Random Pink Question marks in text, help!

Hey guys! I'm a student studying in indesign on one of my modules and am a little bit stuck with something and wondered if you could help! I've done my text in word, got rid of spacing etc but when i put it into indesign ive got these little pink question marks where i'm trying to quote a film or place like 'Harry Potter...'. How do i change it so that these little question marks disappear?
Thanks so much in advance

Use a different font, one that has those characters defined, or change the mark.
It sounds like you've used some symbol that doesn't exist in the chosen font. Word will accomodate you by silently using a substitute font, which leads to this kind of probelm when you import the text into ID.

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  • Topics with ampersands (&) show up as question marks (?) inside Help's Search tab

    See the attached image.
    In the image:
    Item A shows the Topic Title inside RH.
    Item B shows what I'm typing in the Search tab of the HTML Help file. (I'm typing "GD&T").
    Item C shows the list results. Notice that when I type "GD&T" in the search tab, the results return "GD?" ion the list of results.
    In short the "T" is missing and the ampersand character shows a question mark character instead.
    How can I get it to show an ampersand in this list and not delete the letter following the ampersand.
    Thanks in advance,
    Latest RH7
    Vista 32 bit.

    Some co-workers of mine eventually helped fix this.
    In the Topic Title field for topic titles that have the & symbol, you need to type & in place of just an & symbol. This causes the & to appear within the Search tab list results. Note however that if you add this topic onto the Table of Contents, it will display & there, so you will need to rename the TOC to just use &.

  • I've got nothing(gray screen, question mark folder) Please Help!

    This problem is on my girlfriend’s computer, about the same as mine, PB G4 800mhz 768mb RAM, 10.4.x
    I am a competent user and this one has me worried…
    Last night she goes to the computer sends an IM checks her e mail, watch some tv, goes back to the computer to look something up on line and its frozen, I do not recall if the mouse was visible but I don’t think there was a beach ball. She asks me what to do I said just give it a few minutes maybe it will process through what ever it is and be back to normal. We both forget to take a look at it before bed.
    This morning computer is still frozen/non-responsive and the fans are running... Shut down by holding down the power key. I try to re-start by pressing power key, screen lights up with gray background wait wait then the folder icon comes up with the question mark in it. This gets me worried.
    What I have tried
    I have tried to get it into target disc mode with my powerbook(computer B), I start up computer A holding down the T key and the screen goes to that moving firewire icon but the hard drive does not show up on my computer B.
    I tried unplugging it, removing the battery and re setting the pram
    I tried to run the hard ware test CD, but when I hold C to boot to the CD it spins up the disc and the little hardware test folder is in the middle of the screen but then it does not load any further. I had to shut down holding the power button. Computer would not eject CD so I had to start up and use unix eject cd command, this worked.
    I tried target disc mode again.
    I tried just a plain start up again.
    I do not have the 10.4 CD at my house so I have not tried to start from that yet, but I can borrow one from grandparents this evening after work, but I am worried since it will not start from the hardware test CD that it will not start from the system CD.
    I believe I have computer A backed up from either last week or the week before( I thought about doing it this weekend but did not get to it  ), she is not backed up daily as I am. Though she said there is quite a bit of important work from this past week.
    I have no idea what to do next or what the source of the problem could be(software or hardware). I fear the worst, but hope that you can share an idea that will turn out for the best!
    Please help me fix this computer, I can play with it some when I go home for lunch and then I need to get it fixed if possible this evening because she needs some important class work and grad school applications from it!

    So is the next step to try and re-format the drive and then use super duper to copy the back up over to that drive and then run disc utility and disc warrior on it? Which specs should I select for the re format, do they have to be the same as what is on my back up drive?
    Yes, reformatting the drive is the next step. Use your Panther installer discs, choose Mac OS Extended format, and check the box to install OS 9 drivers, just in case. The "Verified" SMART status is somewhat less reliable than a "Failing" status would have been: "Failing" definitely means trouble was detected, but "Verified" could just mean nothing seemed to be wrong right at the moment when you happened to ask. So if there's any trouble reformatting the drive, replace it: you shouldn't entrust anything important to it. If all goes smoothly with the reformat, the drive probably really is OK.
    What you can do with your backup depends on how you created it. If the backup is a bootable clone made with Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper, you can clone it back to the reformatted drive the same way you created it in the first place, then add the extra files that were created or modified after you made the backup. If you just Finder-copied the drive to another drive, the backup isn't bootable, and copying it back onto the reformatted drive won't make that one bootable either: OS X isn't Finder-copyable. In that case, I really shouldn't advise you on reconstructing the former contents of the drive from your backup — my only experience of backing up OS X disks is by cloning, which eliminates all the hassles of making sure user accounts, passwords, permissions, etc. are transferred correctly to the backup, and then transferred correctly back to the original disk in a restore. Nearly four years after my adoption of OS X, I confess I'm still far more mystified by many aspects of it than I ever was by the old-time Mac OS.
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  • Flashing folder with a question mark. NEED HELP!

    i opened my laptop today and it started making little noises and showed a folder wit ha question mark. I've read some posts and it seems like a hard drive crash...I have the apple care and i purchased my macbook in july of 2007. I was wondering does that cover the problem that i have right now?? NEED help!!

    Same thing happened to me the other day. In fact, it started making little popping noises, I installed the update 10.5.3, when it restarted I got the Folder with Question Mark. The drive was dead as a doornail. I could not get it to show up with disk utility. In fact, when I removed the drive, if I shook the drive you could hear the arm flopping around inside. I have heard reports of this happening to a lot of people. What brand and size drive did you have in your MacBook?
    I ordered a new 160gb 7200RPM drive and it will be here on the 5th. It is real easy to install the drive on these MacBooks. The original equipment hard drives are 5400RPM, so I should see some real snappy performance increases, plus a lot more storage space. Lost everything on the drive, but It was backed up.

  • I just bought my MacBook Pro 13" and I tried to install an anti virus but then it went into a grey folder with a question mark I need help with restoring the iOS please

    I need help taking out the grey folder with the question mark and I've try everything except the CD thing because my MacBook didn't come with one so I really need help please

    What anti-virus software did you install? Although there's a lot of bad anti-virus software out there, no anti-virus software should cause such a problem. A gray screen with a flashing question mark on a folder means that no bootable system could be found, which means that the system was badly damaged or corrupt. Even installing bad software would not normally cause that, so either there was something badly wrong with the system already or the anti-virus software you tried to install was really, really bad!
    As mende1 says, you need to reinstall the system at this point. After your system is back up and running, read my Mac Malware Guide. If, after reading that, you want anti-virus software, use one of the programms recommended in that guide.

  • Random Flashing Question Mark at Startup Mountain Lion

    Suddenly out of the blue my screen at startup shows a flashing question mark on a folder. I cannot press D, cmd, alt or shift immediately after startup - It doesn't change anything....
    Then occasionally after some time it boots up just fine as nothing has happened...
    Is there anything that I can do? Does apple have any advise on this?
    So sad !
    Thanks for your help in advance! I know there are threads on this in this forum but
    Maybe mountain lion os has change something?

    If you want to try to restore Lion, here are the instructions:
    Before you go try through the entire install process, when you see the menu bar, click on Utilities and select Disk Utility.  See if you can repair the disk.  If you can, your problem may have been solved.  If not your HDD has expired.
    If this does not get you into Disk Utility, try your original installation disk.

  • Blinking question mark folder - Please help to restore from USB

    I haven't been able to my Mac about 5 days now and I hope someone can help me.
    I initially had Yosemite then using disk utility I erased the hard drive, after that I was going to install Yosemite again as a fresh copy and mac froze so I had to restart now its showing a blinking question mark folder. I was able to do an internet recovery but it was trying to install Lion.
    I currently have a copy of Maverick and would like to install that. I am at this screen as show in the picture: I have selected the source as the Maverick file on
    the USB and the destination as the HD; should I click restore and would that install the Maverick OS or is there another way?

    nazfaz wrote:
    Is there a way to install Yosemite since I had downloaded it via my ID?
    You have to reinstall OS X Lion, setup your account, log into the App Store with the Apple ID you used to download Yosemite and you should see it in your Purchases tab. Then you can download it and install it. What I would do is download it, quit the install and save the Install OS X Yosemite.app file out of your /Applications folder to another location so you can create a USB thumb drive installer. Then go back into /Applications and run the install app to upgrade from Lion.
    Unless you have an OS X Yosemite USB thumb drive installer, you can't install Yosemite again until you do the above paragraph and upgrade.
    If you have the Install OS X Yosemite.app on another Mac to create a USB thumb drive, create it and boot from it to install Yosemite.

  • Random flashing question mark on startup

    Every once in a while when my mac mini cold boots, I get the flashing question mark. Turning the mac off, and booting it back up again usually fixes the problem. I ran verify disk permission and verify disk; both came back ok. S.M.A.R.T status was always "verified". I have also booted into single user mode and ran FSCK. No problem there either.
    I didn't have this problem until I upgraded to 10.6.3. Just wanted to find out if anyone else is having the same issue and if there is a way to figure out what is causing the problem.

    On the face of it, this sounds like a temperature-dependent problem: when the hard drive is cold, it either isn't spinning up on the first try, or the calibration is slightly off and the Mac doesn't recognize the drive as being bootable.
    When it is slightly warmer (second try) it spins up, or the calibration is now within limits and therefore it boots and now can pass all the DiskUtility tests.
    If it were me, I'd make sure that I had this drive fully backed up onto another external drive -- just in case.
    (In terms of it perhaps being a spin-up issue, I'll note that I have 640Gig 2.5" external that doesn't always mount when I turn it on. Generally the second time is a charm. I attribute it to the drive not spinning up.)
    Just in case the issue is something else, I'd suggest going to Apple Menu > System Preference > Startup Disk and explicitly setting the drive to be your startup drive.
    It might also be interesting to hold down the Option key at startup and explicitly choose the drive. Do this for a few days and see if the problem continues to occur. Holding down the Option key should give the drive a bit more time to spin up.

  • Flashing question mark folder- Mac Help instructions arent working

    My computer froze yesterday and when I re-started it, it had the flashing question mark folder.
    I tried all of these steps http://support.apple.com/kb/ts1440
    and these steps http://support.apple.com/kb/TS2570
    I can't get anything to pop up upon start up other than the folder (ie when I hold down the C key with the Instal DVD in it thinks for a minute, spits out the DVD and the folder comes back).
    If anyone has any ideas I'd greatly appreciate it.  I'm even fine with erasing my hard drive if need be, I just want to get the computer back up and running.

    You can go no further unless you're able to boot from your installation DVD. If your machine came with Snow Leopard installed, that would be the gray disc that was in the box. If you upgraded to Snow Leopard, then it would be the retail disc you used to upgrade. No other disc will work.
    With the machine powered on, insert the disc. Hold down the power button until it shuts off. Press the power button again to turn it back on, then immediately hold down the C key. Keep holding until you see the Apple logo on the display.
    If this procedure doesn't work for you, and you've done everything you say you've done, then you have either a hardware fault or a damaged disc.

  • Folder with question mark flashing.. help me

    sorry for my english ..
    later on, my macbook was working fine until i went to utilities to format my macintosh hd but accidently i removed it so it shutted down on its own i dont no why but now it shows a folder with a question mark flashing  i am trying to install my mac os x dvd it doesnt complete and also in utilities the startup disk has a question mark it show the mac os dvd and an internet..

    Reinstall the HDD.  The display is indicating that it cannot find a bootable HDD.
    Look at these support articles for additional information:

  • My MacBook just has a white screen and a flashing file with a question mark. Please help:(

    I don't really understand what's happening, but I tried to update the software. Then all these codes appeared on the screen so I help down alt, command and R and it then reset and now it's just a white screen with a flashing file and questionmark. Please help.

    That is a sign that the MBA cannot locate the OSX.  The storage drive may be damaged.
    LaurenDavie123 wrote:
    I help down alt, command and R and it then reset a
    What exactly did your reset? 

  • Flash changes apostrophe to question mark when saving data?

    Ok these are the steps I take to create the problem within my Flash application.
    1. Copy and paste a string from a word.doc which contains an apostrophe
    2. I then save this data to a XML doc.
    3. reload that XML data, now the apostrophe has changed to a square box
    4. I then resave this data
    5. I reload this data and now, the square box has changed to a question mark.
    My question is, how do I stop this from happening other than not copying from a word doc?
    Is there something extra I have to do when parsing the string into its saved format.
    Currently what happens is:
    1. Pass the string from the input box to an object
    localTextObject.textData = myInput.text
    2. The object is then parsed through a custom Object to XML parser
    for example:
    textNode.text = "";
    textNode.text.appendChild( localTextObject.textData );
    3. And then an XML file is saved local with this data in it.
    Does Flash do something wonderful along the way as so by the third time around we have gone from a speech mark to a question mark?
    Any help with solving this problem would be very much appreciated.

    Apostrophes from word aren't part of the normal ASCII character set. They've been mucking up plain text forever...
    You can use a RegEx to strip them out, or just change them to regular apostrophes. Something like so should work:
    reg = new RegExp("“", "gi");
    m = m.replace(reg, "");

  • Attachments in mail show up as squares with question marks

    When I open the Mail program and the email has an attachment the attachment shows up as squares with question marks.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks

    Take your screenshot, then reply to this message and click the camera icon in the editing window. Click the "Choose File" button and select the screenshot. If you don't know how to take a screenshot, search for that term in the built-in help.

  • Big blue question mark with Quicktime Symbol???

    Hi, everytime I want to open up a web page or something with streaming media in it, I always get a symbol with the Quicktime sign and a question mark. Please help.

    go under quicktime settings then to browser then mime setting and turn off flash media under misc.
    hope that helps

  • When logging into my work webmail, my mac displays tons of blue boxes with question marks in them

    when logging into my work webmail, my mac displays tons of blue question marks - can anybody help?

    Is it happening only with that one site?

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