Purchase and upgrade my Mac Mini G4 with Airport Extreme

Hello! Can anybody tell me the right part number of the Airport Extreme Card for my Mac Mini (original). And does anybody know any web site where I can purchase it? I already have the bluetooth device, i just need the wireless.
Thank you very much.

Welcome, it may have been an idea to start a new topic but since you haven't, I'll try to answer some of your questions.
I have a company issued Router (not wireless) would I have to replace this with the Extreme or simply plug into one of the ports on the Linksys?
Since the new AEBS has not been released yet I can't give you a 100% answer, but based on its predecessor then I would expect it to be possible to use the Linksys as the router and the AEBS as a wireless access point connected by ethernet cabling.
It also states that to set up you have to install some software?? This concerns me as our company does not allow us to install anything on this PC. Any thoughts...Not a problem with the Mac, but I want it to also work with my PC's...
It depends what features of the AEBS you wish to utilize. If you simply wish to configure the AEBS using the Mac and merely connect to the AEBS as a wireless client through XPs Network connect then I think thiswill be a viable option. However, that said, the best advice is to wait till release when you can evaluate the AEBS 1st hand and see if it meets your requirements or not.

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    How can I best make use of all my devices ? Mac mini, Apple TV, AirPort Extreme, airport express, ipad 2 (all purchased in 2011) and an old imac with OS X. I use my iPhones personal hotspot for all Internet.

    Maybe you are looking to re-purpose this equipment versus getting rid of it if so, the best thing to do is search the internet for tutorials.  And I say this because it's what I would do, there are a lot of tutorials online.    Hope you can find good use for them.  Worse case scenario if you can't find something right now, package them very nicely and when you come across something unbox and enjoy.  I've re-purposed a mac color classic and LOVE IT!!

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    moving a drive with OSX to another computer? take it out of my Mac pro laptop and into my mac mini. can with be done with no OS/Hardware issues?

    babowa wrote:
    Thanks; however, I was really referring to this: if it is preinstalled on a Mac, I believe the license is for that computer only (unlike an MAS purchased version which can be used on any Mac owned). Has that requirement changed?
    At this moment, that's correct. The OS X license included with a Mac can only be used with that Mac. However, in the case the OP has purchased OS X Mountain Lion in the past, this may change

  • What is "best practice" to set up and configure a Mac Mini server with dual 1 TB drives, using RAID 1?

    I have been handed a new, out of the box, Mac Mini server.  Has two 1 TB drives in it.  Contractor suggested RAID 1 for the set up.  I have done some research
    and found out that in creating the software RAID, this takes away the recovery partition, so I have been reading up on how to create a recovery "disk" using a thumb drive.  this part of the operation I am comfortable with, but there are other issues/concerns that I have.
    Basically, what is the "best practice" to setup the Mini, configure the RAID and then start the server.  I am assuming the steps would be something like this:
    1) start up the Mini and run through the normal Maverick setup/config - keep it plain and vanilla
    2) grab a copy of the Server app and store it offline in a safe place
    3) perform the RAID configuration / reinstall of OS X Maverick using the recovery tools
    4) copy down and start the server app
    This might be considered a very simplified version of this article (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4886 - Mac mini server (Late 2012 and Mid 2011): How to install OS X Server on a software RAID volume), with the biggest difference being I grab a copy of the Server App off of the mini before I reinstall, since I did not purchase it from the App store, but rather it came with the mini.
    Is there a best practice /  how-to tutorial somewhere that I can follow/learn from? Am I on the right track or headed for a train wreck?
    thanks in advance

    I think this article will answer your question. Hope this helps: http://wisebyte.blogspot.com/2014/01/best-configuration-for-mac-mini-server.html

  • Two Mac Minis one with Airport and one without..and an Airport extreme

    Please advise..I have two Mac Minis. One is older with no Airport card and one is newer and came with an air port inside. I also have an Airport Extreme and A Speedstream 5100 Ethernet ADSL modem. Here's the deal: I connected the old MacMini with no airport to the AirPort Exreme via LAN port. I also connected the Speedstream 5100 modem via ethernet cable to Airport Exreme. I can get onto the internet on the old Mac Mini with this set up. However, I cannot get the new Mac Mini's Air Port to work or "see" the network. Not sure what to do next...

    I also connected the Speedstream 5100 modem via ethernet cable to Airport Exreme.
    Just to double-check. Do you have the Speedstream connected to the WAN (circle-of-dots) port on the 802.11n AirPort Extreme Base Station (AEBSn)?
    However, I cannot get the new Mac Mini's Air Port to work or "see" the network.
    Which radio mode to you have the AEBSn configured for? The default is "802.11n (b/g compatible)". Also, which wireless encryption are you using? Do you have the AEBSn configured to not broadcast its Network Name (SSID)? ... or using MAC filtering?

  • Several PC and Mac connectivity issues with Airport Extreme Base Station

    This is not all necessarily airport base station related, but there is some crossover, so I'm posting all of these issues...
    Here is the laundry list of things that I can't make work in a home network that contains a PC w/ XP Home, MacBook 1.83 w/ 10.4.7, and Airport Extreme Base Station w/ Modem.
    1. Can't see the PC from the Mac.
    a. "Connect to server -> Browse" does not find the PC
    b. "ipconfig" on PC provides valid looking IP address
    c. ping from mac to PC IP address times out
    d. Firewall on XP is disabled via control panel
    b. Windows file and printer sharing is enabled
    2. Can't see mac from PC
    a. Windows file sharing enabled on mac
    b. Firewall on mac disabled
    c. I used \\MacIPAddr\shortusername
    d. ping times out
    3. Using dial-up to access internet, how do i tell airport to dial using PC?
    a. this feature is working fine from mac
    b. If already connected (via instruction from mac), can surf the internet fine from PC
    c. Is this even possible from the PC?
    4. Can't see printer connected to base station from PC
    a. See it fine from mac
    b. How do i "find" the printer on the PC?
    c. Is Bonjour required for this? (I don't have it on the PC yet)
    5. Can't see a "shared" printer on the PC from the mac
    a. printer is connected directly to PC
    b. Mac's add printer wizardry looks like it may "see" the printer, but then it asks for username and password for PC. This is XP home, with no usernames or passwords. Single user. Nothing seems to work in the credentials pop-up dialog.
    Any suggestions on any of these issues is very welcome.

    Is the PC running any kind of internet security or firewall software?
    1. Can't see the PC from the Mac.
    2. Can't see mac from PC
    Sharing files between an XP PC and a Mac running OS 10.4.x
    3. Using dial-up to access internet, how do i tell
    airport to dial using PC?
    Jon Sevy has a Java Utility for this purpose.
    You will need Java in order to run the utility
    4 . Can't see printer connected to base station from
    Printing from a Windows XP PC to a printer attached to an Airport Extreme Base Station or Airport Express
    Printing from a Windows XP PC to a printer attached to an Airport Extreme Base Station or Airport Express using Bonjour
    Problems with finding Printer Driver on Windows XP when using printer connected to Airport Extreme or Express
    5. Can't see a "shared" printer on the PC from the
    Printing to a printer on a XP PC from a Mac running 10.4.x
    Printing to a printer on a Mac running 10.4.x from a Windows PC using Bonjour for Windows

  • Configuring Mac Mini Server via Airport Extreme via Netopia Modem

    Can any anyone help me with the settings to allow internet access to my Mac Mini Server by a Web browser. What way to you configure the modem and extreme.  The modem seems to want to duplicate a lot of the features of the extreme in it a has its own port forwarding  etc. I have manually set all devices with fixed ip addressas it shares the net work with a Windows SBS. I have a static IP Address and Domain name registered and hosted dns has the domain tranfered. Nat is enabled and ftp, itunes ports open.
    Internet is working on the local network which has a 3 Capsules, IMac, and 2 apple TV's all working and streaming from the server. Running Lion from last week.
    Would appreciate any help as this is is my first time to use the forum.
    Thanks again.

    First welcome to the discussions.
    To set up the client you'll first have to ask the Network Administrator for the name of the VPN server. The username and other details you will need to log on.
    You will also need to find out if the VPN uses PPTP or L2TP over IP Sec. with that information in hand open Internet connect in the Applications folder choose NEW VPN Connection then you click on either PPTP or L2TP whichever the network uses, then click continue in the confiquration pop up menu, Choose Edit confiqurations Then enter the information the Network administrator gave you.
    Bear in mind that the OSX client does not work with all VPN's.
    You may have to purchase a universal VPN client such as VPN Tracker from Equinux ($90.00).
    Good Luck Don

  • Mac Mini/Lion Server/Airport Extreme Won't Sleep...?

    I am at a loss with this one.  I have a Mid-2011 Mac Mini running OS X 10.7.4 Server (11E53) connected via gigabit ethernet to an Airport Extreme.  This computer will not sleep on its own using the system sleep timer.
    If anyone has any ideas that may help, I'm all ears!  The Mac Mini should sleep as intended and the Airport Extreme router should wake it if network resources are requested via a Magic Packet.  This same Airport Extreme does wake the other computers on the network just fine when they are configured to Wake on Lan (womp 1 in the pmset -g output, below).
    The server is configured to offer the following services: file sharing, Time Machine and screen sharing.
    The power saver settings on the Mac Mini are configured to sleep in 45 minutes, turn the screen off in 1 minute and wake for network access is enabled.  The output of pmset -g is below for reference:
    Active Profiles:
    AC Power                   -1*
    Currently in use:
    hibernatemode      0
    disksleep          10
    womp               1
    networkoversleep   0
    sleep              45
    powerbutton        1
    ttyskeepawake      1
    hibernatefile      /var/vm/sleepimage
    autorestart        1
    panicrestart       15
    displaysleep       1
    If the Mac Mini is manually placed in sleep mode, via the Apple Menu or the button on the Login Screen for example, then it will sleep just fine. While the Mac Mini is sleeping, it will wake properly when the shared resources are accessed via another Mac on the network. For example, if the Macbook Pro tries to begin a Time Machine backup using the Time Machine Server on the Mac Mini, it will wake just fine and the backup will complete with no issues. The Mac Mini will not sleep again using the system sleep timer and must be manually put into sleep mode.
    There is one printer (Canon MP560) installed on the Mac Mini, connected via USB, not shared on the network and no print jobs stuck in the print que.
    I tried using the PleaseSleep software but that causes problems when the Mac Mini is used via Screen Sharing.  When the Mac Mini is controlled remotely via Screen Sharing, PleaseSleep waits about a minute into the session and forces sleep mode, cutting the session short prematurely. This is unacceptable.
    Also, there are no assertions that would prevent system idle sleep using the system sleep timer, as seen in the pmset -g assertions output below:
    6/20/12 4:51:02 PM EDT  
    Assertion status system-wide:
       PreventUserIdleDisplaySleep             0
       CPUBoundAssertion                       0
       DisableInflow                           0
       ChargeInhibit                           0
       PreventSystemSleep                      0
       PreventUserIdleSystemSleep              0
       ExternalMedia                           0
       DisableLowPowerBatteryWarnings          0
       EnableIdleSleep                         1
       NoRealPowerSources_debug                0
       UserIsActive                            0
       ApplePushServiceTask                    0
    Kernel Assertions: 0x0012
    * Kernel Assertion ID = 500
       Created At = 12/31/69 7:02:29 PM EST 
       Modified At = 12/31/69 7:00:00 PM EST 
       Owner ID = 0xffffff80122f0000
       Level = 0
       Assertions Set = None (4)
    * Kernel Assertion ID = 501
       Created At = 12/31/69 7:02:33 PM EST 
       Modified At = 6/18/12 10:34:22 PM EDT 
       Owner ID = 0xffffff8012302000
       Level = 255
       Assertions Set = None (4)
    * Kernel Assertion ID = 502
       Created At = 12/31/69 7:02:57 PM EST 
       Modified At = 6/20/12 4:05:41 PM EDT  
       Owner ID = 0xffffff801238ee00
       Level = 0
       Assertions Set = None (32)
    * Kernel Assertion ID = 503
       Created At = 6/18/12 10:32:27 PM EDT 
       Modified At = 12/31/69 7:00:00 PM EST 
       Owner ID = 0xffffff8011f22c00
       Level = 255
       Assertions Set = None (8)
    * Kernel Assertion ID = 507
       Created At = 6/19/12 10:56:46 PM EDT 
       Modified At = 12/31/69 7:00:00 PM EST 
       Owner ID = 0xffffff8018b1c400
       Level = 255
       Assertions Set = None (8)

    I Have the same issue with pleasesleep.
    No ARD Session without sleep ;-)
    My stup is a little bit different to yours.
    My MacMini act as an HTPC for Plex and it dosent sleep as well.
    I guess it has something to to with External USB HDDs or in your case printers or USB Hubs or etc. etc.
    I found a AppleScript called Nacrolepsy 2.0
    It dosent work probebly right now but I hope It could be a solution in the near future.
    Take a look at

  • Mac Mini backup to Airport Extreme

    Is it possible to use my Airport Extreme to back up my Mac Mini in addition to my MacBook Airs?  Can you explain how I would do so.  I have read several posts that seem to indicate that connecting via the USB connection would make my Mac Mini look like another backup drive for the Airport Extreme.

    You cannot backup to Airport Extreme unless it has a USB drive plugged in, and that is only in the case of the Gen6 AE.. Apple do not support TM backups to the Gen5 or earlier AE.
    You cannot plug in a computer directly by USB.. the AE is now and forevermore a network device.. An AE Gen6 only with USB drive, can be accessed over network by ethernet or wireless. A mini can backup to that just the same as MBA.

  • Low in signal for my iPad Mini retina with Airport Extreme

    I have an issue with my Airport Extreme. As  my room is pretty far away from my modem causing a very low signal, so i decide to get an Airport extreme to boost the connection. My Mac Book Air is working fine with full bar WiFi connection whereas likewise for my iPad and iPhone 6, they keep getting disconnected and buffering issue. Can someone please help me to solve this issue? I have also downloaded the Airport Utility.

    If you want to "extend" the network using a wireless connection between devices, one of them.....your AirPort Extreme, for example.....must connect to the modem using a wired Ethernet cable connection and provide a wireless network signal.
    Then, you will need to add another Apple router.....and AirPort Express, for example.....to extend the network. The AirPort Express will connect using wireless with the AirPort Extreme.
    Another way to say the same thing is that if you want to "extend" the network, you will need two Apple AirPort devices to do so.

  • Problem with Airport extreme and Time machine

    I recently purchased a 320gig external hard drive for Time machine. I connected it to my Airport extreme but it is not being recognized for some unknown reason. If I directly connect it to my iMac it works perfectly. I've updated with the latest firmware and it should work via USB with Airport extreme. Any suggestions why it is not working?

    angelop wrote:
    I have used the following for about two years.
    -MBP, Airport Extreme, External HD (1TB) for my time machine.
    You probably know, that's "iffy" and +*not supported by Apple.+* See the Using Time Machine with a USB drive connected to an Airport Extreme *User Tip,* also at the top of this forum.
    To get around this issue, I have switched off the Time Machine, and am only turning on once a week or so, to grab any changes or additions I've made. I've been doing this for about 6 months now with no problems.
    Now whenever I do this, (It should only be backing up an album or two from iTunes,) it tries to back up my whole system again. EVERY TIME. It did not do this before.
    If you go too long between backups, Time Machine will do a new, full backup. And once it decides to do that, it will keep trying until it succeeds. There are some other possibilities as well. See #D2 in the Using Time Machine with a USB drive connected to an Airport Extreme *User Tip,* also at the top of the +Time Machine+ forum.
    If none of those seem to explain it, see #A1 there; download the TM Buddy widget, copy and post the messages here.
    Why are you only backing-up once a week? Time Machine was designed to back up changes hourly, as long as your Mac is awake and the TC is in range. It will protect you best that way, and unless there's a problem, those backups will usually be very quick.
    But if you're only going to back up once a week or so, then Time Machine is not the best app for you. See Kappy's post on Basic Backup, complete with links to the web sites of each product.

  • 2011 Mini Gigabit Speed not possible with Airport Extreme

    I am unable to connect my 2011 Mac Mini to my Airport Extreme at Gigabit speeds.  If I use a Motorola SBG6580 as a router I am able to achieve Gigabit speed.  If I use my Airport Extreme or my Airport Express (both new in 2012), I am immediately kicked back to 100 Mbit speeds.
    I have already eliminated the wiring as possibility.
    Anyone have any suggestions?  Am I just out of luck if I want to use Apple to Apple devices?  I only noticed this after upgrading to Mavricks, is this possibly the answer?

    Hello woodmeister50,
    I think I found the root cause this morning.  I took my wife's MBP to all my network outlets in my house.  All connect at gigabit speed, execpt for that one outlet.  It connects at 100 Mbit.  I switched the position on the main switch, same result.  I think something is wrong with the wiring in the wall, although it is marked as CAT 5e.  I may have to rerun that outlet.  Who woudl have thought...
    Thanks again for the responses.

  • My 2012 Mac Mini came with a SSD and with Yosemite, can I add a SSHD and also migrate everything from a Macbook Pro that is running Lion 10.7.5?

    Hi Apple Community,
    Today I received a refurbished 2012 i5 Mac Mini that I purchased via Amazon. The Mac Mini came with a 256gb Samsung SSD only installed. The Mac Mini also has 10.10.2 Yosemite.
    I am planing on ordering an "OWC Data Doubler Mounting Kit" to add another drive onto the Mac Mini.
    I also plan on getting a second drive which would be a 1tb SSHD Black Western Digital (16GB SSD) 2.5 SATA III (6.0GB/s) 5400RPM drive.
    Now here is where I am a very confused and concerned. What I essentially want to do is use Migration Assistant to completely migrate what I have on a 2012 i7 Macbook Pro's 750gb HDD to the Mac Mini's 1tb SSHD drive. I want every file and setting to be placed on my new Mac Mini just the way it is on the Macbook Pro. The Macbook Pro is however using 10.7.5 Lion while my new Mac Mini is using 10.10.2 Yosemite.
    What makes me confused is, if I migrate everything from the Macbook Pro onto the 1tb SSHD, would I still be able to benefit by having the 256gb Samsung SSD in the Mac Mini? For instance, would the Mac Mini still be able to boot up super fast and use the SSD to write and read programs very fast? Or is it because I am migrating everything from my Macbook Pro's HDD onto the Mac Mini's 1tb SSHD, my Mac Mini will not be able to use the speed benefits of the SSD?
    Another concern is, will I be able to use Yosemite or will I be stuck with 10.7.5 Lion? I would only like Yosemite. I do not mine if Lion is removed from my new Mac Mini.

    Hi again,
    I made more research on raid and now I am considering not to raid at all.
    Raid0 seems extremely risky because I do not know how the SSD and SSHD would react together.
    And Raid1 seems like it would not be able to function the way I would like to store my files. [The SSD is 256gb and SSHD is 1tb, there is no point in raid1]
    I think I will just have to add the second drive and use it without raid. I will mostly save media files such as movies, pictures, and music. And for everything else, save it onto the SSD's storage.

  • I just purchased the Mac Mini Server with the intention of replacing Lion Server with Lion for the first hard drive while installing Windows 7 thru Bootcamp on the second hard drive. Is it possible for me to do this? Thanks.

    I just purchased the Mac Mini Server with the intention of replacing Lion Server with Lion for the first hard drive while installing Windows 7 thru Bootcamp on the second hard drive. Is it possible for me to do this? Thanks.

    I would use Parallels or VMWare and use the second drive to hold the virtual machine. That way the VM only uses the space that it needs and you can still use the remainder of the drive for other things, not to mention that you would not need to reboot to run windows.
    Also Time Machine does not back up a boot camp partition.

  • Mac mini reboot with a refresh symbol and a right arrow what do I do to reboot my os?

    Hello I recently purchases a Mac mini G4 with what I thought was a blank hard drive I hold down the alt key on my PC keyboard and a screen comes up that has a refresh button and a right facing arrow I have a cursor and click on either of them and neither of them do anything what do I do? 

    ok thats what I thought, I obtained a linux lite os and burned it on a blank disk and inserted it in the mac mini it spun inside but then did not boot, im not sure if there is a sertain way to burn it to the disk to make it bootable, im using a laptop with windows to burn the disk with the os on it. any help will be welcome thank you

Maybe you are looking for

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    Last year, my computer crashed and I had no backup. I used a program called Sharepod to import all my music from my iPod onto my new computer. Now, all that tranferred music resides in C:\Program Files\Sharepod. The songs play just fine out of iTunes