Publish Windows Vista Calendar to ,Mac

My Apple MacBook crashed and I got a PC Laptop (bad mistake but cheaper than Apple) running Vista Home Premium. I recreated my lost iCal to Windows Calendar. There is a Publish function in Windows Calendar but I can not get the right .Mac server address for publishing the Windows Calendar. I do not have iWeb which would make life easier. I tried uploading the Calendar to my iDisk but got the calendar.exe file rather than the calendar with data.
How do I publish the Windows Calendar to my .Mac web pages?

This forum is for troubleshooting Apple Software Update for Windows, a software package for Windows designed to update Apple products that run on Windows, not Vista or .Mac.
I suggest you post your question in the .Mac forums:

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  • How do I share files from Windows Vista to a Mac with Lion OSX?

    How do I share files from Windows Vista to a Mac with Lion OSX?  I'm having SO much trouble with this!  Any help would be appreciated!!!

    In a finder window, under 'shared' you should be able to see the windows computer name, click on it and connect to it. I am assuming here you have sharing turned on and permissions granted on the windows computer.
    Will add a note though, I have frequently accessed files from a PC on the LAN using XP, not vista.

  • Windows Vista Calendar and Itunes

    Does anyone know how to get I-Tunes to use Windows Vista Calendar. I-Tunes says there is "No supported calendar application can be found." Does anyone know how to get I-Tunes / IPhone to sync with the Windows Vista Calendar?

    Windows Mail is an email client only, which was a name change for Outlook Express with Vista. Windows Mail does not include a calendar.
    The iPhone supports syncing contacts and calendar events with Outlook 2003 or 2007, or with Windows Contacts for syncing contacts only.
    If you are able to sync Gmail calendar events with the calendar application included with Windows, you can access a Gmail account with the iPhone's Mail client as an Exchange account via ActiveSync, which provides for over the air syncing for Gmail online contacts and calendar events.

  • Synchronise Blackberry Calendar to Windows (Vista) Calendar?

    In the Blackberry Desktop manager - synchronisation setup I am not being offered Windows Calendar as an option. Why not and how can I rectify this?
    All help most gratefully received.

    Lindsell wrote:
    Hi Xandrex
    Many thanks. I suppose that as a specialist you must be right though I find it astonishing that Blackberry does't synch with Windows Calendar. Outlook is as I understand it replaced in Windows Vista by Windows Mail, Windows Contacts and Windows Calendar. As Blackberry does synch with Windows (Vista) Contacts then why not Windows Calendar - it doesn't make sense!
    I'm a "Specialist I" ... that just means I talk a lot on this forum and half of my messages just say "tell me more about you and your blackberry"...
    To stay focused on your topic : you will see there are always problems with new versions of Microsoft applications : Outlook 2007, Windows Vista Calendar, and event Windows Vista 64bits. I don't have any views at RIM's developers HQ, but I think most problems is because Microsoft tells people about the changes in their application too late. (= not soon enough) so that developpers (including the ones at RIM) can modify their applications.
    The other reason is maybe RIM wants to spend more time for their corporate users (those who have a company IT that takes care of everything through BES, as opposed to commom people who will use BIS). Blackberries are mainly for a corporate use, and a corporate calendar is Outlook Calendar, not Windows Calendar.
    That being said, Google developped a tool to sync between a Google Calendar and the Blackberry calendar, so if you manage to use a Google Calendar, you're in paradise. Maybe there is a tool to synchronize between a Google Calendar and the Windows Calendar (it's easy to do with webdav, but I don't know if it is prioritized by Microsoft developpers).
    Conclusion is harsh : you are too much a pioneer, you should stick with things that work
    The search box on top-right of this page is your true friend, and the public Knowledge Base too:

  • Synch windows vista calendar

    When will iphone synch with windows calendar? I had a Mac & it was stolen after I got my iphone, so I couldn't afford another Mac. All computers have Vista now, and it is a good calendar.

    Apple has made no announcements of when or if they will support Vista calendar.

  • Can't print to windows Vista printer from Mac OS 10.6.7

    Hi All,
    Proud new owner of iMac 27" and have successfully managed to set up file sharing between my new Mac and current Windows Vista machine.  Windows is attached to a Belkin 54g wireless router.  A Canon MP960 is attached to the Windows machine via USB.  The Mac is working with the network via Airport. 
    Problem is that I can't see the printer from the Mac.  I have tried manually setting up the printer to be shared with the Mac via:
    Mac OS X v10.5 or later
    Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu.
    Choose Print & Fax from the View menu.
    Click the + button to add a printer.
    Press the Control key while clicking the "Default" icon (or any other icon on the toolbar), then choose Customize Toolbar from the contextual menu that appears.
    Drag the Advanced (gear) icon to the toolbar.
    Click Done.
    Click the Advanced icon that was added to the toolbar.
    Choose Windows from the Type pop-up menu.
    In the URL field, type the printer's address in one of the following formats:
    Note: "workgroup" is the name of the Windows workgroup that the computer sharing the printer belongs to. "server" is the name of the computer sharing the printer (or its IP address). "sharename" is the shared Windows printer's share name. If the share name contains spaces, replace each space with "%20" (without quotation marks).
    Tip: You don't need a "workgroup" when specifying the IP address of the computer (such as when the printer is on a different subnet), or if your Mac belongs to the same Windows (SMB) workgroup.
    In the Name field, type the name you would like to use for this printer in Mac OS X.
    Choose the appropriate PPD or printer driver from the "Print Using" pop-up menu.
    Click Add
    I have also allowed printer sharing on the windows machine.  I still can't print!
    Can anyone please help?  Are there some settings I could have missed? 

    I have the same setup but with a Canon MX850.  This did not fix my problem. 

  • Windows (Vista) Calendar not supported for sync to iPhone?

    I am using Windows Vista Ultimate x64 and I have an iPhone 3g S 32GB and in iTunes with my iPhone selected and I am under the Info tab it will show and allow syncing contacts to Windows Contacts but the calendar section says no supported calendar can be found.
    Why will it sync to windows contacts but not windows calendar? Pretty stupid if you ask me. I do not plan to go out and spend $150 on Outlook 2007 or $100 a year for MobileMe just for this feature. This is just absolutely stupid that iTunes won't recognize Windows Calendar but it will recognize Windows Contacts, Windows Mail, and even syncing bookmarks from Internet Explorer.
    If it is supposed to recognize the calendar, maybe Apple broke something in iTunes 8.2? I tried an uninstall of iTunes and Apple Mobile Device Support that was suggested at I followed all the information there it still doesn't let me sync with Windows Calendar.

    Unfortunately, you are out of luck. MobileMe can only sync calendars to Outlook. Maybe a future update will allow syncing to Windows Calendar but for now, there is no direct method of syncing.


    *Im getting frustrated !*
    I just bought an airport extreme (802.11n)
    Mac os X 10.5.4 & Windows Vista
    I want to connect the airport wirelessly to my mac and some other wireless devices but also connect it through my D-link DSL-302G internet modem. So what i exactly want to do is airport via ethernet cable to DSL modem then DSL modem via USB to my windows vista PC.
    Problem: There is only one ethernet plug on both DSL modem and airport extreme. On my windows vista i can't figure out how to use the internet using the USB cable.
    By the way, my windows PC DOES not have a wireless card.
    Since this also associates with windows --> So if you cant help me with the windows side of things, at least give me a link .. :D:D:D:D:D

    Sounds like you've got an Airport Express, not an Airport Extreme!
    The Extreme has 4 ethernet ports, and would do exactly what you want - not sure about the Express, as I've never used one.
    Try posting a new thread, asking about sharing an internet connection using an Airport Express.
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  • Sync Windows Vista Calendar with PC Suite & N95

    Is anyone aware of a way to sync my N95's calendar with the new (and improved) Windows Calendar which comes free with Vista?
    I'm using PC Suite and this can only sync with Windows Vista Contacts (not calendar).

    01:58 PM
    doom4 wrote:
    I have a problem with compatibility of nokia pc suite , it doesnt work on Windows Vista , and i have to install some apps to my phone through usb cabel because i havent bluetooth card in my pc ( Is it any version for Windows Vista ? I didnt find it on czech nokia official web sites Message Edited by doom4 on 11-Mar-2007
    01:59 PM
    What version of Vista do you have? 32bit or 64bit? I have a 32bit Vista Ultimate and PC Suite works fine.
    Nokia N73 v 4.0735.3.0.2 RM 133

  • N8 and Windows Vista calendar doesn't sync correct...

    For some strange reason I can't synch some 13 dates in the past from nokia N8-00 Anna linked by cable with windows vista's calendar anymore (32bit). I use latest nokia suite 3.3.86 and no update for phone or suite is available. All other information is well synchronized but when calendar is trying to synch then I get two error codes. Restart and repair of synch data has been done of course......
    Error code
    I reinstalled the Nokia suite and repaired synchronization. Now I don't know if my remaining calendar is in synchronization or if there are other dates missing....
    Can Nokia please help me to get it working again? What do the codes mean?
    Thanks a lot!
    Nokia Suite 3.3.86
    PC Connectivity Solution
    Connectivity Cable Driver
    Maps Service API
    Nokia nPlatform
    Desktop Sync Engine
    Microsoft Windows Vista 32-Bit-Edition, Service Pack 2
    Sprache: Deutsch
    Erkannte Internet-Browser:
    - Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0.8112.16421
    - Mozilla Firefox 9.0.1 (Standard-Browser)
    Erkannte Bluetooth Pakete:
    - Microsoft (Version: 6.0.6000, Build: 16386), Aktiv
    Erkannte USB-Treiber:
    - Default Hub Driver for USB 6.0.6002.18005
    - USB Modem Driver 6.0.6002.18005
    - EHCI eUSB Miniport Driver 6.0.6002.18005

    to have palm desktop work, you must install it on the account that you are going to sync it with, and that account must have administrator privileges, fast user switching is located in control panel, select classic view, and double click on user accounts click on "change the way users log in and out" then un-check"use fast user switching!

  • Windows vista calendar

    I haven't been able to sync my calendar to my iphone. I have windows vista. The vista contacts worked but not the calendar. Any suggestions?

    Susan, I saw this in another post. I'm going to try one of these apps.

  • Syncing with Windows Vista calendar

    Hi all. I have just purchased and rec'd my iphone4. I am having problems syncing it with my calendar on my laptop which runs off windows mail not outlook. I have the latest itunes version and have also updates the windows but still nothing! A few items have appeared in my iphone calnedar but nothing new that I have added to calendar on pc.
    Can anyone please help?

    The iPhone doesn't support syncing calendar events with the Windows Calendar.
    The iPhone supports syncing calendar events with Outlook 2003, 2007, or 2010 along with syncing contacts and notes.
    The iPhone supports syncing contacts with the address book application used by Windows Mail.

  • I installed windows vista on my mac through boot camp but now cant return to my os settings before. Please help!!

    I've looked on the web but they all say swapping between windows and is using bootcamp but I am not being given this option as every time I restart it it just launches in windows again?

    You read the install guide and FAQ?
    Did you check the Windows on Mac Boot Camp forum? has how to etc
    You installed the Apple Windows Support Software
    You have looked in Windows Control Panels : Boot Camp : Change default startup
    There is also Startup Disk in System Preferences in OS X
    x = Mac OS X
    Option key invokes Mac boot OS selector on startup
    MacBook Pro
    Mac 101: Using Windows on your Mac via Boot Camp
    Helpful Apple Support Resources (Forum Overview)
    Boot Camp Support 
    Boot Camp Manuals
    Boot Camp 4.0, OS X Lion: Frequently asked question
    create a Windows support software (drivers) CD or USB storage media
    The Boot Camp Assistant can burn Boot Camp software (drivers) to a DVD or copy it to a USB storage device, such as a flash drive or hard drive. These are the only media you can use to install Boot Camp software.
    Installation Guide  
    Instructions for all features and settings.
    Boot Camp 4.0 FAQ  Get answers to commonly asked Boot Camp questions.
    Windows 7 FAQ  Answers to commonly asked Windows 7 questions.

  • How to get rid of error messages when booting Windows Vista on a Mac

    I know there's a way, I've seen a page where there were step by step instructions on HOW TO do it. I just can't seem to find it now.

    Hi and welcome to Discussions,
    doing some guessing 'Unrecognized partition table for Drive 80' error ?
    Have a look here for solution:
    Or use the BCD approach described in here:
    Hope it helps

  • Windows Vista install disk for my Mac?

    I have just installed Windows vista onto my Mac but when using boot camp it only gives me the option of creating a Windows 7 install disk.  Does anybody know where I can get a Windows Vista install disk?  Thanks

    No doubt if you Google for it you will find vendors. Check with, too.

Maybe you are looking for

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