Project Server workflow freezes on setting Project field

In Project Server 2013 I've created a workflow with the SharePoint Designer. I want the workflow to set the project stage status and then a Project Field. Setting the project stage status works fine, but when I insert the action of setting the project field
the workflow freezes and the Submit button is greyed out. Remove this action, re-publish the workflow and everything works fine. There are no required or read-only fields in the workflow stage and the custom field I want set is a plain project level custom
field with no special properties. It is not on any pdp, nor in any view, because I'm only using it for OData reporting. Setting the field as "workflow-controlled" doesn't make a difference. It is the same in Project Online. What am I missing?   

Setting a project field should not be a problem or holding in anyway, what kind of field is it and what value is being provided ?
Take a look at the article here, it explains the process of
creating an approval, make sure you are following the same process, it would be advisable to go through these module on working with workflow
On a side note curios to know how the publishing was done via SharePoint designer ?
Thanks | Sunil Kr Singh |

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  • Access permission to the Project server workflow tasks in project server 2013.

    Hi All,
    I am creating an OOB Project server workflow, where it contains few phases and each phases have some stages, there are few approval levels of the workflow. 
    Scenario - 1st stage - when project is submitted, a task is assigned to resource, when the resource click on the task link provided in mail, it redirects to the project server workflow task list.
    1) When users view the task list, for all user the delete Item and approve button is enabled even we have given permission as edit,view permission in sharepoint group for that user.
    2) Task list should be viewable by specific user but in my case even after giving the permission it can be apporved by any one who is not authorised also.
    3)  then i tried below things
    1. deleted the user in pwa
    2. deleted the user in sharepoint site.
    even after doing the above, the user able to do all activity in the stie content page, have access to the sharepoint portal. how this is possible?
    When checked with not existing user permission there are few defalut permission set for that user after AD sync. because of this he as access, even if he is not in pwa or in sharepoint site. how to retrict this?
    Can anyone faced the same issue?
    How to fix this permission issue?
    Thanks in advance.

    Hello Treb Gatte,
    I ma creating Data Connection from SSRS Report, and then creating Data Set for "Project
    Server Workflow Tasks".
    And then when I pull data from the database, it is returning empty. For any other sharepoint list this
    is working absolutely fine. I am facing issue only wrt "Project Server Workflow Tasks" list.

  • Project Server Workflow

    The project is created by the
    project manager who then submits it to the project director. The project director then approves or rejects the project and the decision is sent back to the project manager. How is it possible to do this with project server workflow? is
    it possible to assign a project manager and a project director to a project? how do you submit a project in the workfow? accept it? reject it?  Can anyone tell the step by step workflow procedure?

    Hi Sheelj,
    This is a big question, even bigger since we even don't know which version of Project Server you're talking about, which matters. Anyway it will be too long and tedious to detail this complex feature here in a post. 
    With PS2013, it is now possible to build workflow using SharePoint Designer that requires less/no code than with Visual Studio with PS2010.
    Basically you'll need either Visual Studio (PS2010) or SharePoint Designer (PS2013) to build the workflow then deploy it as a feature. Then in your PWA server settings, you are supposed to configure EPTs (enterprise project types) associated to workflow
    and while creating a project with a specific EPT, the given project will follow the workflow.
    Depending on how you built your workflow, different users will be able to approve at the different stages, it is your choice.
    Finally some 3rd party tool are available on the market.
    Please find some links below (for both 2010 and 2013) that will provide you a first start, then after some tests do not hesitate to come back to us with more specific questions :
    Hope this helps.
    Guillaume Rouyre - MBA, MCP, MCTS

  • Workflow Start "Failed But Not Blocking Correlation" - Project Server workflow for Demand Management

    I'm trying to "Create a Project Server workflow for Demand Management" with project server 2013 just like is explained
    But when I try to create a new project the implemented workflow failed to start with the follow state message in the job queue: Failed But Not Blocking Correlation.
    The detailed error display the follow message:
    Exception Starting Workflow: The scope _/SharePoint/default/139e833f-7a85-4ccf-b7a2-b3fea9ce50b9/6799b7e5-e519-40f4-9371-0b3bc3d5c208_ has no workflows under it. HTTP headers received from the server - ActivityId: 52fef415-409b-4545-a9f6-ed75519b425c.
    NodeId: My-Computer-Name. Scope: /SharePoint/default/139e833f-7a85-4ccf-b7a2-b3fea9ce50b9/6799b7e5-e519-40f4-9371-0b3bc3d5c208. Client ActivityId : 9ded4d9c-7733-7004-2661-c8977270af98.. Trace:    at Microsoft.Workflow.Client.ClientHelpers.SendRequest[T](HttpWebRequest
    request, T content)   at Microsoft.Workflow.Client.WorkflowManager.StartInternal(String workflowName, WorkflowStartParameters startParameters)   at Microsoft.SharePoint.WorkflowServices.FabricWorkflowManagementClient.StartInstance(String
    serviceGroupName, String workflowName, String monitoringParam, String activationKey, IDictionary`2 payload)   at Microsoft.SharePoint.WorkflowServices.FabricWorkflowInstanceProvider.StartWorkflow(WorkflowSubscription subscription, IDictionary`2 payload)  
    at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.BusinessLayer.Workflow.StartWorkflow(Guid projectGuid, Guid enterpriseProjectTypeUid, Boolean isNewProject, Guid previousEntepriseProjectTypeUid, Boolean skipStage, Guid stageToSkipTo):
    WorkflowExceptionStartingWorkflow (35115). Details: id='35115' name='WorkflowExceptionStartingWorkflow' uid='e3bbb06b-1d38-e311-940a-001cc094718e'.
    WorkflowCannotStartWorkflow (35100). Details: id='35100' name='WorkflowCannotStartWorkflow' uid='e4bbb06b-1d38-e311-940a-001cc094718e'.
    GeneralQueueJobFailed (26000) - WorkflowStartWorkflow.WorkflowStartWorkflowMessage. Details: id='26000' name='GeneralQueueJobFailed' uid='e5bbb06b-1d38-e311-940a-001cc094718e' JobUID='68ee1040-1d38-e311-940a-001cc094718e'
    ComputerName='90f7432c-fbc8-4ebd-86f3-0236ce62661c' GroupType='WorkflowStartWorkflow' MessageType='WorkflowStartWorkflowMessage' MessageId='1' Stage='' CorrelationUID='9ded4d9c-7733-7004-2661-c8977270af98'. For more details, check the ULS logs on machine
    90f7432c-fbc8-4ebd-86f3-0236ce62661c for entries with JobUID
    with this detailed entries in the log file
    10/18/2013 13:47:57.38  Microsoft.Office.Project.Server (0x0948) 0x14F0 Project Server                 Queue                        
     ad3fy Critical Standard Information:PSI Entry Point: <unknown>  Project User: <unknown>  Correlation Id: <unknown>  PWA Site URL:   SA Name: <unknown>  PSError: <unknown> A queue job
    has failed. This is a general error logged by the Project Server Queue everytime a job fails - for effective troubleshooting use this error message with other more specific error messages (if any), the Operations guide (which documents more details about queued
    jobs) and the trace log (which could provide more detailed context). More information about the failed job follows. GUID of the failed job: 68ee1040-1d38-e311-940a-001cc094718e. Name of the computer that processed this job: 90f7432c-fbc8-4ebd-86f3-0236ce62661c
    (to debug further, you need to look at the trace log from this computer). Failed job type: WorkflowStartWorkf... 9ded4d9c-7733-7004-2661-c8977270af98
    10/18/2013 13:47:57.38* Microsoft.Office.Project.Server (0x0948) 0x14F0 Project Server                 Queue                        
     ad3fy Critical ...low. Failed sub-job type: WorkflowStartWorkflowMessage. Failed sub-job ID: 1. Stage where sub-job failed:  (this is useful when one sub-job has more than one logical processing stages). 9ded4d9c-7733-7004-2661-c8977270af98
    10/18/2013 13:47:57.38  Microsoft.Office.Project.Server (0x0948) 0x14F0 Project Server                 Queue Jobs                   
     ad3fy Medium   Error is: GeneralQueueJobFailed. Details: Queue Attributes:  68ee1040-1d38-e311-940a-001cc094718e  90f7432c-fbc8-4ebd-86f3-0236ce62661c  WorkflowStartWorkflow  WorkflowStartWorkflowMessage  1   
    9ded4d9c-7733-7004-2661-c8977270af98  . Standard Information: , LogLevelManager Warning-ulsID:0x000DD158 has no entities explicitly specified. 9ded4d9c-7733-7004-2661-c8977270af98
    Any idea?
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Alexander,I have seen that error when the workflow manager has not been registered correctly with the PowerShell command - that should be in the docs referenced - or  Let me know if that doesn't appear to be the issue here and I can dig deeper.  Best regards,  Brian
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  • Restart project server workflow programmatically using psi 2010

    hi sir,
         I am working on project server 2010. I  want restart project server workflow using PSI. please suggest me

    I think this might help:

  • I'm an admin of this site, but now can't access some pages in Project Server 2013 e.g. Project center, PWA setting

    I'm an admin of this site, but now can't access some pages in Project Server 2013 e.g. Project center, PWA setting

    it may be your browser.  CHeck the folloinwg
    1) Turn on Compatibilty mode
    2) Security Options / Make it a local trusted site
    3) Turn of Protected Mode in the browser under Security
    and have you tried it from Chrome
    Michael Wharton, MVP, MBA, PMP, MCT, MCTS, MCSD, MCSE+I, MCDBA
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  • Project Server 2013: I am using Project Server Permission Mode and need help with permission assignments?

    Project Server 2013: I am using Project Server Permission Mode and need help with permission assignments?
    How can I change Permissions for the individual users to see specific projects or all projects in project center and to see specific quick launch items?
    For Example: if i have 4 users, A, B, C and D. what i want is:
    User A can see everything and act as a project manager or Admin.
    User B can view all projects in project centre but can change the schedule or resource assignment etc.
    User C can only act as approver of projects and can view all projects in project centre.
    User D can only view specific projects for which permissions are given.
    can i have some expert help in sorting and understanding permission modes... as i was playing with project server mode permissions and can't figure out how to apply the above scenario to set of my user.
    Thanks in Advance
    Ajay Kumar

    Hi Ajay,
    Please refer to this link for detailed explanations about PS2013 security model.
    Actually, it will take a couple of days to explain in detail the security model that is a fundamental and tricky aspect of every PS implementation. But basically, you NEVER set permissions for a single user. You have groups in which your insert users. Groups
    define "what users can do". Then you associate groups to a corresponding category. Categories define "what user can see". Thus the association of a group with a category will set "what the user can do on the objects he can see". Then, for more advanced security
    level, you can use the RBS that will consist in "branches" in which you'll insert users. Based on those branches, you'll customize categories to fine-tune what user can see (for projects and resources) depending on the RBS branch and level.
    I'd advice you to start "playing" in a test environment with the default categories/groups that might probably cover your need.
    Concerning your 4 users:
    user A : add him to the "administrator" group. Be careful that you're mentionning either project manager or administrator, which are 2 groups/categories with totally different permissions level.
    user B : basically can see everything and change everything? it could be in the project manager group, assuming that there are no project visibility restrictions on the category via the RBS.
    user C : waht do you mean by "approver"? Workflow approvals? Then it will be the portfolio manager group. Task update or timesheet approval? Then it is another long topic: please refer in the documentation to the "status manager" and "timesheet manager"
    concepts. There are not related to the security model. In a few words, the status manager is the owner of the project plan, is defined for each task and approves tasks updates. The timesheet manager is an attribute defined for each resource in its parameters
    and approves resource timesheet.
    user D : you have to define which permission level must be given to this user. Basically it could be a team member that will see only projects he's in the project team. Note that team member cannot interact with the project plan in another way than submitting
    timesheets and/or tasks updates which must be approved.
    Once more, those are large and complex subjects that require a deep dive into your business model and tons of tests in a test environment.
    Hope this helps.
    Guillaume Rouyre - MBA, MCP, MCTS

  • Project Server 2013 for Resource Planning & Project Portfolio Management

    We are looking to  use project server 2013 for resource and project portfolio management.  We are an IT department of approximately 600 growing to 1,000 within the next several years.
    We would like to us PS2013 to do the following :
    Manage Portfolio of Projects
    Manage Resources against this Portfolio
    Calculate Project Finances using resource roles and rates
    I would be grateful to have both comments on experience , both positive and negative.
    Thank You

    Many teams within organizations are turning to Project Server to help them control resources, deliverables and costs better.    It does resource management very well with work & cost resources, baseline costs, material costs, budget costs and
    out of the box earned value analysis (EV).  The Strategy (portfolio) component is very powerful and it will help you identify project that align to your objects then do what if analysis to find the right mix of projects.
    Here are a couple of things you should think about when moving to PS2013:
    1) Who will be using the tool?  If it is a mix of onsite staff, remote staff, vendors, contractors etc. you may want to think about a hosted solution.
    2) Training.  Don't assume everyone will just magically 'know' how to use the tool.  Train everyone (team members, PMs, Executives) then train them again.  It's the only way to truly get the value out of the tool.
    3) Who will manage the system?  This is not a typical application.  The right administrator needs SharePoint, Project Server, SQL Server,  MS Project, Analysis Services and SQL Report writing skills.  Please note that much of this can
    be learned by the right person but DEFINITELY find the right person.
    4) Don't start customizing right out of the box.  You will get frustrated.  Adjust your organization to the tool early on.  I know that is easier said than done but you need a realistic approach to get tool acceptance moving early.  
    5) Use workflows but don't use them right out of the gate.  Workflows are great but I suggest you wait until phase 2 or 3 to start aligning them to your business processes.  
    6) Lastly and most importantly, you must first establish your own business processes THEN  align them to the tool.  DO NOT assume the tool will create business process for you.  You must think about how you are going to initiate a project,
    how are you going to track deliverables, how will time sheets be managed, etc.  Get to a whiteboard, crack open Visio and start building and establishing your processes now.  PS 2013 is pretty flexible and usually will align well with existing business
    And don't forget to hire a good consultant.  They can be brought in during key phases of your roll-out to add value, help you avoid risks, and provide you with best practice advice.
    Good luck.

  • Unable to send email to the users from Project Server Workflow

    Hello all,
    I am facing issues in sending emails to the users from the workflow in SharePoint Designer 2013.
    I am trying to send emails to valid users in a Project server 2013 Workflow by Email action.
    I have set up the SMTP server successfully, I have configured SMTP server successfully in IIS manager 6.0
    I have configured the outgoing e-mail settings in Central Administration successfully,
    I have configured the SMTP email settings for my web app in IIS manager as well.
    I have configured and synced the User Profile App with the eMail addresses from Active Directory as well.
    I have configured the Alerts and Reminders in Operational Policies of PWA settings as well.
    I can send the emails to the users successfully through Powershell.
    But when I am trying to Start a Task Process with a user in the workflow, the task process starts but it never sent an email notification. So I tested by using the Action Email, that also the user is unable to receive any email. But the Workflow is not giving
    any error also. The email sending is successful, but the user is unable to receive it. The workflow succeeds to next phase without any errors.
    So to cross verify I tried 'Alert Me' option on a list, but that also is not sending(or might be sending but the user is not receiving) the mail.
    What else should I do to solve this issue.
    Please help me.

    Hello Paul,
    I tried editing the PWA instance as you said, but that also didn't help :(
    I even restarted the Project Server Service, but nothing is changed. 
    I tried creating a new workflow for a List and used send email there, but that also is not sending the mail :(
    How do I check where the issue is from ? I mean, whether the workflow is sending the mail and the mail server is not receiving? or whether the workflow is not sending the mail itself? how do I check this? Is there any way to log these details?
    Please help me regarding this issue, I am totally clueless how to proceed.

  • How to use a pwa group in CREATE A TASK PROCESS in SPD 2013 for project server workflow approval process

    I am working on a Project Server 2013 workflow. I am creating this using Sharepoint Designer 2013. In this workflow I am using approval process at one stage. I have created a security group SalesManagers in PWA. I want to use this group for workflow approval
    process. I want all users of this group get approval tasks. 
    For this I used START A TASK PROCESS activity in the SP Designer. I clicked on
    this user and created task process. But here I could not find SalesManager group which I created in PWA. I was only able to find the users. I can also see
    Administrators for PWA . But couldnot find SalesManager or any other security group created in pwa.
    Can anyone suggest how I can get the security group created in pwa.

    I believe SPD only recognizes the SharePoint Groups and not the project server security groups.
    The Administrators for PWA, and few other groups like Project Managers for PWA etc., are synced SharePoint Groups with the security groups, which is why they show up in SPD.
    You could create a SharePoint Group for the Sales Managers group and use that in SPD.
    Prasanna Adavi, Project MVP

  • Project server workflow 2013 using client object model

    hi sir ,
    suggest me how to create workflow project server 2013 using csom model

    Hi Vijay,
    The CSOM supports submitting status updates, but currently does not support status approvals.

  • Project Server 2010 - Unable to open project, no valid Project Detail Page could be found for the project error

    I have a workflow being deployed for the first time on a farm. When I create a project with an EPT connected to the workflow it runs and can enter the required field in a PDP.  Then I Submit the workflow to go to the next stage and I get the "Unable
    to open project, no valid Project Detail Page could be found for the project" error.  After that the project is stuck on the same error.  All of the 18 stages have PDP and Schedules assigned to them.
    Any ideas on why the workflow cannot see the PDPs?  Is there a farm permissions that I am missing?  Thanks!

    Hi David,
    It starts to be a bit technical for me, but here is what I found on the web (seems to be an authentication issue with Sharepoint 2010):
    Hope it will help you going forward in resolving your issue.
    Guillaume Rouyre - MBA, MCP, MCTS

  • Project Server 2013 : How to Change Project owner Using PSI

    I have the following sets of codes for changing the project owner but both of them have not worked.
    private static bool UpdateProjectOwner()
       bool projUpdated = false;
         User newOwner = projContext.Web.SiteUsers.GetByLoginName(Username);
         Guid ProjectGuid = ProjectUID;
         //Console.Write("\nUpdating owner to {1} on project: {0} ...," ProjectGuid, Username);
         DraftProject draftProjectToUpdate = projContext.Projects.GetByGuid(ProjectGuid).CheckOut();
         draftProjectToUpdate.Owner = newOwner;
         QueueJob qJob = draftProjectToUpdate.Update();
         JobState jobState = projContext.WaitForQueue(qJob, timeoutSeconds);
          QueueJob qJob2 = draftProjectToUpdate.CheckIn(false);
          JobState jobState2 = projContext.WaitForQueue(qJob2, timeoutSeconds);
         catch (Exception ex)
           Console.ForegroundColor = ConsoleColor.Red;
       return projUpdated;
    String projectOwnerIDstrNew = Convert.ToString(dr["ProjectOwnerUID"]);                        
    String projectOwnerIDstrOriginal = Convert.ToString(project_Ds.Project[0].ProjectOwnerID);
    if (!projectOwnerIDstrNew.Equals(projectOwnerIDstrOriginal))
     Guid ownerID = new Guid(projectOwnerIDstrNew);
     project_Ds.Project[0].ProjectOwnerID = ownerID;
    bool managerChanged = true;
    Is there any mistake in these above functions ?
    If Not, then is there any other way of updating the project owner with help of PSI.

    Hi Steve,
    Are you talking about PWA or Project Pro?
    In PWA: the project has to be checked in first, then go to the "options" tab in the ribbon and unselect the checkbox that allows displaying time with the date.
    In Project Pro, it is up to users to set in the date format without the time in file\options\schedule, date format.
    In the PDP, date custom fields are displayed by default with time, the only suggestion I could make would be to create an associated custom field equal to your date field with a formula displaying only the date.
    Hope this helps.
    Guillaume Rouyre - MBA, MCP, MCTS

  • Project Server 2010: PWA Removing Default Project Site Security Groups When Creating a New Project

    I looked for this specific issue with Project Server 2010/PWA/SharePoint and could not find an exact answer... hopefully someone can help.
    We are currently using Project Server 2010 and have a number of project site templates that are used dependent upon the enterprise project type selected. Each of these project site templates have unique permissions which should create the default security
    groups on the project site upon publishing/syncing:
    <Project Name> Members
    <Project Name> Owners
    <Project Name> Visitors
    <Project Name> Project Managers (Project Web App Synchronized)
    <Project Name> Team Members (Project Web App Synchronized)
    Web Administrators (Project Web App Synchronized)
    Whether a user creates a project through PWA or Project Pro 2010 and imports the project into PWA, we get a weird result in the Site Permissions of the newly created project site. PWA will remove all default security groups from the project site template
    and add a whole list of users in the Site Permissions list without groups. 
    Once the project is published and the project site is created, we can then go back and add those default security groups back in the project Site Permissions and even add a couple of custom groups without them being removed on all subsequent project syncs
    or publishing. 
    How do we get PWA to not overwrite the project site templates' security groups and place each user in the proper default security groups? At the same time, how is PWA adding a number of users into the Project Site Permissions?
    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks for that information. Right now we are using the Test environment to turn the Auto-sync feature back on. I suspect that the reason this is happening is due to PWA groups/categories/security templates. There may be more than one PWA group that is "overwriting"
    the default project site groups upon initial creation of the project. We will look further into the security settings to tighten up the policies. 

  • I cannot edit project in project server after editing it in project professional

    i cannot edit project in project server 2013 after editing it in project professional.
    i.e I created an enterprise project in project server and then edit it with project professional. after i published it to the server and open it with project server, it shows the changes. but when i click on a cell, suddenly the task list and gantt table
    it happens even if I start a project with project professional.
    I'm the admin user.
    what's the problem?

    CU means cumulative updates, which are intermediate bug fix packages between SP. The latest CU for Project 2013 was release on September 12th. See reference
    Can you try to reproduce the bug with
    IE in compatibility mode?
    Hope this helps,
    Guillaume Rouyre, MBA, MCP, MCTS |

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