Program For Process Order

I am creating new lay out for process order in smart forms.for that we need a standard program where we get the standard program

check table TNAPR for KSCHL = NEU.
/edit LD00 is jackshit this is delivery note.
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  • Driver program for Sale Order

    Hi all,
    Can any body tell me Standard Driver program for Sale Order Smart form?
    Useful answer will be rewarded
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Sachin,
    you can do this by,
    <b> NACE</b> (tocde) -->  select  <b>Sales</b> --> click <b>output types</b> -->
    select any standard output type --> double click on processing routines.
    You can see the program name
    For this it is -
    Reply me if there is any queries

  • Configuration for Process order for Forms

    I want to develop a layout for Process Order.
    Where we will do configure Print Program & Layout for Process Order like
    what we do in NACE for SD&MM related layouts!
    Will this Process Order supports both SAP Script & SMART Forms!
    Can anybody clarify!

    Hi ,
         In Process order transaction ,in output options declare the form name and output type. In TNAPR table in SE11 create on row with the above o/p type and form name. I think  both forms will be possible.
    Actually where ever script form possible means there you can create smartform also.

  • Assign Form and Output Program for Purchase Order

    in SPRO, Assign Form and Output Program for Purchase Order I see the following data:
    -  IMG Activity  Assign Form and Output Program for Purchase Order
        -  View Maintenance: Data                                                                               
    -  VV_TNAPR_EF                                                                               
    -  TNAPR                                                                               
    -  007ZNEU2EF
    What is 007ZNEU2EF ? 
    Yours faithfully

    I dont have enough knowledge on this one. However i will try to clarify this
    007 i think its a version
    ZNEU2 its a Process type
    EF Purchase order

  • Deletion Utility Program for Sales Order.

    Hi Experts,
    We decided to have a deletion utility program for Sales orders. 
    The program should take sales order numbers from a source file, and delete one by one, also the program should generate process log details at the end.
    For creating the above program i need to create a new program or there is any BAPI for deleting the Sales Orders.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Possible UPDATEFLAGS:
    U = change
    D = delete
    I = add
    If you go to SE37 give BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE --> Display ---> In application tool bar Last Buttion Function Module Documentaion --> Here you get some usefull information.
    Dont Change the BAPI Just pass the Header X = 'D'.
    Try this Sample Program.
    PARAMETERS: p_vbeln  TYPE vbap-vbeln OBLIGATORY.
    DATA:  i_hdrx TYPE bapisdh1x.
    i_hdrx-updateflag = 'D'.
          salesdocument     = p_vbeln
          order_header_inx  = i_hdrx
          return            = i_ret.
      LOOP AT i_ret.
        WRITE / i_ret-message.
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  • GR Cost not updating as Target Cost for process orders

    Dear SAPians,
    We are facing an issue in Target Vs Actual cost reporting for process orders. We are creating a process order after cost estimate of that material and doing the confirmations for activity cost. After that, GR has been done for the finished goods of that process order. That GR entry is updating the Actuals values but not updating the Target cost. When I am checking the standard report KKBC_ORD, I am getting the following figures.
    Cost Elemnt Text     |     Target Cost     |     Actual Cost     |     Target Vs Act
    Inventory Chnge FG     |     0     |     1,472,205.60-     |     1,472,205.60-
    Packing Matrl Cons.     |     1,148,142.37     |     1,252,752.68     |     104,610.31
    Raw Material Cons.     |     60,463.91     |     50,688.29     |     224.38
    Semi-Fin Matrl Cns.     |     181,934.68     |     367,959.56     |     186,024.88
    Labour Cost Activity     |     39,735.36     |     39,862.80     |     127.44
    Machine Cst Activty     |     41,611.75     |     43,153.01     |     1,541.26
    That 'Inventory Change FG' entry is showing the GR posting updating actuals and not target cost. This is causing huge difference in target vs actual cost that will affect the profit and loss figures ultimately.
    What am I missing here? What should I do to update the GR amount in Target cost as well.

    Target Cost on Production Order or Process Order is shown only when Variance is Calculated.
    So please calculate the Variance, system will show the Total Target Cost.

  • Driver program for Purchase Order form "/SMB40/MMPO_A"

    Hi All
    Could you please suggest me Driver program for Purchase Order form "/SMB40/MMPO_A" ?
    Driver program "/SMB40/FM06P" does not have the same interface structure as this form, hence can not be used.
    << Text removed>>.
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    Hi Ansh
    see this link
    [Driver program |]
    HAreesh Menon

  • Issues during Component Batch Determination for Process Orders

    I am encountering a strange issue during component batch determination of process order.
    1. During creation of process order, when I execute batch determination, systems does determination based on strategies we have set and when I click on Copy it gives an error
    "Log cannot be saved: Object/subobject not specified"
    Message no. BL201
    Log save cancelled because at least one log contains no object or subobject.
    Object and subobject are needed to classify application logs because there are several log types. Only a few logs are managed in main memory at runtime, so this classification is not needed.
    If the logs are to be saved in the database, object/subobject must be specified for later retrieval.
    Procedure for System Administration
    Object/sub object can be passed when a log is created (function module BAL_LOG_CREATE) and changed with BAL_LOG_CHANGE.
    The possible values for object and sub object must be configured in transaction SLG0.*
    If I save the order with CRTD status and come back again in change mode and do determination, It works fine.
    Again when the order is in REL status and do the determination, It gives the same error.
    This happens only for a specific plant, In other plants batch determination works in all scenarios.
    I checked for all plant related Config for batch determination and coudn't find any discrepancies.
    Please advise how to resolve this issue. Thanks in advance for your help

    There Is no direct solution for your requirement just try this work around.
    While defining the batch determination search strategy for process order in COB1, there is one column Quantity proposal where you can attach the Routines (This is written in ABAB code )  make use of this, define New Routines with ABAB help to fulfill your requirement. Try this if found useful award full points.
    Ajay Nikte

  • Reverse Goods Receipt for Process Order

    Dear All,
    Please tell me how to reverse the Goods Receipt for Process Order for which already QM is cleared for that Particular Lot.
    But Confirmation is still yet Pending.
    I tried MIGO - Cancel - Material Document. But it is showing a message "Process Order already processed".

    Use t code MB31
    Movement type 102
    Stock type = Unristricted use.
    Reverse by entering above information then you have to manually cancel the inspection lot.

  • BAPI for Process order change

    Can any buddy tell me the Bapi used for Process order change
    with following scenarios:
    Quantity change
    Resource change
    Control key change
    RM Change
    Recipe change
    Material shortage check
    Best Regards,

    BAPI_PROCORD_CREATE for process order create
    BAPI_PROCORD_CHANGE - Change Process Order
    BAPI_PROCORD_CLOSE - Close Process Order
    BAPI_PROCORDCONF_CANCEL for Cancel Process Order
    BAPI_PROCORD_COMPLETE_TECH - Complete Technically
    BAPI_PROCORD_RELEASE - Release Process order
    BAPI_PROCORD_SCHEDULE - Carry Out Scheduling
    pls refer below link

  • BAPI For Process Order Confirmation

    For Process Order Confirmation we are using the following tcode. COR6N. in the t-code we are include a new field (Shift Field) with help of CONFPP07. and we made the field as mandatory also. in cor6n it is working fine.
    now we are using the bapi for same Process Order Confirmation. here the new field is not available. we want to include the new  ( Shift ) Field also. we are using the following

    BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CREATE_TT to confirm a production Order

  • Order type dependent parameters for process order

    Hello friends,
    In Order type dependent parameters for process order (T.C COR4), there is subscreen for Process data documentation.Inside it we have three options :a) Batch Record Required
                                                                        b) Order Record Required
                                                                        c) No Process Data Documentation Reqd.
    Through F1 help whatever information i have got regarding them, is not cleared.
    According to it, if i select Order Record Reqd, than first of all i will have to delete (archieve) the order record than only i can delete (archieve) the process order.The same is with Batch Record Required.
    So according to it if i want to delete the  process order than first i will have to delete order record.So guys may i know which order record firstly i have to delete?Than only the system status for process order will not have the status ORRQ (Order Record Reqd).
    And one more thing friends,if i select the third option No Process Data Documentation Reqd than which process data documentation system will not create?Or what will happen if  i select this third option?
    Thankingy you guys in advance.

    For process data documentaion pls check the following link:

  • For process order matrix

    Hi All PP Gurus,
    Scenario from production client:
    For process order number 6300355; material code 15010163 the assay calculation is not correct.
    Process in use:
    Process order is created through tcode COR1 and Transaction code ZACOR2 is used for update of requirement quantity, i.e. assay calculation. The quantity calculated against batch no. 0001004480 is not correct. The correct value is 14.013.
    can u please help me regarding this issue?????

    your question looks to be very vague as you are giving order no/material no/ batch no which no member can view. explain more detail about your scenario and issue so that somebody may try to help. sorry for putting my view in direct manner.

  • Scheduled finish date for process orders not updating in BW

    We are having problems with the scheduled finish date (GLTRS) for process orders. When the process order is already released, changes done in R/3 on the scheduled finish date will not result to a delta hence data in BW is not updated. Table AFKO, where data is coming from, is always updated with the changes though. 2LIS_04_P_MATNR is used in extracting the data.
    Has anyone experienced the same problem? We are looking for possible ways on how to have a delta whenever there are changes on the process order even after it is already released.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated...

    Hi Donna,
    If I've understood your problem correctly, you can increase the load frequency as Sriee has pointed out.
    If you want latest data frequently and if you are on BI 7.0 then you can look at Real Time Data Acquisition(RDA)

  • Dump in smartform driver program for purchase order

    i created one smartform with driver program for purchase order.
    in smartfrom i gave
    form interface: p_ebeln as import,   
                        tables as it_ekpo like ekpo.
    global definitions are
    wa_ekko type ekko for printing the  ekko data in one window,
                                           wa_ekpo type ekpo .
    in main window i took  the  one table and loop the ekpo table for  printing the item details.
    no errors is there.but ; when i call this generated function module to my driver program it goes to dump.
    in driver program i declare structures,internal tables,work areas, and parameter as p_ebeln .
    and also select statements for my table all are good.but its not work.
    in function module i pass the details as export p_ebeln = p_ebeln and table it_ekpo  = it_ekpo.
    and also i done debugging in this data come to the internal table and work areas.
    but it goes to dump.
    if u dont mind plz solve my problem.
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    Hi Navya,
    Your smartform is correct. But, as per my understanding, the dump comes when you call the smartform from the driver program. If that is the case, please check the input parameters and all th parameters in the program should be same as used in samrtform. Any deviation would lead to a dump.
    Analyse and resolve!!!
    Atul Sachdeva

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