Ps to pdf

can somebody plz help me to convert ps files to pdf files through java.

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  • When i send a PDF via e-print, it gets cropped, is there a way to prevent this from happening?

    PDF's are printing fine when i print direct to the printer but when they are sent by e-mail they get cropped, is there a way to get the document to fit to page when sent as an email attachment?
    The Printer in question is a HP LaserJet Enterprise 500 color M551n, the printer is brand new installed last week so i don't know if this is the norm or not.
    Edit: Please can someone please explain how to correct this.

    If you're using a desktop or notebook PC to send the email you could try installing the HP ePrint Mobile Driver software on your machine, the link to the download is here. This will allow you to print the PDF to any ePrint capable printer without having to email it to the printers email address as an attachment.
    Once installed and with your PDF open on your machine, select Print from the File menu, then select "ePrint" from the list of available printers (don't select the actual printer itself) and click Print in the bottom right corner of the box. A dialogue box will open showing the avaialble ePrint printers you can print to. Click on the Connected button on the left of the screen to add your printer to the list if its not listed.  
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    I am an HP employee.

  • PDF Printing Problem with HP UPD Printer

    in our Company we use the HP UPD Driver PCL5 in Version The Printermodells are HP LaserJet Pro 400 M401, HP LaserJet Pro 400 Color M451, HP LaserJet Enterprise Flow M830z, HP LaserJet Enterprise 500 MFP M525dn, HP LaserJet Enterprise M630dn, HP LaserJet Enterprise Flow M680z and HP LaserJet Enterprise Flow M880z with newest Firmware.
    If a PDF file is printed using Adobe Reader, it takes a long time until the file is printed on the printer. Partially individual pages are printed in one-minute intervals. But if I use another PDF viewer such as Foxit Reader, PDF documents can be printed at normal speed.
    Other documents, such as Word or Excel files are printed normally. Only PDF documents that are printed with Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat are affected. We use the Acrobat Reader version 11.0.10. With version 11.0.6, the problem also occurs.
    Sometimes it also happens that the PDF document fills up the memory of the printer when it was printed with Adobe Reader. With Foxit Reader this does not happen with the same document.
    Does anyone know this problem and knows what to do?

    Launch the Console application in any of the following ways:
    ☞ Enter the first few letters of its name into a Spotlight search. Select it in the results (it should be at the top.)
    ☞ In the Finder, select Go ▹ Utilities from the menu bar, or press the key combination shift-command-U. The application is in the folder that opens.
    ☞ Open LaunchPad. Click Utilities, then Console in the icon grid.
    /var/log ▹ cups ▹ error_log
    from the hierarchical list on the left side of the Console window. If you don't see that list, select
    View ▹ Show Log List
    from the menu bar. Then select the messages from the time of the last failed printing attempt. Copy them to the Clipboard by pressing the key combination command-C. Paste into a reply to this message (command-V).
    If there are runs of repeated messages, post only one example of each. Don’t post many repetitions of the same message.
    When posting a log extract, be selective. In most cases, a few dozen lines are more than enough.
    Please do not indiscriminately dump thousands of lines from the log into this discussion.

  • Filename in PDF portfolio?

    Sorry for what I'm sure is an easy(lame) question.
    I don't want to show the filename when creating a PDF portfolio and I've hunted for the answer without any luck.
    How do I only show the image or show a custom text/ title but not the XXXXX.jpg filename?
    > just to clarify.... when viewing a PDF portfolio of images I don't want to show the image filename below the image.

    I've been trying to hide the file name myself. It seems intuitive that, while in the Modify area of the PDF Portfolio, under "Specify File Details" that one would simply unclick "Name" under "Columns to Display".
    But all that seems to do is hide it while I'm within the Modify section. I save and go back to view the pdfs and there are the file names.
    Anyone out there know the answer? Even if it's just a link to more info, that would be great. I need to get this out but without the filenames. I've searched in Google but no good info.
    BTW, the Description option is a nice touch and shows upon immediate hover. That's why I don't need to show a file name. Plus, you can write more in the description than is viable/sensible in a file name.
    Thanks for your help.

  • Filename in Webdynpro for a PDF created with Smartform

    I created a PDF with Smartform in my Webdynpro-Application.
    When I click the save button there is a default filename f.pdf .
    How can I change the filename?
    Marcus Schug

    Hi Experts,
    any update on this?
    I am facing the same problem with ESS payslip (smartform/Hrform): my customer wants to have custom file name for download salery statements from the portal. Do you know how to change the default form name unknown.pdf to e.g.. "payslip_month_year"?
    I spent a lot of time to find any possibility to get and change the file name but without success till now.
    Please respond.
    Zdzislaw Kaczmarczyk
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  • Filename in Save As dialog when saving PDF file

    I have a web site serving up PDF files. Without going into details, the URLs of the PDFs are not just your basic URL but look simething like this: i.pdf?userId=55b64ad5-28a2-490e-b3d6-4944099a390f#[email protected]://ww
    In this case the actual filename is "Promo Cover Cool-MedHi.pdf"
    While viewing in Safari (OS X), if the user saves the PDF to their local machine, the Save As dialog comes up and the filename field is automatically populated. The problem is, instead of using just the filename, the field contains this: i.pdf?userId=55b64ad5-28a2-490e-b3d6-4944099a390f#[email protected]
    I know when performing the same action on Windows using Internet Explorer, the Save As dialog box filename field is populated correctly with just the filename (although it shows up URL encoded as Promo%20Cover%20Cool-MedHi.pdf, which is OK).
    I'd like to be able to force Safari to use just the filename in the Save As dialog box. Has anyone come accross this problem and figured out a solution?

    Hello Ebnul.nao
    I am having this same problemwith trying to work this out.
    Did you succeed in the end?
    I will really appreciate your help if you did
    Kind regards

  • Can we use IF statement in PDF templates

    I developed a PDF template. I need to underline ang bold the records based on a specific condition. Can we use IF conditon in PDF templates. Please suggest.

    Billy  Verreynne  wrote:
    The case syntax is a bit funny though as there's not a single condition evaluation (like a DECODE or case structs from some other languages).
    This is what I would expect a typical case struct to look like - evaluating a single condition:
    case <condition>
    when <value-1> then return <result-1>
    when <value-n> then return <result-n>
    return <return-z>
    ?:| You mean like this...?
    SQL> ed
    Wrote file afiedt.buf
      1  select empno, ename, deptno
      2        ,case deptno
      3           when 10 then 'This is Department 10'
      4           when 20 then 'And department 20'
      5           when 30 then 'And of course department 30'
      6         else
      7           'Blimey it is something else!'
      8         end as dept_desc
      9* from emp
    SQL> /
          7369 SMITH              20 And department 20
          7499 ALLEN              30 And of course department 30
          7521 WARD               30 And of course department 30
          7566 JONES              20 And department 20
          7654 MARTIN             30 And of course department 30
          7698 BLAKE              30 And of course department 30
          7782 CLARK              10 This is Department 10
          7788 SCOTT              20 And department 20
          7839 KING               10 This is Department 10
          7844 TURNER             30 And of course department 30
          7876 ADAMS              20 And department 20
          7900 JAMES              30 And of course department 30
          7902 FORD               20 And department 20
          7934 MILLER             10 This is Department 10
    14 rows selected.


    After sending an urgent email attachment in Adobe PDF to Government Offcom, all my Desktop applications in windows 7 64 bit have been converted to PDF files and cannot be opened.   The attachment used was sent to me by my Secretary remotely using an old MAC.
    I can return my laptop to normal operation by un installing my Adobe Reader 11 app, but the problem returns when I re Download Adobe Reader
    11 again.     After discussing this with Adobe Technical in London they advised me to raise this issue with your Adjudicators in this Forum. 
    Please assist asap as this is very urgent right now for several genuine reasons.
    Many thanks.   Derek Horder.

    See if anything in here helps:

  • Aio remote only allows save to pdf when trying to print picture

    brand new HPm MFP M127 fw.  have web services enabled and all the other stuff noted in the printer installation.  Installed aio remote on galaxy s3 with droid 4.4.2.  went ahead and installed HP print services from GP as well. 
    Browse to a photo in the gallery, select print and the print setting dialog appears, but no option to print.  only save to PDF.  When I try to go ahead and let it save, to see if it will let me print after, it fails.  What am I missing here?

    The HP Laserjet Pro M127 is not supported by the HP All-In-One Remote app, therefore it won't allow printing to the printer, as you may find listed within the HP Consumer LaserJet printers section:
    You may print using the HP ePrint app or Print Solution for Android as listed below:
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  • Aio Remote: PDFs not recognized by Google drive.

    Aio Remote on iPad Air2 iOS 8.1.1 - I created a PDF on my iPad from my HP Envy 7640 using Aio remote app. In the files/document section it's there (3 pages) as a PDF. But when I upload a copy from Aio Remote to Google Drive it's not recognized by Google Drive as a PDF even though it has a PDF extention. I have other PDF files stored in Google drive that are perfectly fine. It must be something in your app that is the problem.

    More info: if I send it from Aio remote as an email attachment to myself I get a PDF that I can upload to Google drive and Google drive reconizes it as a PDF. again proving it is Aio remote that is doing some thing wrong when uploading to Google Drive.

  • I need to convert PDF file to Word Document, so it can be edited. But the recognizing text options do not have the language that I need. How I can convert the file in the desired of me language?

    I need to convert PDF file to Word Document, so it can be edited. But the recognizing text options do not have the language that I need. How I can convert the file in the desired of me language?

    The application Acrobat provides no language translation capability.
    If you localize the language for OS, MS Office applications, Acrobat, etc to the desired language try again.
    Alternative: transfer a copy of content into a web based translation service (Bing or Google provides a free service).
    Transfer the output into a word processing program that is localized to the appropriate language.
    Do cleanup.
    Be well...

  • A problem with hyperlinks in my Interactive PDF on smartphones...

    I hope someone can help...  I exported both an interactive and for print PDF from inDesign.  When I view the PDFs on my pc the hyperlinks that I've made in the document work perfectly fine.  When I view the PDFs on my smartphone, the hyperlinks don't work.  I've gone through many forums to make sure all my settings were correct and have tried many different things to try to get them to work, but still no luck.  Has anyone come across this issue?  Is there any way to get these hyperlinks to work on a smartphone?

    Interactive PDFs on mobile devices are nothing short of a crapshoot.
    The readers are hit or miss and the better ones require payment.
    I wish I had better news for you but right now, that’s the way it is.

  • Just subscribed to pdf to xls converter; can't get it to work

    Just subscribed to pdf to xls converter but cannot use it.  Just keep getting the log in page

    Thank you for your subscription.
    Please try to log in at with your Adobe ID and password and let me know if you still cannot log in.
    Thank you.

  • I am trying to print a snapshot taken from a PDF multiple times on one page.

    Reader Will not print multiple copies of a snapshot on one page. I read the help files for Acrobat itself and all it said was take the snapshot and print it. Does anyone know if Acrobat can print multiple copies of the snapshot on one page?
    From some reading in another forum page it looks like Acrobat can do it by saving the snapshot repeatedly with different names and the printing all of them at once. I really hate that workaround as I need to do this often.
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    I tried to do it using Reader. I have a one page PDF document with a UPS shipping label on one side and a special box label with a barcode on the other. This is designed to print on a standard 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. There are many times when I need to be able to print the box labels more than once. At home, I do it by taking a snapshot of the box label and printing it to a Label printer as many times as I need it. The distributor who also ships items for me only has a full page printer but he can print 4 on a page labels on UPS provided stock. Reader won’t print a snapshot multiple times, the option is grayed out. What I wanted to know is if Acrobat itself can print that snapshot multiple times. I don’t think it can without being able to cut and save that PDF multiple times as separate files. That would be a slow and cumbersome operation. If it would take a snapshot or a single cut and save and print that PDF 4 times on a page it would be a reason to spend the money to buy the program because we need to perform this operation OVER and OVER on a regular basis. On some shipments we might need to print 12 or more extra box labels. We tape smaller boxes together for one UPS label and need to make sure EACH box gets a separate label. Otherwise they sometimes get lost on the other end.
    Doing the save 4 separate PDFs process we might actually need TWO copies of Acrobat unless reader can print 4 on a page if it has 4 PDF’s to work from. I have not yet found a good way to save those snapshots from reader. I have tried since I found that it was possible to cut and save them in other formats but not PDF’s as reader can’t save them. The quality of the saved items in other formats is not acceptable. I recently discovered that Microsoft publisher which I have can save a document as a PDF. I’m going to see if I can import to that program next.

  • HAVE NEW 13.3 MAC AIR AND when using it to open sites in safari I have no issue until I go to a link page that is a pdf file or I am trying to save the screen info as a pdf. I only get a black screen with no data, cannot find solution in help menu

    HAVE NEW 13.3 MAC AIR (previously, still have 13.3 MCbook pro which works captures what I am looking for an answer to)
    when i open sites in safari the page opens fine if it is not a pdf based page.
    Once i open a site that has a link to another page that is a pdf based page the page comes up as a black screen with no info showing
    If I open a site that gices me an open to save a file to a word, excel type document or a pdf , everything works fine until I try to save the information to a PDF and again the screen goes black
    I have tried the safari help site but to no avail, does anyone have a solution to thid problem. (I do have the abode ofr mac program loaded)

    If you delete all the Adobe Reader stuff it will probably fix this. For almost everything, the Apple pdf handling works better.

  • How can I open a PDF stored in IXOS and then display it in a BSP

    Hello gurus,
    I have created a PDF icon and an onclick action to open a pdf, that displays on every row of an assignment block in the actions column, but I do not know the technical process to determine how to get a PDF from the IXOS system from the line selected. (even if I know it depends on an ID attribute of that assignment block) I want to to call a transaction launcher with the url for the pdf in the IXOS that has an ID that identifies which line in the assignment block the user has clicked the pdf icon for (does that make sense?)
    Therefore, I am assuming the PDF should correspond to the relance ID of the row in the assignment block, but I would like more information as per the business logic involved in able to achieve the desired results for this particular specification. I already confirmed that the XURL or any other attribute in the BOL object does not contain the URL to use for this. I have looked at the class I was told that it may contain the required business logic for determining which PDF in IXOS to fetch for a particular row, and I am currently trying to reverse engineer the logic through looking at other code and using the debugger, but so far I haven'T had much luck.
    Here are some questions I have now for the functional side in the meantime:
    1) Can we fetch the PDF in IXOS for each line of an assignment block?
    2) Which URL should I call with the transaction launcher? a URL link to the PDF on the IXOS system??
    3) Do we have to configure a transaction in the IMG to be launched?
    4) Do we have to create a logical link there that I will make dynamic to call the right PDF for each table line? 
    5) Are there any existing examples of this or a similar functionality/ logic that I could refer to, preferably in CRM 7 WebUI?
    6) Do you have any code to just display a PDF in a new window? Or prompt a download?
    One possible way I thought of would be for me to have a logical link defined in the IMG, that I could call passing it different attributes (eg. some object id, etc) and then return the PDF and display it in the UI in a new browser window by itself. Alternatively, we can just prompt a download. What do you think would be the optimal behaviour here?
    Please do not hesitate to propose any potential solution. Any partial answers/ links to wikis/ other threads, anything would be much appreciated.
    Thank you in advance.
    Best regards,
    Jonathan Laplante

    I partially answered your question in another posting but I feel that you´re in the wrong forum for your problem. This is for BSP development and you talk about CRM.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Installation error ABAP + JAVA Stack

    Hi all, I am trying to install ABAP+Java server and i am facing the below issue.Can you please help me in resolving this. Hard Disk:-200 GB RAM:-2GB Log file 1:- ERROR      2010-01-28 17:32:12 CJSlibModule::writeError_impl() CJS-30023  Process call '

  • HELP QUICK!!  photo not showing up in edit screen???

    so, I've downloaded the images from my camera, looked all through...they were fine, but when I go back to work on them - only some show when I choose to edit or open in cs2 - the rest, I just get a blank screen. I have a client coming to view proofs

  • How to make a un-edible section edible

    I am new and tried a lot but have not found a solution. I have a template where some parts are un-edible. How can I make a part of the un-edible section edible? Does anyone have a good solution.

  • Convert date charecateristics/time charecateristics to date

    Hi, In sale order cube, there is a characteristic 0act_gi_dte(actual goods issue date), and time characteristic 0calday. we need to find out <b>the number of days</b> between 0act_gi_dte and 0calday(which is 0act_gi_dte - 0calday). is there a way to

  • I'm having website certificate problems.

    Recently, when I try to purchased anything on eBay, a box pops up stating: "The certificate for this website was signed by an unknown certifying authority. you might be connecting to a website that is pretending to be"