Query mode & default values

When a block is put into QUERY MODE all the
fields in it are blanked.
I am looking for a way to put in default
values in some of my fields when in
query mode.
Is this possible.
Any help is appreciated.
Klas Malmstrom
[email protected]

You could try the When-New-Record-Instance trigger for the block and assign values to items when the :SYSTEM.MODE = 'ENTER-QUERY'. Users may be able to change these default values.
To have hidden default values use the default where property of the block and either set on the property sheet or dynamically in the PRE-QUERY trigger; or assign values to database items in the PRE-QUERY trigger.

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    Why BW Query variable default value put in Crystal report variable for BO InfoView to open crystal report.
    I using Analyzer to open bw query,variables had default value ,but crystal report can't had variable default value ,and can't search variable  value.
    Edited by: flying on Oct 29, 2009 8:20 AM

    I Know what to do .
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  • Query design: Default Value List Filter Prompt to None

    I am building a query with several filter prompts which are of data type Value List
    The problem is that the list defaults to the first value in the Value List, and I would like to default it to None. The reason of course is so users don't have to switch all the dropdowns to None manually.
    I am wondering, what is the default value that can default the list to None? I have tried "0", "None", "null" all to no avail. My current hack is to add another value to the value list called "Any" and make it the first choice in the list.

    Unfortunately I tried that and it didn't work.
    The values of my filter prompt are as follows.
    Parameter Name: AGREEMENT_TYPE
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    Default Value: null:616:null
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    String Matching:Exact Match
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  • Problem using default value of report parameter 1 to validate parameter 2 passed in to report

    I am having a problem with an SSRS report using the default value of report parameter 1 to validate parameter 2 passed in to report (via C#) instead of using the value of parameter 1 that is also passed into the report.  Here are the
    simplified details:
    Using SSDT, SQL Server 2008 R2
    SSRS report has 2 parameters:
    P1 -- text, hidden, default value 'R1', ... front-end C# code can pass 'R2' or 'R1'
    P2 -- text, allows multiple values, list of available values provided by stored procedure (sproc_list) that takes P1 value as a parameter.  Hence, sproc_list either provides a list for P1 = 'R1' or P1 = 'R2'.
    List for P1 = 'R1' is 'A', 'B', 'C'
    List for P1 = 'R2' is 'A', 'B', 'D'
    Values for P1 and P2 can be passed in via C# to the report.
    The C# front-end displays 2 report choices to the user, R1 and R2, where both choices call the same RDL; but choice R1 passes in 'R1' for P1, and the choice R2 passes in 'R2' for P1.
    Upon a users 1st time use of the report no parameters are passed in.  Then when the user exits the report, the parameter value for P2 that was chosen is saved off to a file for R1 or R2, and used the next time the user selects the report.
    Everything always works fine for report R1 since the default value for P1 is 'R1'.
    When R2 is chosen and the user selects 'D' as the value for P2, runs the report, then exits, the P2 value of 'D' for R2 is saved to a file.  When the user returns the next day to run report R2, 'R2' is passed for P1, and 'D' is passed for P2.
    This is when the problem occurs.  The value of 'D' for P2 is validated against a list generated for P2 based on the default value of 'R1' for parameter P1.  Hence, SSRS considers 'D' an invalid value for P2 and blanks out the P2 parameter. 
    The user can then use the drop down list for P2 and choose 'D', but this defeats the purpose of saving the parameter values to be used the next time.
    Why is the stored procedure that provides a list of available values for parameter P2 using the default value of 'R1' for parameter P1 instead of using the value of 'R2' passed into the report for parameter P1?

    Hi Tom,
    Sorry for my delay.
    If I understand correctly, you have two parameter in your report. It is a couple of cascading parameter. If we have choose ‘R1’ of P1, the P2 values is A, B, C. ‘R2’ of P1, corresponding P2 values is A, B, D. What your requirement is to save the end use
    select option of these two parameters.
    In SSRS, if we have configure the parameter with default value. When we run the report, the parameter will fill with the default value to filter data. If we want to save the last status we are render the report, we need to update the default value of P1.
    If we are query the default value from database, if possible, we can
    update the database try to resolve the issue.  Alternatively, we can set the dynamic default value for the parameter.
    Hope this helps.
    Alisa Tang
    Alisa Tang
    TechNet Community Support

  • Report-to-Report Interface problem with default values

    Hi all.
    I have RTR interface where target query has default values, so when I jump to target query it doesn't return whole data because of this default filter.
    Is it possible to remove this default filter in query in case it is executed through Report-To-Report?
    I still need this default filter then I execute target query separately.

    Dear Gediminas,
    Make sure that you have same infoobjects which are having default values present in the 2 queries.
    After createing settings in RRI...select that setting.....click on ASSIGNMENT DETAILS tab...
    Assign Type as how they are in 1st query...
    Assign selection type as how they are in 1st query...
    Assign GENERIC to the rest of the fields..
    Assign points if it is helpful.

  • [ Forms10g2 ] Default item value in Enter-Query mode

    How could I specify default value for an item in Enter-Query mode? E.g. I press KEY-ENTQRY, and :L_YEAR item gots current year as a default search condition (though it may change). I've tried to implement it this way:
    :l_year := extract(year from sysdate);
    This work in a rather awkward way. If I run this once (e.g. as a result of a hotkey press), it just enters Enter-Query mode, but if I run this twice (by pressing hotkey second time) it fills :year variable and does search with it as a search condition! Then, I've tried to go straight and wrote:
    :l_year := extract(year from sysdate);
    :l_year := extract(year from sysdate);
    Well, this didn't work. And SYNCRONIZE call before the second Enter-Query didn't help either. So, my questions are: 1) how can I achieve needed behaviour? 2) What's going on in my experiments? Why :L_YEAR gets assigned on second keypress (as in first experiment) but not on second subsequent call (as in second experiment)?
    Thanks in advance!

    I don't know why that won't work but I have something which might:
    when-new-record-instance trigger:
    if :system.mode = 'ENTER-QUERY' then
      :l_year := extract(year from sysdate);
    end if;It's always best to use both the block and item names...:block.l_year

  • Initial Value in Enter Query Mode

    Hi Everyone,
    If you ever need to set a "visual" default (or initial) value for an item in Enter-Query mode, here is one solution to accomplish this:
    Create a WHEN-NEW-ITEM-INSTANCE trigger at the block level where the item is located. Make sure it can fire in Enter-Query mode.
    If :system.mode = 'ENTER-QUERY' AND :system.cursor_item = <YourItemName> AND <YourItemName> IS NULL Then
        <YourItemName> := <TheInitialValue>;
    End If;You may wish to play with the "Keep Cursor Position" property of the item should you want the cursor to go back to the item position it was when the item was left.

    It seems that your solution described solves my problem expressed 2 months ago....
    I'll try it out....

  • Setting a Default Value in SQL Query Report

    We are using a SQL Query Report to provide a mass update to a table. We are using the apex.collection and having it display a number of records in a SQL Query Report for mass update. We have 14 columns in the report, for which the first 11 are populated via the collection. The remaining 3 are open for input but the individual making the updates. We've were able to provide a default value for 2 of the remaining 3 columns using a named LOV's - however the fourth column we would like to default a sysdate - but we are not successful.
    We've attempted many things but none seem to work, including adding that column to the collection and assigning it a default sysdate value. We've also tried changing the settings in the report attributes --> Tabular Form Elements by setting the Display as to: Datepicker, Default type to PL/SQL Expression and setting the default to sysdate. We've also tried caputuring a date on the previous page and loading it onto the report page and trying to default the date column to a page item default.
    I'd appreciate any help.
    FYI - we are using version 3.2

    use as default
    to_char(sysdate, 'dd/mm/yyy') where the format is your application or item date format

  • How to use SYSDATE as a default value of a bind variable in a query report?

    I want to use SYSDATE as default value for a bind variable in Query based report.
    I don't see any way to do it, someone helps?
    Thanks a lot.

    You can aslo use #sysdate directly.
    The way I'm doing in my report is, I have a database function (f_ret_sysdate) with the following code
    create function f_ret_sysdate return varchar2
    return to_char(sysdate,'mm/dd/yyyy');
    Now, in the 'Customization Form Display Options' section of the report I'm calling this function as #f_ret_sysdate in the default value field of corresponding bind variable to display SYSDATE with the format.
    Hope this helps!...

  • How to set default value in select option for ABAP query

    Hi experts,
    What is the way to set up default values for select-options in ABAP query.
    I have one field 'Year' in my ABAP query selection screen.
    I want value of current year to be appeared here whenever user execute report
    Thanks in Advance

    Hi Harkamal,
    execute your Query via SQ01. On Selection-Screen
    goto save Variant. Mark your field
    as selection variable an press Button election variable.
    Take variable from TVARV and use it.
    Than save the Variant.
    Look at TVARV if the 'Year' is updated to the actualYear!
    regards, Dieter

  • Ssrs parameter default value not showing ,when available values is binded to query dataset

    I have developed a report using sql server data tools for vsiual studio2012 ,i have defined few parameters ,on one of the parameter when available values is binded to a dataset query, the report default value is  not showing in report preview .
    Many Thanks

    Hi Chandra,
    According to your description, you have set the default value for a parameter, but it's not displayed when initially running the report. Right?
    In this scenario, since you have set the available values bind to query, so your default values should be within these available values. If these default values are not within the available values, the default values will be not displayed. So please check
    the default values.
    Add, Change, or Delete Default Values for a Report Parameter (Report Builder and SSRS)
    If you have any question, please feel free to ask.
    Best Regards,
    Simon Hou

  • Passing a default value to the master block and do the auto query

    My problem is i have a MD FORM to which i have to pass a default value and do an auto query so that when i run the form the form should open with this default value and do the query and get the details.
    I tried many things like trying to set the value of the column using p_session.set_value and then calling the same form using wwa_app_module_link by using the value in the condition but every time unless i press the query button i did not get the values.
    Now i don't know what to do.
    My portal version is
    Some body please help me

    I don't think this works for 3 parameters, but I know it will work for 1. Maybe you can do something with it.
    1. Create a link to the destination component (YourProvider.YourLink)
    2. Use the code below to use that link to pass the value of a form field to the destination component. 'FieldName' is the field on the destination component you want to query, and '_FieldName_cond' is the condition. This creates the destination URL.
    3. wwa_app_module.set_target(l_url) will send you to the URL you generated.
    l_url := PORTAL.wwv_user_utilities.get_url('YourProvider.YourLink', 'FieldName', v_YourParameterValue, '_FieldName_cond', '=');
    I'm not the best at this, but this works for me in most cases.

  • BI 7.0 Order of Query front end default value fields

    I have a ordered the default values in query designer, but when I display the query in bex web analyzer, the order of the dimension variables is not in the same order as I specified in query designer.  It does not appear to be alphanumeric or even based ont the technical name.   How can I control the order of the default values?
    Thanks for any information
    Lee Lewis

    Simply go to the query properties and here you can re-order the charachteristics

  • Setting default value read from user session, for an LOV in Query component

    I want to set the default value of a field in VO that participates in a named view criteria and thereby in Query component. That field is configured with an LOV by mean of a view accessor. The values are Y and N and the corresponding display strings obtained from view accessor are true and false respectively.
    I am able to set the default value by setting the value of the criteria item corresponding to that field in view criteria. I am setting the value as either Y or N and I am able to corresponding display string as per the view accessor, on the query component when it is rendered.
    I want to read the defauilt value from the ADF BC user session and set it as default value. I tried setting the values as "adf.userSession.userData.usageFlag". Iam ensuring that the attribute usageFlag is set before the view activity that has the query component is invoked. But this is ending up showing no default value in the Query component when rendered.
    Can any one let me know how to go about with this?

    I made up your table since you didn't provide some example, but I'm sure this will give you the picture:
    SQL> var run_type varchar2(1)
    SQL> exec :run_type := 'A'
    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
    SQL> create table my_cycles as select level cycle_id
      2                            ,      level cycle_status
      3                            from   dual connect by level <= 5;
    Table created.
    SQL> select cycle_id
      2  from   my_cycles
      3  where  case
      4           when :run_type = 'D' and cycle_status  = 1 then 1
      5           when :run_type != 'D' and cycle_status  in ( 2, 3 ) then 1
      6         end = 1;
    2 rows selected.
    SQL> exec :run_type := 'D';
    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
    SQL> /
    1 row selected.

  • How-To populate SELECT LIST default value from SQL Query

    OK, I've done my homework, and did not find my answer in the Forum, so here it is.
    I have a Page that displays fields from a SQL Query. The Page also has below that radiogroups, checkboxes, and Select Lists to allow the user to change values in the fields that are displayed at the top of the Region. I am able to pre-populate the radiogroups and checkboxes by performing a SELECT in the 'Source value or expression' of the Source area of the Page Item.
    However, I am unable to do the same for the Select List fields. Their default value ends up being the first value in the LOV ('-- None --' for NULL values). Source Used: Only when current value in session state is null. Source Type: SQL Query. Also, when I first go into the Page when running it, and check the Session State values, they are all null, so I don't understand why the field is not populated by the SQL Query statement as the radiogroups and checkboxes are.
    Any suggestions??? I've tried all sorts of combinations.

    Thank you for the suggestion.
    I had considered that, but cannot do so, because we are using Oracle Application Express more for development than for data containment.
    We have all our data in an Oracle 10.g DB which is separate from the OAEX server, and the OAEX app will reference that data via VIEWs and DB LINKs. We are doing so primarily as an added data security layer, where the data is housed separate from the app, in case the Web site is ever compromised. The data that can be viewed is restricted to a subset of the actual data that is available.
    Since the data is on a separate server, (I assume) we will not be able to set the source type to Database column, because (I asume) that is dependent upon the data being housed by the OAEX server.
    That still leaves me with having to populate the field with a SELECT statement from the Oracle DB. This unfortuneately is almost a show-stopper for me because of down-stream processing data requirements. Have not been able to come up with contingencies yet.

Maybe you are looking for