Properties metadata with dependecies in XML Forms

I've created two properties metadata with dependencies, like product and subproduct, so these two properties are related to each other.
I tried to add these properties to a XML Forms, but when I add the product, the list is empty, doesn't show any of the predefined values. What can it be ?
And how do I add these two properties related in the XML Forms ? Do I need to do any other configuration to the properties ??

Hi Luisa,
unfortunately, this feature is not supported by XMLForms --> sorry

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    I created a Xml Form Builder's project in which I developed an "Edit" and "ListEdit" sheet.
    I also created an iview for theese in which the code link is:"",and the field for Style Sheet for List and for single item are set up correctly,but when I tried the preview the following error message happened:
    com.inqmy.lib.xsl.xslt.XSLOutputException: Error writing output. -> org.w3c.dom.DOMException: Root Element is already present, cannot be appended as a child.
    could someone help me?
    thank's a lot!

    Now I'm confused,what do you mean with create new data? Are users editing existing documents
    (as if they go to a document example.xml > edit) or they are creating new documents (as if they go
    on folder > new > forms)?
    The problem is, in both cases a user would need read/write permissions.
    The normal flow content (data) is created in KM is as follows:
    1. user is assigned to a role
    2. role contains KM Navigation iView
    3. KM Navigation iView executes component
    4. user chooses New > Form UI command (edit_xml_forms)
    5. edit_xml_forms UI command executes its code ( and open xml edit for the user
    6. user fill the form and click Save, form is created into folder
    For what I understood so far, your requirement basically asks you to go directly to step 5, it is
    possible to pass a URL that goes directly to step 5, the UI command button, but if you do that
    you won't have a context, so chances that it will work are slim, since a context is required to
    fill the parameters asked by the app (like folder, user, permissions, etc). Even though, in some cases you can
    still pass the parameters via post in the URL but you must know which service/parameters the
    app asks for it, also a URL is static...
    That was the create scenario, I think it's more cons than pros, users would still be
    able to bypass the URL iView created for that, I'd suggest evaluating again if it's really
    a problem having users access cm to manage data
    kind regards,

  • Getting started with create dynamic XML forms

    I work for a software vendor that is developing a C#.Net data entry system designed to replace a paper process.  The original forms come from a 3rd party and are paper form, such as a tax form, loan application form, etc.  The goal is to be able to enter data on the screen in a form that looks like something like the original form and then to print out the form that looks identical to the form on the screen.
    The system is designed to allow the end user to create the forms.  The process is that the end user creates the fields in the C#.Net application, then pick from those fields to build the form. During data entry, the fields are both pre populated by the C#.Net application and the results are saved back to the C#.Net application.
    The data entry and print all needs to be embedded into the core C#.Net application and NOT rely on any outside systems like the LifeCycle system.
    Is there some way to embed PDF creation in the C#.Net application (or in a traditional C/C++ application for that matter)?  I am under the impression that is what dynamic XML forms is all about.  Is dynamic XML forms an Adobe thing or an open standard?

    You are funny  I clearly state that I do *NOT* want to use LiveCycle Designer and you go tell me to post a question in that forum  Hopefully someone else will come along which can actually address my questions

  • Updating Metadata with a sidecar.xml file...

    ... forces the app to be redownloaded again in ACV even if we have not made any modification in the articles.
    Why modifying the sidecar.xml file creates this unnecessary and time consuming process ?

    You use the web interface of xmlsidecar generator made by Johannes Henseler and the push the button there "generate". Copy paste that into a plain text file and then change tex extension from txt to xml. That's how you do a sidecar.xml the easy way.
    Afterwards, yo've got to import "multiple files" (or "many files"... my DPS is a Spanish one) from Folio Builder.
    If the folder are structured properly, folio builder will start swallowing the data of sidecar and uploading the articles.
    Right now, while posting this, my pc is doing that with about one hundred articles. As happy and busy as a beaver in heat
    Gustavo (Posting from Madrid)

  • Dynamic properties working in "normal KM" but not in XML forms

    Hi all,
    (EP 6.0 SP13)
    I've implemented a Metadata Extension that returns a list of properties. The list is dynamically generated based on the folder the document is located in. I've tested the Metada Extension on both existing documents and new documents and it works fine in "normal" KM scenarios ( Word documents, file uploads, etc.).
    The problem arises when I want to use these Dynamic properties in XML forms. I've added my property to a combox  in the XML Forms project. When accessing the Metadata Extension from XML forms the resource path is always null. Since all my business logic is based on knowing where in the KM structure the document is, I have a small problem...
    If I go to Details->Properties on the xml forms document and accesses my property there, the path is correct..
    To get the resource path I use these two methods:
    folder = metaContext.getResourcePath();
    (for newly created documents)
    folder = metaContext.getResource().getParentCollection().getRID().getPath();
    (for existing documents)
    these are null when calling my Metadata Extension from a XML Form.
    Any ideas?

    Hi Vegard,
    Could you post the code that loads/create the property objects dynamically?
    Maybe you can post it at this forum Dynamic properties working in "normal KM" but not in XML forms
    so I can award you some points.
    Thanks in advanced,

  • Error when creating new XML-Form

    Hi everybody!
    We are using XML-Forms to create/edit/display FAQs out of the KM-Content. We have created our own XMLForms for that and it worked fine. After our last upgrade (NW 7.0 SP-Stack 16) we have the following problem:
    clicking the "new FAQ" link in the portalruntime doesn't start the XML-Form anymore but displays an java error:
    java.lang.RuntimeException: Context is unavailable!
         at com.sapportals.wcm.service.propertyconfig.config.MetaValue.getValueLabel(
         at com.sapportals.wcm.service.propertyconfig.config.MetaValue.getValueLabel(
         at com.sapportals.wcm.service.xmlforms.validation.PropertyLocalizer.getLocalizedPropertyValue(
         at com.sapportals.wcm.service.xmlforms.validation.PropertyLocalizer.localize(
         at com.sapportals.wcm.service.xmlforms.transformation.TransformationHelper.localizeProperties(
         at com.sapportals.wcm.service.xmlforms.transformation.Transformation.render(
         at com.sapportals.wcm.service.xmlforms.transformation.Transformation.renderTemplate(
         at com.sapportals.wcm.service.xmlforms.transformation.Transformation.renderItemOrTemplate(
    I don't have that behaviour when i try to edit an existign FAQ. But I have the same problem with any other XML-form i'm using to create KM-docs.
    to me it seems that the creation-context is somehow not valid. But what does that mean? and what can I do about it?
    Regrads, Alex

    Hi Alexander
    I think this thread might help you as it helped me, and it is the exact same error that you get
    Best regards,
    Martin Søgaard

  • Relationship between XML Forms

    I have 3 XML Forms, Macro Process, Process and SubProcess. The 3 xml Forms must have a sequential id (like a tree structure). For example: I created a Macro Process with Id=1, when I created a Process I have to associate this Process with a Macro Process and it has and id of 1.1 (The Process is associated to Macro Process 1). If  I created a subprocess this have to be associated to a Macro Process and a Process and it has an id of 1.1.1 (Macro Process Id=1, Process Id=1.1).  Every forms that is created with the 3 Xml forms must have the following structure
    1 MacroProcess1
    --1.1 Process1.1
    1.1.1 SubProcess1.1.1
    1.1.2 SubProcess1.1.2
    --1.2 Process1.2
    1.2.1 Process1.2.1
    2 MacroProcess2
    --2.1 Process2.1
    2.1.1 SubProcess2.1.1
    This type of relationship can be done with xml forms, I can validate that the id that introduces the user is correct and it is not repeated, How can I do that? How can I visualize this 3 XML forms preserving the relationship between Macro Process, Process and SubProcess?
    Thanks in advance for your help
    Maria Teresa

    Hola Teresa,
         Mira tuve un problema similar y no lo pude resolver.
    Se que podes meter codigo en el form y resolver este problema.
    Es necesario para vos usar el Form Builder ? si tu respuesta es no porque no usas el Visual Composer, haces una conexion contra una base de datos y esto no deja de ser un simple ABM. Otra alternativa es que desarrolles usando el Developer Studio.

  • Metadata Properties and XML Form

    I have two metadata properties, Country and City, City is a dependent properties, when I select a Country the City change according to the value of Country. I put  in the XML form two combo box associated with Country and City properties, the Country is filling correctly, but the City is filled with numbers instead of the name of the City, and it don’t change according to the Country. If I see the properties in the details of the Xml Forms this two properties work fine. What is wrong? It is possible to include a dependent property in a XML Form or there is another way to do that?
    Thanks in advance for your help
    Maria Teresa

    Thanks for your help, but I read this document and I create the properties Country and City, they work fine if I check this in the Details of a document, but when I put this two properties in the XML Form, the Country property works fine, but the City property isn't filled with the valued I configured. What is wrong, how can I put a dependent property in a XML Form?
    Maria Teresa

  • Multiselect  metadata propert in xml form

    I have created an xml form to create news items for our company. I would like to add a custom metadata property that i have created that is multiselect.
    Eg I have created a multi valued property named “sls_region” with allowed values All, America, Europe. I have assigned this property in custom parameter section of Editxsl file of xml form.
    I have created a filter with “sls_region “property with all allowed values for property available in dropdown.
    While uploading news whatever value is selected in dropdown of filter gets assigned to custom property of the form.
    To make it more clear
    sls_region has value All, America, Europe
    If in filter dropdown America is selected …..custom property has value set as America
    If in filter dropdown Europe is selected …..Custom property has value set as Europe
    If in filter dropdown All is selected …..Custom property has value set as All
    This is working fine .Code which I am using for this is
    <xsl:param name="ext_mars:sls_region" />(Defined in custom parameters section)
    <input size="30" type="hidden"> 
    <xsl:attribute name="name">wcmprop.mars:sls_region</xsl:attribute>
    <xsl:if test="$ext_mars:sls_region=' '">
                     <xsl:attribute name="value" /> </xsl:attribute>
                 <xsl:if test="$ext_mars:sls_region!=' '">
                   <xsl:attribute name="value">
    <xsl:value-of select="$ext_mars:sls_region"/></xsl:attribute>
    But I need to change functionality like when user select All in dropdown of filter, all available values for that custom property get sets in form.
    If in filter dropdown All is selected …..Custom property should have value set as All, America, Europe
    Please guide me how to modify above code to achieve this.

    Thanks for responding
    sls_region is a multi value  property with values ALL , America, Europe.
    My current code which is working fine is like …whatever I select in my filter (a sender iview, custom developed component with multi value properties sls_region appearing as dropdown) get passed to receiver iview (basic search iview with a modified epcf receiver as collection renderer).
    Receiver iview is used for both uploading news and searching news. To upload news I am using xml form. I have modified edit xsl of form ….by adding code as mentioned above in my thread in detail
    So if in filter if I select America as region …..Uploaded news will have sls_region property set to America.
    If All is selected uploaded news has sls_region set to All.
    Code mentioned in my thread is working fine but now I need to modify it like ….
    If I Select All in filter...Uploaded news should be set with all allowed values of  sls_region property i.e.  All, America, Europe.
    To make it more clear if you look at my code above I want to add logic like
    if (test="$ext_mars:sls_region=' '")
    <xsl:attribute name="value" /> </xsl:attribute>
    Else {
    If (test="$ext_mars:sls_region = ‘All’)
    Value of select = “All” and “America” and “Europe” means news  get uploaded with            available values of  sls_region
    <xsl:value-of select="$ext_mars:sls_region"/></xsl:attribute> only with what is selected in filter either America or Europe.
    I want to set all allowed values of property sls_region in case when ‘”All” is selected in filter.
    Hope this will help you to have a clear understanding of my problem.

  • Multivalued metadata properties in XML Form Builder

    I have created some multi-valued properties in KM having their own namespace. When I assign these properties to the XML FB, the values are loaded only if I use a combobox. But my requirement is to selct multiple values, so if I associate a checkbox as the data type, I find none of values are loaded into XML project. Have anyone tried this out? Is it a bug? I am using SPS14.
    Kind Regards,

    Hi Detlev,
    I tried the workaround you described. Defined the allowed values, checked the declared property as "Multi-Valued", selected "allowedvalues_multivalued" as property renderer, refreshed the properties inside of the XML Forms workbench and wired this property to the checkboxes whose captions and values correspond to the allowed values just created and so on.
    When I generate the XSL template, click on the checkboxes inside of my HTML output and click on "Save" only the first value of those I have checked will be saved. (as to be seen in the details of the generated document)
    Although it seems that I have done everything all right, obviously I haven't.
    When I look into the generated XSL document I can see why this happens because several checkboxes with the name will be rendered.
    What did I wrong? Any help would be appreciated.
    (we run EP 6.0 SP 13)
    Thanks in advance

  • Populating dynamic values in the combobox with XML form Builder.

    I am trying to  populate dynamic value in the combobox with xml form builder. I  see the document saying create property group and document property Id with respecitive values.  I am able to create the property group with system admin -> System config
    -> KM -> CM -> Global services  -> property Metadata -> groups  with new button. and I  am trying to create document property Id with value. I am not able to find the way to give  value in the property.   I am using  EP 7.0 Sp 14.  Please let me know how to sovel it

    You can create new property metadata with System Admin > System Config > KM > CM > Global services > Property Metadata > Properties > New. Specify the values for this metadata as the ones you need to have in the combo box. Use allowed values parameter of the matadata to sepcify the values. Each metadata property will have unique property ID and you can map this property ID to your combo box in xml forms.
    Give it a try.

  • Display Values of predefined properties in XML Forms

    In EP60 SP11 we have created several XML Forms with XFBuilder. In these forms several metadata properties are used which have predefined values available via a metadata extension. Everything works fine, except for the display of the predefined values. The "Show" and "List" forms of the XF Project display the value keys in stead of the value labels. For example, the value key "countries_EN" is displayed in stead of "United Kingdom". This problem also seems to be eminent when using static combo boxes. How can we proceed in order to have the value labels displayed in stead of the value keys??
    Thx Caspar

    You might have to use the control selector and add a condition...
    ie. if the condition is "countires_EN" then the caption will be "United Kingdom"

  • Property MetaData in XML Forms

    We are currently using EP 5 SP 5 with CM SP5 Patch 3 Hotfix 11.  I have create a new XML Forms project using the Forms Builder.  I would like to be able to view/edit metadata properties through the XML forms. I have read about the PropertyEdit and PropertyView XSL for rendering properties in the KM section of the Help documents, but find the information lacking on how to get started. Does anyone have information on how to do this?

    You need to implement Resource List Filter. this manual should help you:
    <a href="">Implementing Resource List Filters for Flexible UI Navigation</a>

  • XML FORM  -  How to save read-only controls with a default value

    Hello everybody,
    I have a 3 xml forms, each one to create one type of news. I need to use 3 because each of this forms has their own controls. But the control which indicates the type of news (asociated with a KM Predefined Property) must be common in the 3 forms, in order to use it on searches.
    The question is, how can I include in this forms a control:
      - Visible for the user
      - With a default value defined in the control properties (each form has a different value, corresponding with the type of news)
      - Read-only mode
      - The value showed in the control must be saved in the associated KM Predefined Property when the user clicks the Save button. 
    Anyone knows how to do this?
    What control can I use?
    I was thinking of trying with text boxes, but I don't find the way to make them unwritable (Read only mode).
    It is posible using labels?
    Kind regards

    Hello Jose,
    I know you responded with a question... I see it in the email, but I don't see it here!  Very odd... but in response:
    The first thing I do when I open the Edit.xsl file is do a 'find' for the name of the text field that I want to be read-only (in my test case, it's 'location').  Repeat the find until you see something like:
    field location
    Below there is where I put the new code.  Mine looks like this:
    [code]- <xsl:choose>
    - <xsl:when test="location='' and ($editmode='create')">
    - <xsl:choose>
    - <xsl:when test="./xf:ValidationError/@tagname='location'">
    - <input name="location" size="30" type="text" class="urEdfiTxtEnbl" id="field_1157467268006">
    - <xsl:attribute name="tabindex">
    - <xsl:choose>
      <xsl:when test="$accessibilitymode='true'">21</xsl:when>
    - <xsl:attribute name="value">
      <xsl:value-of select="''" />
    - <xsl:attribute name="readonly">true</xsl:attribute>
    - <xsl:otherwise>
    - <input name="location" size="30" type="text" tabindex="3792" class="urEdfTxtEnbl" id="field_1157467268006">
    - <xsl:attribute name="value">
      <xsl:value-of select="''" />
    - <xsl:attribute name="readonly">true</xsl:attribute>
    I put the <xsl:attribute name="readonly"> in both places (when test, and when not test).  I'm not entirely sure if that's necessary, but that worked for me.
    Hope this helps,

  • How to assign drop down list in XML form to properties

    Hi ALL,
    When i was creating <b>Edit form</b> in XML Forms Builder,for <b>Bulletin Board</b> Application, i had to assign two drop down list boxes to properties created under Content Management Configuration > Global Services > Property Metadata. Can any one help me how to ASSIGN it or provide any related documents.
    Suitable replies will be rewarded, for sure.

    Hi Shankar
    Please have a look at this document, especially the part about the cookbook. It explains how to add properties in a dropdown list to your XML form.
    Good Luck!

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