Processing files in Sequence using FTP Adapter

Hi Experts,
I have searched several forums but i am not clear on  how to process the files using FTP Adapter based on Timestamp.
To process the files in sequence i.e, FIFO using FTP Adapter
i have the files with file name customer and timestamp :  customer<yyyyMMddHHmmss>
there are around 50 files in the FTP server llike this.
I need to process these files acording to the timestamp and place the files in same processing sequence in the receiver end using the file adapter.
If i specify the parametes in sender FTP Adapter as
Queue name = ACCOUNT
Whether these parameters would do the processing in sequence according to the Timestamp?
Suppose if the queue ID for Inbound(SMQ2) is XBTI0_ACCOUNT then whether it will be the same for Outbound(SMQ1)?
Kindly suggest me how to process the files in sequence according to the Timestamp using FTP Adapter
Please reply..

Hi Shabarish,
But this would require one more additional channel to process
So i think it will take more time to process.
Let me clarify my question once again.
I need to Pick the files from FTP server based on their TimeStamp and in sequence.
the file names are like this Customer<YYYYMMDDHHmmSS>.
suppose i have 3 files as
So i need to pick these files in this order and place the files in the same order to the receiver end(File Adapter)
As i am using FTP sender adapter i cannot use processing sequence "By Date".
please suggest me on this.

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    Create a UDF in mapping taking counter from IDoc as input parameter
    DynamicConfiguration conf = (DynamicConfiguration) container.getTransformationParameters().get(StreamTransformationConstants.DYNAMIC_CONFIGURATION);
    DynamicConfigurationKey key = DynamicConfigurationKey.create("","FileName");
    String totalFilename = "AAAA_" + counter;
    return  totalFilename; 
    Map output of this UDF to Top node at target.
    you will not be able to see the result in test tab of mapping but it works end to end
    Select Adapter Specific Message Attributes in receiver file select filename checkbox

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    I am not sure whether this is the default behaviour or is there any way to archive files on the same server from which I pick or read the file.
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    Hi Neeraj,
    Thanks, the archiving in the remoteLocation worked by doing what you told me...
    I tried archiving to the local machine which is not working for me ... i gave both the properties as below...
    <property name="UseRemoteArchive" value="false"/>
    <property name="PhysicalArchiveDirectory" value="C:\Users\naresh\Desktop\ftp"/>

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    Hi We encountered an Issue of picking Duplicate files in BizTalk 2010 from the FTP Location. Need your assistance on this.
    Mainframe sends multiple files a 0 KB file to FTP and BizTalk picks during a particular service window using FTP Adapter. 
    Receive Location has a pipeline component which decodes the MF file(EBCDICRow format). 
    Send Port transmits the file which is decoded in the Receive location. There is no mapping or orchestration involved. 
    When 2 files are placed in FTP Location. BizTalk Transmits the files successfully
    No suspended messages in BizTalk but we see below error in event log. we tried reproduce the issue but no luck. 
    Host Instance running FTP Location is Clustered  
     There was a failure executing the receive pipeline: "XXXX.XX.Pipelines.Receive_XXX_TransactionsMC_passthru, XXX.XX.Pipelines, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=c2d1f476d5c2f97d"
    Source: "EbcdicRowDeCode" Receive Port: "XXX.XX.MCSTransactionsMC" URI: "ftp://XXXXXXXX:21/'XXXX'/MCSDT.DEFKOP.R001.D*.T*" Reason: Unable to cast object of type 'Microsoft.BizTalk.Streaming.BasicStreamWrapper' to type 'XXX.BizTalk.Pipeline.Components.Streams.V3.VirtualStream
    MF Puts below Files at FTP Location
    BizTalk Picks ( at specified Service window) and Transmits as 

    Hi Sri,
    There could be two reason for such a behavior:
    1) Using Non-Clustered Hosts: It is always recommended to use the clustered host for FTP adapter. Because FTP don't allow
    any locking mechanism on the files so in case of non-clustered with multiple host instances you might receive same file multiple times through different host instances.
    2) If the original document is still being written to the FTP server by the host application, the FTP adapter cannot
    delete the document and will retrieve another copy of the document at the next polling interval that is configured for the receive location. This behavior causes document duplication to occur. 
    Workaround could be:
    Configure the host application to write to a temporary folder on the same hard disk as the public FTP folder and to periodically move the contents of the temporary folder
    to the FTP folder. The temporary folder should be on the same hard disk as the public FTP folder to make sure that the move operation is atomic. An atomic operation is an operation that is functionally indivisible. If you write data to the public FTP folder
    by using the BizTalk Server FTP adapter, you can do this by specifying a Temporary Folder property in the FTP Transport Properties dialog box when you configure a send port. If you specify a Temporary Folder property, make sure that this folder is on the same
    physical disk as the public FTP folder.
    Configure the FTP receive location to operate within a service window when the host application is not writing data to the FTP server. You can specify the service window
    when you configure the receive location properties.
    Refer: Known Issues with the FTP
    Please mark as answer or vote as helpful if my reply does

  • File format conversion of Target file using FTP adapter

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    I am using FTP adapter to create the file on the Target side. But file needs to below format : How do i conver the XML File fomat( Default generate by XI ) to be generat to below file format;
    Please provide your suggestion;

    Hi Mohan,
       I have a collection of Blogs (links) which Specify the File content conversion parameters.
    File content conversion, I am Not sure as which Link will Match Your Requirement exactly...
    Please see the below links for file content conversion..
    /people/michal.krawczyk2/blog/2004/12/15/how-to-send-a-flat-file-with-fixed-lengths-to-xi-30-using-a-central-file-adapter - FCC
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    Sainath chutke

  • How to read the whole text file lines using FTP adapter

    Hi all,
    How to read the whole text file lines when error occured middle of the text file reading.
    after it is not reading the remaining lines . how to read the whole text file using FTP adapter
    pls can you help me

    Yes there is you need to use the uniqueMessageSeparator property. Have a look at the following link for its implementation.

  • Writing timestamp on the content of file (not the filename) using FTP Adapt

    Hi Experts,
    Is it possible to write a timestamp (from the source server) to a target logfile if I'll use FTP Adapter?
    Here the scenario:
    source.log -> the contents is AAAA (the timestamp base from the server is [06/09/10 10:00])
    - basically the source.log file is overwritten with the same content but the timestamp is changed so that's would be scenario
    it will checked by the FTP adapter....
    target.log -> the content of the file is 06/09/10 10:00
    so probably if i have a target logfile I'll just have to append the file as this
    06/09/10 10:00
    06/09/10 10:02
    06/09/10 10:04
    06/09/10 10:06
    06/09/10 10:08
    06/09/10 10:10
    If it's possible, how will I do this? Do I need script? or just normal settings of the FTP adapter?

    Yes, is posibble. if i not wrong, you can do this ussing Dynamic configuration.
    see those links

  • How to send multiple files in parallel using ftp with single connection

    i have written code for file upload manager using ftp..
    it perfectly working with sequence file uploading in single connection..
    And i tried to upload multiple files with parallel processing in a single connection.... but it is not working properly.. i also used thread concept
    but single file only transfered and connection refused...
    my code here...
    //////////////////// main class //////////////////////////////////////////
    String [] archivos = new  String[100];
                                      File dir = new File("C:\\Files Uploading\\");
                                       archivos = dir.list();
                                       for (int s=0; s<archivos.length;s++)
         //Start Data Transfer Here
         new DataTransfer(archivos[s]).start();
    /////////////////////// thread class ////////////////////////////////
    class DataTransfer extends Thread
          String FileName="";
          String LocalPath="",RemotePath="";
           public DataTransfer(String fname)
         FileName = fname;
         LocalPath = "C:\\Files Uploading\\" + FileName;
         RemotePath = FileName;
            public void run()
                        System.out.println("DataTransfer Started");
         /File Transfer Here
               FileInputStream input = new FileInputStream(LocalPath);
         System.out.println("Successfully sent : " + RemotePath);
         catch (Exception exc)
              System.out.println("DataTransfer Ended");
         }otherwise tell me any other alternate way

    And i tried to upload multiple files with
    parallel processing in a single connection....
    but it is not working properly.FTP isn't a multiplexing protocol. How could it work at all?

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    I am trying to create one BPEL process using SOA 11g, which will put file on remote location using ftp adapter. I have created JNDI properly and using wallet.
    useFtps= True
    walletLocation= correct path of wallet created in Oracle HTTP Server(OHS)
    walletPassword = walletPassword
    host = ipaddress
    username = myUsername
    password = myPassword
    For all this I have followed
    Now, whenever I try to test that BPEL process it gives me error:
    "Exception occured during invocation of JCA binding: "JCA Binding execute of Reference operation 'Put' failed due to: Error in establishing SSL session. Error in establishing SSL session. Unable to establish SSL session on control channel. Reply String: 530 Please login with USER and PASS. Reply Code: 530) Please correct the setup for SSL. ". The invoked JCA adapter raised a resource exception. Please examine the above error message carefully to determine a resolution"
    Any suggestion or resolutions are welcome.

    When you configure the Connection Factory for FTP Adapter in Admin Console, provide the following values for the attributes like the hostname, username, password, port and the path of remote location as where
    you want to write the file in remote Server i.e., ftpAbsolutePathBegin. Please fill this
    attribute with the path like /soa/ftp/file (example path). If you are writing to a remote FTP server you need to create a Connection factory for that as above.
    Please try this and let me know...

  • How to change the JCA JNDI dynamically using FTP Adapter

    We have 5 FTP Servers, each having a directory to poll. We have created 5 CCI instances for these FTP Adapters in the FTPAdapter deployment. We created a BPEL process and using FTP Adapter to connect to above mentioned servers.
    Question: Customer's requirement is to use a single BPEL process to poll all these FTP Servers at a specified date and time. How can we connect dynamically to each FTP server at specified time.
    Is there any way to change the JCAJNDI dynamically in a FTP Adapter configuration ?
    I have seen that FTP Adapter POLL doesnt take any JCA JNDI/hostname/un/pwd/date/time dynamically.

    Hi Pavan,
    It's possible to change the JNDI dynamically but only when you use put operation where you can control the JNDI name at the time of invoking the FTP Adapter as described in below link.
    Dynamic JNDI in FTP Adapter | jca.jndi property not picked by Adapter
    However, can you consider using BPEL process with SyncRead (and read files through all the JNDIs in a loop) and scheduling this BPEL process to a desired frequency?
    Neeraj Sehgal

  • Zero byte files not transferred with FTP Adapter

    I am seeing that zero byte files are not being transferred using FTP Adapter (SFTP type). Is there a known bug around this? Please respond if anybody have seen this behavior and resolved this issue. I am using

    Thanks Marc,
    I still have doubt if that is the case. When I tested the same from windows platform and FTP being windows OS zero bytes files transferred OK. Do you think this is to do with OS or SOA version?

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    Hi ,
        Can any one please forward me an File to idoc Useing SOAP ADapter Senario.IF i am wrong please send me a simple senario of useing SOAP Adapter.

    Hi Raj,
    I think i will give you some more information about SOAP adapters,So Please go through the link below and follow the steps mentioned in it while defining the web service.Then you will get to know the actual use of a SOAP adapter.
    <a href="">Defining Web Services</a>
    Sending a Simple SOAP envelope to XI via HTTP using ASP [original link is broken]
    More links for SOAP Adapter:
    You can create SOAP Request from WSDL using the following tool.
    You've to expose your outbound message interface as a WSDL which can be used by say EP.
    Also go thru the following threads
    Re: WebService
    Re: SOAP Client for Synchronous Scenario
    Re: How to test a webservice as a standalone?
    Also check this Pdf for the Receiever SOAP Adapter configuration:

  • How to use secure FTP using FTP adapter in PI

    PI does not give SFTP adapter, for using the SFTP adapter we need some security certificates + we need to purchase the
    SFTP adapter.
    How to achive SFTP functionality using FTP adapter? We need to do some script coding.
    Pl throw some light on this.

    HI Krishna,

  • Processing a CSV file in batching by FTP Adapter gives translation error

    Hi All,
    I have a CSV with 2000 records.. want to process it in batch of 500.
    When i dont use batching in FTP adapter.. everything goes fine.
    But when i include batching in the adpater.. and try to process the same file. it gives:
    <2009-09-09 12:09:15,997> <ERROR> <VDSTServices.collaxa.cube.translation> <NXSDTranslatorImpl::logError> translateFromNative Failed with exception = 50
    <2009-09-09 12:09:15,997> <INFO> <VDSTServices.collaxa.cube.activation> <FTP Adapter::Inbound> Error while translating inbound file : VDST_CNP_EMR5110026_20090904_000000.csv
    <2009-09-09 12:09:15,997> <INFO> <VDSTServices.collaxa.cube.activation> <FTP Adapter::Inbound>
    Translation Failure.
    [Line=27, Col=1] Translation from native failed. 50.
    Check the error stack and fix the cause of the error. Contact oracle support if error is not fixable.
         at oracle.tip.adapter.file.inbound.ProcessWork.doTranslation(
         at oracle.tip.adapter.file.inbound.ProcessWork.processMessages(
    Caused by: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 50
         ... 7 more
    I tried deleting the rows 24-28 from the CSV and process again.. again got the same error [Line=27, Col=1] .. so its not an issue with CSV.
    Please suggest.

    Can you publish or pass your csv and the native schema you are using. Please also mention your soa version. thx.

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