ProRes timeline/export on mac in Premiere CC

I've posted about this earlier but thought it was worth another try. 
Using Premiere CC on a Mac Pro (with Mountain Lion and Quadro 4000 Cuda card) - when in a ProRes timeline (whether it be 422 or LT), and trying to export to ProRes (whether "use preview files" is checked or not), Premiere consistently hangs on export whenever it hits a graphic file (tiff, psd, etc) or a Premiere generated title.  If I export into another format (h264, etc) - it exports fine (just takes awhile).
In Premiere CS6, "use previews" never worked with ProRes, but you could still export to ProRes - it just didn't use the preview files.  Now with CC, you can't do either - at least not if you are using any graphics files or titles.  If you're just using video clips in the timeline, then it works fine (using previews or not).  I've tried this on 2 systems and have found other users on these boards as well as the Creative Cow forums that are experiencing the same issues.
Being able to export with previews was perhaps the biggest reason I upgraded to CC, but instead I feel like its taken a step backwards (at least on a Mac in a ProRes environment). 
Is anyone from Adobe listening??

Since this is an export problem, you'll probably get more response on the AME forum. At the very least, staff members who visit that forum are more likely to know if this is a known issue.
What are the dimensions of your still images and, for that matter, of the PPRO titles?
If you have GPU acceleration enabled, please try encoding with it switched to Software-only (in Premiere; there's no switch for this in AME.)

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  • PLEASE Help! - Bridge and Premiere CC- "the operation could not be completed" and export error - MAC

    Dear Adobe Community,
    I got my first imac a few days ago, and i decided to install Adobe CC.
    When i want to run Adobe Bridge, says "the operation could not be completed", the same happens with Adobe After Effects.
    And I also have a problem with Premiere, when i want to export a project says that premiere must close.
    This is the try version, is this a problem of Adobe or Apple? i'm very worried
    Thank you!

    Muchas gracias!!! Ha funcionado!
    El 11/02/2014, a las 00:02, Federico Platon <[email protected]> escribió:
    Re: PLEASE Help! - Bridge and Premiere CC- "the operation could not be completed" and export error - MAC
    created by Federico Platon in Foros de usuario a usuario - View the full discussion
    Confirma que se trata de una cuestión de permisos.
    Por cierto te aconsejos actualices la 9.1  a 9.2, posiblemente se habría arreglado así también.
    Bueno los pasos son:
    2. Select Go from the Finder Menu.
    3. Select Computer.
    4. Select Macintosh HD.
    5. Select Users.
    6. Select your user profile.
    7. Right click on user profile. Select Get Info.
    8. Go to bottom and unlock with admin password to make changes.
    9. Make sure your user profile has Read and Write privileges by selecting from dropdown menu.
    10. Go down to wheel at very bottom and select Apply to enclosed items. This should allow Adobe Bridge to run properly.
    Creo que no se necesita traducción.
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  • Exporting an EDL from Premiere CS6 that SpeedGrade can read

    I have a long sequence which I now want to grade. I didn't grade the individual clips prior to editing them into a 70 minute timeline. I have tried the following without success:
    Exporting to SpeedGrade the Premiere timeline: it will do this, but leaves chunks of clips brown, as blank info in the SG timeline, so if I grade this, I'll have an incomplete graded file to apply back to the Premiere timeline;
    importing to SpeedGrade a ProRes 422 file which I then asked SG to divide into clips (the app quit after taking 40 minutes to examine the file, which it did successfully, but when I asked it to make clips, it quit)
    exporting from Premiere an EDL which I then apply to the QT ProRes file in SG. This is not accepted because there are certain key commands which SG won't accept, but there's no way to know how to export a "clean" EDL from PP to SG without those commands (I even went into the EDL using TextEdit to see if I could delete certain lines, but that was obviously a losing game)
    Suggestions welcome!

    Yes, I tried to find that forum and couldn't which is why I posted here, but since I have you on the line, and since you apparently have lots of experience with SG, can I ask you:
    Because of the way I've done this documentary I can only grade it now that the picture/sound is locked. If I export a ProRes flattened movie into SG, it will have the effects, titles etc which is not what SG wants, right? So do I duplicate a timeline in Premiere, delete the titles, etc, (what else: effects?) and then export to SG?
    If I export the timeline (using a MacPro but not the fastest newest model, 16GB Ram) it takes about three or four hours to export the DPX files. I'm trying it again, but don't hold any hope that it will export without some of those incomplete clips. I don't know what causes them. Could it be sections with effects, with stacked clips which have wipes and other stuff, combining them in the ProRes export to a single image but in a timeline exported to SG maybe its not reading that info?
    Whatever you can suggest would be great.

  • Poor quality ProRes 422HQ exports compared to Final Cut 7 - suggestions?

    At my workplace I'm looking at using Creative Cloud to replace Final Cut 7, but I'm having a really hard time producing broadcast quality ProRes 422HQ exports using Media Encoder. Detail levels are comparable but large areas of colour (e.g. a blue sky) show noticeable visual noise.
    Looking closer you can see only 3 or 4 bands of colour with pixelated edges, whereas FCP deals with these gradients in a much more subtle way.
    Source files are 1080p H264 movs from a Canon 5D and Final Cut exports (even from FCPX) just seem so much better.
    More worryingly, I've even tried using AME's Animation codec or even Non-Compressed and the results are still quite a bit worse than a Final Cut 7 ProRes 422HQ export (we export from the timeline rather than using Compressor). Some tests I've done exporting to H264 at 12Mbps are also definitely inferior to Final Cut.
    There aren't that many options to adjust - ticking Maximum Depth and Maximum Render Quality just adds lots of horizontal lines to the final file. Format is Quicktime, Renderer is set to Mercury Playback Engine Software Only.
    Am I missing anything obvious or is Media Encoder just not as good? If so how is anyone using it in a broadcast workflow?
    Below are some screenshots which I've made black and white and boosted the brightness so it's easier to see, but the pixelisation is noticeable on the normal exported movs and seems to be a definite step-down from FCP7.
    This could well be a deal-breaker in terms of using Creative Cloud in the future - which would be very disappointing as the software itself seems great.
    01 - H264 Raw - from Canon 5D:
    02 - Final Cut ProRes 422HQ:
    03 - Adobe Media Encoder ProRes 422HQ:
    04 - Adobe Media Encoder ProRes 422HQ (Maximum Depth, Maximum Render Quality):
    05 - Media Encoder Settings:
    Sorry for the long post - any suggestions gratefully accepted!

    Thanks for the response Kevin,
    I fully updated as of last week - Premiere 8.1.0, Media Encoder and ran the export again with a brand new Premiere project, dragged into a sequence, export media, selected Quicktime / ProRes 422HQ codec, matched the frame size, pressed queue to open Media Encoder and the started the export. 
    Exactly the same results I'm afraid - blocky, pixelated areas on gradients or areas of similar color.
    Frustratingly, the free and 6 year old Mpeg Streamclip (v1.9.2) does a much better job, on a par with Final Cut. I don't suppose there's any way to automatically route the export via it?! Where Media Encoder uses 3 or 4 color shades with blocky finite edges, Streamclip and FCP seem to use 6 or 7 shades and the transitions between areas far smoother with visible dithering (you can see this in my original screenshots).
    I would say that it seems to do with the source camera and how it's been originally encoded - I've done some further tests with Canon C300 rushes and they seem to convert / export well without problems and yet some blue skies in footage shot on a Sony F55 show some obvious banding (after conversion to ProRes 422HQ) that doesn't appear on the source.
    I'm happy to provide the raw H264 mov to see if you are able to get any better results.

  • Odd ProRes sequence set-up behavior in Premiere Pro CC

    When I create a new sequence by dragging a ProRes HQ file onto New Item icon, it creates a DNxHD sequence.  My ProRes HQ footage is captured by the Blackmagic Shuttle2 recorder, and MediaInfo verifies it is ProRes.  Yet the sequence settings in Premiere Pro CC show:
    Editing Mode:  DNX 145 1080i
    Video Previews box:
    Preview File Format: DNX 145 1080i 59.94
    Codec:  DNxHD
    I am on a Mac with Quicktime 7 installed.  There is no problem ingesting and importing the ProRes HQ camera video files into Premiere Pro.  I am just not seeing a ProRes sequence being created.  Is there something else I should test for?

    No, sadly.
    I went into great deal about it here: , and here : ; it seems to be a 'well known' bug?
    I can work around the sequence not matching the clip properties, but I want the export settings to match the clip properties (which is why I wanted the sequence settings to match the clip properties; because then I can do an export using sequence settings).  I can't do that now unless I do it manually....anyway, see my first link above for the details.

  • How do I export a .wmv in premiere pro cc?

    How do I export a .wmv in premiere pro cc?
    In the format dialogue box I dont see a Windows Media option.
    See attached picture.

    You wont get that option on a Mac.

  • I am having trouble exporting closed captions from premiere cc 2014.

    I am having trouble exporting closed captions from premiere cc 2014. I see them in the program monitor but after i export and try to playback in either quicktime or VLC i get to embedded captions. I eve tried the side car file and embedded with compressor and still nothing. Any help would be appreciated.
    I only used compressor because i switched from final cut to adobe. easy fellas!

    I have latest QT version, do i need to go back to 7? I have tried VLC also, i usually use that to check CC in mpeg files. I am exporting a QT H.264 for just testing purposes, I need a prores HQ, also this is SD so my sequences are set to 720x486.

  • Why do AME exports look worse than Premiere exports?

    Has anyone else come across the situation where AME exports don't look as good compared to exporting straight out of Premiere?
    I'm encoding the videos to H.264 MP4 files. The stills (JPEGs) in the video is where I'm having the problem. I've created a sort of slide show with 4 pictures in a short ~10 second part of the video using Scale keyframes and Cross Dissolve transitions.
    When I queue the sequence for export straight out of Premiere, these parts of the video created from the stills look fine. However, when I queue them up in AME, these parts of the video look harsh and have jagged edges (the image quality is greatly reduced on the stills).
    The export settings are identical, as I am using a Preset for H.264 / MP4 / 720p / 23.976 fps / Square pixels / NTSC / Profile: Main / Level: 3.2 / Render at Maximum Depth (checked) / VBR, 1 pass / Target 6 Mbps / Max 10 Mbps / Use Maximum Render Quality (checked)
    Audio (if this would affect anything???) is AAC / 48000 Hz / Stereo / High Quality / 192 kbps / Precedence: Bitrate
    Here are my system specs:
    - The latest versions of CS6 through the Cloud membership (Premiere CS6 6.0.2 / AME
    - Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 / 2 x 2.26 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon / 32 GB 1066 MHz DDR3 / NVIDIA Quadro 4000 2048 MB
    - Video footage is AVCHD in MP4 (but that's not where the issue appears to be)
    - Still images are large JPEG files (roughly 6000x6000 px); 300ppi / Bit Depth 8 / RGB Color Mode / Adobe RGB (1998)
    My Premiere sequence is based off of the AVCHD footage:
    AVCHD 1080p square pixel
    23.976 frames/second
    48000 Hz
    Previews are I-Frame Only MPEG, but when I export I do not use Previews (unchecked).
    So…any idea why the exports look crappy coming out of AME as opposed to straight out of Premiere? It would be nice to use AME in the background while working on other projects or when large batches of exports need to be done, but not if the quality is going to suffer (at least when still images are involved). One work around seems to be replacing the still with an After Effects composition. Any idea why this would make a difference?
    Thanks in advance for your help!

    I also had the Use Maximum Render Quality box checked in my export settings
    This should carry over to the AME when you send it to the queue, but you should double-check in the AME.
    So I guess the difference is in the GPU rendering vs software rendering?
    In theory, software MPE with MRQ and Max Bit Depth enabled should produce (nearly) identical results to hardware MPE.
    I had originally understood that this is for rendering previews, but looks like it's also used during final exports?
    For exporting, video frames have to be rendered before they can be transcoded to the final format/codec.  So hardware MPE helps rendering previews, but it also helps the rendering step of the export process.
    That's unfortunate that AME does not utilize the GPU as well. What is the reason for excluding this feature?
    That's a question only an Adobe engineer can answer!  NB: I know for sure that the scaling-using-software-MPE limitation in the AME applied to CS5 and CS5.5.  It may be fixed in CS6, or it may not.  I don't have time to properly research that right now.
    I don't really understand how something as simple as rendering a scaled JPEG image turns out looking bad, while AME can render full-on After Effects comps...???
    If differences in scaling methods don't apply here, there may be system issues or a software bug at work.

  • Video Export From Mac

    When exporting my video on my Mac from Premiere Pro the video will play but there is just an awful static sound for all my audio.  I have used the H.264 format with Match Source from my dell and it has worked fine.  I don't know why it exports this way from my Mac and it is the computer I would like to use.  Haven't been able to share anything from this computer yet.  Any suggestions?

    The Adobe Media Encoder CC menu:

  • Stills look better when using ProRes timeline instead of HDV

    I thought I'd share a discovery, and also ask for some advice.
    When exporting stills (as PSD files), I exported from an HDV timeline, and I exported from a ProRes HQ 1920x1080 30p timeline (I took the same shots from the HDV timelime and pasted them into the ProRes timeline before exporting).
    The HDV exports are not only the incorrect aspect ratio, but have many more "jaggies" than the ProRes export.
    The HDV exports also have a slightly higher contrast ratio.
    Personally I prefer the look of the ProRes 30p stills.
    Now my question: If I edit in the ProRes 30p timeline, will that also improve the look of my video?

    Stands to reason. ProRes is a full raster 10-bit I-Frame codec.
    HDV is an anamorphic (squeezed) 8-bit GOP codec. ProRes wins.
    Good discovery...thanks for sharing.

  • Best Export / Video settings for Premiere Pro. Help Needed.

    What's the best settings when you want to export a video from Premiere Pro for the web or otherwise. Best settings = good quality video and LOW file size.
    Benchmark : The videos on Apple Trailers. Check them out at
    The trailers are of high quality video, great sounds, and the Large sizes all fall under the 25MB mark. Any ideas on HOW this is done and what
    settings in Premiere Pro CS3 might be able to replicate such standards?
    Any help is appreciated. I normally use Encoder and export using H264 but that always seems to have an Audio lag. Any similar issues?
    Thanks a mil!

    I understand that better quality = bigger file size. That's true in most cases, but there is a way around it, I'm just not sure what that way is. As I mentioned in the original post, the benchmark is . The non-HD videos on any movie page on that site hardly ever exceeds the 25MB mark. The videos are 2-3minutes long, and while they may not be top-notch BD visuals, they look way better than 95% of the stuff that's streamed off the net.
    That's why I asked if anyone had any ideas on how to replicate something like that. Say I had a avi file of great quality, shot with a Panasonic DV Cam. I Capture the footage, do whatever I have to in Pr, and the result is now a 3minute video. I want it exported to a Quicktime file, I want it to look visually pleasing like the trailers on Apple, and I want it to fall under 25MB. I have tried H.264 encoding, regular Quicktime, and Quicktime via Encoder. Nothing reaches the expected quality.
    For more examples visit and download those simple 30second clips. All Quicktime, mostly under 5.5MB. If Pr can't do it, then I don't know what I'm sure Pr can do it.
    Problem is, how? Experimentation is definitely a way to go, I get that. But on the basis of the scenario given is it done?

  • Why I cannot export Video from my Premiere CS6 to my DVC PRO AJ-D455?

    I am trying to export video from my Premiere CS6 to my DVC PRO AJ-D455 I can only capture the video but not export, why?

    1st, go to that forum
    2nd, provide LOTS more information when you get there... PPro Information FAQ
    3rd, read these previous discussions
    Export to Tape
    Hardware MPE must be OFF to be able to export via Firewire
    Last, The PPro/Encore tutorial list in message #3 may also help, with more help in message #5

  • Can I edit on a ProRes timeline containing XDCAM EX footage and DVCPRO?

    I have a documentary project of which the majority was shot with the EX-1 at 1080 24p and I have been editing that footage contained in a 1080 24p ProRes (standard quality) timeline. We have some extra interviews that were shot with a Panasonic Varicam at same frame rate and resolution. Will I be able to drag the DVCPRO HD files directly into the ProRes timeline and edit with it and the EX-1 footage?
    I assume that whatever footage I insert into the ProRes timeline is being converted to ProRes on the fly. This has worked well with the EX-1 footage. Not sure how it will be with the DVCPRO HD footage...will it be too taxing on the CPU? If it was, I think my fallback option would be to transcode all the DVCPRO HD footage to ProRes using Compressor...and then pull it into the timeline.
    If anyone has had experience with this, I would very much like to hear your comments.
    Thanks, John

    HI Tom, thanks for the reply, I was afraid of that, I did not know you could do limited trimming in the QT PLayer, this might just help me out

  • I'm having this message when I try to export my video from Premiere Pro:  "Error compiling movie. Unknown error"

    I'm having this message when i try to export my video from Premiere Pro:
    "Error compiling movie. Unknown error" Do anybody knows what to do?

    1st, I moved your message to the correct forum
    2nd, More information needed for someone to help... please click below and provide the requested information
    -Premiere Pro Video Editing Information FAQ
    3rd, Error Compiling Movie... some past discussions and ideas
    -and nested sequences
    -and WMV files frame rate

  • Why don't I have the DCP export option in Adobe Premiere Pro?

    Why don't I have the DCP export option in Adobe Premiere Pro?
    Premiere Pro CC v7.2.2

    I will reply to my own question!
    I was on my Windows machine when I began producing my video. During Export, I wasn't able to package it. After a few hours of research I found that Wraptor DCP is not supported (yet) on Windows platforms. I switched over to my Macbook Pro and viola!
    DCP'ing all day long now!

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