Purchase requisition document type change after Enhancement pack 4

we have recently upgraded to enhancement pack 4, after which i am not able to change purchase requisition document type.
In change mode ME52N, the system is allowing to make change but when i goback and display the same PR again the change is not visible in change history also.
I am able to make other changes. facing the problem with change in document type only.

One thing please note that once you select the document type and draft the PR and save the PR, you will  get the doc number.
Once you get the document number you cannot change the PR document type .
The reason is document type is linked with number range so it cannot be changed because different seriers of document number is assined to differentdocument type. 
And moreover document type is linked with the screen settings also. So I would request you to check the settings for each doc. type

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  • Change Purchase Requisition Document Type when item category is D

    Hi experts,
    i have problem, when i put servis number in to the servis line i havent change Purchase Requisition Document Type. Account
    Assignment Category is K and Item Category is D. It is standard of Purchase Requisition? When i set that i can change document type when item category is D.
    When i putting only material i can change Purchase Requisition Document.
    Thx for your answer.

    One thing please note that once you select the document type and draft the PR and save the PR, you will  get the doc number.
    Once you get the document number you cannot change the PR document type .
    The reason is document type is linked with number range so it cannot be changed because different seriers of document number is assined to differentdocument type. 
    And moreover document type is linked with the screen settings also. So I would request you to check the settings for each doc. type

  • MRP and purchase requisition document type.

    where can I set the purchase requisition document type for
    MRP generates purchase requisitions using document type NB instead of
    a custom document  type.
    <b>How can I set the system so that generates purchase requisitions with
    a custom document type?</b>
    Best regards

    in Tranasction : OPPQ, you can assingn the user defined document type.
    here standard is NB. There you can change the doucment type to ZNB like.
    hope this may help you,

  • Purchase requisition document type

    Could any body guide me on how to control the assignment of  Purchase requisition document type in project system.
    The system has been taking default NB for network 20 and I want system to assign document type based on plant.
    What is required to be done???

    Hi Pankaj,
    What if we copy netword 20 and assign the copied network a different document type??
    If we do so, how that new network 20 copy settings will have to be taken care of, in term of its dependencies??
    Please suggest??

  • Overall Purchase requisition Release strategy : Changed after Rejected

    Hi All,
        I have activated overall purchase requisition Release strategy (20000077) . And its working fine when PR is released at each level and saved.
      Problem I have is when PR is rejected .
    When PR is rejected , workitem is created for initiator with ME52 transaction. When initiator changes the contents of PR and saves , the release strategy should resume back from where it stopped. Thats means when Approver A rejects the PR, after initiator make changes , the workflow should trigger back with a workitem for release to approver A.
    But its not happening as expected. When Approver A rejected the PR and initiator changes the PR , Nothing is triggered, as there is no event raised at this point. 
    ME52 changes for PR is not trigerring any event which can trigger the WF.
    Is there any way we can trigger Workflow in this scenerio.
    Please suggest.

    Hi Subhashini,
    This all depend on release strategy. release should reset completely on tha change.
    For the increase of quantities or values you can maintain tolerance limits in the Customizing. When you increase the amount or value via the tolerance limit the system will reset the release.
    When you reduce quantities or values the system only resets the release if another release strategy is determined for the lower quantity or the lower value.
    If no other release strategy is determined by the reduction of the
    amount or value, the system will keep already existing releases.
    changeability in Release indicator also play a major role. You should set it to either 3 or 4. Now if you change any field, which is also used in any charecteristics in release, it will lead to reset of release startegy.

  • Purchase requisition document type- USER EXIT

    I want to create two separate document type for material and services for PR that is created from PS. What is the user exit I shall use for the purpose or any other way to do.

    Check this link for user exit.
    Edited by: S. Murali on Jul 8, 2009 2:30 PM
    Edited by: S. Murali on Jul 8, 2009 2:30 PM

  • Multiple purchse requisition document types

    Can we generate purchase requisitions under networrks, for external procurement, by assigning multiple purchase requisition document types in configuration? If answer is yes, how?
    Could any one throw some light and suggest?
    With regards,

    hi prabhakar,
    in config you can only assign one PR doc type to order category .. for having multiply doc type based on network type u can use the below exits ..
    COZF0001 Change purchase req. for externally processed operation
    COZF0002 Change purchase req. for externally procured component

  • How to print company logo in Excel/ PDF after Enhancement Pack 1?

    Hi all,
    I realise this topic has come up time and time again but apparently this functionality has changed after Enhancement Pack 1 for BW....?
    My problem is simple.  I have a series of reports on our portal, formatted using the WAD, and there is a company logo on the reports.  When exporting to PDF or excel, the logo disappears.
    The SAP documentation states that the addition of the logo when exporting was not available previously, but it was planned, and seemed to imply that this would be possible in EHP1.
    We have just applied EHP1 to our test system however I cannot find how to switch on this functionality or how to get the logo onto the exported reports.  I can't find any documentation on how to do this.
    Is anyone else using this after applying EHP1?  Is anyone from SAP reading who can tell me where this functionality is??

    Thanks but this doesn't work.  It works exactly as it did before the Enhancement Pack and doesn't automatically display the image.
    So I guess I am missing something - my image is a bmp. file, will this work or should I save it as something else?
    Are there any settings in the WAD (either in the Web Template itself or on the button to export) which I need to change to be able to display this logo?
    Or are there any settings I need to make in the backend of BW after the application of the Enhancement Pack?
    Any more ideas please?

  • I need output type NEU automaticaly for create purchase order document type

    Dear Experts,
    I need output type NEU automaticaly for create purchase order document type NB
    when transaction code MN04, I am doing the following:
    (1) I selected the third option Purchasing Output determination: Document type
    (2) I selected the output type NEU.
    (3) In condition records in document type , i have chosen NB.
    (4) In name its automatically coming as Purchase requisition
    Please suggest how Purchase Order NB will come

    Check & press F4, NB Purchase Order (for catagory F) will be there after entering PO output type NEU & then maintaion the condition record in MN04.
    Output type NEU automaticaly defaulted during purchase order creation with document type ,then just fine tune the output (message) type in following path:
    SPRO--->MM->Purchasing>Message>Output control->Message types> Define message type for Purchase Order----->Fine-Tuned Control: Purchase Order
    Now here select the check box corresponding to your output(message) type NEU to have print output automatically displayed & save.
    Now try to creating Purchase Order & you will have default message type NEU.
    Biju K

  • Requisition Document type from PM Order

    WE implemented SAP PM for our Canadian company. In configuration of external procurement through PM order, we specified to have requisition document type u201CZSERu201D to be created.
    So for the plants in Canadian company code when PM orders are created (IW31) and if there is an external service is required, System creates ZSER requisition type.
    WE are implementing PM for our US Company where we want to have a different requisition document to be created PM order. The requisition document type ZNB should be created for the 3 plants in US Company. How can we control this??
    Is this possible??

      You should be able to accomplish this through the user exit
         COZF0001 Maintenance order: Change purchase requisition for external operation
         COZF0002 Maintenance order: Change purchase requisition for external component
      Based on the order header information you can assign a Different PR type(BSART) from what has been specified in config. However be-aware that if collective purchase requisition is active all the PR for the Order should be of same PR type.

  • In ME51N screen service requisition document type is not comming

    Hi gurus,
    Can anybody help me out ,In production server in me51n ie purchase requisition screen, where we used to select the different purchase requisition order types ,service order is not comming whereas in development server it is comming.In spro i have seen the settings ,in document type service order  item category is attached.
    Please help me its urgent.
    Thanks N Regards,
    Siddhartha Chatterjee

    if that document type is not even coming in the spro settings for the production server then i belive it has not been trasported to the production server and that means there has been some intentions to do that so its beeter to make sure that do u really need that document type or not if u need it then try to transport it from qc

  • Purchase Order Document type FO?

    Why we need to use in Purchase Order Document type FO?
    With Document type NB also we can make Services ,Right?

    FO - Frame work order Document type is a standard document type , which is used for Blanket Purchases, Purchase of services.
    The FO document type has a Validity Start & End date feature whcih is not in the NB document type(You can get the same in NB also after cusotmization)
    Services & limits are also presnet. The FO document type is limited to usage for Iterm categories
    B     Limit
    D     Service
    All these can be made for NB also, but only after customizing.
    Thanks & Regards

  • Purchase Order Document Type Defaulting in ME58 while converitn PR to PO

    Dear All
    While converting Purcahse Requesition to Purchase Order in ME58, System defaults one Purchase order document type . Ofcourse we can overwrite that
    But would like to know how this defaulting can be controlled in SAP

    If you have maintained an "Order Type" in table T160 (customizing
    transaction OMH5) for the entry "ME21", then this value will be
    defaulted in the pop-up in transaction ME58. Otherwise, the "Order Type"
    of the Requisition will be defaulted.
    The following code block of program (Note 125969) is for your reference:
       RM06E-BSART = T160-BSART.
         RM06E-BSART = T160-BSART.
         RM06E-BSART = BAT-BSART.
    According to the code above, the system first checks the table T160 for
    ME58, if there is no data then for ME21, if there is no data, then it
    defaults from PREQ.This is the same as described in the note 114213.
    Nadia Orlandi

  • Default Purchase Requisiiton Document type through MRP

    Where do we make the setting for default document type for purchase requisitions created through MRP?

    You can create PR with default document type during MRP via MRP Group.
    Try below settings at OPPR
    1.External Procuremnt -> Scheduling /doc type-> assigh ur customized doc type (XXX)for "Stnd .purch.ord" field (MRP:doc.type purchase requisitions for standard purchase order.
    2.Assign the MRP group to planning material and run MRP & see the doc type of PR which ahs created.
    3.)SPRO- > MM-> Purchase Order- > Document type
    Please refer this thread also,

  • Authorization based on plant and Purchase order document type

    My client has a requirement wherein a user will have authorization for transactions only in his plant. But only for Purchase order document type UB (Stock Transport Order) the user should be allowed to create for all plants.
    In short, if Purchase order document type is UB, should be allowed for all plants
                 if Purchase order document type is NB, should be allowed to only one particular plant.
    My Basis person says that such a restriction is not possible.
    Kindly suggest me on how to provide a solution to this.
    Thank U.

    This is possible.In this case you need to create two seperate roles.
    1)Create purchase order for all plants (This can be used in long text)
    2)Create purchase order for <plant no> plants.
    For case 1:--
    i)Populate field BSART of M_BEST_BSA with UB.
    ii)Populate field WERKS of M_BEST_WRK with '*'. SAP reccomends to fill up organizational data through organizational level tab only.So while doing this step you need to put * from organizational level tab only.
    For case 2:--
    i)Populate field BSART of M_BEST_BSA with NB.
    ii)Populate field WERKS of M_BEST_WRK with 'plant no'.
    Dont worry about the objects i mentioned those are maintained through SU24 and will be automatically pulled once you insert ME21 transaction code.
    Let me know if it helps.

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