Property Inspector Help Please!!

I am running Dreamweaver MX Educator version in OSX 10.4.7 -
everything works - except I am unable to get the full display in
property inspector - I don't have the ability to center tables.
What's up? And how do I fix?

Whatever. :-D
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> That would be the other left corner, Patty.
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>> Have you tried clicking the tiny, tiny arrow in the
lower left corner of
>> the Property Inspector?
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>> "SteveStepanek" <[email protected]>
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>> news:eccgud$hk2$[email protected]..
>>>I am running Dreamweaver MX Educator version in
OSX 10.4.7 - everything
>>>works -
>>> except I am unable to get the full display in
property inspector - I
>>> don't have
>>> the ability to center tables. What's up? And how
do I fix?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Steve

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    Where did my property inspector go?
    its gone from the bottom and i fdont know how to get it back :S

    Window > Properties?

  • Property inspector cut off [was: CS4 help]

    Hello all,
    I just got a new computer with windows vista 64 bit.  With this new computer, I got a new CS4 package.  In dreamweaver, the properties pannel on the bottom of the screen cuts off and does not show all the stuff that it used to.  For example, I can see the word Target, but there is not dropdown box for me to select which target I want to select.  Is there a way to fix this so everything is viewable?
    [Message was edited by a moderator to make subject line more meaningful]

    You're welcome.  You might want to mark this thread as answered for the benefit of others with the same question.  And in the future, please try to use a more descriptive subject line for their benefit as well.  I'm going to edit your post accordingly....
    Hmm - well, I can't.  Too bad.  Who would search for a Property inspector answer with CS4/help in their search phrase?
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  • API to show Property Help in Property Inspector of JDeveloper

    We are writing the product based on JDeveloper/FCP platform.
    There is the need to provide either tooltip or some kind of help
    for each property in Property Inspector. What kind of API should
    we use to achieve that? In XML Schema extension I see the
    following Property Help:
    We'd like to achieve the same functionality.
    Thanks in advance!

    User, tell us your jdev version, please!
    Not sure what you try to do, but you can look into the extension sdk. See…
    Which has samples too.

  • Help! Can't paste into code view or property inspector

    I'm experiencing a weird and extremely annoying bug in Dreamweaver CS6 -- I can't paste text from outside apps into DW's code view or into the property inspector (such as URLs).
    Pasting doesn't work no matter the method: Ctrl + V, right-clicking or using the Edit menu. Pasting works normally in every other program. If I copy within Dreawmweaver, pasting works fine.
    Does anyone have a solution for this? I'm running Win 8 and DW 12.1 through Creative Cloud. Searching the forums, I see others have reported the same issue. Some have been able to fix it by deleting the configuration file; that didn't fix the issue for me. I'd like to try reinstalling DW, but the Adobe Application Manager doesn't seem to allow that.
    I began noticing this bug about two weeks ago. That might have been about the same time I updated to 12.1. Can anyone help?
    Cory K.

    Adding to my last post, I used a clipboard format inspector called nclip ( to see if I could find a pattern between "what works" and "what doesn't".
    There are two cases where I'm seeing paste-into-Dreamweaver CS6 fail:
    Paste into Code View fails, but Paste into Design View works!
    Paste into either Code View or Design View fails
    I went through the list of programs that worked and didn't worked, using nclip to show what clipboard formats were being saved from each working and non-working source. It appears that DreamWeaver CS6 as of January 9, 2013 doesn't accept the most basic text clipboard formats:
    If these are the only clipboard formats used by an app (for example, Window's venerable Notepad.exe), Dreamweaver doesn't appear to handle them. Most programmer-style text editors output just these formats, because they are presumed to be understood any application that handles text. These fail for both pasting into codeview and design view.
    Interestingly, Chrome browser fails the code view test, but it does work in design view! It outputs the four clipboard types above, plus one more:
    Custom Format: HTML Format
    Hypothesis 1: Any application that puts HTML Format on the clipboard will paste into design view, but not necessarily code view.
    Next, Visual Studio 2010 and Sticky Notes, which doesn't include HTML Format as a clip type, works for both code view and design view. They both output this type in addition to the basics:
    Custom Format: Rich Text Format
    Two programs that output Rich Text Format without HTML Format are Sticky Notes and WordPad. These both work with Code View and Design View. From these limited tests on my system, it appears that for Dreamweaver to accept a text paste from an outside program into Code View, that program must output Rich Text Format to the clipboard. Otherwise, it fails. Dreamweaver will accept HTML Format, but only in Design View. Firefox is an exception in that it don't export Rich Text Format, but still works with Code View. It might use OLE, though (Chrome doesn't seem to use OLE, and it breaks in code view).
    Hypothesis 2: Any application that puts Rich Text Format on the clipboard will paste into design view AND code view.
    If Dreamweaver is really ignoring the basic text clipboard formats, and it's not just my system configuration, then this is a bug. Probably something that got overlooked in testing.
    To reproduce on Dreamweaver 12.1 build 5966:
    Try copy/pasting text from Notepad.exe into Dreamweaver Code View (DWCV). This fails for me.
    Try copy/pasting text from WordPad.exe into DWCV. This works!
    Try copy/pasting text from Internet Explorer 9 or Firefox into DWCV. This works!
    Try copy/pasting text from Chrome. This fails to paste into Code View, but does paste into Design View
    The Code View workaround:
    Use Firefox or Internet Explorer for your browser if you're copy/pasting source code.
    If you're working from another text editor, try copy/pasting into intermediate programs Sticky Notes or WordPad, then copy/paste from there into Dreamweaver.
    So that is my experience on Windows 7 64-bit. Anyone else experiencing the same thing?

  • Dreamweaver Help | Set text properties in the Property inspector

    This question was posted in response to the following article:

    The note at the bottom of the first section (About formatting text (CSS versus HTML)) says -
    "You can combine CSS and HTML 3.2 formatting within the same page. Formatting is applied in a hierarchical manner: HTML 3.2 formatting overrides formatting applied by external CSS style sheets, and CSS embedded in a document overrides external CSS."
    Please be aware that embedded CSS will ONLY override external CSS if the external CSS link is closer to the  tag than the embedded CSS (i.e., it comes earlier in the flow of the document).  If the embedded CSS comes first in the flow of the document, it will be overridden by the external CSS instead.

  • Help Getting CS6 DreamWeaver to Allow Me to Set HTML Settings in Property Inspector

    Another quesiton regarding table layout.  As I often am designing email newsletters, I still need easy ways to set old fashioned HTML elements without messing with CSS (alignment, etc) - it just works better for me for email blasts to code in HTML, plus Outlook still doesn't follow CSS very well in HTML emails.
    After moving to CS6 on a Mac, I can't get the property inspector to allow me to edit HTML Cell properties in the property inspector.  Everything is grayed out.  I'm sure this is some setting somewhere but I can't find it.  In Preferences I do have "HTML instead of CSS" set.  Note that in CS6 on my PC I AM able to edit these fields and change alignment and other cell propertie.s  But, see below, on the Mac, everything is grayed out and I can't edit anything.
    It's got to be a setting somewhere.  How do you over ride CS6 insistance on CSS and HTML blocking and go back to ability to set HTML properties in the property inspector?  There has to be something set different on my PC install than my Mac install but I can't figure out what, as I personally don't remember changing anything and both are brand new installs of CS6, and both are editing the same file.
    HELP!  Thanks!

    Hi Nancy,
    Thanks so much for the response, and I understand CS6 is more standards compliant, but they did NOT remove the ability to make these changes.  You’re missing that I AM able to change and edit in the property inspector to my hearts content in CS6 on my WINDOWS install.  See this screen shot – I can click in the property inspector for a cell and change alignment, etc, and CS6 happily makes the code (like it should) for me.  But on the MAC, it’s grayed out per my original post.  There is a setting I’m missing that I can’t find, or does CS6 Mac not work like CS6 Windows?  Something doesn’t add up.

  • [HELP] Error creating property: file. Please verify the Property size is within the Repository limits.

    I am using portal 8.1
    was trying to upload a file (.doc) to the repository, and encountered such error.
    com.bea.content.RepositoryRuntimeException: Error creating property: file. Please
    verify the Property size is within the Repository limits.

    hopefully this may help towards a solution.
    Are you using the Loader EJB ?
    1) Are you publishing to a root node within the "BEA repository" ?
    -> does this work ?
    Do you have code that reads something like:
    loader.loadFile("firstNode", myBinaryValue, myBytes, myProperties);
    -> Having banged our heads off a lot of walls on this, we think that it is only when you try to publish to a sub-node within the repository that problems appear.
    2) Try publishing to a sub-node in this manner:
    loader.loadDirectory("firstNode/secondNode"); // Ensure exist in Repository
    String contentNodeName = "firstNode/secondNode/myContentNode");
    loader.loadFile(contentNodeName, myBinaryValue, myBytes, myProperties);
    --- Drop us a line as well as replying to this group (as I don't check daily etc). Myself and a collegue, Niamh Fitzpatrick, have been looking at this. Thanks Niamh.
    Hopefully this will work.

  • Problem when I click the "browse to file" icon in the property inspector

    Please somebody help me. I am having a problem with Dreamweaver. When ever I click on the "browse to file" icon in the property inspector, it opens up a full size window on top of the Dreamweaver screen that can't be resize. This problem just started. I have shut down my entire system and restarted it and I am still having the problem. Can someone please help me. Thank-you

    When irregular things begin to happen in DW, it's usually caused by a corrupted cache file.  Below you'll find details on how to delete it.
    Nancy O.

  • Not able to change values in the Property Inspector

    Can some one please help me with this. I was working in
    Director when I noticed that all of a sudden I wasn't able to
    change the values in the property inspector, specifially the sprite
    properties such as the x and y coordinates and the width and
    height. I'll type in a value and then I will get an error sound and
    it will revert to the previous value. How can I fix this??

    Hi Ringerz,
    I've seen the PI lock up sometimes. What usually works is to
    switch to List Viw
    Mode. Never have trouble there. Then, close Director and
    reopen. Think it's jus a
    bug that hasn't been fixed yet.
    Director Lecturer / Consultant / Director Enthusiast
    email: [email protected]

  • I have an Adobe Flash Professionals digital classroom book for CS6 and was following all steps easily until it ask me to select the text tool and change it from classic to tfl in the property inspector. I looked and all that drops down is dynamic, static,

    I have an Adobe Flash Professionals digital classroom book and was following all steps easily until it ask me to select the text tool and change it from classic to tfl in the property inspector. I looked and all that drops down is dynamic, static, and input. Where is the TFL and Classic ? I watched adobe learning center but he was using CS5. Can anyone please help?

    Do you use Flash CS6 to follow the instructions in the classroom book? If yes, then you can find it under text drop down for an AS3 Document as shown below
    If you follow the instruction in Flash CC or Flash CC2014 then you will not find this option as this is deprecated.

  • Output text show Null when access value through property inspector in ADF

    we declare two UIComponents one is Deptno which is InputComboBoxListofValues and othre is Dname as output text.
    we create ManagedBean called "deptBean"(which is in BackingBeanScope) and create a method inside bean "deptnoChanged".
    ValueChangeListener of Deptno pointing to deptnoChanged method of deptBean.
    Inside deptBean we declare a variable private String departmentName which are having setter and getters.
    we can Initialize departmentName based on valueChangeEvent in bean level
    for example:
    if (deptno=10)
    Now we Can Access the Value of departmentName.
    The UIComponent(output text field) such as Dname in JSP Page we set value (in property Inspector)
    when we execte the JSP Page Dname show Null as output. but output we expect as Accounts or Sales only.
    Please help us, how to resolve the problem

    when we execte the JSP Page Dname show Null as output. but output we expect as Accounts or Sales only.The value to be got while debugging should be via EL expressions and stored somewhere.
    If the value Dname is bound to the backing bean then you can view its value in the property inspector using
    #{<BeanScope>.<BeanName>.value} or the like

  • Scale in Property inspector

    I have recently got the Flash bug.
    To my regret, I experience some difficulties in mastering
    Flash. There are a few reasons. For example, one of them I am
    afraid that the help and tutorials of Flash do not cover all my
    enquiries on this program and I am forced to seek assistance
    I hope that Flash forum will serve as a reliable support in
    my learning this program.
    Alongside with a stroke color, style and weight that can be
    selected for the Pencil Tool as well as the Oval Tool, the
    Rectangle Tool, the Ink Bottle Tool, the Pen Tool and the Line Tool
    using the Property inspector (Window > Properties), there is
    available one more option on the Property inspector-Scale. It beats
    me for the whole week what is Scale intended for and what do
    Normal, Horizontal and Vertical under Scale mean?
    Would you please enlighten me on a matter noted above?
    Awaiting your soonest response.
    Best regards.

    There are no quality issues so long as you scale the text proportionally. There may be other text-related caveats, depending upon VERSION and the specifics of your objects. For example, some versions of Illustrator scale tab stops in an absolutely bizarre manner.

  • Align list arrow in the Property inspector

    Hello, everyone. I am taking a WEB Design class online, and have a problem figuring out something in Dreamweaver. I need to align an image, but I can't get access to the Align list arrow in the Property inspector. I clicked on the image, but for some reason the Align list arrow still doesn't appear. I even made sure to click the expander arrow in the lower right corner of the Property inspector.
    Does anyone know why the Align list arrow isn't appearing for me, and does anyone know how I can get it to appear? I would really appreciate some help, because this assignment is due in a couple of days. Thanks in advance!

    Sorry but I have no idea what you mean by "Align list arrow."
    Which properties panel are you working with -- HTML, CSS?
    What exactly are you trying to do?
    Which elements are you working with -- i.e. paragraphs, unordered lists, ordered lists, etc...?
    For best answers here, please include the  HTML & CSS code you have so far (a link to your page is preferred).  A second option is to copy and paste code directly into the web forum post.
    Nancy O.

  • Property Inspector and Image Maps

    I'm using Dreamweaver CS3 on an Intel Mac Quad Core. On some
    occasions, the legend information (i.e. Link, Target, and alt) next
    to the text fields for the image map area does not display in the
    property inspector. I am still able to enter text in the fields.
    After clicking on another part of the document and then clicking
    back on the image map the problem appears to correct itself.

    So I tried to recover it from other backup projects (different project names but use the same Topic), but they are all also suddenly has changed to "Remote URLs". When I checked/opened the HTM file associated with the Topic in my local directory, it is correctly pointing to the correct popup file, "absence.htm". So the popup file has been detached from the link/broken link.
    So the file is still there but Rh is not seeing it. Have you tried deleting the CPD file and reopening the project?
    I did not know how this happened because the backup projects that I tried to use is completely located somewhere else and I just copied it onto my local drive.  Is this the Robohelp that is installed on my local PC or something else happened? I hope you can tell me how I can avoid from happening again, please, and how I can change it back to how it was originally set up before that will be a big help. How do I change it back to recover the backup project as well? Do I need to reinstall RH? I have no clue how this happened.
    How are you copying to the backup location? Windows Copy, Zip file etc?
    Is there any source control at play here?
    It could be your installation but please respond to the above first.
    See for RoboHelp and Authoring tips

Maybe you are looking for