Purchase Order Modification: External Document Number already assigned

We're running Extended Classic Scenario in a SRM 4.0 implementation.
The problem is the following: When the user modifies a purchase order (this purchase order is already replicated to the backend), sometimes (not always), the next error occurs:
"Purchase Order XXXXXXXXXX: PO header data still faulty "
"Purchase Order XXXXXXXXXX: External document number XXXXXXXXX already    assigned"
The system does not provide additional info (RZ20 give us the same message, no ST22 dumps...
We think it could be some kind of error in the standard BAPI BAPI_PO_CHANGE.
We've revised the SAP OSS but didn´t find anything....
Some idea?
Regards and Thanks in advance!!!

<u>Any other rrors / dumps noticved in system using RZ20 and ST22 transactions ?</u>
<b>Have you seen this helpful pointers and link ?</b>
<u>The related SAP OSS notes are as under :</u>
<b>"Purchase Order item 00010 still contains faulty account assignment items"</b>
<b>Note 1000184 - Account assignment error when document transfer to back end</b>
Note 966323 - Service Item: Not able to create PO in ERP backend
"Purchase Order item 00010 still contains faulty account assignment items"
Re: How to create a PO in R/3 from a local Bid Invitation in classic scenario ?
Re: From local Bid invitation PO is not generated in backend
<b>Do let me know.</b>
- Atul

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  • External document number already assign

    I am running Extended Classic Scenario.
    In my Application Monitors under <b>Purchase Order :  Backend application errors</b>
    I once in a while get an error like this:
    "<b>PurchOrder 3000002452: PO header data still faulty</b> "
    "<b>Purchase order 3000002452: External document number 3000002452 already assign ed</b>"   
    As far as I can see the PO is fully copied into R/3 and if there is made a chage to the PO, it is also replicated in R/3
    Does anyone have an idea why I am experiencing this error?

    Which SRM and R/3 versions are you using ?
    Please give complete Error message details using RZ20 Transaction ?
    Any other dumps noticed in R/3 or SRM System, using ST22 Transaction ? If yes, give details.
    <u>Meanwhile, please look at the following SAP OSS Notes -></u>
    Note 990946 - BBPSC01: Accounting error during PO creation
    Note 815849 - FAQ: Account assignment system response
    Do let me know.
    - Atul

  • Last Purchase Order and FI-Document Number of an Vendor

    i need for an Vendor the last purchase Order and FI-Document Number.
    For purchase Order i read EKKO sort this and get the last one.
    For FI-Document Number i read BSIK and BSAK sort this and get last one.
    Question: is there any faster way (CLASS, FM or TABLE) to get what i need??
    Regards, Dieter

    HI Dieter,
    You can use transaction code ME2L , where you can list of PO issued a particular vendor. List list shows Po no. indecending order. You can double click select the latest PO and through PO history you can get the FI Document no.
    I hope this ansers you query.

  • Purchase order and FI Document Number - R/3 extractor

    Hello Experts -  I have a question on the BW extractors on the R/3 side. Are there any standard extractors out there where I can get Purchase Order information and related FI document number information. In case if I have to create one what tables do I need to reference to create generic extractor. Thanks for your help.

    Hi Venu,
    This could be better done on a standard FI extractor by enhancing it with purchase order information.
    Atleast, this is the way we did in our scenario.
    Have 0FI_GL_4 enhanced with data from EKKO, EKPO tables, with required feilds. This enhancement may not be quite detailed.
    Also if you are interested in a complete gen extr. then the above two tables along with BSEG should do.

  • Need help abt Purchase order and material document number

    1)Is there any releation ship between Purchse order number and material document number?
    2) I found aBAPI to get the goods receipt details. That is BAPI_GOODSMVT_GETDETAIL. But it is excepting Material document number and material document year as input parameters.Is there any BAPI to get goods receipt details by using purchase order number?

    hi kiran
    check this thraed. this gives you relatinship between Purchse order number and material document number
    Retrieving Accounting Document number based on PO numbers
    BAPI to get goods receipt details by using purchase order number is

  • Link between Customer Purchase Order and Accounting Document Number

    Hello all,
    is there a table in SAP that contains the purchase order number of the customer and the Accounting Document Number (belnr)?
    thanks in advance

    Do this:
    SELECT awtyp awkey
      FROM bkpf
      WHERE bukrs = bsis-bukrs
        AND belnr = bsis-belnr
        AND gjahr = bsis-gjahr.
    This should give you SD billing document information.

  • Ammendent to Purchase Orders without changing document Number

    Hi Experts,
    Can we issue amendment to Purchase Order without changing the Purchase Order  Number for change in any of the following parameters:
    (a) Quantity
    (b) Unit Price
    (c) Statutory Levies
    (d) Delivery Schedules
    (e) Technical Specifications
    Kindly advice me.
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Rakesh,
    Thanks for your suggestion...........
    If incase there is a PO with 100 ton of Steel and after subsequent supply of 40 tons it has been found that some of the above mentioned parameters are changed, thre how can we do the changes/amendents so that we need not issue a seperate PO. also if the supply is over the said demand qty of 100 tons (say 125 tons) how do we account the same in tghe existing PO?
    Kindly advice....

  • External Document Number assignment using Bapi_acc_document_post

    Hi All Experts and Max,
    We want to post th same external document no using BAPI_ACC_document_post, but we are unable to post thatexternal  Document no.
    Note: If we are posting the same no using transaction FB01 , we are able to post the document , if we are passing the Acc_do_no field as the external Document no.
    Our requirement is to post the document no of the e.g A system to B system with th esame document No .
    Kindly provide what value we need to pass in the obj_type , obj_key and obj_sys fields of BAPI_ACC_Document_post.
    I am aware about the scenario that in case of internal document no creation we will get all these 3 fields from th eBAPI, but we need the values in case of external document no assignment.
    We tried with obj_type as 'BKPFF' but we are not able to post the document with that obj_type, In that case Bapi is clearing the exterbal document no acc_doc_no field in the first subroutine.
    Note: We are uploading a file in different system  with the .dat format and we are using BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST method.
    Please refer the below link for more issue details.
    Link:[External Document Number assignment using Bapi_acc_document_post;
    Kindly provide the solution.
    Rahul Sisodia

    Hi All,
    Please suggest if you came across such situation. <removed by moderator>
    Rahul Sisodia
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  • Purchase orders and sales documents

    hi what r the transaction codes for purchase orders and sales documents.

    Hi Mohan,
    ME2C  Purchase Orders by Material Group
    ME2J  Purchase Orders for Project
    ME2L  Purchase Orders by Vendor
    ME2M  Purchase Orders by Material
    ME2N  Purchase Orders by PO Number
    ME2W  Purchase Orders for Supplying Plant
    VA03  Ccreate Sales Order
    VA03  Change Sales Order
    VA03  Display Sales Order

  • SD (External document number of vendor confirmation)

    Hi Friends,
    Below are my report output fields.
    Orer entry date     Sales Order     Sales Org            Shipping quantity   External
    (VBAP-ERDAT)  (VBAP-VBELN)  (VBAK- VKORG)  (LIPS-LFIMG)        doc no
    Could any of you please give me the details abt
    "How to fetch XBLNR from EKES based on sales doc no .

    Thanks Karan.
    Its an existing report.
      Its (Proactive Late Report)
    in the current code they are fetching all the data from the tables VBAP VABK VBUP VBEP VBPA.
    now i need to add 3 more fields.
    delivery date.
    shipping quantity (lips-lfimg)
    External document number (ekes-xblnr)

  • Purchase order modification

    We are using this functionaly:
    We change purchase requistiion quantity with BAPI BAPI_REQUISITION_CHANGE.
    If modification is correct we are doing a BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT with WAIT and also we modify purchase order quantity with BAPI BAPI_PO_CHANGE.
    If purchase order modification is correct we are doing a BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT with WAIT.
    Sometimes occurs that if a change is done with BAPI_REQUISITION_CHANGE correctly and we are doing the correspondant changes to purchase order BAPI_PO_CHANGE, this bapi give error ME 006 (User alredy processing requisition).
    How it is possible if we have done a commit and wait?
    How can we solve this problem?
    Best regards¡¡¡

    Try using FM : ENQUE_SLEEP for wait process.
    Actually sometimes, due to some database constraints, process takes time to save document.
    SO better to give 5 seconds delay for that.
              SECONDS        = '5'
              SYSTEM_FAILURE = 1
              OTHERS         = 2.

  • "Receipt Number Already Assigned" error message in F-28 screen

    When posting Incoming Payment using T Code: F-28, we got "Receipt Number Already Assigned" error message. Can any one hanve any idea why system has shown this error message?
    Thanks & Regards,

    do you enter a payment advice number or document number?
    Seems like you want to enter a number that has been already entered before, so system does not accept to have same entry.
    Check your entry, if corect check old one. Or add something to the number to make it unique.

  • Purchase order for external service

    Dear experts,
    I tried creating a purchase order for a service, with account assignment unknown U, with item category D, but after entering the item details in the item overview, it keep saying " ACCOUNT ASSIGNMENT UNKNOWN NOT ALLOWED WITHOUT GOOD RECEIPT", i would like to know why this message is coming up, and how to rectify it, thanks for your anticipated contribution

    You can not use Account assignment unknown U in the creation of service order as system need a cost object with a G/L account during saving of service order which help system to post to required G/L account automatically on further transaction MIGO & MIRO posting.
    You can create contract(ME31) with   Account assignment unknown U & item category D as you do not know from which account or cost object specific  the contract going to be used,so as the contract can be used for all department/cost center./project related in future.And then you can create a release order/call off/service order(ME21N)  with Account assignment unknown K(in case of cost center) & item category D wrt contract  with entering all likes cost object u2013 cost center  , G/L account related with other input data.
    Check any user exit which not allow to create with  Account assignment unknown U & item category D.
    NOTE: if you create service order  with  Account assignment unknown U & item category D,then during SES, you need to enter cost object ( K or P or C  etc) with a G/L account.
    Biju K

  • Process  create Purchase order for external instructor in training & event

    Dear Experts
    Need the process  create Purchase order for external instructor in training & event management.

    for your requirement raise one servoce PO for 1000-00, with item category 'D',
    for that line item , it is possible to maintain sub-services line items,
    but, it is not possible to maintain raw materials under the service activity ,
    if you want to valuate paint cost also, maintain the sub service line item with short description ,
    at the time of SES , u can create individual SES, for all sub services,
    hope this is helpful,
    chenna kesava reddy

  • Purchase order row basecard column number

    any one help me what is purchase order row basecard column number.
    Thanks & Best Regards
    B.Lakshmi narayanan

    Could you clarify your reguest?

Maybe you are looking for

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    Guys, I am new to support environment here, i am getting a system generated error while doing the delivery. Error: "no contract could be found valid on XXXXXXX Plant XXXX Sloc 0000 Val type UT Mat.no. XXXXXXXXX Sales HT CA & MOT" I know that this is