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I have a friend who bought PSE 6 Mac, and has been told by Apple that she cannot install it on her computer. (Apple says there is a technical problem.) She is thoroughly discouraged. This is the most I know about her computer: She has a G4 and runs 10.4.something. I find it hard to believe that PSE 6 cannot be installed on her computer. Does Apple know what it is talking about?

I tried doing cleanscript with level 1 y after all I couldnt install PSE again. I had also PSE trial before this installation try. Do you think if i do cleanscript with level 2, this will delete other programs?

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  • Save for web - animated gif problem PSE (Mac)

    Trying to save an animated gif using Save for Web dialogue box...
    works fine, except checkbox "Loop" and delay rate drop down box are highlighted (active) but can't be changed
    anyone know reason /  fix?

    No fix, alas. This has been a problem in the mac version since PSE 6. If your gif is small, you can duplicate layers so that they appear to stay onscreen longer, but the best advice is to not use PSE/mac for this, unfortunately.

  • PSE - Mac Camera Raw 6 installed- but 5.5 comes up

    I have a Mac and PSE 8.  I installed camera raw 6 in the proper place - but when I open a NEF file the camera raw version showing is 5.5. 
    Has anyone gotten ACR 6 to work on a Mac with PSE 8?

    You are talking about PSE and not bridge, right?
    How did you install it? It sounds like you failed to remove the old plugin first. You must use the PSE version of the plug-in (not the auto-installing PS version) and despite the instructions, you have to move the old version out of the folder before putting the new one in.
    Yes, 6.1 does work, so that's not the problem.

  • Converting PSE Win to PSE Mac with saved keywords

    Tried several times for three years to go from PSE Win 6 to 9, then to PSE 9 Mac.  At that time intstructions used to say to save keyword tags to slide files before backup, then restore on Mac.  Could never get this to restore on Mac.  Has this been solved with later versions? 

    Thanks so much.  I think I did this all right, because at least one of the times an Adobe tech did it from scratch logged in to my computer. (It is a Mac with Parallels/Windows, and PSE 6 and 9 on that, so all versions actually on one box) And the Mac PSE 9 is on the Mac.  The Adobe instructions a while back said to do a save keyword tags to slide files first, then backup, then move to the Mac and restore.
    So just so I am clear finally, are you saying I don't have to do this save tags process first?  In which version?  And my keywords will come with the catalog?   Is this due to some software upgrade? I didn't see anything in a recent search.
    Thanks once again.  My new years resolution (before new years) is to be able to one again use this. All my slides, all my keywords.

  • PSE/mac -- batch size change without 'export as new' ?

    with a pc, i uploaded batches of raw fotos to flickr by exporting as new file and changing the fotos to jpgs. i now have a mac and PSE lacks the 'export' function [WHY IS IT MISSING ANYWAY?].
    how can i reduce the size of a batch of raw and convert them to jpg, so i can upload to flickr.

    YES! in the meantime, i discovered the multiple fimes in the editor. it works, and i dont want to add more software. but i wonder why the PSE 'export as new' function was eliminated on the mac version. it's a nice feature and has been standard on the pc version ofr ages.
    thanks for the helpful response.

  • Slideshow option for PSE mac version?

    Does anyone know if and when we can expect a slideshow option for mac PSE?  I switched over from PC to MAC in a very laborious process and am annoyed that this feature was missing.
    Can anyone recommend a program or solution that works with PSE to create slideshows that would be similiar to the PSE PC version?

    Nobody can say about that except adobe, but I wouldn't hold your breath. As for substitutes you can make slideshows in imovie and iphoto, or there's fotomagico, which is probably the most popular non-apple program, and several others. If you have a computer that came with idvd (not on newer macs), that does nice slideshows, too.

  • Problem with Diffuse Glow filter PSE mac (Intuit Tablet Issue?)

    The problem that I am having is that when I use the diffuse glow filter it is using a "grey" instead of "white" glow.  The program was installed and working fine for weeks until I used my walcom intuit tablet and the diffuse glow filter turned to grey.  As far as I can tell there is no way to change what color the glow is so I am not sure how to fix it.  I tried support at walcom and they claim to have never heard of this issue.  I also have a notebook running Vista and CS3 and the same thing happened to it but I didn't realize it was the tablet until I tried to use the tablet with my new imac for the first time and the same thing happened.
    Any ideas?  Anyone else have this problem? 

    So I found the answer on another thread, I didn't realize that diffuse glow used the color chosen for your background as the color for the glow.  The colors must have swapped when I started using the tablet.  Ooopps! lol

  • Migration from Photoshop Elements Windows to MAC

    I don't know if this question is answered already somewhere in this forum. I started a search without results.
    Maybe I'm wrong. If so, please apologize.
    I used Elements for years on my Windows box. Recently I bought an iMac and would like to know if it's possible
    to migrate my albums and all the stuff from Windows to Mac using the Mac version of Elements.
    Any help is appreciated.

    The mac version of PSE has no organizer, so no, not directly. What you can do is to create tags for all your albums and categories, and then use File>Write Tags and Properties to File(s) or John Ellis's psedbtool to write the tags as metadata keywords that many mac programs, including Bridge (which you get with PSE/mac) and iphoto can recognize, but you will need to reestablish any hierarchies.

  • ? Adobe PSE France

    Y a t il un service en Francais ?
    Après changement de carte mère sur Mac Book Pro, impossible de valider une nouvelle licence bundle fournie avec un scanner Epson version PSE Mac Os 9, numéro de série du disque accepté, installation renvoie le message :
    Votre installation a rencontré des erreurs
    Essayez de redémarrer votre système et de procéder à une nouvelle installation
    Incohérence dans la base de données du programme d'installation. Redémarrez votre ordinateur et recommencez l'installation
    Bien déçu de cette situation !!!
    Y is there a service in French?
    After changing motherboard on Mac Book Pro, I can't validate a new license bundle (PSE 9 Mac Os) came with an Epson Scanner. Epson
    Serial number accepted
    Installer returns the message:
    Your installation encountered errors
    Try restarting your system and perform a new installation
    Inconsistency in the database setup. Restart your computer and start the installation
    Although disappointed with this situation!

    The system requirements for PSE 9  are :
    1.6 GHz or faster processor
    Microsoft® Windows® XP with Service Pack 2 or 3, Windows Vista®, or Windows 7
    1 GB of RAM (2 GB for HD video functions)
    3 GB of available hard-disk space (additional free space required during installation)
    Color monitor with 16-bit color video card
    1024 x 576 display resolution at 96 dpi or less
    Microsoft DirectX 9 compatible display driver
    DVD-ROM drive
    QuickTime 7 software (required if importing QuickTime formats)
    Internet connection required for Internet-based services
    Try running it 32 bit mode on Windows 7.
    What errors do you get while installing?

  • Elements 13 install fails on my Mac

    I purchased the CD disk for Elements 13 and have tried to install it on my Macbook Pro, which has the OSX 10.8.5 operating system and 4 GB of RAM. I've made two attempts at installing it and each time, when it got to 99 % installed, suddenly the install failed and the CD disk was ejected. I had to use my Elements serial number for each install even though neither install worked. Now I'm wondering: Why won't the install work? And have I used up my two installs for this Elements serial number uselessly? At the moment I am not fond of this Adobe product.

    You mean downloading rather than uploading, right? You can't exactly do that. The photo downloader in PSE/mac has to be launched manually each time you use it. But you can do this:
    Go to the iphoto prefs>General>Connecting Camera Opens>No Application.
    That will stop your photos going to iphoto. Now if you want the pics in the organizer instead, just go to Organizer>File>Get Photos>From Cameras and Card Readers, and bring them in that way, or just drag the folder with images in it from the card (it will mount on your desktop after you turn off that iphoto pref), put them where you want them, and use file>get phots>from files and folders to import them.

  • Is there a MAC elements - PC elements tutorial?

    I'm moving to MAC and wonder if my tags and ID info from the PC Elements 7 files can be moved to the MAC Elements 6 organizer (and how to do it).
    A thread further down in this forum says that the MAC version has no organizer but the sales info on the Adobe elementsforMAC page clearly shows that it's there. (

    That's not Organizer, that's Adobe Bridge, the deluxe file browser that ships with PS and with PSE/mac. It's not a database, but it can write metadata keywords into your photos and so on. However, organizer tags normally exist in a proprietary format dbase, and you have to put them into the files before your mac programs can pick them up. If you don't have raw files, File>Write Tags and Properties to File(s) in the organizer should make keywords of your tags. If you want to preserve album/collection data, make tags for those before using this command, and try it on a couple of files first to be sure it works properly for you.
    Then iphoto, spotlight, aperture, bridge, etc. will find your keywords and display them.

  • Migrate a catalog from Windows to Mac with Lightroom 3?

    Hi there.
    So here's what I've got:  Photoshop Elements 7 for Windows and Lightroom 1.4 installed on the same PC.  I am in the process of migrating to Mac.  If I upgrade from Lightroom 1.4 to 3, which as I understand is a cross-platform license, will I be able to move my catalog with me?
    I am a bit of a Mac newbie, so I'm not sure if there is equal functionality between the Mac and Windows versions of Lightroom.  Clearly there is a big functionality gap the on the PSE side (no Organizer on PSE for Mac).
    Any thoughts?
    Thanks in advance!

    They're pretty much functionally the same, but no DVD burning on 64 bit Win.
    PSE Mac has a version of Bridge rather than Organiser. I'd do the catalog import on Win first, before moving it all over to Mac, as in import your PSE catalog in Lightroom. (It's not foolproof, I believe stuff gets lost-there's not full compatibility).
    PSE is not cross platform, so you'll need to contact Adobe to make the switch.

  • Trying to Open Raw file in Photoshop Elements 4

    Does anybody have any ideas how I can open a RAW file from a cannon G10 camera in Photoshop elements 4.0?  The file is coming out of the camera as *.CR2.  I am working on a MAC with OS 10.5.7. 
    When I try to open a CR2 file in PE 4.0 it says it can not complete my request because photoshop elements does not recognize this file type.
    I have also tried to run the file through the dng converter version 5.3 and when I try to open it with PE 4.0 it gives the same message above.
    Any ideas of how to get this open and take advantage of the RAW format would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.

    There is no PSE 7 for mac. However, you may be able to find a version of the Adobe raw converter that will work in PSE 4 that will open your G10 files. I would start with the latest version (5.3) and keep working backwards till you find the latest version that will work in PSE 4. Camera raw updates for PSE mac are here:
    although the recent updates are listed for PSE 6 only, it's often possible with PSE to use updates that are supposedly too recent for your version of PSE, especially with PSE/Mac.

  • Adobe Camera Raw Plugin for Photoshop Elements 4

    I have downloaded the latest Raw Plugin for Elements 4 successfully and have gone through all the steps except i havent installed Raw Plugin as yet, i would like to know if i have to unzip the files in the downloaded Plugin before i install into Elements 4 or install as is and unzip when it's installed into Elements 4 ? Many thanks Lloyd fro OZ

    In order to use the new plugin in Photoshop Elements 4, you will need to run the 4.0.1 Updater. Support for this version of ACR is the ONLY feature of the 4.0.1 updater.
    Unfortunately, the new ACR plugin came out before we could get the PSE 4.0.1 updater out, so we need to do a workaround for the time being.
    Until the Updater gets posted (which we expect to be on or before May 20), you can use the converter to convert your Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ8 files to RAW, then use them in the program.
    The Converter can be found at:
    Sorry for the delay between the ACR posting and the PSE Mac updater posting.

  • Opening RAW files in Bridge

    According to p. 235 of "Photoshop Elements 8 for Mac", you are supposed to be able to right click on a RAW file in Bridge, and then you will presented with a pop up menu displaying the menu item "Open in Camera Raw".  Clicking on "Open in Camera Raw" in Bridge is supposed to give you access to the full set of ACR features that Photoshop CS4 users enjoy.  On the other hand, using PSE 8 to open RAW files results in a stripped down set of features in ACR.
    Unfortunately, I am unable to open NEF files (Nikon's RAW files) in Bridge. When I right click on a NEF file in Bridge, there is no menu item which says "Open in Camera Raw". However, if I right click on a .jpg file in Bridge, then I do see the "Open in Camera Raw" menu item.
    I am able to open NEF files in PSE 8 and edit them with ACR using the stripped down feature set.   My PSE 8 came with ACR 5.5.  I installed ACR 5.6 to see if that would help, but I get the same results.
    osx 10.4.11, PSE 8 for mac, ACR 5.6

    Hmmm. Works for me -- when I right-click on a NEF file in Bridge (or select and then click on the "open in RAW" icon in Bridge's top menu bar), it works fine for me. I see the full-featured ACR. I use ACR 5.6, PSE Mac 8, and OS X 10.6.2.
    When you installed ACR 5.6, you followed the PSE-specific instructions, right? In Preferences, you've got NEF associated with PSE? And you're not trying to mix-and-match Bridge and iPhoto simultaneously?
    So far, the only difference is I'm using Snow Leopard. And i've never installed NX2 et. al. Not that it should matter, but which camera are you using?

  • How do I mode folders to a new location. I'm using Photoshop Elements 13 on iMac.

    How do I mode folders, containing the photo files, to a new location, in my case a NAS?

    Well, in theory you would use the folders panel in the organizer to move folders, but PSE/mac doesn't do anything but removable drives. It usually won't acknowledge regular network drives, for one of those mysterious adobe reasons.

Maybe you are looking for

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