Project COGS question

Hi Dina,
We have the following situation: -
This is about a barge construction scenario - say, there is a contract of building 10 barge. We create one master project and 10 child project for each barge. Costs get collected over the period time against each project and accounting entries are made. Costs will go to WIP account.
Once say a barge is ready to be delivered, the costs for the corresponding project should be charged against cost of goods sold account.
How can we achieve this?
Please help me.

The solution could be based on Revenue Based Cost Accrual method described on Projects Billing User Guide.
The basic setup is as follows;
Create two event types, one is called "credit wip" and the other is called "debit cogs".
Setup Auto Accounting rules so the credit account of the events will be based on event type. The "credit wip" event type should be map to a GL account that offset the project WIP account. The "debit cogs" event type should be map to a GL account that is considered Cost of Sales.
When barge is delivered and you generate invoice and revenue for that item, you will need to enter also a pair of additional events. One event of type "credit wip" for the amount of total cost incurred on the project. The second event will be of type "debit cogs" and its amount should be negative amount of the first event. As a result, accounting will move project cost from WIP account in GL to COGS account in GL during the same period your project earns its revenue.
I have described the process as a manual procedure. You might consider automating that by developing your own billing extension, or utilize Oracle delivered extension for Revenue Based Cost Accrual.

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    Hi All,
    I have couple of Project billing questions. Hope you can help
    1)A wrong customer was attached to project billing agreement, funding and base line also completed for the customer.
    Now we realized that its wrong customer and want to change it to correct customer.
    What are the options we have here?
    Can we delete or end date the billing agreement?
    will the funding be release from the wrong customner after deleting or end dating the billing agreement?
    2) Wrong customer attached to a project..agreements,funding,baselining are NOT done.
    How can we delete this customer and add the correct customer?
    The option to change the customer is grayed out.
    Appreciate if you can help.

    On your first question you said the agreement was created for wrong customer. Since you already baselined the funding, I assume you have that customer linked to the project.
    You can go the Agreement form and  enter a negative funding line allocated to the same project. The total allocated amount will be zero. The agreement is now not allocated and free to be allocated to another project. If it is a wrong agreement you may update the agreement amount to zero.  Now create a new agreement for the right customer.
    The open issue is with the project. You have a wrong customer associated with that project. However, system will not allow you to remove the customer - project record.  Solution depends on the way the project was setup. Did you enable customer at top task? if so, end date the top task and create an alternative top task with the right customer.
    If the project has been set with a single customer you better close the project and start a new one.
    However, if you need an alternative solution, I can suggest a custom method. Go to Help > ..> Examine and change the existing customer of the project to zero contribution.
    Now you will be able to add the right customer to the project and have 100% contribution on it.

  • C- project certification question and material

    Hi Gurus,
    I want to know is there any cretification for  SAP C- Projects  could you please let me if any one has SAP done c-project certification questions, or any relevant sites wherein I can get the same.
    Thanks in advance for your help,

    Hi Ashish,
    cProjects being a part of the PLM package, you would need to undergo SAP PLM certification. As per my knowledge, there is no separate cProjects suite certification available.
    However, there are training programs conducted by SAP for cProjects and xRPM. You may get the details regarding these from the marketplace. Please refer
    Let me know if this helps.
    Vivek Pandey

  • 2 project settings questions

    Hello again
    Still experimenting with PrE8 trial version. This is my first experience with a video editor so learning all from scratch. I have a couple of questions regarding the project setting you need to chose when you create a new project. I understand these settings define the "working" enviroment for the editing process - in other words the resolution and all the other characteristics (format, frame rate, etc) that the project will use
    1) I have a camera that´s 1920x1080 30p (progressive) , the GoPro HD. When I look in the new project presets, all 1920 x 1080 presets available seem to be specifically designed for interlaced video. This is indicated by the names of the presets, and by their descriptions as well.  There is only 1 progressive preset, of a lower resolution (720p)
    Nevertheless, I tried using the HD 1080i preset, loaded some 1920x1080 progressive mp4 files, and apparently it works perfectly well. In fact when I go to edit>project settings>general window,  the project attributes indicate progressive video !!!
    Is there really any difference (or specific requirement)  in a project preset for interlaced vs progressive video? ( I am beginning to suspect that there is really no difference,  and that the coding ( i vs p) does not really form part of the project settings, and that the project will take both forms of input media)
    any thoughts on this?
    2) The GoPro has a non-standard resolution mode, HD with 4:3 aspect ratio : 1280x960 30p
    There is no project setting preset that will match this, how can I create one myself ?
    The PrE help says this is possible, but I can't find how. ( Edit>project settings will not let me change the resolution)
    from the help
    If your source footage requires a custom project preset, you can create one. The procedure for creating a preset differs if you’re changing settings for an open project versus establishing settings for a new project. Presets you create can be applied to new projects, and if you want to back up or distribute  preset files, you can find them in the Settings subfolder of the  Adobe Premiere Elements folder on your hard disk. 4355c-7fde.html
    Again thanks so much for your time and your help ,  much appreciated.

    Unfortunately you will not be able to use the video from those "sports" camcorders directly in Premiere Elements. It's just not compatible with the program.
    As you can see from this FAQ, there are three options for converting the video:
    1) Convert it a DV-AVI using MPEG Streamclip. It's a free program, but the DV-AVI it outputs will not be hi-def. It will be standard video, but it will be editable in Premiere Elements.
    2) Convert it to a standard def DV-AVI using Quicktime Pro, a $29 download from,and edit in Premiere Elements.
    3) Use Quicktime Pro to do your editing. The video will remain a high-def MP4.
    The best solution, of course, is if the camcorder itself comes with its own editing software. That's software you KNOW will work with the camcorder's footage.
    But, short of that, you'll need to use one of the hybrid solutions above. But you will not be able to edit the footage directly in Premiere Elements. Sorry.

  • Limited navigation in projects with questions

    I have a project with special instruction slides provided to support a number of question slides.  The question slides and quiz preferences are set for one try and one retake.  Students use the skin to navigate back and forth in the project and use the back and submit buttons to work in the questions.  Students do not seem to have unlimited back and forth capabilities.  Once they are in the retake version of the quiz, when they try to go back and get clarification on special instructions, they are blocked from going forward.  Is my only option to separate my instruction slides and question slides into two projects?

    Hi, Jon
    Thanks for your help.
    I will use an unconfigured LH file manager(I mean the file path and name will not be specified.).
    Currently, find the temp file will be created in C:\Documents and Settings\$user_name\Local Settings\Temp in windows.
    I have two questions on temp file.
    1) Does tangosol supply a mechanism to maintain the temp files?
    2) In solaris, which place will the temp file be created in?

  • Basic project management question

    In the "Projects and Events" top level of the Libraries pane, there is a pre made "folder" called Projects.  The icon is a purple square with a star. This is identical to all the others which I assume are Events. I I click on an "Event" all the clips are revealed in the pane to the right. But if I click on the tiny trinagle, nothing is revealed. I don't understand this.
    Now my real question: If I click on the triangle for the pre made  Projects fodler, it reveals 4 collections called: Complete, Incomplete etc. Also their icons look like a strange blue page. I made these and they seem to have come from the previous verions of FCP X.  When I reveal the contents of Incomplete, what I want to do is move a project, by dragging, to the Complete collection. Instead of moving it though, it copies it. The only way to get rid of the project in the Incomplete collection is by moving it to the trash, but this really does delete it everywhere!
    I find the new version very hard to understand. All I want is to group project according to their being complete or not, or some other catagory, but I canno figure it out.
    Any help?

    Because the changes to the 10.1 library model were so substantial there has been a huge amount of info on updating and they way this model affects organization put  out by Apple and many training organizations.
    Here is a very good document by Apple; it gets right into the files created by updating. There are other docs by Apple as well as articles and free video tutorials by trainers easily found by a search.
    The short answer is events live in libraries and projects live in events. Left to its own devices, the first time 10.1 is launched it will update the projects and events it sees on connected drives and make a library for each drive. The disclosure triangles reveal collections. If there are no collections, nothing will show when opened.

  • PRE9 Project Settings questions

    I just got PRE9 and I am working on my first video.  The question I have is
    about project settings and resolutions, etc.  I want to output the video to both DVD and to a file that can be copied to a USB thumb drive and plugged into my l 55in HDTV for playback.  it doesn't have to be HD video, but I do want it in 16:9 widescreen atleast.
    Any suggestions?

    The project setting needs to match your video source (i.e. what you are putting *IN* to PRE9). So what is the source of your clip and what settings did your camera use at the time of shooting? How did you get it into PRE9? Ideally can you run one of your video clips through the free GSpot tool and post the screen shot here.
    Getting your video output to any output (widescreen or standard) is a feature of the Share tab in PRE9. To output it to two formats (DVD and data file for your USB thumb drive) is two separate Shares that will be found under Share> Disc and Share> Computer (or possibly Share> Mobile Phones and Cameras).
    Give us a bit more detail about where and how you want to play that USB thumb drive version.
    Insanity is hereditary, you get it from your children

  • Inter Project Billing - Questions

    We have setup Inter Project billing and the process works as expected.
    But we still have questions about the Accounting Process - do the ap invoice and the ar invoice hit the same account? and how do we clear the Open Invoices on both AP and AR?
    Please Help!!!!

    Hi Dina,
    A couple more questions.
    Following is a table with example transactions below:
    GL     Cust. Proj     Internal Proj.     Consolidated
    Sales           400          
    IP-Sales               (200)     (200)
    COS               200     200
    IP-COS          200          200
    Clearing     (200)               (200)
    Net Income          200      0     
    1.     Should the UBR / UER be an internal UBR/UER. Would it not otherwise murky up the UBR/UER for contract projects?
    2.     How do the Internal Project and the Customer Project rollup on the GL ? Do we need to have a consolidation project to net IP-Sales and IP-COS
    3.     Also - how do we handle scenarios where COS in the internal project is greater than the revenue/billed amount? How does this rollup to the Customer Project?
    Please advise.

  • Discmakers Project: Color Question

    Using Photoshop and Illustrator CS3 I'm wrapping up a project for a Discmakers digipac. My color management settings are synced...setting: North American General Purpose 2. All my linked images are 300 dpi. The photos were originally RGB then desaturated in Photoshop and given a sepia tone, then saved as CMYK as required by the printer. Everyting looks fine in both Adobe programs but the photos have a strong green tint in any other program. Actually, the same is true for any CMYK desaturated photo. Greyscale black and whites look fine.
    My question is: when this goes to the printer will I get the colors I see in Illustrator or the green tinted ones?
    I'd be grateful for any suggestions. Thanks.
    This is a link to the Discmakers guide:

    I'm guessing you'll get the color seen in Illustrator.  Not all applications are color managed and preview images are unreliable at best.  You should, for your own piece-of-mind, have the job contract proofed ( see a local reputable print shop ) before sending it off to the print vendor.  You should also supply a contract proof along with the disk so that the print provider has something to match.  Then, when the provider runs the file ( get their workflow specs before you have it proofed on your end ) through their prepress department's equipment, they can supply you with a matched proof of their own and, with any luck, they both match and it's off to the races.

  • Importing projects / sequences question

    I started out my project with the wrong resolution (*sigh*) and I'm now trying to save the day by doing the recommended move - starting a new project with correct settings and importing the original project there.
    But I'm only getting the entire original project sequence as a big block, with no edits or anything available. Is it supposed to be like that? Or is there a way to get all the separate clips, cuts, edits etc when importing?
    Thanks for any help!

    You will also find links to many
    free tutorials in the PremiereProPedia that will quickly show you how things are done in Premiere Pro.
    PremiereProPedia   (
    RSS feed)
    - Over 300 frequently answered questions
    - Over 250 free tutorials
    - Maintained by editors like
    Forum FAQ

  • Project manufacturing - Question about process

    Hi All,
    I am trying to represent the following scenario in a project:
    Finished Product (FP)
    ---RM1 (raw material 1)
    ---semi-finished assembly 1 (SF)
    We have to assemble FP in the project. If I assign only FP as a material component in the project and run MRP, the system successfully generates planned orders for SF, RM1, RM2, etc.... I can then convert planned orders into purchase requisitions or production orders and do all consumption postings.
    But, I want to represent the assembly process in the project, and I think the below assignment should be possible.
    Activity 1
    Activity 2
    SF1 (-1 - negative quantity)
    Activity 3
    Activity 4
    FP (-1 - negative quantity)
    The negative quantity should mean that the specified component (SF1 or FP) is assembled in that network activity. However, when I have a negative quantity in the component, MRP is not generating the planned order for that material. Also, it's generating redundant planned orders for RM1, RM2, etc... - once for the reservation for that component and once by exploding the reservation for SF1 or FP. Should I have the reservation / purchase requisition indicator for the individual components set as Never? In that case, do I just post consumption to the respective network activities when the respective RM* is received to stock? Any input you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

    Hello Ahmed,
    My ultimate goal is to produce FG, right? Now, I am using PP as well. I am trying to figure out what level of BOM should be represented in the project using component assignments also using MRP to create the corresponding procurement parameters. I was asking about the production order for FG, because Mahendra's solution doesn't create a production order for the FG due to the negative quantity in the project. I think he answered that part of the question saying that for the FG, the network acts as the production order and delivers FG to stock. Am I correct? Please let me know.
    My explanation may be a little confusing, but please let me know if you need any further clarifications to solve the problem .

  • Project Link Question

    If I have copies of an iMovie project on more than one disk drive, each with the same name, is there a simple way to know to which the iDVD project folder (usually on still another drive) of the same name points for its source? There are some files I no longer remember which is primary, and which is backup.

    Answering my own question: found out by experimenting.
    The NSColor class reference tells you that the NSColor object is found in the /System/Library/Frameworks/AppKit.framework. 
    Go to the project navigator, right click on "frameworks", choose "add files". Navigate to /System/Library/Frameworks/AppKit and select it. You'll find it added to the frameworks in the project. It will now build and run.

  • Project manager question

    I'm doing multicam work, with lots of footage.
    PPro seems to be bogging down my system. Therefore, i've decided to export my multicam sequences into separate projects.
    My question is, if i grab the Main project, and the multicam pre-comp, does premiere know intelligently re-link all existing footage, and keep the project bin in tact, or does Premiere re conform files, and duplicate all the footage?
    Also, while we're on the subject, the option to check "Rename Media Files to Match Clip names" has me confused.
    Where would you use this?

    Also, while we're on the subject, the option to check "Rename Media Files to Match Clip names" has me confused.
    Where would you use this?
    When your orginal footage is called e.g. clip1, clip 2, clip3 etc and the same clips in the project window you renamed to e.g. flowers, trees, plains.
    If you check that option the original footage is renamed to flowers, trees etc.

  • CUA Project Propsal Questions

    Hi Experts,
    I am doing research on CUA and have been asked to provide answers to the following questions.  If you have been though a CUA Config/implementation recently, I would appreciate your feedback.  We are a company of 10,000+ SAP Users (approx. 1500 dev/QA users we would be using for CUA)
    •Will Security save time by making Central Changes to user masters?
    •Cost savings?  Other benefits?
    •How much time to configure each system? 
    •How much Basis involvement?
    •Any other resources required? 
    •Will users benefit from Single Sign On with CUA?
    •Will Basis have more work after system refreshes?
    •What is Virsa's role/how does it integrate with CUA?
    •Are there any known showstopper functionality deficits with CUA that would prevent us from using it
    •We will use ourSolution Manager server for this project and for eventual production usage.  Any suggestions or feedback regarding this?
    •Hours the project would take?
      3.Change Management
    •Will a Refresh schedule be changed because CUA is implemented?
    •Have you come across any issues with refreshes?
    There are alot of questions and I will be more than happy even if only one question is answered.  As always, thank you for your expertise and advise.
    Teresa Wilson

    Hi Teresa
    > •Will Security save time by making Central Changes to user masters?
    Yes if you have a broad landscape - i.e. lots of clients and systems
    > •Cost savings?  Other benefits?
    User admin will be easier, CUA landscape monitoring will take additional overhead.  Personally I would use say you could save 25% of time when administering users if your landscape is conducive to using CUA. 
    > •How much time to configure each system? 
    Once you have done one, it should take no longer than an hour for each system (less once you get the hang of it)
    > •How much Basis involvement?
    Not much - maybe get them to set up the RFC destinations (specific CUA ones are good, but watch out for people trying to use them for remote CATT execution etc).  Basis may want to schedule the job which processes the userclone idocs in the target system.  It depends how you do things in your place.
    > •Any other resources required? 
    > •Will users benefit from Single Sign On with CUA?
    I will defer to the far more knowledgable Mr Alsop on this one as I haven't a clue
    > •Will Basis have more work after system refreshes?
    Usually limited to removing, re-adding in the CUA system.  It may save them time as the users can be pushed out of the master again if required (though will need to reprocess loads of failed idocs when they get locked)
    > •What is Virsa's role/how does it integrate with CUA?
    What do you mean by Virsa? company doesn't exist any more.  If you use compliance calibrator then has no impact at all.  If you use Access Enforcer then there might be, but without knowing what you are doing, it's hard to say.
    > •Are there any known showstopper functionality deficits with CUA that would prevent us from using it
    It can be a bit flakey, though has improved over the years.  It is not a magic pill which will solve all your problems.  You will get frustrated with it.  You have to do change reporting out of the CUA master otherwise you will only get change logs by the idoc processing batch user ID.  You need to keep on top of the idocs and log monitoring.  If you have a simple setup with few clients then might not be worth it.
    > •We will use ourSolution Manager server for this project and for eventual production usage.  Any suggestions or feedback regarding this?
    I would recommend 3 separate CUA's - one for dev, one for test, one for prod.  Do not have one covering all because if the CUA master goes down for whatever reason then you have extra work.  Assuming R/3 is your main system (with lets say a BW and an APO) then I generally prefer to set the R/3 system as the master as there are usually fewer problems when doing role admin for that client.  That is only a personal preference though & lots of different parties recommend different things.
    > •Hours the project would take?
    >   1.BASIS
    >   2.Security
    >   3.Change Management
    Impossible to say without knowing all details of your landscape.  Basically, you should be able to set up and test a reasonably complex CUA in less than a day.
    > •Will a Refresh schedule be changed because CUA is implemented?
    I don't think so, though CUA should be taken into account as part of the activities
    > •Have you come across any issues with refreshes?
    Yes, BASIS people messing up the CUA config or not doing the post refresh steps they were supposed to do.
    Good luck.  It can be very useful and very frustrating at times.  There are loads of installation guides out there.  As I have said earlier, it will not be the answer to all of your problems and does require extra monitoring.  In a project rampup situation where you have lots of users setup/changing in different clients then it can really help take a bit of the manual processing burden.
    Hope that helps

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