Query to see all BP's with a special price for an item

Hi There,
I'm currently still learning the product and have been tasked with finding this out, so please bear with me and let me know if there is further information that is required.
I have a customer running SAP B1 2007 who wishes to produce a report detailing all of the BP's that have a special price for an item. 
Therefore it would ideally show the item number, all BP's who have a special price and what that price is.
Is there a standard report that can be run for this?  Or would a query have to be defined?
Any help would be appreciated.

AFAIK, no standard report for this. But need not to worry, you just need
SELECT ItemCode,CardCode,Price FROM OSPP ORDER BY ItemCode,CardCode
above simple query to cater your need.
Best Regards,
Hendry Wijaya

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    Dear GordonDu,
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    thanks & regards,

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    Please help to correct my Query below.  It shouldn't shows so many duplicated results with different Base Prices.  You can simply run this in any Demo Database.
    SELECT T0.[ItemCode],T1.[ItemName], T4.[ItmsGrpNam], T0.[CardCode], T2.[CardName], T5.[GroupName],T3.[SlpName],T0.[Price], T0.[Currency], T0.[Discount], T0.[ListNum], T0.[AutoUpdt], T0.[EXPAND], T6.Price FROM OSPP T0  INNER JOIN OITM T1 ON T0.ItemCode = T1.ItemCode INNER JOIN OCRD T2 ON T0.CardCode = T2.CardCode INNER JOIN OSLP T3 ON T2.SlpCode = T3.SlpCode INNER JOIN OITB T4 ON T1.ItmsGrpCod = T4.ItmsGrpCod INNER JOIN OCRG T5 ON T2.GroupCode = T5.GroupCode inner join ITM1 T6 on T0.[ListNum] = T6.PriceList inner join OPLN T7 on T6.PriceList=T7.ListNum

    Thanks Nagarajan for the tip.
    This is my desired Query.
    SELECT T0.[ItemCode], T2.[ItemName], T4.[ItmsGrpNam],
    T0.[CardCode], T1.[CardName], T5.[GroupName], T3.[SlpName], T0.[LINENUM],
    T0.[Price], T0.[Currency], T6.Price, T0.[Discount], T0.[ListNum] as 'Item Price
    List',T1.[ListNum] as 'Customer Price List',  T0.[FromDate], T0.[ToDate]
    FROM SPP1 T0 inner join OCRD T1 on T0.CardCode=T1.CardCode INNER JOIN OITM T2
    ON T0.ItemCode = T2.ItemCode INNER JOIN OSLP T3 ON T1.SlpCode = T3.SlpCode
    T1.GroupCode = T5.GroupCode left JOIN ITM1 T6 ON T2.ItemCode = T6.ItemCode and
    T6.[PriceList] = T0.[ListNum]

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    You can get order wise costing report as following :
    Go to Production-->Shop Floor Control>Information System>Controlling Reports->Product Cost by Order where you will different drilldown options for getting costing report for orders.
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    Hi ravi,
    You can check in the presentation services by going to Administration/manage session/view log for the specific report that you are running.
    You can even check the SQL in log file NqQuery.log in your installation folder C:OracleBI\server\log\NqQuery.log
    Check this Courtesy by gerard http://gerardnico.com/wiki/dat/obiee/manage_session_log
    hope answered.

  • Help required in reading freight price for PO item. See below code.

    H All,
    I have a requirement to read frieght cost for each PO item.
    Please see the below code and let me know is this approach is correct or not.
    * Fetch PO header details for selected criteria
      SELECT ebeln                         "Purchasing document
             lifnr                         "Vendor
             ekgrp                         "Purchasing group
             bedat                         "Document date
        INTO TABLE t_ekko
        FROM ekko
       WHERE ebeln IN s_ebeln
         AND lifnr IN s_lifnr
         AND ekgrp IN s_ekgrp
         AND bedat IN s_bedat.
      IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
        DELETE t_ekko
         WHERE ( bstyp NE c_bstyp_f
           AND bsart NE c_bsart_nb
           AND loekz NE space ).
        SELECT knumv
          INTO TABLE t_konv
          FROM konv
           FOR ALL ENTRIES IN t_ekko
         WHERE knumv EQ t_ekko-knumv
           AND lifnr EQ t_ekko-lifnr
           AND kdatu EQ t_ekko-bedat
           AND kappl EQ c_kappl_m
           AND kschl EQ c_kschl_frc1.
    *  Fetch PO item details for the retrieved purchase orders
        SELECT ebeln                       "Purchasing document
               ebelp                       "PO item
               txz01                       "Short text
               matnr                       "Material
               matkl                       "Material group
               menge                       "PO quantity
               meins                       "UOM
               netpr                       "Net price
               netwr                       "Net value
         INTO TABLE t_ekpo
         FROM ekpo
          FOR ALL ENTRIES IN t_ekko
        WHERE ebeln EQ t_ekko-ebeln
          AND matnr IN s_matnr
          AND loekz EQ space
          AND matkl IN s_matkl.
    LOOP AT t_ekpo INTO fs_ekpo.
    * Read header details from EKKO for each PO item
        READ TABLE t_ekko
              INTO fs_ekko
              WITH KEY ebeln = fs_ekpo-ebeln.
        IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
            fs_ekpo-ebeln TO fs_poitems-ebeln,
            fs_ekpo-ebelp TO fs_poitems-ebelp,
            fs_ekko-lifnr TO fs_poitems-lifnr,
            fs_ekko-ekgrp TO fs_poitems-ekgrp,
            fs_ekko-bedat TO fs_poitems-bedat,
            fs_ekpo-txz01 TO fs_poitems-txz01,
            fs_ekpo-matnr TO fs_poitems-matnr,
            fs_ekpo-menge TO fs_poitems-menge,
            fs_ekpo-meins TO fs_poitems-meins,
            fs_ekpo-netpr TO fs_poitems-netpr,
            fs_ekpo-netwr TO fs_poitems-netwr.
    * Read table KONV for fetching fieght charge
          READ TABLE t_konv
                INTO fs_konv
                WITH KEY  kposn = fs_poitems-ebelp
                          kdatu = fs_poitems-bedat
                          lifnr = fs_poitems-lifnr.
          IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
              fs_konv-kwert TO fs_poitems-fri_val.
          ENDIF.                           " if sy-subrc eq 0.
    Please suggest me.
    Edited by: Rob Burbank on Mar 12, 2009 12:09 PM
    Please use code tags

    I believe the approach is good, I would have done similar.
    Gilberto Li
    Edited by: Gilberto Li on Mar 12, 2009 5:13 PM

  • "Synchronization with your WinRT failed for 1 items." error from exchange server

    My client uses exchange 2007/2010 servers. In case of a 2007 exchange server, I get an email when I setup my client to synchronize
    with the server:
    Microsoft Exchange was unable to send the following items to your mobile device. These items have not been deleted. You should be able to access them using either Outlook or Outlook Web Access.
    Item Folder:
    Item Type:
    Item Created:
    12/5/2014 6:20:07 AM
    Item Subject:
    Test Test
    This error comes for all the contacts present for the user on the exchange server.
    I traced all the commands and responses in fiddler and there is no sync error for any of the sync/ping commands. Any idea what might
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    Kindly check and share your inputs, if this worked for you.
     Thanks & Regards
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    I have configured automatic credit control for sales orders.
    When a confirmed order quantity is entered, I get a warning message plus the credit block, just as I need. If I have no confirmed quantity of the items, I get no message, just a saved order.
    Our item confirmation is done only on what is in stock, not on RLT, so it is common that an item has 0 confirmation. I need a credit block if the value would otherwise exceed the open credit limit? How can I do this? I've tried both the static and dynamic checks, but they only work with confirmed quantities.

       step  Des                      From     print     subtotal
       120   Total                                   X        1
       130   Credit value           120         X        A
    and also in automatic credit control select open orders
    but system calculate the credit value=confirmed quantity*price.

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