PSE 12 for Mac doesn't see my scanner

PSE12 for Mac refused to work with my scanner. In preferences I checked "Additional Plug-Ins Folder" and selected the Optional Plug-Ins Folder which contains the TWAIN.plugin. I restarted the PSE and the File> Import... command remains dimmed out. Tried resstarting the iMac and PSE still doesn't see the scanner. PSE 11 used to recognize the scanner right away. I hope this isn't a permanent change in PSE 12!
Thanks for any help!
OS X 10.8.5
Canon 8800F Scanner
TWAIN.plugin v12.0.4x001

Hi Barbara - I reinstalled PSE 11 on my iMac and verified that it still works with the Canon 8800F scanner. I also installed PSE 12 on my Macbook Air, moved the Twain plug into the right spot, and found that it doesn't see the scanner either. Preview on the Macbook does see the scanner OK so it's not a connection problem there either.
I noticed that the Twain plugins in PSE 11 and 12 are the same version but different sizes. The get info windows for the two versions of PSE on the iMac (Kahawalu) and the PSE 12 on the Airbook (Niumalu) are below. Would you be able to let me know the PSE 12 Twain file version and file size that is working with your Canon scanner? It might help narrow this thing down.
Thanks again for your assistance!  William

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  • Help! Acrobat XI Pro for MAC doesn't see my HP 4780 scanner.

    I know the scanner part of my HP C4780 works, both with Windows Acrobat 9 Pro and with all the other scanning functions on the Macbook Pro.
    I don't know what to do. This is one of the major functions I use Acrobat for, and now I can't get it to work.

    Hi Barbara - I reinstalled PSE 11 on my iMac and verified that it still works with the Canon 8800F scanner. I also installed PSE 12 on my Macbook Air, moved the Twain plug into the right spot, and found that it doesn't see the scanner either. Preview on the Macbook does see the scanner OK so it's not a connection problem there either.
    I noticed that the Twain plugins in PSE 11 and 12 are the same version but different sizes. The get info windows for the two versions of PSE on the iMac (Kahawalu) and the PSE 12 on the Airbook (Niumalu) are below. Would you be able to let me know the PSE 12 Twain file version and file size that is working with your Canon scanner? It might help narrow this thing down.
    Thanks again for your assistance!  William

  • Pse for mac

    I have just downloaded the trial version of pse for mac. I have previously used - very successfully - both photoshop elements and premiere elements on my sony vaio. My question is - will I be able to make slideshows in the same way as I did on the Vaio on my mac and will I be able to burn them onto disc? The trial version doesn't appear to allow me to burn to disc only to produce a pdf file. Will this look the same or not? My previous slideshows done on the vaio were great and I just want to know if I will be able to do exactly the same thing on the mac before I go ahead and buy the latest version when it comes out in a few days time. Can someone please help?

    Well, “Final Cut Express” can do “individual” slide-shows pretty well...
    (FCE’s Motion control lets you keyframe any parameter...)
    If you like, here is a short tutorial by Tom Wolsky:

  • Migrating from PSE for Windows 6 to PSE for Mac 6 including metadata

    Can't find anything in the knowledge base on this.
    I am giving up on Windows. Its just too messy and ugly. One of the final changes will be migrating from MS Windows Vista and PSE 6 to a brand new Mac, using LEopard 10.5.2 and PSE for Mac 6.
    I want to migrate my images from the Windows machine, as well as the metadata organizing information. Surely I am not the only one with this need. I know I can save the mages in a mutually readable file format, export, and have them on the Mac, but I have a great deal of metatdata and image organization in the Windows version of PSE 6.
    Please tell me how to migrate the entirety of PSE for Windows to my new Mac.

    Some related questions-- can Bridge CS3 search sub-folders? Could I filter for a Keyword at the top of a tree, and locate all files with that keyword in sub-folders?
    While exporting files from PSA2 on a PC I am using Share / Email to attach my existing keywords. Can they be drag-and-drop added to a Hierarchy in the Keywords panel? (Either from the Filter panel where they are automatically listed and counted, or from the "Other" location in the Keywords panel where they appear italicized?)
    I had deluded myself into believing that PSE6 for the Mac included Organizer. Would Lightroom be a logical option for organizing? Particularly if I want to catalog many images on CD without storing them on disk? Can it be purchased separately? What other options would you recommend?

  • Mac Doesn't See External Drives on WinPC, PC Doesn't See Mac

    I'm trying to transfer some files that are on an external drive connected to a Windows PC to my new Mac Pro.
    On the Mac, in Finder, I can see the PC, but I can only see it's internal Hard Drive; the external drive don't show up in Finder.
    On the PC, I'm not seeing the Mac Pro at all. In Tiger, it seems to me, there was check box under the "sharing" preferences for "Windows sharing," but I can't find that in Leopard. So, the PC doesn't see the Mac at all.
    It does suddenly dawn on me that I could just detach the external drive that I'm trying to copy from the PC and plug it into the Mac, but... that would be too easy. I would still like, at least, to be able to see the Mac from the PC.
    Any suggestions?

    My recommendation is to format the drive as FAT32 via OSX's Disk Utility, this will allow you to read/write from both the Mac and PC environment.
    Like I said, I don't think that's the issue, because my MacBook shares everything with the PC just fine (except the externals on the PC). And of course, I don't want to reformat the external drives until I've got the data off of them.
    I just checked, and Tiger has a "Windows sharing" checkbox under the "Sharing Preferences" that allows the MacBook to show up in "My Network Places" on the PC. The problem I'm having is getting the MacPro to show up on the PC; the Pro has Leopard, and there's no "Windows Sharing" in Leopard that I can see.
    Thanks again,

  • My mac doesn't see my broadcast dv camera either in final cut or imovie

    Trying to take video we shot on professional panasonic camera and load it on the mac using imovie or final cut express. Imovie acts like it's importing but the file is empty (no media attached). Tried to move the files to drive but the macbook pro doesn't see the camera in the finder (using firewire or usb). HELP!
    Final cut express doesn't show the camera at all as a source.

    Without specific details we can't even begin to help you.
    What make/model camera shot the video? Are you trying to use the same camera to capture the video with iMovie or Final Cut Express?
    Exactly what codec/settings did you use for shooting the video?  DV? HDV?  AVCHD?  1920x1080i60?  1280x720p30?  Something else?
    Have you ever captured video from this camera before?  With this Mac before?
    If you are using a different camera for capturing purposes, what make/model is it?
    How are you connecting the camera to your Mac?  USB?  FireWire?
    Cameras generally do not show up in the Finder; but if you look in System Profiler you should see it listed under Hardware > USB or > Firewire depending on how it is connected to your Mac.
    What versions of OS X, iMovie and Final Cut Express are you using?
    In Final Cut Express, what Easy Setup are you using?

  • IBooks for Mac Doesn't Reopen Books

    iBooks isn't reopening windows after I close it. Here's what I do in sequence:
    1. Open iBooks.
    2. Double-click a book.
    3. Click the fullscreen button in the upper-right corner.
    4. Quit iBooks with CMD + Q.
    5. Open iBooks.
    No windows pop up, not even my Library. I have to quit and open it again to get the Library back.
    Also, it doesn't sync my progress in books between iBooks for Mac and iBooks for iPad correctly. It usually puts me a chapter or two behind where I am.
    When Apple released the update, I hoped it would fix it, but nobody else seems to have this problem.

    I’m seeing the same thing on my MacBook Pro. My Mac mini, running the same OS X version 10.9.3 doesn’t have this issue. The issue exists across user accounts on the MBP.

  • Interactive Layout mode no longer available in Photomerge Panorama in PSE for Mac - any workarounds?

    Hello,  after having purchased a download of Elements 12 for Mac, I found out that the Interactive Layout mode in Photomerge Panorama was no longer available (it was available in earlier versions, such as Elements 11). Is Adobe able to exchange my version 12 for version 11, or is there some other way I can gain access to Interactive Layout mode? I have found that the Auto layout mode often results in a message that it cannot align the images to create a panorama. Thank you.

    In photoshop cs6 give this a try:
    1. Go to File>Scripts>Load Files into Stack, browse and load the pictures for the pano with the Attempt to Align and Create Smart Object unchecked
    2. Increase the canvas size of the document with the Crop Tool holding down the Alt key and dragging
        one of the crop corners out until you think the canvas is big enough to arrange your documents for the pano.
    3. Align the layers manually in the document window with the Move Tool as good as you can.
       (you can lower the layer opacxity so you can see the alignment better, but don't forget to put all the layers back to 100% opacity)
    4. Select all the layers in the layers panel
        (Select>All Layers)
    5. Go to Edit>Auto-Blend Layers and use Blend Method>Panorama and Seamless Tones and Colors
    6. After the blending it's possible you might see some whats looks like seams, so press Shift+Alt+Ctrl+E to make a merged copy on a new layer and hopefully that'll
        get rid of the seams.
    I'll make another post with directions for putting the plugin into photoshop cs6, since you probably don't want to install pse 11 just to get a plugin when
    photoshop cs6 is so much more capable than elements, for panoramas anyway.

  • Airport utility on Mac doesn't see AX

    Airport utility on my Mac (10.7.5) doesn't see AX although it is connected to the internet through it. I've updated the Airport utility (6.2), restart the Mac, but still doesn't work.
    My objective was to install an extern backup drive (to configure Time Machine through the wifi)
    My iPhone & iPad do 'see' the AX and the external drive.......
    Who can help?

    Airport utility on my Mac (10.7.5) doesn't see AX although it is connected to the internet through it.
    Apple uses the AX abbreviation for the AirPort Express. The AirPort Extreme is known as an AEBS.
    If you have an AirPort Extreme, temporarily connect a spare Ethernet cable from your Mac to a LAN <-> port on the Airport router to see if AirPort Utility can "see" it that way.
    If you happen to have an older "round" AEBS, AirPort Utility 6.2 cannot be used to configure this older version of the AirPort. Instead, you will need to use AirPort Utility 5.6 for Mac OS X Lion for that task.
    My objective was to install an extern backup drive (to configure Time Machine through the wifi)
    Apple does not officially support Time Machine backups to a drive at the USB port of the AirPort Extreme, so your results may not be to your liking if you try this. It does seem to work for some users....while other users (like me) have nothing but problems when they try this.
    If you happen to have the older "round" version of the AirPort Extreme, the USB port on that version will only support the print function.

  • New Mac doesn't see library

    My iTunes library is on an external hard drive.
    I have iTunes Match.
    I had been using with Mac Book, and realized would make a lot more sense to use Mac Mini, since I wouldn't have to haul the external drive around.
    Logged into iTunes on Mini.  Pointed Advanced Preferences to my external hard drive, and the iTunes folder.
    Doesn't see my files, and instead considers everything to be only in the Cloud.
    I know from past (bad) experience that if I download again, they'll all be duplicated.  How can I get iTunes on this Mac to realize that my music is physically there?

    thanks Tony,
    I clicked on the Library and that did it .. (I never found the "switch libraries" menu item) but this worked great ...
    but just to give a complete solution ... I was looking for a option to use 2 screens and decided to look in the Preferences file and at the top was an option to designate a library .. to point to one. I guess I needed to look a little harder... thanks for your time and help,

  • Passport for mac doesn't show

    Hi all,
    I just purchased a WD Passport for Mac the other day to back up my computer.
    I plugged it in yesterday and it worked great.  Time Machine did it's thing and backup the data and everything.
    Unplugged it today and tried to plugging it back in and nothing happens.
    Time Machine doesn't recognize it.  It won't show up in Utilities.  The passport lights up and runs, but nothing happens on the computer side of things.
    Anyone have any ideas?
    Thanks in advance!

    Your WD drive has likely failed. I would recommend replacing the drive with a higher quality device such as an OWC ( Mercury Elite Pro. You can find these by clicking:

  • Skype for Windows doesn't see my Samsung WEP200 bl...

    I paired a Samsung WEP200 bluetooth headset with the USB bluetooth adapter on my Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop running Windows XP Pro SP3 32 bit. When I select "Show Bluetooth Devices" from the Bluetooth dropdown menu, I see "Audio devices/WEP200/Passkey enabled" but Skype ver. doesn't see the bluetooth headset at all, neither the "speaker" nor the "mic". Do I have any hope of getting it to work? TIA.

    Out of curiosity, do you have any "mirror" driver installed - i.e., something like PC Anywhere or RAdmin or other package designed to allow someone else to control your user interface?  These are known to get in the way sometimes.
    There is a registry tweak to force Photoshop to use the OpenGL features of your video driver.  It's for diagnostic use only, but it could serve as a workaround until you can get to the bottom of the driver problem (perhaps it will be solved in an upcoming release of the ATI drivers).
    Some of the information in this thread might help you:
    Note that the registry tweak is good for diagnostic purposes, and enabling GPU acceleration where Photoshop does not believe the driver can support it can lead to instability and crashes, with loss of data.  It will be interesting to know whether the ATI mobility drivers can support proper OpenGL operation on your system.

  • Split screen on PSE for Mac

    How do I make my two files/tabs go to split screen so I can drag and drop from one to the other? I could do this easily on PSE with my PC but now that I've switched to Mac I'm starting over.

    I'm using PSE 12 for Mac.
    I figured it out. They just added a bunch of extra clicks for each move and put extra fanfare around the edges to make it harder to work with.
    First, to drag and drop - you can no longer drag and drop an image you have to drag and drop the layer.
    To move or resize the image you have to go and click on resize the shape and then do the work. very tedious and cumbersome and makes me want to go back to the older (and pc version).
    The reason I thought this had customer support was because sily Adobe said that. I even went back to check. I clicked on Chat with Support and was directed here. The first time I cicked out of this and returned to where I started, believing I had made a mistake. I clicked on Chat Live or something like that and that time was directed to a live chat window that encouraged me to use this forum to get answers to my questions. The message said that support people were online now. That's not explicit but it sure implies that there would be someone who "knows" online.
    I've now found my answers through other questions, other answers and great responses. So, I'm perfectly happy with this forum. I'm just frustrated learning a new product with so many differences and what seems like to help/support from the designers.
    Thank you both!

  • How can I buy a Dutch version of PSE for Mac?

    At the website of Adobe all pushes are towards cloud memberships and the English version of PSE 12.
    The salesman told me he can't sell a Dutch version for MAC anymore (only the English PSE 12).
    If I press the Buy button of my Dutch trial of PSE 10, I come in the same circuit without any possibility to buy a Dutch version.
    Since I have given courses (in Dutch) for more than 10 years in Photoshop Elements en Photoshop Lightroom, it seems te become impossible for PSE.
    Who has a solution for this problem?

    It looks like it’s available within the Netherlands; so perhaps the problem is related to your location, or an upgrade is unavailable. This could be because PSE12 is approaching the date when a new release is due; normally in September/October. It may be worth waiting for PSE13 and then contacting sales again as support for PSE12 will soon be dropped after the new release.

  • CS5 Trail Download for Mac - doesn't work

    Hi, I've downloaded the CS5 trail software onto a PC - Windows, NOT TO BE USED ON THE PC, but for my MAC Desktop.
    I don't remember ever getting an option - for Windows or for Mac....
    I did not install it on the PC.... BUT upon trying to install it on the Mac, I have no Mac File option!
    Please please help!!!!

    The Adobe Download Assistant automatically detects your operating system.  You will want to download the trial software on a computer running the Macintosh operating system.

Maybe you are looking for

  • ITunes 6 - still can't see CDs

    Okay, I was having this problem in iTunes, as well. When I put an audio CD in either of my drives (external or internal), it doesn't show up in iTunes. My work-around right now is to rip the CD to mp3 using RealPlayer, then import the mp3 fil

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    Hi all, My question is : How to know the purchase orders which are open , that is the purchase orders which are not invoiced or which does not have entry in invoice tables. Is there any flag in PO to know whether it is invoiced or not? Regards, Sande

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    Hello gurus, I wrote my own serialization and RMI protocol for both C++ and Java that follows closely what the default Java version does. I'm trying to recreate an object on the Java side that was sent over the wire. The first step is to create an in

  • Spry menu font color

    I've replaced a traditional navigation menu with  Spry menu.  I thought the ul.MenuBarVertical a was where I should change the font color but it is not having an effect.  Can you direct me to the right CSS to change.  You can see the site at http://w

  • Remove entries from Applications view: Gnome-Shell

    I want to Hide certain applications from showing in Activities-Applications view. I have read the  WIKI. I did not understand how exacty to "edit .desktop files to fit" my wishes.  Do I have to enter all .desktop files to /usr/share/applications/foo.