Qosmio G20 and Windows 7

Hi there,
I've got an old Qosmio G20-115 that uses the RAID controller for the two hard disks. I've tried installing both Windows 7 (RC1) and Windows Vista but I'm always getting stuck at the point of Windows installation detecting the hard drives. After reading various reports from this forum and other sources around the web, I've tried on numerous occassions to get the installation to detect the disks using drivers from various different sources but to no avail.
Is there something more fundamental I'm getting wrong? What should the RAID settings be set to in the BIOS when trying to install an OS? Has anyone managed to get Windows 7 (RC1) working on their G20? Has anyone got some drivers that they've tested and managed to get Vista/Windows 7 onto their G20-115s?
Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Boarder,
Thanks for your reply. The G20 is old, but the hardware (aside from the RAID controller) is still very generic isn't it? Is there a specific piece that won't work with Windows 7?
List of drivers I've tried so far (both XP & vista)
All to no avail. I've even tried installing Vista but keep getting the exact same issue - none of the drivers seem to pick up the hard drives.

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  • Re: Qosmio X770 and Windows XP64bit

    Hi there,
    I recently bought one new Toshiba Qosmio X770, but unfortunately it came with this new Windows 7.
    I have 2 other toshiba notebooks, one is a NB200 Netbook with WinXP32bits running nicely about 1 year or more, and another big one Satellite P300 also with XP32bits.
    All the softwares that I need - are running extremly good, without any conflicts, for more than a year!
    But something is bothering me: After ripping of the HD from this new Qosmio X770, and trying to install Windows XP 64bits, Ive found that theres no, or anykind of support to such drivers from Toshiba.
    I downloaded many drivers from the 3rd party hardware manufacturers, but only a phew worked.
    Now I have this big, powerful computer, expensive, without any softwares (because, when I try to install any software that I already own, into the original Win7 64bits, it says that its incompatible, or you need to buy another version, and so on...)
    My point is: Im not going to buy upgrades or other software just because some dumb Engineer built an entire new OS that requires entire new softwares, entire new Drivers, and so on. This is madness!
    What should I do with this X770?
    Im not going to throw it away, but you Toshiba Enginheers, should make Compatible drivers, at least for the Windows XP 64bits / 32bits.
    Im not going to put this crapy Windows 7, just because someone at Microsoft wants that. I have my right to still use my usefull softwares and my Windows XP, wich works incredibly more smooth, uses less memory and works well than Win7.
    Many thanks for the support.

    Windows 7 => Windows XP 64bits with some fancy and diferent colors. Look at the Control Panel on the classic view, its the same as Windows XP! The main difference is that there are some few new items.
    The Windows Kernel hasnt changed much since Windows XP, the main key is the memory addressing that really needs to be rebuild, due to additional 32bit addressing (64bit processors). But the base still the same, just a recompiled Windows XP.
    The madness here is that every single year we are forced to buy software... Do you really need to spent money? Its like burning money: you already have something working (like Office 2003... it works even better than Office 2010... they changed only the menus, but the rest still the same) why buy something that has just changed the name and added some fancy buttons? this is like burning money...
    I know that we are year 2011, but lets look for something that has more than 100 years but the concept still the same and we still use it today: AC Three-phase induction motors - It works very well, requires very low or no maintenance at all, and delivers a nice and stable function - generating torque as long as the power supply is running ok. Theres another example: Radio FM / AM - the same as above. Combustion Engine - same as the above;
    All Software should be made focused on the last longing utility - Software that will run 100 years, but will run extremly fast on 100 years Computers ..., than on fancy buttons or something like that.
    Oh, btw, im still waiting, after about 2 hours, the finishing of SP1 Win7 install...
    Im planning to test onto another harddisk, the installation of Windows XP 32bits on this computer :D
    Hope to find 32bit driver somewhere...
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  • Qosmio G40 and Windows 7 upgrade

    Can anyone please advise me on why Toshiba has no support for the Qosmio G40 when it comes to windows 7 upgrade?

    Thanks, Ivan - that answered my (unasked) question right off the bat!
    Chris :-)
    (Also, a search revealed that if Win7 drivers are not included Vista drivers will work fine - like touch pad, IR, etc.)

  • Qosmio G20 Vista drivers? Not needed to install Windows Vista

    I am new at this forum. My name is Francisco and I live in Brazil. I own a Toshiba Qosmio g20_105 and it is running Windows Vista Ultimate EN RTM 6000 without problems.
    To do this, you must perform a fresh install of Windows Vista. The drivers for network (Intel PRO100),for audio (Soundmax), for TV (Toshiba PCI Tuner), modem (toshiba modem), Alps pointing device are installed directly from microsoft. You must install Toshiba nvidia display driver, Toshiba Bluetooth (monitor and stack), Toshiba texas flash media driver, toshiba RAID (driver and utilities), toshiba remote control manager and ConfigFree for Windows Vista.
    You must have the Toshiba RAID drivers to install from the windows Vista DVD. Otherway, Windows does not recognize Toshiba RAID 0 and RAID 1.
    Below some pictures of my G20 Desktop screen:
    And here is an example of using deskscapes animated backgrounds with Windows Vista, called dreamscene.
    It is in paused mode
    To perform a fresh install of windows Vista:
    Please, download the Toshiba RAID drivers from here:
    1. Copy the contents of this archive onto a floppy disk, CD, DVD, or USB flash drive.
    2. Insert your Microsoft Windows Vista Edition Bootable DVD.
    3. Power on your computer and press F12 to display the boot menu.
    4. Choose the option to boot from the CD/DVD drive.
    5. On the first setup screen, choose your language options then press "Next".
    6. Press "Install Now".
    7. Type in your Product Key then press "Next".
    8. Accept the license terms by checking the box then press "Next".
    9. When asked "What type of installation do you want", press "Custom (advanced)".
    10. When asked "Where do you want to install Windows", make sure your media containing the Toshiba RAID drivers is connected to the computer, then click on "Load Driver".
    11. Browse to the location you have copied the RAID drivers to then press "OK".
    12. Setup will return to the previous screen, but it will show that you have selected the TOSHIBA RAID driver.
    13. Make sure the TOSHIBA RAID driver is selected then press "Next".
    14. Continue the installation of Windows Vista as normal.
    Now you will need the Toshiba drivers for your Qosmio G20:
    See the Device manager info:
    1. SD memory controller
    2. Bluetooth monitor and stack
    3. Nvidia display driver GeForce Go 6600
    4. Texas FlashMedia controller
    And finally the Toshiba utilities:
    Toshiba Configfree
    Toshiba Assist
    RAID utilities
    Remote control manager
    Toshiba SD Memory utilities
    That's it...
    So I must tell to you that Toshiba Qosmio G20 is Windows Vista Ultimate capable, indeed.
    Hope this helps people who need and want to install Windows Vista Aero on their Qosmio G20 machines.
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    UPDATED POST: On March 08, 2007
    This is a step by step guide for those of you with problems to get Windows Vista functional on your G20 Qosmios
    Use a Windows Vista English Version RTM Ultimate 6000 DVD for installation.
    1 Backup your personal files and important data to a removable device, CD, DVD, flashmedia, pendrive, etc...
    2.Check your Qosmio player installation. if nedeed, reinstall it with the latest version (multilanguage), posted on Toshibas site (download drivers section).
    3.Download and copy the Toshiba RAID drivers to a removable media
    Please, download the Toshiba RAID drivers from here:
    4.To perform a fresh install of Windows Vista, Follow the steps below
    -1. Copy the contents of this archive onto a floppy disk, CD, DVD, or USB flash drive.
    -2. Insert your Microsoft Windows Vista Edition Bootable DVD.
    -3. Power on your computer and press F12 to display the boot menu.
    -4. Choose the option to boot from the CD/DVD drive.
    -5. On the first setup screen, choose your language options then press "Next".
    -6. Press "Install Now".
    -7. Type in your Product Key then press "Next".
    -8. Accept the license terms by checking the box then press "Next".
    -9. When asked "What type of installation do you want", press "Custom (advanced)".
    -10. When asked "Where do you want to install Windows", make sure your media containing the Toshiba RAID drivers is connected to the computer, then click on "Load Driver".
    -11. Browse to the location you have copied the RAID drivers to then press "OK".
    -12. Setup will return to the previous screen, but it will show that you have selected the TOSHIBA RAID driver.
    -13. Make sure the TOSHIBA RAID driver is selected then press "Next".
    -14. Continue the installation of Windows Vista as normal.
    5. Go to Microsoft update and download all important updates available. If you wish you can install your native language, if other than English, from the Microsoft site.
    let Windows install all the drivers found for your Qosmio G20.
    6. Reboot your machine and follow with the steps below.
    1. Alps pointing device driver (This is from Alps and working fine with your Qosmio G20)
    During the installation, Windows will complain that you are installing an early device driver. Do not attempt to this, Install it anyway.
    This is because the Windows driver for this device is originally installed with a more recent date and version from that you are trying to install.
    But the driver posting here is the correct from the Alps for your Qosmio g20.
    2. Bluetooth monitor and stack
    3. Nvidia display driver GeForce Go 6600
    To install the nvidia 97.52, you must do it manually:
    open the Device manager
    look for the Video adapter/nvidia Gforce go6600
    Driver update options
    Look for a driver in computer
    Choose a list of device drivers in computer
    With disc...
    Lool for the place you've extracted the nvidia 97.52.rar
    Find the nvts.inf and open it
    You will come to the following screen:
    From a list choose your video card (go6600) and install it.
    If you think it is difficult, please see the VIDEO Nvidiainstall.avi:
    After the extraction, play it with Windows media Player
    4. Texas FlashMedia controller
    5.SoundMAX integrated digital audio. Driver
    run the setup.exe and at first remove the driver you have installed on your Qosmio G20.
    reboot the computer
    Run the setup.exe again and install the new driver. At some install point, Windows Vista will need a confirmation, if you trust Analog devices incorporated to goes on..
    Continue with the installation and after finishing the process, test the functionallity of the new driver
    If your G20 model is using the Sigmatel HD audio chipset, so you must install other driver than the Soundmax integrated digital audio
    It is the SigmaTel HD Audio Driver for Windows Vista Version:
    6.Intel PRO Wireless 2200BG Vista version, including the Intel chipset identification utility.
    And for the Utilities you can download them from here:
    1.Toshiba Configfree
    2.Toshiba assist
    3.Raid utilities
    4.Remote control manager
    5.Toshiba disk creator.
    6.Picture enhancement utilily.
    You can select your desired screen brightness and the monitor input settings:
    monitor-in (rca normal or S-VHS plug in) when using your Qosmio as a monitor in for your VCR, DVD, Playstation, etc.
    For using TV as monitor-in you also can switch from NTSC to PAL video system.
    For screen brightness: This adjust affects the image of your DVD player software or when watching your DVD via media Center 2005
    After installation this utility appears into the Toshiba Assist Window, on Optimize category as shown in the picture above.
    As the Toshiba Media (Top) buttons are not working by now, you can use the HotKey (Fn+4) which is working 100% , to toggle from Normal screen input(4:3 aspect)
    to wide screen input (16:9 aspect).
    Press the Fn+4 once and your monitor video in is 4:3 mode, press again and the monitor video in is 16:9 mode, press once more and the image returns to your lcd normal. screen.
    7. SRS Audio Sandbox utility (enhancement) for you soundmax audio experience
    The sandbox will allow you to process any audio in your system with one of three SRS technologies:
    WOW HD: Provides enhanced width, bass and definition for music sources.
    TruSurround XT: Virtualizes multichannel content for listening on two speakers,
    with post-processing enhancements.
    CX Xtract: Provides enhanced multichannel virtualization by combining TruSurround XT
    with Circle Surround II.
    link to download:
    8.Toshiba value added package:
    About the Toshiba Value added package for the G30, you can install it on the G20, but only some of the items, otherwise you will have conflicts with Windows mobility center.
    Do not install the Toshiba energy control. Designed only for the G30 model.
    It Maintains the Windows mobility center funcionality and the Toshiba Buttons (FN + F1, F2, F3, etc...)will be OK.
    9.Toshiba extended Tiles for Windows mobility Center.
    10.Microsoft photo info.
    OBS: All the downloads are directly from my FTP server. 100% secure. No Virus. No spywares

  • Qosmio G20: Need Vista Toshiba Common Modules & Utilities

    I have a Qosmio G20 and have recently upgraded to Windows Vista - Home Premium
    I need to update my Common Modules Driver and Toshiba Utilities - can anyone help me?

    Hi Paul
    Unfortunately, you will have no success to find Toshiba Vista drivers or utilities for Qosmio G20!
    It looks like Toshiba has released only single common Vista drivers like Wireless Lan Driver, Bluetooth Stack, etc. These drivers are not especially designed for G20 series but you can use it on notebooks with the same WLan card or BT card.
    However, the Toshiba Vista drivers were not released for Qosmio G20 or F20.
    Did you check this?
    The FranciscoJr is a god father of Vista on Qosmio G20 ;)
    Recommend checking this useful, fantastic thread.
    Best regards

  • Qosmio G20: How to get higher screen resolution on external 22" monitor

    I have a Qosmio G20 and today I bought a Samsung 226BW external screen. The Samsung has a max/optimal resolution of 1680x1050px. The Toshiba manual sais the laptop supports an external screen resolution up to 2048x1536 ...
    I have now tried all kinds of settings, but the highest resolution I get on the external monitor is 1440x900 (- same as the laptop).
    1440x900 on the 22" screen is not enough for serious picture editing; it simply looks unsharp.
    What am I doing wrong? I deeply appreciate any answers/feedback; because if 1440x900 is all I can get, I have to take the xternal monitor back to the store ...
    if anyone is so kind !?

    The available screen resolution depends on the graphic driver. You cannot choose the favorite resolution of 1680x1050 because the graphic card driver doesnt support it.
    Maybe a graphic driver update could helps.
    By the way; a inf file should be supplied by the monitor manufacture. You can install such file making right click and choosing install.
    Check also these forum threads:

  • Qosmio G20 - System recovery without CD Drive?

    Hello Everyone.
    I have Qosmio G20 and the internal DVD Drive is not working.
    I have recovery DVD also, since DVD Drive is not working I am not able to boot with recovery DVD and do the recovery.
    I do have external DVD Drive also but Qosmio doesnt support USB external drive for booting.
    Is there any way to recovery my system without replacing my internal DVD Drive.

    Maybe if you start your notebook in DOS and load DOS driver for external device. With full access to external device maybe you will be able to start recovery procedure.
    To be honest I don't understand why you don't want to replace optical disc drive. Qosmio G20 is so old and parts are not expensive anymore. Check eBay and you will find a lot of drivers for Toshiba notebooks.
    Replace the drive and be happy. It is not so big investment.

  • "ARRAY DEGRADE" message on my Qosmio G20

    Hi everyone,
    I have a qosmio g20 and for no reason when i start up the following message appears:
    I tried allmost everything, uninstall raid utility, format both disks but I still get the same message.
    I also get the same message when i try to mirror the two disks.When reaching about 90% of mirroring an alert pops up again stating "array 1 degraded,one disk is missing".
    Hope someone can help me.
    Many thanks,

    Hello Kozach75
    This message appears if the RAID controller detects some problem with HDD. On this way it is not possible to say why this happen but it can be some serious hardware problem. Please contact service partner and let them check the unit. G20 is a new unit and the valid warranty will cover all costs.
    Check this page http://www.csd.toshiba.com/cgi-bin/tais/su/su_gaspLocator.jsp?pf=true .
    Good luck!

  • Qosmio F20-111and Windows Vista - cannot get sound and display driver to work

    I have just installed windows vista home premium 32 bit, but I faced 2 main problems which are:
    1- The sound:
    2- The graphics card GO 6600 128 MB
    I found the driver for them but it did not work so I need you help please.

    Unfortunately I do not have Qosmio G20 but if you use search option on this forum you can find interesting topics about Vista on Qosmio F20.
    For sound check http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=24004
    Display maybe this will help http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=21823&messageID=80423
    Be sure the BIOS is updated with latest version.
    Bye and good luck!

  • Qosmio G20-102: RAID problem when installing windows xp media center

    First I didn't find the raid driver for my qosmio. I tried another Qosmio G20's RAID driver but when it reachs the stage when I ask windows to format the C driver it shows me an error. It says that it finds an error in the file KR10N and it ends there.
    please help me and thank you.

    It seems that the Qosmio G20-102 belongs to the PQG20E series.
    Searching on the Toshiba European driver page I found the RAID driver v1.03.0008 for Windows XP MCE (can be used also with XP Pro).
    You will need an external USB FDD to include this driver into the OS.
    But note; after the RAID driver installation you shouldnt format the HDD or create a new partition because this will delete the RAID driver from the HDD and the OS installation fails!
    I hope I could help you would also appreciate a feedback ;)
    Best regards

  • Qosmio G20 Beeping a lot and dimming screen - why?

    Occasionally my Qosmio G20 starts beeping a lot and reducing the brightness on the screen.
    This happens while it is running on AC power and with the power option set to highest level.
    Simoultanesly there are some blue lights above the keyboard that starts blinking.
    The only way to stop this behaviour is to press the key below the blinking blue light, and then go to the control panel an manipulate the power settings. To do that, I have to change the brightness, press apply, restore the brightness and press apply again. After that it may work for a long time before the next incident.
    I have the latest Windows updates, I have an anti virus installed, and I have spyware removers installed, so I don't think any of those are to be suspected.
    Usually this happens while the PC is playing a movie, but occasionaly it happens while I am playing a game or when I use it for work.
    Any help will be appreciated.

    I would recommend to check the Toshiba power saver.
    Select your power mode and check the setup action settings.
    Please check the Alarm level settings.
    You should take a look also on the basic setup. There you can check the screen brightness.
    Please be sure that the unit uses the Toshiba power saver schemes in the Windows power options properties.

  • Qosmio G20 - sound and tv tuner drivers (digital)

    Hello all,
    I recently purchased a Qosmio G20 (490ls) in Japan and have had nothing but problems thus far.
    The original OS that came bundled with the computer was Windows XP Home (Japanese). I can not read Japanese but I have an English version of Windows XP MCE so I didn't think this would be an issue.
    I could not install it correctly so I handed it over to a tech and he accidently wiped everything (the OS, drivers etc) and I do not have a recovery disk from the original.
    Anyways I gave it to a new tech to install and they are almost finished except they are missing 2 drivers --- the sound driver and the tv tuner driver. The European drivers are analog and do not work on the Japanese version, however, it needs digital drivers.
    I am in desperate need of a "digital sound driver" and a "digital tv tuner driver", if anyone could help me out or point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated =)
    Thank you

    Hello Michael
    I am very happy that you are there. Maybe you can give us very useful information. I have heard that just TV tuner from Japan can be used in whole world without any standard restriction.
    Do you know something about that?
    Maybe it is the reason why you can not configure it properly. I am pretty sure that the driver for your unit is designed just for Japanese market and it is possible that our European driver doesnt work properly. Check the driver from US download site

  • Qosmio G20: Qosmio Player and Tuner FM

    I have seen a question about the tuner FM in the Qosmio G20 series (and other notebooks with Qosmio Player). Users have answered that Qosmio Player hasn't the tuner FM! This is wrong!
    I have made a manual scan in Qosmio Player using the scan by frequency and it's possible to scan the range of frequency of the FM. So I have found some radio stations that I can save. The resolution is not the best but you can easily find some radio stations!

    I agree with Togan. The units are delivered with different hardware configurations.
    Therefore some units support a tuner and are delivered without the tuner.

  • Qosmio G20-109: First tv channel in white and black, then in colour

    I bought a Qosmio G20-109 in France one week ago.
    It works perfectly except the TV.
    When I launch the Tv set, the first channel is in white and black.
    If I change the channel, the next ones are in colours.
    The drivers are ok;
    Have you an idea to fix this problem ?
    Thanks a lot;

    Hi Chris
    Your problem is one country specific problem. It is not easy to say what the problem can be. The only thing that I can suggest you is Manual Channel Programming. Maybe you will able on this way to find a exact frequency of this channel.

  • Qosmio G20: MCE scanes and finds no digital TV channels

    the MCE scanes digital antenna services and finds zero of them after i installed Media Player Classic on my Qosmio G20. before the installation of the said i could watch digital tv. the place where i am living has started broadcasting dvb-t for four local channels a couple of months a go. is there anybody out there who can help me in finding out the problem and its solution?

    > the MCE scanes digital antenna services and finds
    > zero of them after i installed Media Player Classic
    > on my Qosmio G20. before the installation of the said
    > i could watch digital tv. the place where i am living
    > has started broadcasting dvb-t for four local
    > channels a couple of months a go. is there anybody
    > out there who can help me in finding out the problem
    > and its solution?
    My G20 don't have dig/tv.
    I use a box for free tv through S-VIDEO.
    The images quality is excellent.
    I think just the G30 can receive(perhaps...!) the dab-tv.

Maybe you are looking for

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