Quick albeit dumb question...

I Use Mail.
I have .Mac.
what is all the "on my mac mailboxes" and why do they have different items in them from my mailboxes that display my name?
Under notes i have my name but then under that i have notes that are in "on my mac" like to get rid of one or the other.
PLease anyone ...explain what this is all about.

They are messages saved on your hard drive, but not in your inbox, trash, etc (under "Mailboxes"). As far as I know you have put things in the "on my mac" (i.e. drag-and-drop) yourself, at least that's the way it is with my Mail.
Of course, I could always be completely wrong, so please, someone, correct me if I am...

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  • Quick,,maybe dumb question

    I recently bought PB G4 12in and all I want to do is formated, so I can start with a cleas sheet,, can anyone tell me if I can do that myself (if so, how?) or what do I have to do, to take care of it...any help will be really helpful

    Welcome to Apple Discussions.
    No, I don't have the disk, and about buying the the tiger disk, wouldn't it be better to get the newer leopard instead, since I'm gonna end up spending about the same amount of money or is there a place that I can take the PB and do that for cheaper??
    Your profile does indicate that Tiger is installed on the computer. Is that so? If it is maybe we can fix it so that you can get in and set up your own account.
    Second, Tiger Full Retail Installers are difficult to come by and when you find them, they sell at a premium. It may be cheaper to buy Leopard, which are going for $129 at the Apple Store. However, we do need to check and see that your computer meets the Leopard installation system requirements. You may be able to get it at some online retailers for a bit less. I don't recommend getting it from eBay unless you know exactly what you are getting and can check with the seller to see that you are getting what you need, the Full Retail Version, and not a computer specific or upgrade version.
    Once you have the Install disk we can lead you through the fomatting and installation procedures step by step.
    Good luck.

  • Two really quick/dumb questions!

    Hi All,
    I have just bought a new Mac Mini and hooked it up to my Samsung 55 inch TV via HDMI and everything seems do be working great.
    My two dumb questions are:
    1: where on the new OS (I had a Mac 5 years ago and things have changed) is the top "Finder" bar and "disc" icon to save files?
    2: In Safari I do not seem to have a tools bar where I can for example open another tab for a new web page.
    Hope you can help a nubby :-)

    You are running a Mini so it might be that the screen resolution is not exact for your display. I have used a Mini with a conventional display but not HDTV. You might need to go into the settings for the TV to set the screen resolution to accommodate the mini's capabilities. Sorry that  I can't offer more on that score; when I use my Sony Bravia HDTV  it is with the iPad2 and HDMI and I have encountered no issues. Perhaps someone else on the forum has better insight into the Menu Bar problem on the Samsung as the principal display. 

  • May be a dumb question...

    Just got the iphone and am excited and FRUSTRATED! I just read through some of the earlier posts about ringtones and a bug in being able to sinc...just successfully resolved or got around that problem.Now my dumb question is...I played a couple of tracks I downloaded but seem unable to stop the track...I can pause it but unable to stop it...please help me.
    Thank GOD for you guys.

    single touch the screen when a song is playing and some extra controls that let you pause/stop a song come up. it also shows a slider so you can drag your finger through a song to skip to the part you want to hear.
    also, depending on how your iphone is configured, try pressing the home button twice (i.e the rounded square button). if you click that twice, quickly, you may see control come up that let you pause/stop a song.
    check out the tutorials movies on the apple support site for lots of useful tips.

  • Two dumba$$ questions

    Sorry, I know these are two really stupid questions, but I know nothing at all. I've just bought a new iBook after ahving a really ancient Mac. Both my questions are to do with Garageband...so here goes...
    Question 1
    What other equipment do I need to be able to record real instruments (string quartet)?
    Question 2
    I was just having some fun the other night, making up some stuff and trying to familiarize myself with the whole Garageband thing (which I love already).
    As I was adding loops I had the sneaking suspicion that some where starting to go missing - why was there an 'Acoustic Noodling' numbers 2, 3, 4 etc but no number 1? Where were 'Asian Gamelan' 3 and 4?
    Chose not to save anything I'd done so far and after did a quick search in the Garageband loops search bit, but nothing came up. Went through the installation disk thinking it would put back anything that had gone missing. Still nothing. Did a spotlight search and a few of the items I thought had gone missing were in iTunes.
    Maybe they were never in the Garageband loops samples first place? Is this possible? Is there somewhere that lists what loops come with Garageband? I'm starting to doubt my own sanity, especially since I went through the installation disk...
    I now have the following samples on my desktop - ones which I thought had gone AWOL:
    Acoustic Noodling 1; Asian Gamelan 3 and 4;
    Middle Eastern Oud 3 and 4.
    I have tried to drag them into the Garageband loops section, but they seem to disappear into the iTunes...I have no idea what's going on...
    Apologies in advance for these dumb questions.

    For what you need to do your string quartet recording, read HangTime's FAQ to get started:
    Contrary to what you might think, you probably don't want to record the four members of the quartet separately on their own tracks, each with a mic close to the instrument. String quartets need to play all the parts together at once, to get the best feel and performance.
    You'll probably want to put up a pair of mikes arranged in a stereo pattern, at some distance from the string quartet (a couple of meters at least), in a nice live-sounding room. Mike placement techniques are hard to describe in this kind of forum, but you can find textbooks on the subject with diagrams.
    You'll need a matched pair of better-than-average-quality condenser microphones, and an audio-to-computer interface with better-than-average preamps.

  • My ipad mail is synced to my iMac mail account. On iPad, I can only see my inbox and sent messages. I can't see any of the folders I have created on my iMac. How do I do that? Probably a dumb question, but I know there's a lot of smart people out there!

    My iPad mail is synced to my private email account, which I organise on my iMac. On iPad, I can only see inbox and sent messages folders, not any of the other folders in my email account I have created on my iMac. How do I get iPad to show my other folders? Probably a dumb question, but I know there's a lot of smart people out there.

    If you select a mailbox, you should get an Edit button (easier to see in landscape mode). Clicking the button will provide you with check circles for the messages. You also get Delete and Move buttons at the bottom. Check the messages you want to move and then navigate to the mailbox you want to drop them into. I think as long as you can navigate to a mailbox you can move the messages to it.
    In the Mac Mail application and probably Outlook on the Windows side, you also setup rules to move messages to specific mailboxes. If the mailboxes are stored on the server, then you can have the sorting done on the server and they should appear that way on the iPad. If your later messages do not show up, you may need to have the iPad app pulled down more messages until they are all showing.

  • I am looking at buying a MacBook Air over the Pro mainly for the 12 hour battery. Just wondering if battery is compromised by upgrading to 8mb and upgrading to I7 Intel dual core. I am not very tech savvy so apologies if dumb question

    I am looking at buying a MacBook Air over the Pro mainly for the 12 hour battery. Just wondering if battery is compromised by upgrading to 8mb and upgrading to I7 Intel dual core. I am not very tech savvy so apologies if dumb question

    If both computers were configured identically, then they would both lose the same amount of battery life with respect to the same starting configuration - comparing apple to apples. I don't know how much the added RAM, etc. would reduce battery life, but it would be less for both models.
    Battery life is a tricky subject because most mfgr.s like to suggest as long a life as possible, but often do so under a set of conditions that are not common to most users. Apple is no different. Their computers do have good battery life, however. But not likely as long as what is in the ads for the typical user.

  • Dumb question re video card

    I bought a radeon 9800 pro graphics card to upgrade my 64mb. stock card and before installing noticed that the new card has one DVI port and one VGA port. the box says it runs dual displays, right now I have dual CRTs running but want to run two flat panels soon.
    so the dumb question, can I convert the VGA to DVI with just a cheap adapter and run dual flats without buying an expensive converter for the second VGA port?

    Hi Prankster,
    you wont be able to get dual digital support from the 9800 ...sorry.
    Of course, you might be able to *physically connect* two digital flat panels to the card but one of the monitor connectors will be recieving an analog video input signal from this graphic card.
    To get true dual digital support from ATI you would need the 9600 or 9700 Pro graphic cards.
    Hope this helps !
    Chris Chamberlain

  • Using the USB port for an external HD dumb question

    OK. Forgive a possibly really dumb question here...
    My external HD has a USB 2.0 interface and I hooked it up to the USB port using a cable that came with an old USB 1 hub I'm not using right now.
    My dumb question is this: is there such a thing as a USB 2.0 cable? Or are the USB cables all the same?
    Also, how long should it be taking to transfer 12.1 GB of data (about 9,000 photos) from my external HD mounted on the AirMac base station to my MBP? There are still 48 minutes left and it seems an awfully long time for 12.1 GB of data. That's why I was wondering if the cable could be an issue...

    I am suspecting now that my HD might really have been a USB 1.0 drive...

  • Where do i find the reference number for my preorder? and yes i no this is prob a dumb question but i cant find it anywhere......

    Where do i find the reference number for my preorder? and yes i no this is prob a dumb question but i cant find it anywhere......

        Hi droidboy52999,
    Your email won't have the same confirmation number as it was ordered over the phone. You will need the last name used for the order, the location code (this ends in 01) and an order number (five to six digit number). Please keep us posted if you need further assistance with this.
    Thank you,
    Please follow us on Twitter @VZWSupport

  • This is probably a dumb question, but I can't find an answer. How do I make the text on my calendar larger so I can actually read it when I print it out?

    This is probably a dumb question, but I can't find an answer. How do I make the text on my calendar larger so I can actually read it when I print it out? I am using a MacBook.

    Press "Command P" and when the Print dialogue box comes up, towards the bottom there is an option allowing you to choose the text size, i.e: small, med, large.
    Hope this helps,

  • Dumb question but How do you know what generation iPad you have?

    Dumb question but how do you know what generation iPad you have?  I got mine as a gift on Xmas day 2012 but don't know how to find out what version/generation it is.  Can someone help me find that info?  I have looked within settings & elsewhere and I cannot find it.  Thanks in advance!

    Append the last three characters of its serial number to http://www.everymac.com/ultimate-mac-lookup/?search_keywords= and load the page.

  • Dumb Question??

    I hope the philosophy here is that there is no such thing as a dumb question.
    Here goes.
    Adobe Classroom in a Book for Premier Pro states that when opening a New Project under the Project tab you have two choices DV or HDV when in actuality the choices in my version of CS4 are HDV and QuickTime.  I have been under the impression that QuickTime can be either DV or HDV and with that premise I do not understand what my choices are.

    Different people's brains work differently.  I am convinced that right
    brain/left brain only scratches the surface.  What is patently obvious
    to one is shrouded in mystery to another.
    (And then there's the issue of *my *brain.  I've killed so many of its
    cells over my 33+ years of adulthood that nothing is obvious anymore.)
    People also make mistakes.  And I mean everybody.

  • HT4589 should I install each update in successive order? Or will installing the 10.7 update automatically install every previous update?  I have FCPX 10.0.0 currently. Dumb question?

    should I install each update in successive order? Or will installing the 10.7 update automatically install every previous update?  I have FCPX 10.0.0 currently. Dumb question?

    Installing 10.0.7 negates the need to install previous updates. Just install it (it will upgrade your projects to a newer format as well, from memory).
    Thankfully, the days of doing it the way you were thinking are well behind us.

  • Really dumb question re Quicktime Pro

    Good morning . .
    My Mac is running OS 10.4.9 and I have updated my Quicktime player to 7.3.1.
    Purchased Quicktime PRO, registered successfully but still only get Quicktime Player when opening the program. Any suggestions where to find QT Pro? Sorry for the dumb question but thanks for your help.

    There is no separate QT Pro application. Successfully registering Pro enables Pro features already present in the Player. Items that previosly mentioned Pro should now just list the feature without mentioning Pro.
    Message was edited by: Dick Napoli

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    I used to be able to print addresses from my contact list on envelopes now I can't even print the addresses in a group on one page, just their phone numbers appear.  I just changed over to icloud.  Is this the problem?

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    I'm logged into my itunes account, but none of the apps in the app store have the "free" or "$.$$" button next to them giving me the option to download.  I've tried restarting the app store, and rebooting the iPad Air.

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    Hi! I want to do effect on spinning of images?? so that is possible or not? Thanks, JaxNa