Publishing a new calendar in iCal

No I'm not in the wrong forum
My aim is to do that using AS. I have read through the iCal dictionnary, but haven't found an entry that seems to do the trick, but then I might have missed it, since the GUI menu names and dictionnary entries have surprisingly different terminology. (GUI: got to date, ASD: show date, for eg.).
Unfortunately the menu item has no keyboard shortcut, so the possibility of GUI-scripting that is not as easy. I'm not very confortable with GUI scripting menu items using "UI Elements Inspector" (in fact never done it , it just seems prone to break down sooner or later).
I need to publish the calendar to the .mac account we have and was wondering "will I have to quit iCal, write to plist file and relaunch"*, or is there a simpler way ?
*If there is not, I would appreciate some insight on how to do that sketchy piece of work.

I see... Is it something you have already done and if so, could you give me a bit of help ?
Up to now, I was able to add the iCal menu down where you can add applications, but I'm not sure how to add the keyboard shortcut;
I'm prompted to type the exact menu name, but to my knowledge, a menu item has a menu name and a menu item name. How come there is only one name ? Is it a combination of the two ? Are there any recommendations in the choice of keys ?
And once that is set up, from where can I type the shortcut ? Is it system wide (when typed by a user) or is it app-specific ? Finally, do I use as expected System Events to tell iCal the shortcut to be typed ?

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  • Can I create a new calendar in ICal on my iPad?

    Can I create a new calendar in ICal on my IPad?

    Tap and hold a file. When it starts to shake, drag it on top of another file. This will create your folder. By the way, you can't create any nested folders (folders inside of folders).

  • How can I create a new calendar on iCal iPad 2????

    I need to create a new calendar on iCalendar from my iPad 2? The app doesn't have the "new calendar" button like the Mac version.

    Wait until iOS 5 is released on wednesday, then you will be able to create them directly on the iPad - from :
    Add, rename, and delete calendars directly from your device.
    Until then you can only add calendars by syncing :
    You can sync calendars from applications such as iCal on a Mac, or from Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, or 2010 on a PC. (On a Mac, you can sync calendars with multiple applications. On a PC, you can sync calendars with only one application at a time.)
    In Settings on iPad, turn on Calendars in your MobileMe, Google, Yahoo!, or Microsoft Exchange account to sync your calendar information over the air. If your company or organization supports it, you can also set up a CalDAV account

  • Touch ignores new events in ical and iTunes doesn't show new calendars

    i just set my Touch (2nd gen 2.1.1) back to the factory settings with a freshly created itunes lib.
    My problem was (and still is) that i couldn't sync new events from my macbook to the touch.
    i also created a new calendar to ical and checked if naming could be the reason. but the new calendar doesn't show up in the info part of itunes. even if i select replace all calendars on my ipod.
    an strange and annoying problem.
    cu assetburned

    - iOS: Not responding or does not turn on           
    - Also try DFU mode after try recovery mode
    How to put iPod touch / iPhone into DFU mode « Karthik's scribblings
    - If not successful and you can't fully turn the iOS device fully off, let the battery fully drain. After charging for an least an hour try the above again.
    - Try another cable              
    - Try on another computer                    
    Also see
    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows
    - I would start with
    Removing and Reinstalling iTunes, QuickTime, and other software components for Windows XP
    Removing and reinstalling iTunes and other software components for Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8
    However, after your remove the Apple software components also remove the iCloud Control Panel via Windows Programs and Features app in the Window Control Panel. Then reinstall all the Apple software components
    - Then do the other actions of:
    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows
    paying special attention to item #5
    - New cable and different USB port
    - Run this and see if the results help with determine the cause
    iTunes for Windows: Device Sync Tests
    Also see:
    iPod not recognised by windows iTunes
    Troubleshooting issues with iTunes for Windows updates
    - Try on another computer to help determine if computer or iPod problem
    - If still not successful that usually indicates a hardware problem and an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store is in order.
      Apple Retail Store - Genius Bar                              

  • Ical won't let me create a new calendar, unless it is left "untitled."

    When I create a new calendar in iCal, I can't name the calendar what I want (unless I leave it as "untitled"). However, color coding still works.
    Please advise. I am running the most recent software as of today: OS X 10.8.2 (12C60)
    Thank you.

    This is asked and answerd many, many times every day - including several times this morning.
    The forum search bar is on the right side of this page.
    If changing your password does not solve, then contact itunes support.

  • Automator plug-in added to read-only calendar in iCal

    I was trying the 'Tiger Tip of the Week' about creating an Automator workflow saved as an iCal Alarm plug-in. Unfortunately, it added it to the 'Holidays' calendar, which is read-only. I found where the plug-in was saved in my library and deleted it, but the 'Boston Globe' event was still on my calendar. Luckily, I was able to unsubscribe and re-subscribe to the US Holidays shared calendar and make it disappear, but what did I do wrong? I didn't have any options available when saving as a plug-in.

    One way I've gotten around some weird problems like this in the past is to export my calendars to the Desktop, and then re-import them back into iCal. I'm not sure if this will work for you, however. You also might try backing up and restoring via File->Back up iCal... . Hope that helps.
    Edit: if the problem is related to a calendar you've published, Apple offers these suggestions (from iCal Help):
    ■ If you want to change events on a calendar that you published on the Internet, but you’ve deleted the calendar from your Calendars list, you need to re-create the calendar with all its events, give it the same name as the published calendar, and then publish the new calendar. The new calendar will replace the previously published one.
    ■ If you can’t change an event for which you are the organizer, or you can’t change the attendee settings for an event you’ve been invited to, make sure all your email addresses are listed on your Address Book card (the card marked “me”).

  • How do you  add new even to iCal? (and my spell check)

    ok i am ********
    in my last post i spelled mail as male....
    Here is my question .. each time i try to add a new event to iCal i get a pop up window that says "You can not add events to MAIL calendar. "
    I searched the helps menu and i did exactly what it says but each time i try to add an even i get the same pop up. And also on the pull down the add even is shaded out.

    Here is what iCal Help says about being unable to change an event or calendar.
    If you can’t change an event or calendar, check the following:
    If it’s a calendar to which you’ve subscribed, you can change the calendar name but you can’t change its events or to-do items.
    If you were invited to an event, you can change only your status for the event, the calendar where the event appears, and the event alarm.
    You can’t change or delete events on the Birthdays calendar. (To show the Birthdays calendar, select “Show Birthdays calendar” in iCal preferences.) To change the birthdays that appear, open Address Book (in your Applications folder) and make your changes there. For more information, in Address Book choose Help > Address Book Help.
    If you can’t change a single event’s time zone or the iCal time zone, time zone support may be turned off. Choose iCal > Preferences, click Advanced, and then make sure the “Turn on time zone support” checkbox is selected.
    If you want to change events on a calendar that you published on the Internet, but you’ve deleted the calendar from your Calendars list, you need to re-create the calendar with all its events, give it the same name as the published calendar, and then publish the new calendar. The new calendar will replace the previously published one.
    If you can’t change an event for which you are the organizer, or you can’t change the attendee settings for an event you’ve been invited to, make sure all your email addresses are listed on your Address Book card (the card marked “me”).
    1. Do any of those recommendations help you further define your problem.
    2. Is there any reason you have not yet upgraded to OS X 10.5.3?

  • Added calendar in iCal not synced to MobileMe

    I moved a calendar from "On My Mac" to my MobileMe account group, using the export-import method. The new calendar, however, does not sync to MobileMe. I even tried an overwrite (bookmarks, calendars, contacts and keychains) from my Mac to MobileMe but the added calendar still did not appear in MobileMe.
    I quit and relaunched iCal, which started an immediate sync. The new calendar promptly disappeared from iCal and I got a string of error messages (one for each entry in the new calendar, it seems) all ending with
    The server responded with
    “HTTP/1.1 409 Conflict”
    and asking me to either "Go Offline" or "Revert to Server". It didn't seem to matter which one I selected – the error just kept cropping up. Eventually, I gave up and force quit iCal.
    How can I add a new calendar to iCal that will sync with MobileMe?

    I presume that this procedure represents exactly what you have tried to accomplish?
    Import an iCal calendar or event
    If you use iCal and want to add your iCal calendars and events to a MobileMe calendar, you can import them.
    To import an iCal calendar:
    Open iCal, and then select the iCal calendar you want to import into your MobileMe calendar.
    Choose File > Export > Export.
    Type a calendar name, choose a location from the Where pop-up menu, and click OK.You can store the exported file anywhere, and you can delete it after you finish importing it.
    Choose File > New Calendar, and then choose a MobileMe calendar (by default, your MobileMe email address).
    Type a calendar name (you can use the same name as the calendar you just exported), and press Return.
    Choose File > Import > Import, select your exported iCal calendar, and then click Import.
    Select the destination MobileMe calendar to which you want to add the imported iCal calendar, and then click OK.
    Quit iCal and go to the Macintosh HD/Users/yourusername/Library/Calendars Folder and delete any/all files with "Cache" as a part of the name. Log out/in or restart and reattempt using the exact procedure which I copied from the MobileMe Help page.

  • Problems viewing calendars in iCal after OS upgrade

    I just upgraded my OS from 10.4 to 10.6, and now several of my calendars within iCal don't show up (2 show up, but 4 are "missing"). I've synced with my iPhone, and all the events are still listed on my phone, but I can't see them on my computer.
    Any suggestions on how to make it so that I can see these calendars again?

    Welcome to Apple Discussions,
    It sounds like something went wrong in the upgrade process of iCal under 10.4 to 10.6.
    Try the following in order:
    1. First make an iCal backup, File > Export > Archive.
    2. Go to Your User > Library > Application Support > iCal
    __Move this folder to your desktop (this is the old 10.4 calendar location. don't misplace it)
    Remove the following to the trash and restart your computer:
    Home > Library > Caches
    Home > Library > Calendars > Calendar Cache, Cache, Cache 1, 2, 3, etc. (Do not remove Sync Cache or Theme Cache)
    Home > Library > Preferences > (There may be more than one of these. Remove them all.)
    __NOTE: Removing these files will remove any shared (CalDAV) calendars you may have access to. You will have to re-add those calendars to iCal > Preferences > Accounts.
    Check iCal at this point. Did the calendars come back?
    3. If not then quit iCal and follow this help article:
    Check iCal at this point. Did they come back?
    4. If not then go into the iCal folder you put on your desktop and look for several folders with extremely long names. Inside each one is a calendar called "corestorage.ics". Each one of these is one of your calendars.
    Open each one, one at a time by double-clicking. When prompted, add each one to a uniquely named new calendar in iCal until you have restored the missing calendars. You can then delete any duplicate calendars that might have been imported.
    Hope that helps.

  • Unable to create a new calendar

    I'm unable to create a new calendar in iCal. If I open the File menu, and hover on "New Calendar", it doesn't display me any options. Nothing happens! See screenshot below:
    Anyone have any ideas? I mainly use Google calendars, but I'd like to add a local calendar on my mac.

    Open iCal preferences, disable all Google calendar accounts. Now I can create a new calendar "on my mac". After creating it I can turn the Google calendars back on and the local calender will stay.

  • How can I add my own calendars in iCal?

    I have recently added new calendars to iCal (File>New Calendar Group) in preparation to import my google calendars (previously exported).  However when I am prompted to choose the calendar in which to import the data, the options I have created are 'greyed' out.  How do I activate these calendars so I can choose them?

    You need to create a calendar (File -> New Calendar). With calendar groups you can group several calendars but you need calendars, as only calendars can contain events.
    Regards, Michael

  • What Does This Do? File New Calendar Exchange Account

    When creating a New Calendar in iCal, you're given a choice of On My Mac or Exchange Account. I know Snow Leopard will offer Exchange compatibility in future, but what does selecting Exchange Account do today?

    Hello Rene,
    no, it's not the same. The first one is more general, as you set the application to be unavailable before you do the upgrade. Obviously, you use it for any other maintenance task as well. We also use it to disable applications that shall only be available a few days per month.
    The second attribute is set to mark the application of being imported (also if it's the first time) and hence it won't be accessible at that moment. Furthermore, you can't execute a second update/import at that time, which would be possible if you just set the flow status to unavailable.

  • Moving all Entourage Calendars to iCal... How?

    Please note first:
    1. I have two calendars on my company's exchange server that both sync with Entourage. It looks like there is Main calendar and then a sub- calendar under it.
    2. I already use Sync Services and the first or top calendar syncs with iCal perfectly.
    I need to get the second or lower calendar exported from Entourage and them imported into iCal.
    With MobileMe now pushing and also getting new iPhone 3G I need to move over to iCal so sync multiple (and necassary) calendars.
    Please help me figure out how to get the second or lower calendar exported.

    Nobody answered... I have gone ahead and manually added events to a new calendar in iCal.

  • Importing Now Up To Date Calendar into iCal

    I have been using NUTD for ten years. It is now starting to crash often with the latest OS software. So I would like to import my entire NUTD calendar into iCal. However, I cannot figure out how to do this. I have looked at discussions on the subject, but they all seem to be several years old. Any new ideas on doing this? I have a Bed and Breakfast and need the past ten years calendar info, plus the reservation info that goes out three year from now. So I need to import 13 years worth of calendar data.

    I just did a full migration from Now Up-to-Date to iCal and was successful using a tip obtained elsewhere. The key is to pass the data through Excel and Palm Desktop. Now can't export vCal yet and iCal won't import tab delimited text. However, Palm Desktop can import tab-delimted text and export vCal.
    I don't think you can successfuly create multiple iCal calendars from the Now categories going through Palm Desktop; I didn't try that. To make sure it worked out, I did it using multiple export/imports doing one Now category at a time by passing it through Excel. Here's a summary of the steps:
    1. Export your date rage from Now in tab-delimited format.
    2. Open the export file in Excel, sort by category.
    3. Extract all entries for each category into separate workbooks, save each as tab-delimited text file format.
    4. Open Palm Desktop and create a new calendar for the category (e.g business, personal, special events, etc.) Save it in a temp place like your desktop.
    5. Import the text file to the new Palm Desktop calendar
    6. Export from Palm Desktop to a vCal file
    7. Create a new calendar in iCal for the category to be imported
    8. Import the vCal file into that calendar.
    Repeat steps 4-8 for each Now category.
    There were some anomolies I couldn't explain (like some single-day all-day events becoming two-day events in iCal), but I just cleaned those up manually.
    Repeating events in the Now Calendar will become multiple single events in iCal. Also, if you have any commas in titles or notes, the process of passing through Excell wil put " " around those entries in iCal. If this bothers you, you could pass the saved Excel text files (from step 3) through a text editor (Text Wrangler works best, TextEdit should do it also) to delete the quotes if you want.
      Mac OS X (10.4.8)  
    MacBook Pro   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

  • Can't view published calendar with iCal 2.1 on  icalx

    I have spent several days reading disussions and anything else I could find, but no luck.
    I need to publish my boss' calendar online so the rest of our team can view it , up-to-date. We first tried publising it on .Mac:
    We were able to view it on and off, specifically from PCs, which is what everyone else is on. Sometimes it would work, other times it would say it can't find the calendar.
    I then tried using icalx. I finally got it to work with a "test" calendar from my Powerbook (with iCal 1.5.5 on OS X 10.3.9. Everthing worked fine, the page showed up on iCalX no problem. I then sent my boss the "how to". His calendar is now loaded on iCalx, however it does not work. He is running OS X 10.4, with new iCal.
    I then had my sister publish one from my house computer to test it again, on OS X 10.3.9 as well, and it again worked fine.
    When i click on the html page in iCalX, it says "Cannot find webpage" when I click on his schedule, but works fine with the other two "Testers" that I already had up.
    It seems it is a bug in the new OS X ?
    How can I get this to work? Thanks a TON in advance!

    I too had a similar problem. I published a couple of calendars to .Mac, iCalX, and iCalShare (I had iCalShare grab my calendar from iCalX). I wanted to see how my calendars looked from these different servers.
    I really liked the look and feel of my calendars on the .Mac server but I could never view these calendars from a Windows machine. I also could never view any of the Calendar from the Mac calendar Library from a Windows machine.
    I ended up having iCalX host my calendars.

Maybe you are looking for

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