Publishing a stateless java web service

Hi All,
Two questions:
1 - Does Oracle still support publishing java web services (stateless and stateful) just by declaring it in the web.xml file? I see that there are instructions on how to do this in an old whitepaper but any recent programmer documentation does not have it.
2 - I tried declaring a java class as a web service in the web.xml and it seems to do something (ie., when I go to the URI, there is actually the wsdl, and the various methods that can be invoked). However, when invoking one of the methods (which should just return "Hello World" without any processing at all), I get the following exception. Any ideas?
     at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(
     at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(
     at com.evermind[Oracle9iAS ( Containers for J2EE].server.http.ResourceFilterChain.doFilter(
     at com.evermind[Oracle9iAS ( Containers for J2EE].server.http.ServletRequestDispatcher.invoke(
     at com.evermind[Oracle9iAS ( Containers for J2EE].server.http.ServletRequestDispatcher.forwardInternal(
     at com.evermind[Oracle9iAS ( Containers for J2EE].server.http.HttpRequestHandler.processRequest(
     at com.evermind[Oracle9iAS ( Containers for J2EE]
     at com.evermind[Oracle9iAS ( Containers for J2EE]
     at com.evermind[Oracle9iAS ( Containers for J2EE].util.ReleasableResourcePooledExecutor$

hello Jonathan
In Jdev903 doc it is given that (pl/sql web service)
On Oracle9i Database release 2, when a stored procedure or function of the same name and the same package name is accessible in more than one schema, then the SQLJ translator invoked during publication of PL/SQL web services will fail. In order to resolve this problem, ensure that packages to be published are visible only in one schema, and that no other packages in other schemas share the same name.
The problem u explained come into the same category.Which database version u r using ? .

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    Hi All,
    I keep getting the following Generation Error -- java.util.NoSuchElementException_ when I'm trying to create a Java Web Service using the jdeveloper wizard.
    I have 2 entities and 2 stateless session beans acting as their facades. One entity has a One-One(FK) relationship with the other entity. I test out the entities and session beans using the test client and the OC4J embedded container and everything seems to work. When I try to generate a Java WebService from one of the entities I keep getting the "Generation Error". Could someone please provide me with some insight into why I'm facing this problem, because it seemed fine when I published J2EE web services previously and now this happens and I cant seem to publish web services anymore. Everytime I keep getting the same GenerationError. Thanks in advance.

    Without going into any technical discussion about the code, my first question is what JDK version was used to create this which was imported into the form? Understand that Forms 10 runs on JDK 1.4.2, so if you used any newer JDK version, likely there will be problems.

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    I try to generate a JAX-RPC web services as described in the tutorial : but when generating the web services I have an exception : an unexpected error was encountered. Generation aborted. and when I click details I have the following message : C:\jdev10g\jdev\mywork\WS2-TestOracle\Project1\src\__temp_assembler\public_html\WEB-INF\wsdl\MyWebService3.wsdl (Le chemin d'accès spécifié est introuvable)
         at Method)
         at oracle.jdevimpl.webservices.generator.JAXRPCGenerator.populateWSDLWithEndpoint(
         at oracle.jdevimpl.webservices.generator.JAXRPCGenerator.generateServiceImpl(
         at oracle.jdevimpl.webservices.generator.JAXRPCGenerator.generateService(
         at oracle.jdeveloper.webservices.JAXRPCSvcModel.saveEdit(
         at oracle.jdevimpl.webservices.wizard.WebServicePublishWizard.runWizard(
         at oracle.jdevimpl.webservices.wizard.WebServicePublish.invoke(
         at oracle.ide.WizardManager.invokeWizard(
         at oracle.ide.WizardManager$
         at java.awt.event.InvocationEvent.dispatch(
         at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEvent(
         at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpOneEventForHierarchy(
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         at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(
    Can any one help,

    The interface does not get generated as indicated in the tutorial.
    If the Web service is generated with
    File>New>Business Tier>Java Web Service with the
    Autogenerate Service Endpoint Interface checkbox selected,
    the interface does not get generated.
    The Autogenerate Service Endpoint Interface feature does not autogenerate java interface.

  • Send an event from Java Web Service to BPEL

    I have a requirement where from an Async BPEL service I have to call a Java Web Service. After the completion of its task Java Web Service will fire an event that has to be consumed by the BPEL to initiate further process. Can anybody help me with how to send an event from Java Web Service and at the same time consume it in BPEL?

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  • Publishing Application Modules as Web Services runs into error

    I want to create a web service based upon and ADF BC Application (in other words, based upon a data control).
    I want to expose the ADF BC Application functionality (DML, calling of procedures) via Web Service.
    I read in the Developers Guid for Forms4GL Developers, parapragh 33.4 (Publishing Application Modules as Web Services), how this can be done:
    How to Enable the J2EE Web Service Option for an Application Module
    To enable your application module as a web service:
    1. Enable a custom Java class for your application module and add to it one or more
    custom methods that you want to appear on the web service interface.
    2. Open the Application Module editor and on the Client Interface tab, select one or
    more custom methods to appear on the client interface.
    3. With the Application Module editor still open, on the Remote panel, select
    Remoteable Application Module, select J2EE Web Service in the Available list
    and shuttle it to the selected list.
    4. Then click OK to save your changes.
    When I follow this series of actions I get the following error:
    Failed to validate method
    [email protected]021
    java.lang.IllegalStateException: Failed to validate method [email protected]021 whether it is publishable
         at oracle.jbo.dt.jdevx.JdvWebServicePlatform2.getMethodPublishableStatus(
         at oracle.jbo.dt.objects.JboWebServicePlatform.generateWebServiceCode(
         at oracle.jbo.dt.objects.JboWebServicePlatform.createServer(
         at oracle.jbo.dt.objects.JboDeployPlatform.createRemoteClass(
         at oracle.jbo.dt.ui.module.AMSaveRemoteThread.doGeneration(
    Who has any ideas?
    Regards Leon Smiers


  • Creating a java Web Service Using Axis

    I need to write a Java web Service using Axis which send a file as an DIme attachement and It should to be invoked by .NET Client .
    I need to know how to attach a file to Soap response and how to read a file from the response at Client.
    I am new to web Services ,,please help me......

    You can use a java web service to publish a Web service from a Java class.
    A wizard creates the WSDL document and deployment files needed to publish your code as a Web service. After you select the class and methods you want to publish, the wizard generates deployment descriptors, a JAX-RPC mapping file, and a WSDL document that can be deployed to an application server.
    You can refer : \bpel\samples\tutorials\102.InvokingProcesses\ws sample to invoke a WS using JAX-RPC Call.
    Hope that helps!

  • Using a Java Web Service in a BPEL Process

    I am newie with Oracle Soa Suite and BPEL process and i have problems. I have developed a Java Web Service, first developing the Java Class and then using the wizard to create a Java Web Service.
    Now i want to develope a BPEL Process that use this Java Web Service. I have tried it with the component Partnert Link from de palette and looking for the java web service wsdl file. I have tried it with the component Java Web Service from the palette. In both of them, it happens the same, it appears erros looking for the wsdl or looking for something that the wsdl use. If someone could try it. Its easy. Create a Java class with one simple method. Create A java web service with the wizard. Then create a BPEL process and try to use it with a partner link.
    I have been trying it one week...
    Thank you in advance.

    You can use a java web service to publish a Web service from a Java class.
    A wizard creates the WSDL document and deployment files needed to publish your code as a Web service. After you select the class and methods you want to publish, the wizard generates deployment descriptors, a JAX-RPC mapping file, and a WSDL document that can be deployed to an application server.
    You can refer : \bpel\samples\tutorials\102.InvokingProcesses\ws sample to invoke a WS using JAX-RPC Call.
    Hope that helps!

  • Unable to create java web service

    morning all
    Being new to ejbs I created a simple ejb project comprising one entity bean and one session bean. The session bean exposes two methods one to retrieve individual employee data (return object EmployeeData class which implements java.o.Serializable) and a second retrieving all employee data (return object java.util.Collection).
    When I attempt to create a Java Web Service and select the session bean to expose as a web service the method are grayed out, clicking 'Why Not?' displays a message box showing the message
    'The following parameter types do not have an XML Schema Mapping and\or serializer specified'
    What does this mean and how do I solve it?

    The marker is not consulted when determining whether a Java object can be transmitted in a web service invocation. Instead, each parameter and return value of a web service method must conform to one of the 3 rules below:
    1. It is a Java primitive (int, long, byte etc.), Java primitive wrapper (java.lang.Integer etc.), or a java.lang.String.
    2. It is a Java bean with a zero-argument constructor, and a pair of "get" and "set" methods for each property to be exposed. Each property must itself conform to one of these 3 rules.
    3. It is an array of a type that meets either rule 1 or rule 2.
    In the first case, I'd hazard a guess that your EmployeeData class doesn't have the form of a Java bean. Make sure it's got the zero-argument constructor, and that all of the "get" and "set" methods use types which are themselves publishable.
    In the second case, java.util.Collection doesn't conform to any of the 3 rules above. However, once you've fixed your EmployeeData class, you can convert the method that returns the Collection into a method that returns a EmployeeData[], which you will be able to publish in your web service.
    Hope that helps,

  • Looking for More Info on Java Web Service

    Hi Everyone,
    Where can i find More info on Java web Service in BPEL? Is there any link or documentation for this? I looked at the tutorial and the only info available is:
    B.2.7 Java Web Service
    This service enables you to publish a Web service from a Java class. A wizard creates the WSDL document and deployment files needed to publish your code as a Web service. After you select the class and methods you want to publish, the wizard generates deployment descriptors, a JAX-RPC mapping file, and a WSDL document that can be deployed to an application server.
    Thank You,

    one way would be to upload the files to XE using the WebDav feature of the XML DB. You find more information here:
    Another option would be to configure a standalone Apache as a proxy server to XE. This way you can configure the Apache any way you like.
    HTTPS with Oracle XE ?
    Re: Existing http server
    For correctly logging the remote IP you will need the following workaround:
    Re: How to get X-Forwarded-For value?

  • Serialization error while invoking a Java web service

    I've a requirement where I need to create a Java web service, which returns a collection (a set of records).
    The way I've created a web service is by having a Java Class, which internally calls a Pl/sql package returning Ref cursors and a bean Class, which wraps the method of the Java Class, to return the collection. I could create the web service successfully and could invoke the end point. The end point looks like this: http://localhost:8988/MyJavaWebService-New_JWS-context-root/MyWebService_finalSoapHttpPort
    The method exposed for the web service in my Java class is of type ArrayList, to fetch the collection element.
    After giving the input at the end point, while I say invoke, for the web service, I get the following error:
    <faultstring>Internal Server Error (serialization error: no serializer is registered for (class mypkg.EmpBean, null))</faultstring>
    I've tried making my exposed method of type Vector as well and re-generated the web service. But still I face the same issue at invocation.
    Can anybody help me out and hint me on how I should proceed? I'm not sure if my approach is correct and so please correct me if I'm wrong.
    Thanks in Advance,

    do you use 10.1.2 or 10.1.3?
    Take a look at:
    Re: How to create a web service with ArrayList or Collection

  • How to test a Java Web Service locally?

    I developed simple java web services.
    Now I want to test them locally.
    I want to expose my web service through my Web Server(Tomcat).
    How can I expose that webservice?
    After that I want to access my web service through a Internet Browser.
    Is it possible to test that web service locally (localhost)?
    My computer is not connected to a network or internet.
    My OS is Windows XP Professional.

    I just set up TCPMON. Considering it is free and the fact that it has more than just a basic UI, I am quite impressed. I also use SOAPscope, which is another great tool, but I am looking for a free option.
    My issue: I set up TCPMON to sniff messages sent over HTTPS through port 8080. But I am getting encrypted messages upon sending the SOAP request as follows:
    �b�b�b�bvC�Ym�)f��OvC�Ym�)f��W�O�k�v�W&#65533;�dQ�$�{� �4�����F&#65533;������vO���XEC
    )��~9gl^�OvC�Ym�)f��W�O�k�v�W&#65533;�dQ�$�{� �4�����F&#65533;������vO���XEC
    )��~9gl^�OvC�Ym�)f��W�O�k�v�W&#65533;�dQ�$�{� �4�����F&#65533;������vO���XEC
    Any clue why?
    Your help is greatly appreciated.

  • Problem in fetching values from Java Web Service returning ArrayList

    Hi all,
    I am calling an External Java web Service from BPEL. That Java Web Service is returning an Arraylist.
    I am not able to assign the values returned by the Java web service to local String Variables of BPEL.
    Kindly help me...

    My problem has been resolved..
    I have used
    where count is the local int variable which contains the index value of the arraylist i.e. which index element we want to retrieve from arraylist.
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  • Java Web Service Deployed on App server does not run

    I created a java web service and deployed it on my Application server. When i open the enterprise manager i find my webservice there. I click on test web service and it gives me two options one with a 4443 port and other with a 7777 port. It picks up a hostname though i deplyoed it on to a different machine.
    I choose to use the 7777 port and test the web service whrn i click invoke it give me the error
    Internal Server Error
    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.
    Please contact the server administrator, [email protected] and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.
    More information about this error may be available in the server error log.
    and when using the 4443 port it gives me the error as
    "SSL Error: unable to find valid certification path to requested target"
    please suggest how i can test a simple java webservice.

    I think the problem is to add the custom dll files while deploying the application. Could any one please suggest how i can add custom dll file for deployment?

  • Can I Include an xml-stylesheet Link in a Java Web-Service?

    The ability to easily create a SOAP-based web-service from a Java class using JDev's built in "Java Web Service" wizard is great.
    From an "Ajax enablement" perspective, I see tremendous value in having the ability to specify an XSL url in the call to that web-service, so that the server will insert an <?xml-stylesheet .../> link to the specified URL prior to the SOAP message that it returns. That way, different callers to the web-service could render the same SOAP response differently (via an XSL transformation performed on the client-side via the XSL they've specified).
    Is there already an undocumented way to do this with an Oracle "Java Web Service" that I am not aware of? If not, adding that capability would be trivial for Oracle, and it would add tremendous value to developers using Oracle's "Java Web Service" capability.

    Hi Chris,
    I take it you are using the RESTful API method to GET the data. In that case you shoul be able to perform a http POST from your js code in order to update the controls.
    This could be done as form components are updated, or after a submit button is pressed (I'm sure you are familiar with this part).
    Please see here for more information:​/lvhowto/build_web_service/
    I hope this helps.

  • Receiving the internal 500 error while testing java web service

    Problem Summary:
    Receiving the internal 500 error while testing java web service in integrated weblogic server.
    my scenario is like,
    retrieve the Payload from Dehydration tables.
    We are connected to SOA_INFRA schema and we are retrieving the payload from the dehyadration tables based on InstanceId and ECID using Java Classes.After that i make it as a web service and i deployed in to intergrated weblogic Server.It is generating the Target End Point URI.When am i hitting this it is showing structure of the service.I am testing this service from soapUi it is returning the Server internal error with 500.Here i am passing inputs as InstanceId and ECID.
    I had verified in my Jdeveloper,Proxy settings are available.
    Error Payload:
    I am receiving the Internal 500 error because of JDeveloper HTTP Analyzer encountered an error retrieving: CONNECT HTTP/1.0.
    An exception occurred while retrieving the response for Connection has been shutdown: Unrecognized SSL message, plaintext connection?
         at oracle.jdevimpl.webservices.tcpmonitor.model.HttpMessageBase.readLine(
         at oracle.jdevimpl.webservices.tcpmonitor.ConnectionHandler.getResponse(
    Caused by: Unrecognized SSL message, plaintext connection?
         at oracle.jdevimpl.webservices.tcpmonitor.ConnectionHandler.negotiateSSL(
         at oracle.jdevimpl.webservices.tcpmonitor.ConnectionHandler.negotiateForwardedSSLConnection(

    An exception occurred while retrieving the response for Connection has been shutdown: Unrecognized SSL message, plaintext connection?This error says that port 9102 is a plain HTTP port so either use the correct port (which is listening for HTTPS connections) or use HTTP instead of HTTPS in the URL.

Maybe you are looking for

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    I have installed JRun 4 Web Server and Java 2 SDK, SE v1.4.1_01. When i import servlet import javax.servlet.*;There is an error message. Package javax.servlet does not exist. Please help me, maybe i haven't had package javax.servlet. What do i need t

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