Query : Custom field at line item level in SRM 7.0 .

I was going through a document which instructs on how to add a custom field at line item level in SRM 7.0.
I found this code :
I wanted to know what is 'I1015'  and what is its significance .
please advise .

This speaks about the status of the Cart. This means that the Status of the Cart is AWAITING APPROVAL...I dont know which document you have gone through but procedure for adding a Custom Field in SRM 7.0 is:
1. Create a Custom field in the Database in SRM. Preferrably add the field in an include and extend thta include to the table in SE11.
2. Go to Portal Login of SRM and right click the part of the screen where you want to add the custom field. Click on More Field Help. The popup will give you the name of WebDynpro Applicaiton which controls that area.
3. Login to SRM via GUI and display the webdynpro application using SE80. Enhance the Webdynpro application.
4. Add the custom field to the Context of the WebDynpro Application View. You will be selecting the field from the database table while adding the custom field to the context
5. Add the field at the specified place in Layout Tab of the WebDynpro View,
6. Create a binding between the Layout Field and the Context
7. Activate the changes.... you will see the field in Portal login of SRM....
For more details , refer to the Webdynpro help of the application...
Virender Singh

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    Hi Experts,
    Could anyone please let me know how to control payment block and payment method fields at line item level.
    I have checked field status at posting key (OB41) and GL (OB14) level but didn’t get any parameter to control these fields.
    I need your expert guidance.
    Mohammed Kalim

    Hi Mohammed,
    Please go to OB24/
    Select * (for all co.codes) default field status.Or Create new entry and input your co.code, Save it. Come back to co.code.
    Go to payment transaction
    Payment block and payment method display can be controlled from here for vendor master data
    Thanks and good luck.

  • Custom filed at line item level in order.jsp

    I want to add a custom material number field at the line item level that will search for the item related to the customer material number and populate the order.jsp.
    similar to the below mentioned Standard functionality:-
    In order.jsp when we enter a valid item no in the item text box
    and press enter then the related data of the item is populated in order.jsp.
    Is this possible ??
    If yes please let me know how can we achiese this.

    the problem with product search is that ....
    custommaterial number will be mapped with the item number for different customers in a separate table. so if i place the searc in proucts search tab it will fetch form product master.
    so I was think of extending the process flow and from jsp capture the value entered and trigger action from there make a item search following the standard process.
    but my problem is that I am not able to capture the value entered in the custom field when refresh is clicked?
    can you tell me how is the item search done when we enter the item number and press enter?
    please suggest

  • Posting customer payment at line item level

    Hi all ,
    Is there any way that we can configure customer payment in lock box to be done at line item level,
    what I mean here is if some invoice has three line items then can we configure some BADIs & do some ABAP coding to post at one of the line items?
    Please guide

    HI Nik,
    Not sure of vendor invoice. But we did customer invoice payments at item level. Follow below steps.
    1. FIll in all the details in F-28 iitial screen.
    2. In additional selections select radio button Others, Press enter.
    3. In the popup select document number.
    4. Here enter ur accounting doc number.
    5. Click on process open items
    6. Here u will get all line items. Now click on search and select line item, Neter item number.
    7. Now u will get only the line items u want.
    8. Now u can do complete or partial payments as per ur req.
    Hope it is clear.

  • F4 Help in Personnel no field  at line item level

    Dear All
    I made personnel no field  mandatory at line item level. i want f4 help options at that field ,presently its not coming.
    advise on same.

    Check with ABAPer for enabling Search help.

  • Add custom tab at line item level in transaction FMBB to view CI_FMBL flds

    Good day to all,
    We have added new fields in Budget posting (FMBB) in Line data using custom include CI_FMBL. 
    We want to display some item level fields from CI_FMBL in tab - Financial Budget
    We also want to add more item level tabs, next to tab Financial Budget and put some more item level fields from CI_FMBL there. 
    Any suggestions on how to accomplish this?  
    Thanks in advance.

    The customer include CI_FMBL can only be used with FMPEP and not with other transaction like FMBB.
    Technically speaking, the structure CI_FMBL must be part of many other interfaces like the one use by BAdI 'FMKU_BUDGET_EVNT'.
    In order to add such customer fields in FMPEP, you have to use the BAdI 'FMBW_CUSTOMER'. For instruction, you have to look at the note 1356725 and the instruction of paragraph 30. Please read the instruction and start to do your implementation.
    With the BAdI 'FMBW_CUSTOMER', you can use the PBO and PAI for handling the customer fields. There is no other place to populate these customer fields. Do you want to use customer fields in FMPEP? Please check note 1356725 for reference.
    I believe this answer your inquiry.
    Best Regards,
    Vanessa Barth.

  • VA01- Custom field addition on item level (VBAP)

    Hello Guys,
    Requirement is to add custom field to Sales Order item level. I have appended a Z structure in VBAP table, and then added the fields in 8459 screen of SAPMV45A program in a frame.
    Now the frame created is visible, but not the fields (label and text box). I have checked the code and the fields are not hidden in coding (Loop at screen).
    I am able to use the transaction, without any problem after adding the fields in VBAP table and on screen 8459.
    Please advise.

    Hi read this.
    Screen 8459 is embedded in a subscreen container on screen 4462 (SAPMV45A). I'm pretty confident that once you enlarge the subscreen area on 4462 (which I think is the best solution, alternatively you could enable scrolling) you should be able to see all your custom fields. Unfortunately this is a modification, so you need an access key for SAPMV45A.
    This problem actually gave me some headache with a client, because the actually displayed fields were still fitting into the subscreen container. I.e. we had lots of fields (and rows), but most were dynamically hidden. However, it seemed that the compression of lines due to hidden fields was not happening before fitting the subscreen into the subscreen container and therefore certain fields got lost. Once I enlarged the corresponding container on 4462 everything worked fine.

  • Adding custom fields on SC item level

    Hi All,
    I appended 3 customer fields in structure INCL_EEW_PD_ITEM_CSF_SC.
    Shall i append those three fields in structure INCL_EEW_PD_ITEM_CSF ?
    Will it create subscreen automatically in SRM7.0?
    Please give me any suggesstion.

    Hello Oorvi.
    Look at blog below:
    [How to create custom fields in SRM|http://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/scn/weblogs;jsessionid=%28J2EE3417800%29ID2069457250DB00157537042540212035End?blog=/pub/wlg/4711]
    Customer fields are added automatically to standard dynpro using dedicated subscreen.
    Now, with all answers which were given to you on all threads you opened, you should be able to work by yourself.

  • Amount field to be non editable at line item level in MIRO

    Plz let me know the steps, how to make the "Amount" field at line item level to be non editable in Invoive verification (MIRO).

    Create a screen variant for MIRO and make DRSEG-WRBTR filed output only.
    Program: SAPLMR1M
    Screen no : 6000

  • Customized drill-down report cannot go to line item level (FGI4 and FGI1)

    Hi Expert,
    I created a customized drill-down report using New GL features, as follows:
    FGI4 create form, with reference to form: 0SAPBLNCE-01
    FGI1 create report for the form created.
    After that I set some things like characteristic, variables, and output type.
    When I execute the report, the data shown cannot be drill-down to line item level:
    Goto > Line Item (this function is disabled).
    Kindly advise why I cannot goto line item level, where I copy from standard form: 0SAPBLNCE-01, which ha sthe features of drill-down to line item level.

    Hi sbmel,
    For calling up a line item report in a drill down report you need to make the below settins:-
    - You first have to generate the line item report with program RGRGENSI for your summary table.
    - Then assign the generated line item report to the summary report.
               Assiging the report is part of the 'Change drilldown report' function, which you reach by activating the characteristic selection field and then Extras -> Report assignment.
                In the dialog box that appears, choose the 'Other report type' function and insert the line item report generated earlier, as an ABAP report
    Edited by: gka2707 on Jul 19, 2010 8:07 AM

  • Asset field blank in FS10N (Drilldown to line item level) report layout

    Hi all,
    i ahve posted a Retirement transaction to an asset and when i went to see the line item on the GL using/executing report FS10N for asset transactions GL and drill down to the line item level by double clicking on the period balances and I choose field "Asset" to be displayed in the layout, it is blank. How can I get report FS10N to display the asset number from the transaction?
    the field is available in the layout but when i pull it into the report it is Blank in the report.
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    FS10N shows only balance, FBL3N shows the line details.
    Add the asset as a special field via OBVU  (Table:  BSEG, Field: ANLN1).

  • Issue in using custom discount condition type in pricing agreement at Service Contract line item level

    We are facing an issue while using a Z discount condition type in price agreement at service contract line item level.
    A Z Condition type has been created in ECC and assigned to the pricing procedure. This pricing procedure is downloaded in CRM and determined in the service contract.
    A condition maintenance group using this Z condition type is created in CRM and assigned to service contract item category.
    Condition records are created in CRM for this condition type/condition maintenance group for specific products along with sales org and discount percentage.
    But when the price agreement(using this condition type) is used at the item level of a service contract, the system throws errors (related to product/unit of measure and sales org, even though no issues seem to be there)and thus the price agreement is not allowed to be used.
    If anyone has worked on such kind of scenario, please get in touch, I will share more details for the same. 
    Ankit Arora

    Dear Ankit,
    Once the pricing procedure is downloaded, please maintain the document pricing procedure at service contract header level, and maintain the customer pricing procedure at business partner sales area billing data.
    In spro, maintain the pricing procedure for the combination of sales area, document pricing procedure, customer pricing procedure.
    Please crosscheck whether the condition table is active or not.

  • Correspondence at line item level for Residual customer document

    HI All,
    I want to store corresponence letter for residual documents. The document containts some 20 line items and i want to store different correspondence letters for each & every line item.But system stores at header level and not in line item level.
    I am able to do, when i ran F.61 for each & every line items. Whether its possible to type correspondence for all line items at a single shot and possible to run F.61.

    Hi Liz,
    I´ve got the similar problem like you wrote. 
    My client had a reorg project behind and locked the old profit centers. For the reason of clearing open items and FX valuation those locked profit centers need either to be  re-locked or the posting need to be posted to the new profit centers by using substition. Could you please kindly advicehow did you solved this problem?
    OR maybe someone else can help?
    Many thanks in advance.

  • Profit Center in Customer and Vendor Line item

    Hello Guru
    i have one doubt we have activated the new GL in one of client for profit center level. while posting through any of financial transaction particularly customer and vendor there is no filed for input parameters for profit center. while booking these kind of transaction system pick up the dummy profit center. even our field status group for  gl master data and posting key made as optional PCA filed not displaying.    client want it should be pick up  automatically from line item and should be input parameters.
    how to resolve this issue please let me know.
    waiting for your reply
    Thanks & Regards
    Laxmi narayan

    You are saying that u have activated New G/L, but are u gone for document spliting also or not? if you have activated document spliting customer and vendor line items not at all required any profit center because it will petch the profit center from oppsite line item automatically for giving tallyed balance sheet at profit center leavel, so no question profit center required or going to dummy profit center because dummy profit center will be locked automatcially once u activate document spliting.
    if you have not activated document spliting then customer and vendor line items may require profit center its depends on your field status settings, if you feel that it should not go to dummy profit center then maintain some profit center in 3keh & 3kei settings for customer and vendor reconcliation accounts, so that it will post to that profit center.
    Thanks & Regards
    T N R

  • Substitution and activated the same at the line item level in order to subs

    I have created a substitution and activated the same at the line item level in order to substitute the ZRSPL (Payment Block) field by a constant value and a vendor invoice is posted using Transaction FB60. But the same is not working. When I post a vendor invoice using FB60, Payment Block field is being shown as blank instead of the constant value which I want to substitute.
    > My prerequsite is mentioned below :
    > BKPF-BLART = 'KY' ) AND BSEG-DMBTR > '10000'

    I am not understanding the logic behind the prerequisites mentioned in your query.
    Payment block field exists only for vendor related line item.  However, you have not mentioned vendor reconciliation account in the prerequisites.  It means, this substitution will trigger for all the line items which is wrong.
    Or try following  options.....
    1) Substitution->Simulation
    2) Extras->Expert Trace
    Best Regards,

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