Purchase Info Record not found in Purchasing Organization 1000

Hi all,
While doing MIGO, Goods issue to cost center from consignment stock (201 k )
i'm getting this error.
"Purchase Info Record not found in Purchasing Organization 1000"
i'm practising with standard company 1000.
i have checked the all assignments.
i.e., purch. org ->company code and
      purch. org-> plant.
      company code -> plant.
Please guide me.

Go and maintain Pur. Org 1000 against ur plant in :
SPRO-Enterprise Structure-Assignments--MM-Assign Std Pur. Org for plant
and please confirm that you have maintained the inforecord in Pur Org 1000 only and that too of Consignment type.
Hope this helps

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  • Error :Purchasing info record not found in purchasing organisation

    after invoice verification with T.Code MIRO,
    Goods issue for consumption: with T.Code MB1A
    it display error message: purchaseing info record not found in purchasing organisation, pls tell me steps to correct it.
    thanks in advance

    Dear Azis,
             Double Click on the serial no of the Component you will get the  inforecord fieldin the Purchasing tab. But this is only for Stock Materials.
    Please recheck again your components.
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  • APO CIF issue - Purchase Info Record not getting CIFed from R/3 to APO

    Dear All,
                We are unable to CIF Purchase Info Record from SAP R/3 to APO. Are there any special setting that needs to be done for the same. We have created an Integration Model and using tcodes CFM1/CFM2 but without any success. Can anybody throw some light on this issue?
    Thanks in advance
    Ehsan Ahmed

    Can you check the SLG1 logs in R/3 and APO sides for further clues? Try to confine the time range to the exact time of activation of Purch INfo record model.
    Maybe you have already done this check. Can you go to the Purchasing tab of Material Master and see if the Source List checkbox is unchecked ? Do you have any special procurement keys defined by any chance ?

  • Consignment PO - Info record not found

    Hi Experts,
    I have an urgent issue to resolve.
    A consignment PO was created on 30.01.2004. Still there are open items for that PO(as on date). Info records were removed from PO line items (automatically, the reason not known to anybody from business). The materials present in the PO have a source list and they are MRP relevant.
    Now being MRP relevant, these kind of POs are causing problem to the planning department.
    When i tried to delete/block the PO line items using ME22N, i get ERROR msg "Consignment info record does not exist". The consignment info records are there but with validity periods starting from 15.07.2004. I extended the validity from dates to 01.01.2004. When i returned to PO in ME22N, i am still having the problem with deleting the line items of PO.So i am not able to close these kind of POs which were created in the past but still open.
    Please anybody who has some idea about this kind of scenario, please let me know.
    Points will be rewarded to solution providers.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Pratap reddy M.

    Check the Validity period in the Consignment Info record, when is the to date.
    While closing the PO the info record should be active on the date, as the validity may be causing the problem to your PO,
    So extend the new validity period for that Consignment info record till the PO deletion.

  • Conditions in scale pricing in purchase info record

    Dear Experts,
    Need your valuable inputs on the following issue:
    We have entered into an agreement with a vendor with the following clause:
    1 PAC of material ABC costs Rs. 13000/-
    In every month , the first PAC bought will be priced at Rs 13000/- and any quantity further bought in the same month will be priced at Rs. 6000/- per PAC.
    For example:
    07th July: PO placed for the material at 13000/-
    15th July: Po placed for the material should automatically be at 6000/-
    01st August: PO placed for the material at 13000/- and so on.
    We looked up for Scales in Purchase Info Record and found to be valid only on quantity basis within the validity period of the info record.
    Our concern is how to map the scaling condition for every month, whereby, the pricing of the purchase order in PO is system-dependent.
    Looking forward to get the best solution,

    I do not think its possible with scale maintain. Scale is used for picking price as per quantity.
    Here, your requirement is against validity. Your price will be fluctuated against validity period.
    You can maintain the price for the validity period as per your requirement in info record.
    But unfortunately you have to maintain the price for every validity period for every months.
    Otherwise you have the option of development, where you can write your own logic for the price picking in PO.

  • Authorization object in Purchasing Info Record

    I can't find an authorization object in the purchasing info record to block the acces to the general fields at client level, user by user.
    I have found only the following authorizations object:
    M_EINF_EKO : Purchasing Organization in Purchasing Info Record
    M_EINF_EKG : Purchasing Group in Purchasing Info Record
    M_EINF_WRK : Plant in Purchasing Info Record
    S_TCODE : Transaction Code Check at Transaction Start
    An authorization object like 'M_MATE_MAN : Material Master: Data at Client Level' doesn't exist for the Purchasing Info Record?

    Dear Friend
    If dont have Authorization object in Purchasing Info Record, You can create the Spool request Number in SU53 Transction Code, send to Your Basis people, he will priovide the Authorization object in Purchasing Info Record.

  • Creating Purchase Info Record in SAP using JCO

    I am trying to create a Purchase Info Record (ME11) in SAP using the below JCo code:
    It executes without fail and throws no error, but i am not able to get the newly created info record in SAP. In ME13 it says info record not found. Can i know what am i missing?
    I am using these FMs :
    IFunctionTemplate ft1 = mRepository.getFunctionTemplate("ME_INITIALIZE_INFORECORD");
        JCO.Function function1 = ft1.getFunction();
        IFunctionTemplate ft = mRepository.getFunctionTemplate("ME_DIRECT_INPUT_INFORECORD");
        JCO.Function function = ft.getFunction();
        JCO.ParameterList importparams =function.getImportParameterList();
        //  Setting HeadData Structure Information
        JCO.Structure headStructure = importparams.getStructure("I_EINA");
        //headStructure.setValue("5300259768", "INFNR");
        headStructure.setValue("MYPART0006", "MATNR");     
        //headStructure.setValue("MYPART0006", "IDNLF");
        JCO.Structure headStructure1 = importparams.getStructure("O_EINA");
        //headStructure1.setValue("5300259768", "INFNR");
        headStructure1.setValue("MYPART0006", "MATNR");    
        //headStructure1.setValue("MYPART0006", "IDNLF");
        System.out.println("General Data Set");
        JCO.Structure purchaseDataStructure = importparams.getStructure("I_EINE");
        //purchaseDataStructure.setValue("5300259768", "INFNR");
        purchaseDataStructure.setValue("1000", "WERKS");
        JCO.Structure purchaseDataStructure1 = importparams.getStructure("O_EINE");
        //purchaseDataStructure1.setValue("5300259768", "INFNR");
        purchaseDataStructure1.setValue("1000", "WERKS");
        IFunctionTemplate ft2 = mRepository.getFunctionTemplate("ME_POST_INFORECORD");
        JCO.Function function2 = ft2.getFunction();
        JCO.ParameterList importparams2 =function2.getImportParameterList();
        importparams2.setValue("MYPART0006", "I_MATNR");
        importparams2.setValue("MYPART0006", "O_MATNR");
    Edited by: rs_d123 on Dec 17, 2011 10:46 AM
    Edited by: rs_d123 on Dec 17, 2011 10:46 AM

    If i give this much code then it throws an error
    Exception in thread "main" com.sap.mw.jco.JCO$Exception: (104) RFC_ERROR_SYSTEM_FAILURE: Enter Purch. group :
    I have already set the purchase group in the code: EKGRP as 003. Dont know why its still asking for purchase group.
                JCO.Repository mRepository;
             mRepository = new JCO.Repository("SAPConnection", mConnection);
             System.out.println(" Repository Created ");
             IFunctionTemplate ft1 = mRepository.getFunctionTemplate("ZME_INITIALIZE_INFORECORD");
             JCO.Function function1 = ft1.getFunction();
             IFunctionTemplate ft = mRepository.getFunctionTemplate("ZME_DIRECT_INPUT_INFORECORD");
             JCO.Function function = ft.getFunction();
              JCO.ParameterList importparams =function.getImportParameterList();
              //  Setting HeadData Structure Information
              JCO.Structure headStructure = importparams.getStructure("I_EINA");
              headStructure.setValue("MYPART0006", "MATNR");          
              System.out.println("General Data Set");
              JCO.Structure purchaseDataStructure = importparams.getStructure("I_EINE");
              purchaseDataStructure.setValue("1000", "WERKS");
             IFunctionTemplate ft2 = mRepository.getFunctionTemplate("ZME_POST_INFORECORD");
             JCO.Function function2 = ft2.getFunction();
              JCO.ParameterList importparams2 =function2.getImportParameterList();
              importparams2.setValue("MYPART0006", "I_MATNR");     
              System.out.println("Execution Completed");
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  • Purchase info records report

    Hi All,
    Is there any report of the purcashe info records entered for different plants.
    I need to see the material prices maintained with their validity periods

    chek this table it may useful
    EINA Purchasing Info Record- General Data
    EINE Purchasing Info Record- Purchasing Organization Data
    Kailas ugale

  • Purchase Info Record scenario

    Hi experts,
    I want to create purchase order , but requirement is without updating purchase info record all the time purchase order should not created how to achieve this ? so is there any field in po to restrict po without updating info record ? we are not using purchase requisitions.Please provide suitable solution.
    Thanks & regards
    Edited by: sangita on Feb 13, 2012 4:46 PM

    sangita wrote:
    > I am going to create automatic purchase order so that it will pick price from info record , so that the user must put new price at the time of po creation in info record so that i am asking for po should not create before changing info record price, Please suggest suitable solutions .
    > Regards
    > sangita
    How can the PO know that the price in the info record is not current?
    have you checked how a price condition in an info record looks like?
    if is usually valid from the date of entry to end of year 2999 (or similar)
    if you add a new condition with a shorter validy, then the original condition is broken into 2 parts: it ends with the start date of your new condition, and starts again with a start date equal to the end date of your new condition.
    So you have a valid price all the time.
    ...and your PO cannot know that the price  is current or not.

  • Tables involved in Purchase Info Record

    Hi Gurus
    what are all the tables involved in PIR apart from EINA & EINE ?

    Only these two tables are used for info record
    EINA     Purchase info record (main data)
    EINE     Purchase info record (organizational data)
    also check
    QINF     Inspection info record (vendor - material)

  • Purchase Info record mandatory to create PO/SA

    Please tell me the user exit in PO to make Purchase Info record mandatory to create Purchase Order or Scheduling Agreement (only for material with material code). No PO/SA for material should be created without any Purchase Info record maintenance.

    Mantain source list check box in the material master record - purchase view.
    Then for this material,  purchase info record and source list both are mandatory.
    With out this, system won't allow further.

  • Pricing Procedure determination in Purchase info record

    Dear Experts
    I would like to understand how pricing procedure is determined in Purchase info Record.
    While creating purchase info record, system is identifying some standard pricing procedure rather my own pricing procedure. Hence i couldnt able to select my condition type whihc i have used in my pricing procedure.
    Kindly provide your inputs in the same.
    Thanks & Regards,

    While creating purchase info record, system is identifying some standard pricing procedure rather my own pricing procedure. Hence i couldnt able to select my condition type whihc i have used in my pricing procedure.
    have you check forum ?
    check following link
    [Pricing Procedure for Info Record;
    Kailas Ugale

  • Purchase info record does not exists in purchase organization 1000

    Hi experts,
              I have created a new enterprise structure in SAP. when i am creating a PO its picking the correct info record, but when i am doing GR, its giving the error as 'purchase info record does not exists in purchase organization 1000". I have maintained everything perfect. the only thing i have changed is I have moved the open and close period from 11-2002 to 12-2008 in MMPV.
             Please give me some suggestions, where it can go wrong.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Guys,
              Thanks for all yours responses, Actually what deepak said was right, but in my IDES system i am not able to create new entries in assign plant to std purchase org. I found the database view for that, V_001W_E its for table T001W. So i looked into that table i found that std purchase org was given as 1000. i made direct entries in that table, i thought the reason for this may be due to , that i copied plant from 1000. After making entries , i did not got the error message that was i am previously getting.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Purchase info record is not showing in po.

    Hi all,
    while creating purchase order i m giving purchase info record no but values from info record
    is not updating in purchase order.plz help.
    best regards.

    Hi Nissinha,
    There are so many ways to be analysed for the cause. Because PIR -Purchase info record:
    Please check in order of priority while diagnosing and finding for the solution:
    1. Check wether the PIR is created for the Vendor of that perticular material or not.
    2. Check for the validity (valid upto which date) mentioned in the PIR
    3. Check for the type of Info record (based on Item category) it is such as Standard, Sub contracting, etc
    Hope it clarifies

  • Purchase info record and Contract are not reflected in SC

       while i am creating a shopping cart in SRM for a particular product... i am not able to find the Purchase info record or Contract in SC - Source of supply tab...
    I maintained the Purchase info record and Contract for the particular material in Backend(4.7n).
    Plz throw some lights on this...

    if you are using classic scenario it might have dispalyed in SOS.
    check info records/contracts  are existed in backend for your product in srm?
    is your cart is special request(describe requirement ) or internal goods and services?
    if you are in ecs mode. it is not possible to see your inforecord/ backend contract in srm sos window

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