scenario, partial billing is not happening and the billing relevance for item category "B" and in copying control data
    from sales order to billing doccument, the biling quantity field is "A".
    Could anyone throw some light on the configuration part so that partial invoicing can happen ??? Please make a note of the fact
    that billing documents are generated after MIGO is done.

    Finally resolved

  • Purchase Requestion  for Third Party Sales Order

    Hello Team
    I want the system to create Purchase Requisition automatically and some times Manually (Possible if both Option are available) for the Sales Order which belongs to Third Party.
    How to achieve this?

    Hi Nick
    Following are the steps of third party:
    1) Creation of third party sales order
    2) Generation of automatic purchase reqisition through the configuration of schedule line CS in SD.(schedule line is determined by the item categoty and the mrp type.
    please dont maintain mrp type in the material that it will determin CS directly.
    in the tcode VOV6,please check whether the document type NB is maintained for CS.
    This will created auto PR).
    3) You can check the PR Number in the schedule line tab of sales order.PR requirement will not be available in the MD04.
    4) Manually create a PO for vendor with item category S.
    5) There will be no GR in this case.
    6) Create an invoice verification document.
    7) Create an invoice from the SD side w.r.t Sales order.
    Hope this might have answered ur question
    Reward if useful

  • Returns for Third-Party Sales

    Hello Gurus
    Could anybody give a step by step procedure for How does Returns take place in Third party Sales?

    Dear Nadarajah,
    thank you for your information. But I can only confirm again that officially this process is not supported by SAP. There have been many attempts to bring this functionality into the standard ( as the SAP employee working in this area I know this very well), but there have been always some technical problems or limitations which would do it impossible to release this functionality to the customer. The returns for the third-party order is therefore officially a not supported process at SAP ERP. The SAP note above documents this.
    Be careful with workarounds, they can have many critical restrictions or limitations here. I am sorry that I cannot give you a more positive response.
    But I hope that this info helps a little bit further.
    Kind regards,
    Akmal Vakhidov
    Development Support IMs SD, SAP, Walldorf/Germany

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