Query on Planing Application

Hi Guys,
I have query on Planning Application. As per the requirement we are developing one Planning Application with 3 Plan Types. As of now we need only one Plan Type as per requirement but we are keeping two other Plan
Types for future purpose. But we don't know the dimensions hierarchy which is common across all plan types. So I'm not able to take how to proceed my design.
So anyone can suggest me any best approach for this requirement.

Hi Guys,
Thanks for your suggestion.
I'm not sure especially w.r.t Account, Entity structure is same for rest of Plan Types or not.
I mean we are considering Product as a Entity dimension but I'm not sure in other Plan Types as we haven't got complete requirements of other plan types.
So Please suggest me shall I enable even Account, Entity to only one Plan Type or rest of plan types also.

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    Actually i don't want how to create abap querey,
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    Hi, can anybody help me in searching examples of everriding some aspects of VO in an application module.
    As i learned we can override, for example the "WHERE" clause of an VO's SQL query in different application modules, using as i supply the addWhereClause method on SomeViewObjImpl object.
    ... but are there any examples of using this possibility? Should i create a custom method in application module java class?
    Thanks in advance. Best Regards.Alex.
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  • How to suppress Result rows in a Query in Web Application Designer

                 I am trying to post a query in Web Application Designer. I am able to run the query in WAD but the Results rows appear. I choose Suppress Result Rows always in All Characteristics option in the query in BEx Explorer but still i see result rows in the WAD. Can anyone please let me know how to suppress Result rows so that they dont appear in Web Application Designer.

    To get the enhanced menu-
    1. Open the template in WAD.
    2. Go to Web Item properties.
    3. Go to Entries in Context Menu.
    4. Find the "Enhanced Menu" property. Set it to "display" if you want it to be visible in template result.
    5. Next time when you execute your template you will be able to access it by right clicking.
    If you just want to supress results without adding enhanced menu in the context menu, simply set "Calculate result as" to "No Display".

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    I'm sorry but this is not a swing related subject.

  • Calling a query from BPS application

    Hi all,
    I'm looking for an option to call BW query from BPS application (BW BPS).
    In the BPS layout (XLS) I have hierarchy of profit centers in the rows. I would like to select on PC and run a query for this single PC. It could be with double click, right click menu item, button (FOX formula, sequence), ...
    Just like RRI between 2 queries.
    Is there a way to solve this.

    I was also facing the same issue But I could solve it like this :
    Pre-requisites :
    a. A view ( to which you would like to jump )must be created in BEx.
    b. You must have launched Business Explorer ( not necessarily you must have logged on to BEx
    Step1 : Launch planning application using UPSPL.
    You must have observed that the BEx tool bar is now embedded and is visible in the planning folder
    Step2.Click on open --> Saved Views --> Select your view --> Open the view.
    Another window is launched and your view is displayed.
    However, I have observed one limitation : This works only once. If you try and execute Step 1 and 2 in the same session, it fails.
    Hope this solves your problem as well.

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    Hi Michael,
    I made some changes to the property of the business Object BOCAPGEN in dev MAS environment and generated the application
    It is working fine in Dev.
    Now i want to know how to transfer the changes i Made in Mobile Applicaiton Studio to all the Mobile Cleint.
    I made changes to MAS in the Test Client Assisgned to me.
    I want to replicate these chages to all the Clients.
    I am also having problem transporting the changes made in Dev to QA.
    I created the change list in Dev and released it and assigned the Transport Number to it..
    When I am trying to trasnport the transport number to QA in CRM online system it is giving out error saying "Change List is not complete in the system".
    Can you give me suggestiosn how to transport the change request created in Mobile Applicaiton Studio to QA

  • Which is better to use: BEx query or Web Application as an iView in portal?

    Hi gurus!
    Are there any experienced opinions, which is better - publish a BEx query in portal or publish a BEx Web Application in portal? Is it easier to alter the layout attributes etc. if I create a BEx Web Application first before publishing?
    What is the way of fixing for example filter item height if I publish BEx query in portal - is there a Web Application that it uses anyhow which I can fix? Or can I use in that case iView -properties in portal?
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    ok, means i can use jsp:useBean tag for all my
    classes that are not actually bean. so it will be
    instantiated at run time and provide efficiency .No. Jsp:useBean is used for java bean components.
    but when should i use import statement in my jsp and
    it happen at translation time so will it create any
    type of burden for my code if i import multiple
    classes.For non-java beans, you need to import the classes, period.
    It's not a burden, it's a necessity.

  • SQL Query failure in application involving GP

    In one of the WDJ applications I am using, there is creation of GP instance involved and within the callable object of GP, back end connectivity is obtained through RFC. This application is not working properly and when I took traces of the same, I could find out that all transactions are failing at a particular query which looks like this.
    Backends|ggp|adhn5362-1527(Oracle DB)|SQL|Prepared|Query|Select* from "CAF_GP_USRHSH" WHERE "HASHVALUE"=?
    I can see such queries wherever back end connectivity is involved. Has any one faced such error before? Is this due to some authorization issues?
    Helpful answers will be appreciated.

    << Do not post the same question across a number of forums >>

  • Report Export - No data when query based on Application Context

    I updated my Query Region source to use a Global Application Context and now the Report Export (to .csv) download has no data. This appears to run the query again in under a different session_id perhaps(?)
    In a before header process I set the session_id to access a couple of date values set by the user via LOVs - the 'Search' button and an After Submit Process sets the context values which are accessed in the where clause, i.e
    where date_attribute between to_date( SYS_CONTEXT('MY_CTX', 'START_DATE'), 'dd-Mon-yyyy')
    and to_date( SYS_CONTEXT('MY_CTX', 'END_DATE'), 'dd-Mon-yyyy')
    If you know any solution or alternative approach I'd be very grateful for your tips. I like Apex because you can leverage core Oracle database technology but then in some case you do hit these little troubles!

    Thanks for the link to the posts.
    I considered the Security Attribute but thought that was somewhat inappropriate for just the one page I am setting the context; I understand the Security Attribute function would set 'My_Ctx' values on all page requests.

  • Sql query slow from application but executes in 1 min in Toad

    When I execute a big select query from DB itself , it gives results in a min.
    But when called from .Net application it takes 10 mins to execute.
    But after trying to excute no of times, it suddenly works faster sometimes.

    When I execute a big select query from DB itself , it gives results in a min.
    But when called from .Net application it takes 10 mins to execute.
    But after trying to excute no of times, it suddenly works faster sometimes.

  • Jump from bex Query to cprojects application

    I'm facing following problem.
    We would like to jump from a Bex Query to a Cprojects application.
    In our Query the project ID is our infoobject that we want to use as key field in RSBBS but the destination is a Cproject application (Web portal) .
    I've received an URL where the application is stored but it seems that the Cproject application can't be called from BEX.
    Any help is appreciated

    have you verified that the source system has its ITS functioning, the RFC and logical systems defined.
    Make sure the source ITS name is maintained in the RSBBS_RSRR_URL or TWPURLSVR table.
    The OSS note 771351 gives details about the details for the configuration.

  • Ad Hoc Query Designer - Web Application

    I have created a Web application that has the 'Ad-Hoc Query Designer' item.
    When I go to create a new query I don't have the option (or I can't find it) to use any variables.
    Like in Analyzer I can run a query and it will ask me the values for the variables I have embedded in the query.
    How do I make that work using the 'Ad-Hoc Query Designer'
    Also I have problems with the application timing out, what timeout variable needs to be adjusted?

    You have to run the Launch query in browser from the query designer window, it will be the second icon from the top. This will open up the query in a browser and if the query has a selection screen the browser will launch the selection screen.
    For the application timing out, it is a parameter that has to be set in the instance profile of the BI application server. You can ask your basis team to increase the parameter 'rdisp/j2eetimeout'.
    Hope this helps
    Assign points if helpful

  • Tracing query generated from application server

    Hi all,
    I'm trying to trace a session which is logged in to an application server.
    The application server and database server are in a windows 2003 platform.
    When I'm trying to generate a report from the application server it seems that it generates another session and when I checked on the program column from v$session, it was executed by java.exe.
    There are 2 similiar reports that existed in the application server the other one is really fast and the other one is really slow.
    using the deprecated parameter sql_trace which I can set to true, I can always get the trace file.
    How can I trace that fast generated report that I need to compare with the slow one without using the sql_trace parameter?
    My difficulty is just that when I click on the preview button which is going to preview it to PDF, it will spawn another session and that session will execute java.exe to generate the report.
    May be any of you can give me a suggestion on the things that I need to do with this.

    Hi Finbar,
    for the slow report, I was able to see the session from v$session but for the fast report, even if I prepred the query first before running the report, I don't have enough time to check it.
    it was just to fast. so definitely the fast query has something which is really right so it can generate the query really really fast compare to the slow report.
    FYI, my office is not in the same office as the developer so there's no way I can ask them either and also, there's no way for me to comunicate directly to developer as I need to go through some levels and procedures in my company.
    Thank you,

  • Query builder within application

    Hi ,
    is that possible to call query builder
    as a pop up window from the application ?
    Thanks ...

    Not sure, if it is too late for replying for this issue. But, I found the same issue today when I was trying to build the graph(multi-line chart) making use of Function Body returning SQL.
    "'SVG Chart error: ORA-20001: line_chart error: ORA-20001: get_data error: ORA-20001: Function returning SQL query: Query cannot be parsed within the Application Builder.'"
    Here is the work around for the problem
    Step 1.
    Define two hidden items. (depending on the number of series you are having, in this case, it is two). name it like P25_GRAPH_SQL1 and P25_GRAPH_SQL2.
    Step 2.
    Write Onload Computation for these two variables and set the values for these variables using the same Function Body returning SQL which you make use in graph(multi-line chart ).
    Step 3.
    Use the variables P25_GRAPH_SQL1 and P25_GRAPH_SQL2 in the graphs(multi-line chart).
    Step 4.
    Define the content in the series as(nothing else)
    and for the series 2 as
    Please do not include any other code with this and just make use the above code. Please note that you need to mention the "&" ampersand at the beginning and dot at the end of the variable.
    Step 5.
    Try running the graph(multi-line chart ) now.
    Hurray!! it should show you the graph without any issues provided you have the proper SQL mentioned.
    Step 6.
    Then, give me a treat if it works!!

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