Random screen blackout 2009 24 inch Cinema Display... HELP.

Random screen blackouts with 24 inch Cinema Display (purchased 2009). Never used with anything but same Macbook Pro (2009). No hardware changes on MBP. Just started June 6, 2012. Super annoying. Anyone else having this issue? Recommendations?

Hello, Ertjie.
The link titled Download the 24-inch LED Cinema Display Update from the kb/TS4045 article worked for me when I tried it today.  Click the "Download" link I post here or try the one in the kb article again.  Perhaps it will work for you now?
However, I note that the kb article expressly states that this firmware update: 
...is only intended for use with and will only install on the Apple 24-inch LED Cinema Display while the display is connected to a Thunderbolt-enabled Mac. (EZ Jim emphasis added)
If your Mac is really using Mac OS X (10.6.8)  as shown in your initial topic posting, your Mac may not be Thunderbolt-enabled.   If so, contact Apple or your Apple-Authorized Service Provider for help.
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Mac OSX 10.8.3

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    I'm just getting read to color calibrate my 4-year-old monitor, and the calibration software recommends that brightness and contrast settings be returned to factory values. How do I do that? I tried going through system preferences>display, but nothing seemed appropriate. I must've done something wrong because I now have a black edge around my screen. How can I undo this? I feel like a nitwit.

    sounds like you changed the monitor settings. If you go to preferences you can reset the monitor to the correct pixel counts. I beleive they are the largest numer on the likst and on the bottom as you scroll down.

  • Why I can not change the brightness of the screen 27-inch cinema display. I pulse the f1 and f2 but does nothing.

    Why I can not change the brightness of the screen 27-inch cinema display.
    I pulse the f1 and f2 but does nothing.

    Look in System Preferences > Displays
    See if the brightness is locked.

  • I got a new Mac Pro and I am using my 30 inch cinema display.  It has been flickering grey sometimes and then will stay grey and I have to reboot... this is very annoying..help.  I have reset the pram and that seems to help for a bit but then it starts up

    I got a new Mac Pro and I am using my 30 inch cinema display.  It has been flickering grey sometimes and then will stay grey and lock up my computer and I have to reboot... this is very annoying..help.  I have reset the pram and that seems to help for a bit but then it starts up again...and please don't tell me to check for software updates:)

    I got a new Mac Pro and I am using my 30 inch cinema display.  It has been flickering grey sometimes and then will stay grey and lock up my computer and I have to reboot... this is very annoying..help.  I have reset the pram and that seems to help for a bit but then it starts up again...and please don't tell me to check for software updates:)

  • Help I need a "power brick" for my 30-inch cinema display!!!!!

    I recently moved and lost my "power suppy brick" for my 30-inch cinema display..How do I get another one?? The Applestore wanted my old one to do a even exchange?? But I can't do that...And they don't sell the product as a replacement. I'm stuck with a 2 month old display I can't even use! Any ideas???
    Sony Vaio   Windows XP  

    If the display is covered by AppleCare call 1(800)275-2273 and ask for a replacement power adapter. They will send the new unit first, and you are supposed to return the bad unit. You give them a credit card number when you order the part, so they can charge you, if for some reason they don't receive the old part.

  • Is it possible to attach Samsung Monitor to the 27 inch Cinema Display?

    I have an Apple 27 inch Cinema Display and I also have a Samsung 27 inch monitor.
    I would like to know if it's possible to create a dual monitor setup by connecting the Samsung monitor (dvi or hdmi) with an adapter to the Cinema Display's mini display port on the back?
    Does anyone know if this is possible? Or does it only work with another Cinema Display?
    I'd appreciate any help received.

    Is it possible to connect the PC to the Samsung monitor via Dual link DVI and to the Apple Cinema Display via mini display port and work as a dual monitor setup?
    That should work if the PC has both DisplayPort and dual-link DVI (or two DisplayPorts).
    I'm thinking the best solution for MacBook Air is to purchase a Thundebolt display and hook that up to the Cinema Display and I think then I would have a dual screen setup at full resolution.
    That will work if you connect a Thunderbolt disk drive (with two Thunderbolt ports) between the Thunderbolt display and the Mini DisplayPort display.
    But currently I don't think there is a way to connect a PC to a Thunderbolt Display.
    Not unless the PC has Thunderbolt.

  • My 24 inch cinema display stopped working

    My 24 inch cinema display just flickered and stopped working.  The power is still there, the sound is still their.  isight camera doesn't appear to be on, the screen is black.  My display window in settings still reconginizes another display, but the screen is just black.  I've tried all the normal trouble shootings, ie resetting the SMC, and PRAM, but no luck.  I have never had any problems with it at all.  Any help would be appreciated.

    If restarting Mac and trying the suggestions in
    LED Cinema Display (24-inch, Late 2008): Basic troubleshooting
    don't help you, Contact Apple Displays Support.
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    Mac OSX 10.8.4

  • 20 Inch Cinema Display Went Black

    i just rebooted my mac mini that is connected to a 20 inch Cinema Display and the monitor never came back to life. The screen is totally black and the firewire, USB and video cables are plugged into the computer fine. When I look at the computer on Remote Desktop from my laptop i can see that the mac mini is fine. i can also see that when i hit the on/off button on the display that it prompts the shutdown/restart popup on the mac mini so it is communicating with the mac mini. i have also plugged the display into my PB and again I get the shutdown popup when i hit the display's on/off button. is there anything to do to bring it back to life or is it dead? its not even a year old.

    Same problem happening here, You described it exactly. Even the magenta box. Mine also happens most in the open windows, not when the desktop. I am trying to figure out when exactly it is happening. The third item I have issues with is that blocks of data are 'stuck' in a genie expansion like motion so it is blurred and dot displaying in that 3x3 inch square section. Could have something to do with refreshing? Sometimes I notice the window will fix if I manually resize the window.
    Hope this helps any one who is trying to help us out.

  • 24-inch Cinema Display and Mid-2010 Macbook Pro - Cinema Display still flickers after updates

    I currently have a 15-inch Macbook Pro (mid 2010) hooked up to my 24-inch Cinema Display.  I have updated all the firmware for both the Cinema Display and the Macbook Pro but still get intermittent flickering.  Moreover, I have cleared the PRAM and VRAM.  I have done ever possible update I can find, the system is fully functioning.  Help?

    I am having this exact same problem.  2010 iMac with NVIDIA GeForce 9400 256MB.  I have it hooked to a 30" display through a DisplayPort to DVI-D adapter.  The 30" is fine, but I have graphical corruption constantly on the main iMac screen.
    This all started as soon as I updated to Yosemite a couple days ago.

  • Cannot match profiles on two 23 inch Cinema Displays

    I have just bought a new 23 inch Cinema Display in addition to my original which is only 8 months old. Using Xrite (GretagMacbeth)Eye One profiler the screens still do not match. The new screen appears much brighter and the 'old' screen much duller. Placing a blank white box created in Photoshop CS3 over the two screens shows a marked difference. Am I to expect this with a screen only 8 months old? How can I get them to match without 'cheating' with the white point? Serious help needed. many thanks.

    I don't think that there are any PCI-X graphics cards, and if there were, drivers would be another issue. PCI cards would work in a PCI-X slot, but unfortunately, none of those cards are capable of displaying dual link DVI. The best graphics core you can hope to get via PCI is an NV 6200 or ATI 9250
    Also, there aren't any Mac supported AGP cards that have 2 dual-link DVI ports, only 1.
    The only way you could do this is to upgrade to a PCI-express based machine and use the Nvidia Quadro FX4500, which is a $1600+ card + the cost of the new G5...
    A new G5 MIGHT not be so expensive, as there is or about to be a mass exodus of pro shops that will be getting out of the G5 to move to the Intel Mac Pro soon.
    If you had another dual-link capable machine, you could remote desktop in and use a KVM to switch between machines / monitors, but this is sort of a silly complex way of doing something that should be simple through hardware upgrades.

  • My 30-inch cinema display often doesn't come on at startup and I have to disconnect it and reconnect to work.

    I have a 30-inch cinema display connected to a Mac Mini.  When I first boot up the computer after having it shut down for a couple of days, the display screen does not illuminate about half the time.  If I disconnect the display from the power brick and then reconnect it usually comes on, although sometimes I have to do that more than once.  It works fine once it on and displaying.  Anyone else seeing this?

    Hi Rocky Rakoon,
    Thank you for your post, and welcome to the Apple Support Communities.
    I understand that your Apple Cinema Display is not turning on upon startup. I'd like to reset the following, as it may resolve your issue:
    Intel-based Macs: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC)
    You may also want to reset your computer's PRAM:
    OS X Mountain Lion: Reset your computer’s PRAM
    Note: Resetting PRAM may change some system settings and preferences. Use System Preferences to restore your settings.
    For more troubleshooting directly related to the Cinema Display, see this resource:
    Apple Cinema Display: Troubleshooting steps
    Matt M.

  • 32 inch Cinema Display turns off repeatedly?

    32 inch Cinema Display has taken to turning itself off afer 30 minutes operation.
    Can this fault be repaired or should I be looking at buying a new display?

    I have a 20" Cinema Display connected to an early 2008 MacPro. After years of service the monitor suddenly started going black, quite randomly. It would even happen part way through playing an edit from FCP. Strangely audio would be maintained though picture was lost. If I switched monitor power off and on again I would usually restore video image. Sometimes I had to do this power cycling repeatedly.
    Looking through other posts it seemed a failure of the internal power unit was the most likely cause of the problem. But replacement seemed risky and not guaranteed. I considered buying a new monitor (probably a Dell UltraSharp since the Apple monitors are now so expensive).
    Then I tried something else. In System Preferences and then Energy Saver I set the Computer Sleep slider to 25 minutes (I had always previously kept it on 15 minutes). Bingo! Problem solved.
    Maybe this won't work for everyone but it certainly saved me some cash outlay. For now.

  • What happened to the 30 inch Cinema display?

    What happened to the 30 inch Cinema display?
    I went into the Apple store to purchase one, all they had was the (too small) 27 inch with the ugly black border.
    I did find a few used 30 inch Cinema displays on ebay, they are over $1100 USED.
    Any suggestions, for a 30 inch display?

    No suggestions, apart from changing to a non-Apple display such as a LaCie one.
    I think Apple really makes a mistake with the new displays - they are nifty, granted, if you want to watch TV or the like, but they'll loose the professionals, working all day long with their displays.
    1. the new displays have an excellent resolution, no trouble there, but they are like mirrors, reflecting lamps, etc. and very tiring for the eyes. That's already a problem with my MacBook Pro but I've got to accept it - what else is there to do - and fortunately it's only my secondary system.
    2. we have gotten used to 30" and do not want to downgrade.
    I am a translator and need to work with technical plants and several open files, so 30" really helped facilitate work. And now that's all gone as the 27" display definitely is not up to scratch for day-long work...
    I ordered a 30" display right when it became available, so it's quite old now. I worry what I'll do when it breaks down ...

  • MBP3.1 can't run 30-inch cinema display

    I used my 30-inch Cinema Display on a G5 for quite awhile, but had to switch to my MacBook Pro when key apps like FC Pro required an Intel Mac. Since running it on my MBP 2.2 (Model A1226, introduced in 2007)/4 GB Ram/upgraded to 500GB drive I've had on-going problems with screen flickering, freezes and automatic rebooting.
    I've had  Apple replace the graphic display and the mother board twice, and the problem continues. Apple claims that the MBP can drive the display, but it doesn't look as if they're right. My laptop has none of the problems when disconnected from the display.
    Has anyone else had this problem?

    You don't say what connection adaptor you are using. See this Apple support post to see if it applies to you. http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3571

  • 27 inch cinema display windows 7 problems....

    my 27 inch cinema display will only display a resolution of 1920x1200 on my bootcamp partion (3.2) of my 2009 macbook pro with a 9600M GT graphics card?
    it displays the full resolution on the lion partition..
    i have installed the trackpad and the display update but still no luck?

    Did you install the latest driver from Nvidia though? sounds like you need to.

Maybe you are looking for

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