Q190 and Windows 8.1

I've not figured out how to request support from Lenovo for my windows 8.1 issues so I thought I'd try to raise it here.
It seems that the drivers that are listed on the downloads page as being for 8.1 might not have been tested. The WiFi driver just plain doesn't work. The video driver just throws an error saying that the hardware doesn't meet the minimum requirements. But the best one is the Intel rst driver which actually makes the machine blue screen after booting.
All these are listed as being windows 8.1 drivers for the q190.
What's all that about then?
Where can I actually get decent video drivers. The ones installed are terrible for running flash video

Any progress on this? Where can I get a decent video driver. Video was fine on 8.0. On 8.1 sound is out of sync with flash video! What to do?

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  • Ubuntu 14.04 install on Lenovo IdeaCentre Q190 replacing Windows 8.1

    I just purchased a Lenovo IdeaCentre Q190 and would like to replace Windows 8.1 with Ubuntu 14.04. As this is a secure boot machine, is there anything I need to watch out for besides disabling secure boot? I seem to remember that there is a boot partition that I need to leave alone (?) Is there a Lenovo tool installed that can save a copy of the drive as an image? I have already saved a copy of the system to a USB stick. There seem to be some issues in connection with installing Ubuntu 14.04 (booting, wifi, bluetooth) is there an overview of the install issues for the Q190 somewhere?
    Any advice appreciated.

    If you are looking to entirely replace Windows on your drive, you can overwrite the entire drive, boot partition and all...
    Since you seem to want to preserve your Windows installation, you can make your life a lot easier in the long-run by simply getting another hard disk drive and swapping it out for the one which you currently have installed. (If I understand correctly, the Q190 only supports one HDD at a time)
    Then you can install Ubuntu on the empty drive and not have to worry about writing a massive .iso,
    testing a massive .iso and at some point in the future trying to re-install a massive .iso.
    Here's a link to the user manual:
    On page 31 it explains the BIOS options. Doing a UEFI Linux install is still quite unintuitive, though there are a few threads and video tutorials out there. If you're planning on using Linux, right now I would suggest good old legacy style.
    An overview of Ubuntu install issues is a pretty tall order for any machine. External wifi and bluetooth dongles are generally a problem, though the problems are often remedied after finishing all of the recommended updates.
    I could add more advice, but it will help if I know more about what you want from your machine.
    fortunemod loves you.

  • Problem with Sessions and window.open

    Hi everyone,
    Help Please!!!
    I am working with Sevlet session objects and HTML forms and windows. I have an HTML form for the user to supply a username and password. Once the user clicks submit I need to open another browser window that has no toolbar, no location, no status bar, etc. The user should also be able to go back to that login screen and login again and open a 2nd, 3rd, etc. instance of the application. My problem is that each application is being asigned the same sessionId. I believe it is being asigned to the main login window and thus to the other child windows it opens. Is there a way to work around this? Do I need to make the user open another browser window to login? I need to be able to let the user open multiple instances of the application with unique session ids for each.
    Any insight is GREATLY appreciated on this topic. Anything you can tell me about sessions (Java), IE, window.open would help greatly!

    To achieve this, you must introduce another level of
    abstraction to the Servlet specifications. When you
    work with JSP/Servlets you use mostly the HttpSession
    to handle user related tasks, and the aplication
    context, for things that are common to all users. But
    inside the HttpSession scope, you want to create
    containers that have 'smaller' scope and are uniquely
    A ipothetical scenario :Let's say that you must have
    multiple connections to several databases, on each
    database user rights beeing diferrent, and you must be
    able to track user actions globaly, and eventualy
    capture a 'Close Application event' and close all db.
    1. when the user first accesses the login frame create
    the HttpSession. In the HttpSession object, store a
    Hastable (let's call it 'ConnectionTable'). Each
    object in the Hashtable must identify uniqely a
    database connection. Now, to create unique identifiers
    ids, make the keys in the hashtable java.lang.Long
    objects, created using System.getCurrentTimeMillis().
    This guaranties there will be no possible confusion.
    From each new open window, on each request to the
    server, along with the usefull parameters, send the
    connection identifier. When proccessing the request,
    select the object from the Hastable wich corresponds
    to the ID.
    2. Now, the values in the ConnectionTable, must act as
    the containers that I mentioned in the first
    paragraph. The simplest way to do this is to have
    again a Hashtable derived class to do the job, wich
    exploses methods similar to HttpSession: setAttibute (
    Object key, Object value) and getAttibute ( Object
    key, Object value). This container may use internally
    a Hashtable to store object, and explose only the
    getAttribute and setAttribute methods for clarity. Any
    way, this is a problem of implementation. Let's call
    this class CustomSession.
    Now, a textual activity diagram:
    1 user accesses the main page, you start a new
    HttpSession; In the HttpSession object, store the
    ConnectionTable object.
    2. the user enters the userID and pwd and adatabase
    name, and a new window is opened. Let's supose the
    data entered is valid.
    3. when you process the login data, you create a new
    CustomSession object. you put in it whatever you would
    put in your HttpSession. You generate a unique
    identifier using System.CurrentTimeMillis(). Put the
    CustomSession object in the ConnectionTable, using the
    generated id as key. Send the response.
    ..... later on .....
    100. the user asks for a particular action to be
    performed - e.g. a row deletion. The page contains a
    form with text field where the user introduces the
    row number, a submit button and a hidden input with
    the ID.
    101. you process the data. Get the ID from the request
    object, get the ConnectionTable from the session, get
    the CustomSession using the ID as key, do whatever
    your logic was doing, but obtaining the objects from
    the CustomSession instead of HttpSession
    Very slick idea. I think that it could work and it seems that there would be not security issues because the id that you would store on the client side is the Unique Identifier and not the actual Session Id. Do you forsee any security issues for this implementation?

  • How can I make an icon that links to a webpage that works with Mac and Windows??

    I burn CDs with my photos and send them to clients.   Besides the photos folder, I would like to include a file (similar to the .webloc files on the Mac Desktop) that can be clicked and it will be linked to my website - it will open up a browser window and go to my website .      Is it posssible to make one of these icons that works with both Macs and Windows machines?  Thanks!

    Now it works!  Thanks, Denico!
    The reason I saved to text:   The first time I followed your instructions, it did not work.   I tried to figure out what I did wrong and saw that you wrote to "save as plain text."   I did not know what this means and there was no option available to save a plain text.  So I looked around and saw "save as stationery" and I guessed that maybe that was what you meant.   And after that, it worked!  But the next thing you know, the icons started duplicating themselves.
    I guess I had made a different mistake in the beginning and I fixed it without knowing what it is.
    Thanks for clearing that up.
    But just one question.  WHY does saving as "stationery" make an icon duplicate itself?

  • Is Verizon going to acknowlege the problems with FIOS and Windows Vista

    For months now, I have been reading the numerous problems Fios internet customers are having with Fios internet/Actiontech Router and Windows Vista and there has been no acknowledgement by Verizon of this current major issue.
    I have also experienced the exact same issue for months now since I switched to Verizon FIOS internet. Previously I had Comcast HSI using my Windows Vista laptop.  I had their service for over a year and I NEVER has a problem with the Windows Vista globe icon disappearing and loosing internet connection. The Globe always stayed on and never went away and I never lost connection when I had Comcast
    I had Verizon FIOS installed last September with my Windows Vista computer and my wireless internet connection started to drop from day 1 and it has been a daily occurrence for over 5 months now.  It has gotten so bad, I have had to hardwire my laptop to to be able to use the internet uninterrupted.
    This is what daily scenario is:
    When I turn on my laptop(with Windows Vista, I can initially get full internet access(with the globe on and it says "Local and internet). After about 10 minutes or less, the globe switches to "local only" and I can still get  internet access.  After another 5 or so minutes, a large X covers the globe and I lose internet connection entirely. The actiontech router wireless signal is no longer listed as one of the wireless networks.  The only way for me to regain internet access is either to restart my laptop or reboot the actiontech router.
    Numeorus posts here, over by DSL forums(Broadband Reports),Microsoft's website and a few othere websites detail this issue.
    I am extremely shocked and surprised that Verizon has not tried to fix this issue by working with both the makers of the Actiontech Router as well as Microsoft to find out what the problem is and how to fix it.
    I would just like to reiterate I strongly believe this is primarily a FIOS internet issue since I previously had Comcast HSI for over a year with the same Windows Vista laptop and I NEVER had that problem. Also,  I can connect to my neighbors wireless connection(she uses Comcast HSI) and when I do, the globe stay on all the time on my computer and the internet does not lose connection.
    I know that there are a couple of Verizon employees here. Please tell the higher ups who handle FIOS internet that this is a major issue that needs to be resolved as soon as possible.
    P.S: Please don't tell me to go by my own router because then, I will have to deal with the issues of setting it up to work with Fios TV and the related VOD, widgets, remote DVR compatability issues to deal with. I don't think I can deal with the additional headaches. 

    FIOS is short for fiber optics.  fiber optics is different technology than DSL.   
    With that said, if you search the Microsoft databases for vista issues with fiber optics, (CURRENTLY THERE IS ONLY ONE PROVIDER OF FIBER TO THE HOUSE, that being Verizon, so yes you can also search Vista issues with verizon and\or fios) and you will find that Microsoft already acknowledges this issue with their software.  AND they offer you a fix.

  • IPhone 5 iOS 6.1.4 and Windows 7 x64 USB Driver Issues

    Been pulling my hair out with this one for the last week or so and haven't had any luck finding anything on the forums or the web regarding a solution short of a full reinstall of Windows 7 which I am not prepared to do at this time; so hoping someone here can shine some light on this for me
    I have a iPhone 5 that is updated to iOS 6.1.4 and a recently built Windows 7 64-bit machine. All of my other USB devices function fine (keyboard, mouse, Xbox 360 wireless receiver for Windows, and a Seagate 2TB external USB drive). I've downloaded the most recent version of iTunes, installed successfully and then attempt to plug in my phone to sync. I get the standard Windows *ding* that I've attached a device and 1 of 2 things happens (I haven't been able to determine what causes one reaction to happen versus the other): Windows will successfully install the 'Apple USB Mobile Device Driver' successfully and it will appear under my USB devices in Device Manager. However - iTunes will not recognize the phone and I cannot see it in Windows either. In the 'Devices and Printers' snap-in my iPhone will appear under 'Unspecified Devices' as the 'Apple USB Mobile Device'. The iTunes diagnostics fail to find a connected device so the tests fail. As soon as I unplug the device, the strangest thing happens: Windows will start trying to install a device driver and after a few seconds it will fail stating that the "MTP Device Driver" installation failed because the device was unplugged. iTunes also thrown an error "iTunes cannot connect to this iPhone" throwing error code 0XE8000065 (I've also seen error code 0XE8000085 as well)
    After some finagling, I've managed to get Windows to recognize the device under 'Portable Devices' in Device Manager as an "MTP USB Device" using the generic driver. At this point, I've tried updating the driver and manually specifying the Apple USB driver located in the C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Drivers which updates successfully but then changes the device to "Apple USB Mobile Device" and moves it under the USB Devices in Device Manager; and Windows nor iTunes can see it even still.
    I've tried removing iTunes several times and ensuring that all remnants of the installation are gone (registry and folders on the installation drive) and have disconnected all my USB devices short of the keyboard and mouse and still I get the same results. At this point, I'm afraid that a re-install of Windows is going to be the solution; but it's a drastic one (I have a SSD drive where Windows is installed along with all of my games for faster load times/better performance and do not want to have to redownload\reinstall all of them) and I'm not prepared to undertake it at this time, which is why I'm posting here
    I've used a utility called USBDeview that sees my phone is connected - so I know from a functional standpoint that my USB ports are good and working. I also know the cable is good too - my daughter's PC (Windows 7 32-bit with NO iTunes) immediately sees the device when I plug it in, installs the drivers, recognizes it as an iPhone and I can then see/browse it in Windows Explorer like I would normally expect. My work PC (Windows 7 64bit, NO iTunes) sees the device just fine as well. I would immensely appreciate anyone that has seen this issue or has any additional solutions I can try.
    It's also worth mentioning that I've never used Kapersky antivirus so the UPPERFILTERS value in the registry that I've seen as a solution on some forums is not present on my machine. I'm using Microsoft Security Essentials as my antivirus (no flaming please lol - it meets my needs and is extremely lightweight, which is why I'm using it on a gaming rig) and it's not indicating any issues. I've also tried running iTunes as an administrator (even though my account is a local admin on the machine) and that does not have any effect either.
    If there is anything I left out, please let me know; and I thank you in advance!

    AphexTwin wrote:
    - no Apple input?
    Of course not.  Didn't you bother to read the TOU of this forum?  This is a USER TO USER technical support forum.  Apple doesn't post here.

  • IPod Nano: Error Message "The USB device has malfunctioned and Windows does not recognise it"

    Hi everyone, I just received 2 brand new iPod Nanos for my kids for Christmas, thought I'd be smart and sync them both now before wrapping them so I don't have to be messing around with them on the day. One synced without a problem, then using the same cable, same computer, same USB port, the 2nd one came up with "The USB device has malfunctioned and Windows does not recognise it" I've tried restarting my computer, unplugging and reinserting the USB. Is there anthing else I can try before returning it? Thanking you for any help.

    I have solved my problem, I ended up ringing Apple and got an awesome lady who told me to reset it by pressing the sleep button and menu button together for about 10 seconds and once it actually turned on for the first time the computer then recognised it, so it's all good, :-) Thank you lovely lady!

  • ITunes and Windows 8 Home Sharing (Possible Fix)

    If this fix has been posted elsewhere then I apologize, but I wanted to share what I stumbled on as a possible for for iTunes Home Sharing and Windows 8. I did a lot of port forwarding, both on my router and my Norton firewall, but nothing seemed to help. After a few minutes my Apple TV and iOS devices would stop seeing my iTunes library. The only way to fix it was to reboot the router.
    On a whim I looked in my Device Manager and found under Network Adapters a device called Microsoft Kernel Debug Network Adapter. I disabled this, rebooted my computer, and have since no issues with Home Sharing. It's only been a few hours, but that is the longest I've gone since installing Windows 8. I'll look in the morning to see if it still works.
    So give this method a try and see what happens. Hopefully it will fix your problems.

    Here are the three steps I took to get Home Sharing working successfully on Apple TV. This has worked for the better part of a week so hopefully it will work well for others.
    In your software firewall create two new Inbound Rules. Open port 3689 (TCP) and port 5353 (UDP) to All Programs.
    If your hard drive goes to sleep after a certain period, be sure to change to something greater than 30 min. (Control Panel -> Power Options -> Change Plan Settings -> Change Advanced Power Settings -> Hard disk -> Turn off hard disk after -> Setting)
    On your Apple TV change when it goes to sleep. I changed mine to 10 hours.
    This seems to keep the connection alive. On occassion it will look like it gets stuck loading, but just let it go. At some point it wil kick on. If you generates a connection error just try loading the media again and it should start.

  • Software and Windows 8

    Hi there, can somebody PLEASE tell me how i can download the desktop software for my pc. I have a Blackberry 9300 and Windows 8 on my pc!!! URGENT

    I would recommend the most recent Desktop Software, version 7. Download it here:
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  • RemoteFX and windows 8.1

    I am currently running a VDI environment with server 2012 servers including a RDCB, RDVH, RDSH, RDWA and windows 8 clients. I am using remoteFX on the windows 8 clients with the help of 3 nvidia Quadro 6000 cards. RemoteFX works perfectly in windows 8; however,
    I built a windows 8.1 VM and remote FX will not work in this VM. When I log on to the vm and look under device manager the remoteFX device is listed but it gives an error of 43. All of the vm's have one monitor set in the remoteFX settings. In the event viewer
    of the windows 8.1 VM I am getting an error under RemoteDesktop Services vGPU-kModeDriver "The virtual GPU synthetic devie failed" and the other accompanying error is "The RDVGM kernal mode driver failed to start" I have removed all of
    the windows 8 VM's to confirm that all of the available memory of the GPU was not used and this didn't get any different results. The only difference I see is that one guest os is windows 8 and the other is 8.1. Does remoteFX not work in windows 8.1 by chance?
    Both OS's are Enterprise as well.
    Thanks for any help,

    Hi Scott,
    Sorry for the late.
    I think the edition of win8 VM that has been enabled RemoteFX is enterprise .
    (To use RemoteFX , guest os on hyper-v host should be enterprise edition )
    For details please refer to following link:
    Best Regards
    are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this
    interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time.
    Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.

  • RH10 and Windows 8.0/8.1

    Hi Everyone,
    Please can some advise what the current state of play is with RH10 and windows 8.0 and window 8.1. 
    i.e does it work properly?
    I am expecting to be asked to document a package running under window 8.0 or 8.1 shortly wondered if my copy of RH 10 will still work ok for this? Our main output format is web help.
    Secondly when is the next version of RH due that is compatible with office 2013?

    Thanks Willam, it was more about the version that ships than the versions that can be installed that I wanted to clarify.
    See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips

  • Reader and Windows 8.1 FULL SCREEN?

    Is there a way to view a document in Reader and Windows 8.1 other than on FULL SCREEN.  In previous versions, I could look at a.pdf file while working on another file on my computer screen.  This allowed me to get info from the .pdf file and input into the other program.

    It might  be that you're viewing with an app written to Microsoft's new and exciting "modern" interface which is always full screen. Apparently it's much better and more exciting.
    Microsoft Reader comes with Windows 8 and runs that way. Adobe also offer "Adobe Reader Touch" which runs that way.
    Some of us old dinosaurs who think it might be neat to arrange multiple apps so we can do more than one thing at once like to run the "legacy" apps like Adobe Reader.

  • Iphone and windows 8 compatibility?

    When is apple going to fix the iphone and windows 8 compatibility? All I get is the "waiting for changes to be applied" message. I can't sync my phone.

    I have  no issues with Win 8 working fine with the latest (win 8 compatible )

  • Deduper and windows 8

    I'm having trouble using the deduper and windows 8.  I have the latset itunes.  I keep getting an error message
    Char 691
    error invalid prcedure call or argument
    code 800A0005
    source microsoft vbscript runtime error

    Hi. I presume you're referring to my DeDuper script. Checking the live copy of the script the most likely cause of the error would be that the object it is supposed to be working with no longer exists. This can happen if you run the script on a regular playlist that has more than one instance of the same object. I'm working on a new version that will be more robust but until then it would be best to run the script on the main Songs view or a smart playlist as these will only contain one reference to each unique iTunes object.
    If you think something else is happening please let me know.

  • PC and Windows 8.1 used mark illustrator error: 16

    I have a PC and Windows 8.1 used mark illustrator error: 16 Perform reinstallation of the program and the error continues .

    Did youreinstall using the full three step way?
    Uninstall, run the Cleaner Tool, and reinstall.

Maybe you are looking for