Rapid clone ebs 12.1.3  with rdbms

I want to clone my oracle ebs environment
source server : karamba
source database : PROD
Target server : djaraff
target database : CLNE
I follow the oracle support document ID 406982.1.
But when i run perl adcfgclone.pl
i have the error
/ 0% completed RC-00110: Fatal: Error occurred while relinking of ApplyDBTechStack
ERROR while running Apply...
Mon Mar 18 17:45:28 2013
ERROR: Failed to execute /oraapps/app/oracle/CLNE/db/tech_st/11.2.0/appsutil/clone/bin/adclone.pl
and in the logfile i can see
AutoConfig could not successfully execute the following scripts:
s/app/oracle/CLNE/db/tech_st/11.2.0/appsutil/perl /oraapps/app/oracle/CLNE/db/tech_st/11.2.0/appsutil/clone
ouicli.pl               INSTE8_APPLY       255
AutoConfig is exiting with status 1
RC-50013: Fatal: Instantiate driver did not complete successfully.
Any idea, i tried many times but still got the same error.

djoloff wrote:
Hi Hussein,
stiill failed my clone
here are the steps
SOURCE  servername karamba SID  PROD
1- [[email protected] patches_ebs]$ sh /oraapps/app/oracle/PROD/inst/apps/PROD_karamba/admin/scripts/adautocfg.sh
2- [[email protected] patches_ebs]$ perl /oraapps/app/oracle/PROD/apps/apps_st/appl/ad/12.0.0/bin/admkappsutil.pl
3- [[email protected] patches_ebs]$ cp /oraapps/app/oracle/PROD/inst/apps/PROD_karamba/admin/out/appsutil.zip /oraapps/app/oracle/PROD/db/tech_st/11.2.0/
4- [[email protected] 11.2.0]$ unzip -o appsutil.zip
5- [[email protected] 11.2.0]$ sh /oraapps/app/oracle/PROD/db/tech_st/11.2.0/appsutil/scripts/PROD_karamba/adautocfg.sh
6- 9.     Maintain Snapshot Information with adadmin
7- [[email protected] PROD_karamba]$ pwd
[[email protected] PROD_karamba]$ perl adpreclone.pl dbTier
8- [[email protected] scripts]$ pwd
[[email protected] scripts]$ perl adpreclone.pl appsTier
9- [[email protected] PROD]$ scp -pr db/ apps djaraff:/oraapps/app/oracle/CLNE/
TARGET : servername djaraff   new_sid: CLNE
[[email protected] bin]$ perl adcfgclone.pl dbTier
RC-50013: Fatal: Instantiate driver did not complete successfully.
Note : I checked the metalink notes you indicated (change the JRE)...
Did I skip a step?
Edited by: djoloff on Mar 22, 2013 7:19 AMHi,
Your steps look ok. Which perl version are you using?

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    If EBS is certified with target OS then yes you can do the clone.
    anyway the right forum is: General EBS Discussion

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    You can use the Advanced cloning (section 4) of the cloining document# 230672.1
    to clone signle node to multi node systems.
    for webserver load balancing follow the metalink note#:217368.1

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    Hi DBAs,
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    Have any one done it in past by doing some magic and tricks or Is there automated script based cloning available for regular databases?

    Hi Naveed,
    I believe it is not possible as Rapid Clone is an Oracle Apps utility, so Oracle does not support cloning non-Apps databases using Rapid Clone.
    In addition, there is no context file or AutoConfig in such a database, which is required for Rapid Clone to work properly.
    Is there automated script based cloning available for regular databases? For this cloning, you can use the manual method, export/import, or RMAN.
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    Take a look Doc ID: 230672.1 on Metalink Section 6 talks about Cloning a RAC system
    If you're trying to search for anything on EBS look for Applications 11i, because most docs refer to it as Applications 11i more often then EBS.
    Cloning Oracle Applications Release 11i
    with Rapid Clone

  • 11i Rapid Clone Not Certified With 10g/11g RAC???

    Metalink document 230672.1, "Cloning Oracle Applications Release 11i with Rapid Clone" was updated Feb. 2009 with the following:
    February 04, 2009
    - Added 11i/10g/11g RAC clarification on Section 4 Steps 6 and 7.
    - Corrected incorrect format statements.
    The clarification?
    Attention: The following steps apply only for 9i RAC Clusters. Rapid Clone is not certified for Cloning 11i with 10g or 11g RAC Systems at this time.
    10g RAC support for EBS has existed for quite a while, what's up with this? I'm in the middle of upgrading my 11i EBS on 9i RAC environments to 10gR2 RAC.
    Anyone cloning 11i with 10g/11g RAC? How are you doing it?

    Take a look Doc ID: 230672.1 on Metalink Section 6 talks about Cloning a RAC system
    If you're trying to search for anything on EBS look for Applications 11i, because most docs refer to it as Applications 11i more often then EBS.
    Cloning Oracle Applications Release 11i
    with Rapid Clone

  • Cloning Oracle Applications Release 12 with Rapid Clone

    I was going through metalink doc 406982.1 Cloning Oracle Applications Release 12 with Rapid Clone.
    I couldn't understand a few points.
    I would appreciate if someone can guide me regarding the following queries.
    There is a statement in the doc
    1)An important principle in Oracle Applications cloning is that the system is cloned, rather than the topology ....
    --What is meant by topology in this description?
    2)The Cloning methodology posted on this document requires full Autoconfig complience.
    --didn't get this point.
    3)Note: In the copying tasks below, UNIX/Linux users should ensure that the symbolic links (soft links) are preserved when copying. On most UNIX platforms, this can be accomplished with the cp -RH command. Consult the UNIX man page for the cp command to check the parameters available on your platform.
    --what soft links are being talked about?will the regular cp -R  command not preserve the soft links?
    4)For patching AutoConfig on the E-Business Suite R12 instance, AutoConfig needs to be enabled on both the applications tier and the database tier. (387859.1)
    --HOw do I check if AutoConfig is enabled or not?
    5)Why do I need to synchronize appsutil on database tier from application tier?
    6)Why do we need to maintaain snapshot information?
    What does snapshot actually do?

    This is what I get when doing "grep rror" from 9239089 logfile.
    will be ignored without error.
    will be ignored without error.
    will be ignored without error.
    0 files had fatal errors.
    0 files had fatal errors.
    Performing second half of mirrored copies...
    No mirrored copies were executed in this patch.
    oracle/apps/ad/splice/adError [120.0.12010000.1] {oracle/apps/ad/splice/adError.class }
    Cause: Error while trying to read metadata from file /appldev/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/forms/java/frmall.jar: No metadata entry META-INF/JRIMETA.DAT found
    Cause: Error while trying to read metadata from file /appldev/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/jlib/ewt3.jar: No metadata entry META-INF/JRIMETA.DAT found
    Cause: Error while trying to read metadata from file /appldev/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/jlib/ewt3-nls.jar: No metadata entry META-INF/JRIMETA.DAT found
    Cause: Error while trying to read metadata from file /appldev/apps/tech_st/10.1.3/lib/xmlparserv2.jar: No metadata entry META-INF/JRIMETA.DAT found
    Cause: Error while trying to read metadata from file /appldev/apps/tech_st/10.1.3/j2ee/oafm/applications/mapviewer/web/WEB-INF/lib/mvclient.jar: No metadata entry META-INF/JRIMETA.DAT found
    Cause: Error while trying to read metadata from file /appldev/apps/tech_st/10.1.3/j2ee/home/lib/mail.jar: No metadata entry META-INF/JRIMETA.DAT found
    Cause: Error while trying to read metadata from file /appldev/apps/tech_st/10.1.3/j2ee/home/lib/activation.jar: No metadata entry META-INF/JRIMETA.DAT found
    Errors and warnings are listed in the log file
    Also I am getting same kind of errors for patches 8919489,9171651,9833058 and 12404574.
    Although there were neither failures nor any ORA- error in any of the log files.
    Please guide what needs to be done regarding the shown errors for the patches.
    after executing adpreclone on db tier I got the following message in logfile.
    error while preclone on db tier:Attempt to remove existing adcrdb.zip failed
    What could have been wrong?
    Is the message normal and can it be safely ignored?
    As a pre-install task of patch 9239089,I executed adgrantsall.sql
    which gave me a prompt Enter a value for 1:
    I entered apps (apps schemaname/username)
    Is it ok?

  • RAC to NON-RAC Cloning in R 12 using Rapid Clone

    We are using EBS 12.0.4 with DB version Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release
    Initilally the RAC to non RAC cloning were not supported using rapid clone for this.But from Oct 19 Oracle has certified the same.
    Can anybody specify me the document which contain the step by step process for RAC to NON-RAC Cloning using Rapid Clone.I cant find this.

    Please check below previos thread:
    Cloning RAC to non RAC
    RAC -> NON RAC ebiz clone
    Re: Clone Oracle Apps RacDB to Non-RAC DB

  • Issue in rapid clone

    i am facing a version mismatch with perl
    this is the error
    Perl lib version (5.10.0) doesn't match executable version (v5.8.8)
    it comes just before execution of adclone.pl
    my OS in rhel5
    perl -v
    gives 5.8.8
    EBS is 12.1.2 and DB is

    /usr/bin/perlYou need to use Perl shipped with OracleAS 10.1.3 as per (Cloning Oracle Applications Release 12 with Rapid Clone [ID 406982.1]) -- You may also review these docs.
    Perl lib version (5.00503) doesn't match executable version (5.006) [ID 391884.1]
    Common Perl Setup Issues and Solutions for E-Business Suite 11i [ID 404055.1]

  • About Rapid clone

    My system is
    O/S : Linux AS 2.1 (CPU 2.8Gh *2 , 4G mem)
    EBS Version : 11.5.9
    I want cloning so I have worked with rapid clone process document "Cloning Oracle Applications Release 11i with Rapid Clone 230672.1".
    I have one question
    Must I target system installed EBS 11.5.9 before "start perl script" or "source data copy" ??
    otherwise taget system is running only copy source data ???

    Hi Cho,
    You can copy the source and start the rapid clone.

  • Clone EBS without shutdown EBS

    EBS version: 12.1.3the general method to clone EBS system is to shutdown the appTier and dbTier and then copy all the file to target system, and use adcfgclone to config.
    I want to know how to clone the EBS system online(without shutdown apps and db).
    I suppose I can copy a part of EBS files and use RMAN to recover db ,at last run adcfgclone. Is it OK?
    can you share me the method ?

    Please check advanced cloning part from below doc:
    Cloning Oracle Application 11i /R12 with Rapid Clone - Database (9i/10g/11g) Using Hot Backup on Open Database [ID 760772.1]
    Cloning Oracle Applications Release 12 with Rapid Clone[ID 406982.1]

  • R12 Application Cloning without Rapid Clone.

    Hello Experts
    I am new to Apps Cloning.
    And I am having some handson R12.
    I have been tasked to clone an R12 Application Database manually(without using Rapid Clone)
    I am done with the Database Cloning part.
    Now struggling with Apps part.
    One of the issues is :
    applmgr>echo $PERL5LIB
    $perl admkappsutil.pl
    JAVA - Pass a context file
    Please let me know if any of you have any link for R12 manual apps cloning doc.
    Please help

    Hello I am new to EBS too. Can you please provide me the steps for cloning the db tier for oracle ebs12.1.3

  • Rapid clone port pool numbers

    Have been trying to carry out a rapid clone of ebs 11i. All is working ok but I have a question regarding port pool numbers.
    during the clone process, the process asks questions such as
    Target system COMMON_TOP directory [/path/path/path]and suggest s possible answer. I have noticed that thsi doesn't happen with the port pool number. Is there anyway to get the clone process to preserve the port pool number?

    I am not sure of the clone patch level but it could be 115.7Please run the following to verify the AutoConfig patch you are on:
    SQL> select bug_number, decode(bug_number,
    '2488995' ,'11i.ADX.A'
    ,'2682177' ,'11i.ADX.B'
    ,'2682863' ,'11i.TXK-C'
    ,'2757379' ,'11i.TXK-D'
    ,'2902755' ,'11i.TXK-E'
    ,'3002409' ,'11i.ADX.C'
    ,'3104607' ,'11i.TXK-F'
    ,'3219567' ,'11i.TXK-B'
    ,'3239694' ,'11i.TXK-G'
    ,'3271975' ,'11i.ADX.E'
    ,'3416234' ,'11i.TXK-H'
    ,'3453499' ,'11i.ADX.F'
    ,'3594604' ,'11i.TXK-I'
    ,'3817226' ,'11i.ADX.E.1'
    ,'3950067' ,'11i.TXK-J'
    ,'4104924' ,'11i.TXK-K'
    ,'4367673' ,'11i.TXK-J.1'
    ,'4717668' ,'11i.TXK-M'
    ,'5035661' ,'11i.One_off'
    ,'5107107' ,'11i.TXK-N ROLLUP PATCH AUG 2'
    ,'5414396 ' ,'11i RAPIDCLONE CONSOLIDATED FIXES JAN/2008 '
    ,'5456078' ,'11i.One_off_a'
    ,'5473858' ,'11i.ATG_PF.H RUP5'
    ,'5478710' ,'11i.TXK-O'
    ,'5759055' ,'11i.TXK-P'
    ,'5903765' ,'11i.ATG_PF.H RUP6'
    ,'5985992' ,'11i.TXK-Q'
    ) n_patch, last_update_date
    FROM ad_bugs
    WHERE bug_number IN ( '2488995' ,'2682177' ,'2682863' ,'2757379' ,'2902755' ,'3002409' ,'3104607' ,'3219567'
    ,'3239694' ,'3271975' ,'3416234' ,'3453499' ,'3594604' ,'3817226' ,'3950067' ,'4104924'
    ,'4367673' ,'4717668' ,'5035661' ,'5107107' ,'5414396 ' ,'5456078' ,'5473858' ,'5478710'
    ,'5759055' ,'5903765' ,'5985992' );

  • New Rapid clone document

    we have EBS R12.1.2 and plan to do the farm clone. on database side we will use database "hot backup".
    Does any one know where is clone document which relate to "hot backup"?
    Can I use RMAN backup or not? if YES any document?

    In addition to the document referenced above, please see:
    Note: 799735.1 - Rapid Clone Documentation Resources, Release 11i and 12
    Note: 807597.1 - How to deal with common issues on the Database Tier when cloning with Rapid clone
    You can use RMAN, but I believe there is no specific document on how to use RMAN.

  • Rapid Clone finishing step

    Hi Guys,
    Hope you had a great weekend.
    need a little help here.
    part of Rapid of clone finishing steps is
    Table Name column name TASK
    FND_FORM_FUNCTIONS      WEB_AGENT_NAME      Update to point at the new PLSQL listener name
    THIS States to update column WEB_AGENT_NAME of the FND_FORM_FUNCTIONS table to point to the new PLSQL listener name.
    Ok which is the PLSQL listener name?
    is it the database listener name or is this the APPS listener name?
    Please need clarification here and the best way to update.
    thanks in Advance

    Hi Arnoud, Hussien, and others :)
    I am also reading....
    Subject: Cloning Oracle Applications Release 12 with Rapid Clone
    Doc ID: Note: 406982.1
    Since they are mostly related to my EBS migrate from 32bit to 64bit. It seems cloning also since my 32bit (source) is still running in production, paralleling with the tartget (64bit) on separate server.
    In item #3 of Section 3: Finishing Tasks (of 406982.1)
    It says
    3. Update Workflow configuration settings
    Cloning an Oracle Applications instance will not update the host and instance specific information used by Oracle Workflow. Review the following tables and columns to verify there is no instance specific data in the Workflow configuration on the target system.
    Table Name      Column Name      Column Value Details
    WF_NOTIFICATION_ATTRIBUTES      TEXT_VALUE      Value starts with http://<old web host> : Update to new web host
    WF_ITEM_ATTRIBUTE_VALUES      TEXT_VALUE      Value starts with "http://<old web host> : Update to new web host
    WF_SYSTEMS      GUID      Create a new system defined as the new global database name using the Workflow Administrator Web Applications responsibility.
    WF_SYSTEMS      NAME      Value needs to be replaced with the database global name
    WF_AGENTS      ADDRESS      Update database link with the new database global name.
    FND_FORM_FUNCTIONS      WEB_HOST_NAME      Update with the new web host name
    FND_FORM_FUNCTIONS      WEB_AGENT_NAME      Update to point at the new PLSQL listener name
    FND_CONCURRENT_REQUESTS      LOGFILE_NAME      Update with the correct path to the logfile directory
    FND_CONCURRENT_REQUESTS      OUTFILE_NAME      Update with the new directory path on the target system
    Do I update these tables using sqlplus? The docs did not explain in detail how to update them. I thought the book warns that sqlplus should not be used in updating EBS data.
    The owner of these tables is APPLSYS. What is its default password of APPLSYS?
    Thanks a lot

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