Program to delete entries in Al11

Hi ABAP Gurus,
I had one requirement to develop a report inorder to list the all the files under a folder in AL11
and checks whether each and every one of the file is more than certain number of days old ( parameter again suppose if the parameter is given as 7 days,it must delete the files which are 7 days old. ) and delete them.
Please give me suggestions how can i start with it.
Thanks for your help

Thanks for all your answers
My Requirement is to get the list of files from folder and its subfolders and to delete the files which are 7 days old.
By using the below FM iam able to get files from the folder(topmost) and not from the subfolders.
Can you provide me a way inorder to get the list of files from folder(topmost) and its sub folders.

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  • Delete entries from the table

    Hi folks,
    I have delete program to delete entries from a custom table and has only one feld in it.
    tables: ZABC
    selection-screen begin of block B1 with frame title text-110.
    select-options: P_KOSTL for ZABC-KOSTL.
    selection-screen end of block B1.
    delete from ZABC where KOSTL in P_KOSTL.
    Upon executing I am entering certain cost center ids on the selection screen to delete them from the table.It did not work.
    what is it I am missing?

    Try this sample code..Replace ZABC with your table..
    selection-screen begin of block B1 with frame title text-110.
    select-options: P_KOSTL for ZABC-KOSTL.
    selection-screen end of block B1.
    * Delete the records from the table.
    DELETE FROM ZABC where KOSTL IN P_KOSTL[ ].  " [] for the select-options.
    IF sy-subrc <> 0.

  • How to delete entries in COSP table?

    Dear experts
    How to delete the transactions posted in COSP table from my testing client.
    The reason is user has created wrong cost element and posted the transactions. But they don't want this as cost element.
    I have deleted entries in COEP table by running the program RKACOR20.
    After that I tried to delete the cost element. Now it is showing that  "Deletion is not possible (dependent records exist in table COSP)"
    Now  the question is how to delete these transaction posted to COSP table.

    Hi Experts,
    I'm facing exactely the same issue on a customer system
    COEP line deleted via RKACOR20
    COSP total amount stil exist, need to be cleaned.
    Does it exist a program that read COEP to update COSP ?
    Any update ?
    Thanks a lot for your help.
    Best regards,

  • Delete entries from Database table  t71inp1

    I want to Delete entries from Database table  t71inp1. Its a H R Table. I want to know the exact code.
    i saw the cide delete bkpf where usnam = p_name.
    Will it work the same here. Also.
    Please let me know.
    I hope to get reply from you soon.
    where should i write the code. i.e. Tcode SE38 and directly deeleting write the code.
    Please give me some inputs. I am new to H R ABAp
    Shivakumar K B

    You can write a program in se38.
    create a program.
    use delete from t71inp1 where<condition> command in it.

  • Delete entries in /SAPAPO/POSMAPN with /SAPAPO/SDORDER_DEL

    Hi Guys,
    we´re having many orders in table //POSMAPN that are not existing in liveCache.
    We assume that these are obsolete orders that can be deleted with report //SDORDER_DEL.
    My question:
    What is the prerequisite for orders being deleted from //POSMAPN with //SDORDER_DEL?
    Or in other words: Which entries in //POSMAPN are considered as "obsolete" by //SDORDER_DEL?
    Thanks a lot for your help.

    Hello Andreas,
    When you run the /SAPAPO/SDORDER_DEL program, you should run the program to delete the orders from both Live Cache and Database ( see the 2nd tab on the selection screen of this program). This way you can ensure that it is deleted properly. Otherwise, when you run //CCR or //SDRQCR21 it only checks the livecache. Since, it has already been deleted in your case, you can give it a try to see if you can delete the orders from DB using option "Delete from DB" ( see the 1st tab).
    Also, usually the order gets disappeared from LC once the order is PGIed, however a bit of information is still available on APO side and thats where this program would delete it to counter that. The reason why the order line info is still stored in APO is due to the fact that the order lines can always be reverse PGIed and the delivery can also be deleted. So, it is a wise option to run this program by providing the Period in the selection screen which is usually the MBDAT and as a regular practice you can provide a date range that is less than 90 days or so.
    Hope this helps
    Babu Kilari

  • Unable to delete entries from queue (SMQ2)

    I am unable to delete entries from inbound queue due to number of entries are too high (Approximately 160,000). Deletion in dialog mode producing timeout error...Is there any way to delete these entris in background mode or any other idea about this situation..
    Your valuable time & annswer appreciated.

    Hi Rakesh,
       Check these threads on SMQ2. It may give some help to you:
       Queue issue
       deleting the inbound queue tc smq2
       Also check this file:
    Subhasha Ranjan

  • Is there any BAPI or function module  to delete entries from a table (VBAK)

    Hi Everybody,
    this is my first thread in SDN...
    my problem follows...
    A report is be created that selects all sales orders created by e-Sales that are more than 20 minutes old and still have a delivery block:
    VBAK     sales document: header data
    selection fields:
    VBAK-LIFSK      &#8800;     <BLANK>
    VBAK-ERNAM     =     userID used by e-Sales / IVE
              (EP-BATCH / EAI-BATCH)
    VBAK-ERDAT      <=     Current system Date
    VBAK-ERZET     <=     Current system Time - 20 minutes
    These orders should be deleted from SAP system.
    This report should be scheduled to run regularly every 10 minutes.
    my doubt : is ther any BAPI or Function module to delete entries from a standard table...if no what is the way to delete the enteries from a std table...
    best replies will be rewarded....

    Hi Vasanth ,
    thanks for your reply.
    i tried in the same manner what u mentioned.
    but how to pass only one parameter to the functionmodule..
    here in this case we have to pass only update flag as 'D'..
    i did the same it giving dump..
    An exception occurred that is explained in detail below.                          
    The exception, which is assigned to class 'CX_SY_DYN_CALL_ILLEGAL_TYPE', was      
      not caught and                                                                   
    therefore caused a runtime error.                                                 
    The reason for the exception is:                                                  
    The call to the function module "BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE" is incorrect:                                                                               
    In the function module interface, you can specify only                            
    fields of a specific type and length under "ORDER_HEADER_INX".                    
    Although the currently specified field                                            
    "INT_ORDER_HEADER_INX" is the correct type, its length is incorrect.              
    my pgm :
    REPORT  ynew_order_deletion.
         p_lifsk LIKE vbak-lifsk DEFAULT '02'.
       s_lifsk FOR vbak-lifsk DEFAULT '10',
        s_ernam FOR vbak-ernam,
        s_erdat FOR vbak-erdat,"DEFAULT sy-datum.
        s_erzet FOR sy-uzeit.
    p_erzet LIKE sy-uzeit.
       s_erdat like vbak-erdat,
       s_erzet like vbak-erzet.
       BEGIN OF int_final OCCURS 0,
            w_vbeln TYPE vbak-vbeln,
       END OF int_final.
      int_return LIKE bapiret2 OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE.
    DATA: int_order_header_inx LIKE bapisditmx OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE.
      wf_time TYPE sy-uzeit.
      s_ernam-low = 'KULKARMA'.
      s_ernam-sign = 'I'.
      s_ernam-option = 'EQ'.
      APPEND s_ernam.
    s_ernam-low = 'EAI-BATCH'.
    s_ernam-sign = 'I'.
    s_ernam-option = 'EQ'.
    APPEND s_ernam.
    wf_time = sy-uzeit - 1200.
    p_erzet = sy-uzeit - 1200.
    p_erzet-low = wf_time.
    APPEND s_erzet.
      int_order_header_inx-updateflag = 'D'.
      APPEND int_order_header_inx.
      SELECT vbeln FROM vbak
                       INTO TABLE int_final
                       WHERE lifsk EQ p_lifsk
                         AND ernam IN s_ernam
                         AND erdat IN s_erdat
                         AND erzet IN s_erzet.
      IF sy-subrc = 0.
        LOOP AT int_final.
              salesdocument         = int_final-w_vbeln
      ORDER_HEADER_IN             =
        order_header_inx            = int_order_header_inx
      SIMULATION                  =
      BEHAVE_WHEN_ERROR           = ' '
      INT_NUMBER_ASSIGNMENT       = ' '
      LOGIC_SWITCH                =
      NO_STATUS_BUF_INIT          = ' '
              return                      = int_return
      ORDER_ITEM_IN               =
      ORDER_ITEM_INX              =
      PARTNERS                    =
      PARTNERCHANGES              =
      PARTNERADDRESSES            =
      ORDER_CFGS_REF              =
      ORDER_CFGS_INST             =
      ORDER_CFGS_PART_OF          =
      ORDER_CFGS_VALUE            =
      ORDER_CFGS_BLOB             =
      ORDER_CFGS_VK               =
      ORDER_CFGS_REFINST          =
      SCHEDULE_LINES              =
      SCHEDULE_LINESX             =
      ORDER_TEXT                  =
      ORDER_KEYS                  =
      CONDITIONS_IN               =
      CONDITIONS_INX              =
      EXTENSIONIN                 =
        LOOP AT int_return.
          WRITE:/ int_return-type,
    please help me ..its a very urgent issue to be solved...
    am waiting for ur reply...

  • How to delete entries in the T030 table with LSMW?

    Hi all,
    I need to delete 600 entries from T030 table (Fix account table), Tcode OBYG, and I want to use a legacy for this,
    but I don´t know how or if is possible delete entries from a table with a legacy.
    Thanks in advance!

    You Can Use SCAT instead.

  • Delete entries in "Installed Updates" log

    Is there anyway to delete entries in the "Installed software updates" log?
    I want to reinstall a firmware patch but although the patch downloads and says it has installed successfully it doesn't actually update anything... However, it shows up in the "installed updates" log.
    Any one any ideas how to delete entries in the "Installed software updates" log?

    Why do you want to delete an entry from the log?
    What do you think that will achieve?
    How do you know it doesn't actually update anything?
    Why do you think you need to reinstall the patch?
    If you reinstall the patch but it doesn't need to be reinstalled
    then I would not expect anything to change.

  • Delete entry or change entry in sap table

    Hi Gurus,
    i want to change or delete entry in VBEP.
    points sure!

    hi guys ,
    its very easy ,
    go for se16 , fetch all the records which are required to delete ( use only se16 lay out)
    after fetching the records just enter ' /H ' in the command bar
    and then double click on any of the enter , then u fill go to debugging screeen and then just press F7
    u will find the following code
    form set_status_val tables ntab structure x031l
                        using code name next for_lines.
      field-symbols: .
      refresh exclude_tab.
      if code = 'SHOW'.
        set titlebar 'TAB' with name 'anzeigen'(100).
      elseif code = 'EDIT'.
        set titlebar 'TAB' with name 'ändern'(101).
      elseif code = 'INSR'.
        set titlebar 'TAB' with name 'einfügen'(102).
      elseif code = 'ANVO'.
        set titlebar 'TAB' with name 'einfügen'(102).
      elseif code = 'DELE'.
    then just click on CODE and pass value as  DELE and press F8

  • Delete entries over 1 month old in parent  and child tables

    Hi guys,
    Im new to oracle (2days old) and im struggling to find out how to delete all entries over 1 month old in a database but also delete entries from the child table. I have read about delete cascading etc but im really strugging at the moment. Any tip or ideas? thank you

    You just need to delete data in parent table using the right WHERE clause that requires some timestamp column that stores data age. If the foreign key constraint is created with ON DELETE CASCADE child rows are automatically deleted.
    Assuming P is the parent table and C the child table and the timestamp column is stored in the parent table here is an example.
    SQL> create table p(px int primary key, d date);
    Table created.
    SQL> create table  c(cx int, cy int references p on delete cascade);
    Table created.
    SQL> insert into p values(1, '01/01/2011');
    1 row created.
    SQL> insert into p values(2, '15/01/2011');
    1 row created.
    SQL> insert into p values(3, '31/01/2011');
    1 row created.
    SQL> insert into c values(10,1);
    1 row created.
    SQL> insert into c values(20,2);
    1 row created.
    SQL> insert into c values(30,3);
    1 row created.
    SQL> commit;
    Commit complete.
    SQL> delete p where months_between(sysdate, d) >= 1;
    2 rows deleted.
    SQL> select * from p;
            PX D
             3 31-01-2011
    SQL> select * from c;
            CX         CY
            30          3
    SQL>Edited by: P. Forstmann on 15 févr. 2011 13:45

  • Source system appearing in BI folder : Not able to delete entry RSBASIDOC

    Hi all,
    Iam creating source system connection from ECC to BI system.
    But the source system appearing in BI folder all the time, i found one note 1087980 and tried deleting an entry with SRCTYPE = M from RSBASIDOC table with FM RSAP_BIW_DISCONNECT , but the system shows error message OTHER_ERROR and the entry does not get deleted.
    For this SAP recommended to check a valid RFC connection between ECC and BI system , i have checked it and the RFCs are working fine for it also.
    Please help.

    follow this steps:
    In the source sytem
    SE37 e launch the FM RSAP_BIW_DISCONNECT
    you will find the BIW and OLTP log on the RSBASIDOC
    So run the FM.
    IF you find the OTHER_ERROR, may you have to check the RFC connection. (If the source system was been refreshed, you have to create a RFC to PROD).
    You should encounter this error ( Not able to delete entry RSBASIDOC), when you try to restore the DS: in this case infact, is the IDENTIFIER (TSPREFIX) that creates problem (so you have to delete the relevant entry from the table).

  • How to retrive the deleted entries in the ztable

    please let me know how to retrive the deleted entries in the ztable.

    Naseer uddin wrote:
    > Hi,
    >   While creating a table have u activated the buffering (full).
    >   if not then it is not possible to retrive the lost data, and if u have activated the full buffering of table then it is possible to retrive data, up to some extent, using transaction Code se14.
    Complete Nonsense.*
    buffering doesn't mean that it will buffer the records back in database ,once you means it will allow the buffer the table to memory only while read access.

  • How to retrieve the deleted entries

    Hi all
    I deleted some standard entries in the sand box related to item category determination in sand box.They are not stored in a change request. How can I revert back those deletd entries back into the system.

    No . I dont have IDES.
    I want to get back those deleted entries.
    Any help is appreciated.

  • ABAP Program to delete the update rules

    Hi guys,
            Is there any ABAP Program to delete the update rules if any body knows.

    Hi dear,
    try with FM RSAU_UPDR_DELETE...
    Hope it helps!
    ...and please dont forget to reward the THE way to say thanks here !

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    When I open dng images into Camera Raw (Photoshop CS2) they appear out of sequence, for example: 001, 003,002, 004. What do I need to do to correct that? Thanks.