Rates In Scheduling Agreement

We are maintaining purchasing info records for all material and vendor combination and from Info records rates are flowing in the purchase order and scheduling agreemnt.
But in schediling agreement buyer can change rates by going on condition TAB. How to prevent this.

one solution
u can assign EFB parameter to buyer with proper control which will display conditions i.e buyer will not be able to change condition
goto  OMETcreate new function authorizationfrom general parameter select Display conditions
assign this function authorization to buyers parameter in su01 using EFB parameter

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  • Tax rates to be changes in scheduling agreement

    I have lots of scheduling agreement which have been released as well. Now as per the new budget, we created new condition records and maintained new tax rates (excise duty from 12 to 12.50%).
    we have a z program to perform GRN and it has logic written at SA line items basis so whenever we are doing GRN, it is picking old tax rates.
    Is there a way i can change tax rates in PO/SA.
    any function module is available.

    we created new condition records
    Any configuration change will not have any impact on existing documents.  Having said this, if you have created a new condition type and added to your existing pricing procedure, it won't work for existing schedule agreements.  You need to foreclose those and create new scheduling agreements.  On the other hand, if there is a change in value, you can very well predate the existing condition record and create a new condition record with the revised structure.  Once you done this, you can carry out mass price change
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Rate change in Scheduling Agreement

    Dear Gurus,
    What is the method to change the rate specified in a scheduling agreement.
    I am receiving material regularly from a supplier, now the rates are changed. how to do this ?

    go to ME32L enter the scheduling agreement no
    Select the line item click on the dollar symbol .click on the validity date and change the price
    save it .Raise GR
    G.Ganesh Kumar

  • Contract , scheduling agreement and service order

    Hi all,
          Can anybody tell me about the contract scheduling  agreement and when we can suggest our client to go for schedule or contract agreement ?
    Pls tell me elaborately .
    Also Pls explain me about service order and when can i go for service order . whether it is restricted to AMC ?
    Pls explain me elaborately.
    pls explain me steps for creating contract or scheduling agreement and service order..........................
    points to be rewarded.

    Contract is outline purchasing agreement where you have a contract with the vendor,may be a for a predetermined quantity or predefined value. So everytime you need the matl,  you need to make PO ref the contract asking for the delivery of the matl. In such instance when PO is ref with contract its called contract release orders or call off orders. So Process are ME01, ME11, ME31K with aggnrement type, ME51,ME21 & MIGO,
    Scheduling agreement is a long term purchase agreement, where you will keep issuing the delivery schedules whenever there is a change in requirement or at predetermined time intervals. The delivery schedule can be on hour/daily/weekly/monthly basis. SA is also an agreement with the vendor for the supply of matl, may be a quanity or value. The delivery dates will be maintained in ME38 ref the SA which are called delivery schedules.So you can maintain the delivery schedule and communicate the vendor on Forecase basis or JIT basis. And when you need some more matl then will only create SA deliveries using ME38. SA could be of 2 types:- without release documentation-system will transmit the delivery info to the vendor once you save the document.
    With release documentation- after creating the delivery schedules you need to create SA release using ME84.So Process are ME01, ME11, ME31K with aggnrement type, ME38 & MIGO,
    Service order or service PO is created with item Category "D" and an account assignment category as per ur requirement. U can not enter ur material here only u have to maintain short text of material. Example: You want to clean the boiler and u given contract to your Vendor. Vendor sends quotation mentioning that Rs.100/hr/Man head. Now how you will measure the cleaning activities of furnace? You can pay to contractor based on the hourly basis/ man head spent in cleaning activities. So in this case create the Purchase Order mentioning "Cleaning" in the short text in Item overview(Acc assignment ' K' or “C” or “P” and Item category 'D) and item details " Man Head" Service No , Gross price - Rs.100.00 and unit - hour ( or pick from Service master) and Quantity-number of hours spent by all man head.
    The steps to create Service PO are:
    1) Maintain Item Category as D & account assignment such as cost center “K”or slaes order”C”
    2) Keep material code field blank.
    3) Enter description of service & other fields in the PO Item Overview level. Press Enter.
    4) System will prompt you to maintain services at Item Level. Maintain your service master number / service description & other fields (quantity / rate /)
    5) Save the PO.
    For more follow the links;
    For more follow the link;
    Biju K

  • Scales in Scheduling agreement.

    This query i am posting again, as there is a need from my client for this regularly.
    I need your expertise for meeting out this functionality.
    Pl findherwith the following sceario.
    I had created a Scheduling agreement for 5000 units with the following quanity discounts
    1000 - Rs. 10
    2000 - Rs. 08
    5000 - Rs. 05
    The quantity discount is maintained through Scales.
    After that i had maintained delivery schedules like this Say
    1 st day 1000 units
    2 nd day 1000 units
    3 rd day 2000 units.
    My requirement is , when i am trying to do MIRO for the first line item,
    I should get the value as 1000 units * Rs. 10 = Rs.10000
    For 2 nd line item
    Value = Rs. 1000 units * Rs. 08 = Rs. 8000
    ( since the quantity of line item had exceeded 1000 units and sum of line item 1 & 2 is equal to 2000 for which the rate is Rs. 08)
    So i should be able to post the invoice at Rs. 8000 instead of Rs. 10000.
    Pl suggest with your valuable solutions.
    R. Dillibabu.

    Pl try this with an ABAPer.
    In Condition Types configuration, maintain a condition type by copying the discount condition type. In this new condition, Activate 'Group Condition' indicator. Maintain Group condition routine as required (Need to code with your logic).
    Note: I have never tried this. But, I know that SD consultants use such conditions frequently.

  • Restrict pricing in scheduling agreement.

    Dear friends,
    I have created a scheduling agreement with referent to an RFQ.  Since the quoted rate is already approved by the management, the user who are creating the scheduling agreement should not change the rate. 
    For this purpose, I have made the price field in the item level as 'Inactive' through field reference customisation.
    But the problem is that, the user can do the changes in prices by clicking on the conditions icon, and there they can add, change any conditions and rates. 
    Can you please tell me how can we restrict these condition rates and restrict the user from adding new condition types.

    Dear Venkat,
    Price will get determine in the sales order based on two settings
    1.Pricing procedure determination
    2.Condition record maintanence.
    This may happen for two reasons
    1.Different pricing procedures are getting determined for sales order and scheduling agreement.
    One pricing procedure may have variant condition type and other pricing procedure may not have the variant condition type.
    So check same pricing procedure is getting determine in the both documents or not
    2.Condition record may not maintained for the scheduling agreement document type in VK11
    So check the condition record maintanence for the variant condition type through VK13 transaction.
    I hope this will help you,

  • Outline agreement or automatic schedule from scheduling agreement

    Hello Master's,
    Plz find the below workflow which will brief u abt the complete process;-
    1.User raises indent(me51n) and then releases(me54n) else as per our MRP, indent/PR gets generated automatically.
    2. Standard Practice is that we invite offers, negotiate and place order (me21n) else f we have rate contract for any item we go for direct ordering (me21n) and then get it released (me29n)
    For around 20-30k material codes we have rate contract finalized with various suppliers for a period of time.
    When we find any indent/pr falling into this category, we dont invite offer but go for ordering as per the finalized price. The price is maintained in excel or pdf format.
    Problem is we want to map material codes with vendor and rates associated with the contract.
    For this either we have to go for outline agreement(me31k) of scheduling agreement(me31l) so that whenever any indent/PR gets generated in this category, order/delivery schedule will be generated automatically in SAP.
    Points in which i need help from you:-
    1. How to generate automatic po from outline agreement or automatic schedule from scheduling agreement.
    2. complete understanding of the difference between outline agreement and scheduling agreement.

    Hi Nilson,
    The data contained within the global outline agreement is distributed as purchasing contracts or scheduling agreements to the backend systems of the release-authorized purchasing organizations of the relevant corporate group. These purchasing organizations can then use the purchasing contracts or scheduling agreements according to the terms agreed centrally within the global outline agreement.
    For more details.

  • Price difference in inovice(scheduling agreement)

    Hello Gurus,
    Can anyone please suggest me on the systems unknown behaviour given below.
    We have scheduling agreement in currency GBP and Local currency EUR, when we post GR, it is getting posted perfectly i.e with proper accounting entries as Inventory account to GR IR account and proper values . But when we post the Invoice system is crediting the same GRIR amount to vendor account which is right and debiting a huge unknown figure to Price difference account and the difference between these two is getting credited to GRIR account. This is completely out of logic.
    Exchange rates are perfectly ok. when we create another scheduling agreement with the same data(as old scheduling agreement) it is working fine. now I am not able to find out where the problem is, can anyone suggest on this.
    Thank you,

    Hi Srinivas,
    This will happen normally when the price in MMSA difference from the current standard cost estimate in material master.  The difference between these two will post to Price difference account normally.
    Check what is the last costing period/year for that material.  Complete the costing run for current period and post now.  It solves your problem

  • Error Message during Schedule Agreements Uploading using IDocs

    Dear Experts,
    Could you help me to solve an error I receive, when trying to upload Scheduling Agreement (ME31L).
    As was advised [here|Re: LSMW to create and change Sched.Agreements and Contracts in Purchasing;, I've used
    Message type PURSAG_CREATE
    Basistype PURSAG_CREATE01
    And received an error:
    Enter rate /EUR rate type M for 26.09.2008 in the system settings
    Why does it happens, because there aren't any Exchange rate in the transaction? How could I resolve this issue?
    I've mapped for header:
    Vendor Account Number
    Purchasing Document Type
    Purchasing Organization
    Purchasing Group
    Item Number Interval
    Item Number Interval for Subitems
    Start of Validity Period
    End of Validity Period
    ISO code for language key
    I've mapped for items:
    Item Number of Purchasing Document
    Material Number
    Short Text
    Target Quantity
    Material Group
    Storage Location
    Overdelivery Tolerance Limit
    Stock Type
    Indicator: Unlimited Overdelivery Allowed
    Planned Delivery Time in Days
    Goods Receipt Processing Time in Days
    Thanks for Help in Advance

    Hello again,
    With help of colleague from Technical Team I've managed to solve this issue.
    Enter rate /EUR rate type M for 26.09.2008 in the system settings error
    Solution for this Error is to map values for "Currency Key" and "Exchange Rate" fields.
    After that another error was raised:
    No instance of object type PurchSchedAgreement has been created. External reference: # 2
    Obviously, the initial issue was different from exchange rate error. So the error  was raised, because not all mandatory fields were mapped. As I was trying to upload "Stock transport Scheduling agreement", it's necessary to assign value to "Supplying (Issuing) Plant in Stock Transport Order" field.
    So, the working mapping for me looks like:
    Purchasing Document Type
    Purchasing Organization
    Purchasing Group
    Item Number Interval
    Item Number Interval for Subitems
    Start of Validity Period
    End of Validity Period
    ISO code for language key
    Supplying (Issuing) Plant in Stock Transport Order
    Item Number of Purchasing Document
    Material Number
    Target Quantity
    Material Group
    Storage Location
    Overdelivery Tolerance Limit
    Stock Type
    Indicator: Unlimited Overdelivery Allowed
    Item Category in Purchasing Document
    Planned Delivery Time in Days
    Goods Receipt Processing Time in Days

  • How to measure performance of supplier when using scheduling agreement ?

    Hello all,
    My client has an absolute need to be able to measure the performance of its suppliers based on delivery dates and delivered quantities. That is to say he needs to be able to compare what dates and quantities were asked to what has been really delivered.
    Most of the procurement processes used are based on scheduling agreements : schedule lines are generated by MRP and forecast is sent to supplier while firm requirements are sent through JIT calls.
    It seems that when doing GR in MIGO, it is done against the outline agreement number, and not against the call. Therefore, we have no way to compare dates and quantity with what was expected (in the JIT call).
    Do you know if SAP proposes a standard solution to this, and what could be a solution to this issue ?
    Thanks for your help
    E. Vallez

    My client faced the same problem and we ended up developing an own analysis in LIS. Since the GR is not linked to specific schedule line (SAP does some kind of apportioning, but it doesn't have to correlate to the correct match), one needs to do assumptions. Our assumption was the closest schedule line, i.e. each GR is related to the schedule line with the closest date. Then all GR the same day are totaled together before the quantity reliability is calculated, since the very same shipment can be reported through several GR transactions in SAP (one per pallet).
    If anybody has info about what SAP has to offer in this question (or is developing), please tell us!

  • Order of delivery schedule line counter at schedule agreements from MRP run

    Currently we are using schedule agreements for our long term external suppliers, but we are facing a problem with the order of new delivery schedule lines created during MRP run.
    Because of master data settings like, lot size, rounding value, plan delivery time and planning time fence to set as firm new requirements, multiple schedule lines are created with no order for schedule line counter.
    Does anyone is aware of a BADI, user exit or customizing control to have this schedule line counter in order?
    Thank you
    Daniel Guillen
    Skyworks Inc.

    Pls put this query in SD fourms  and get immly help because this is technical fourms.

  • MRP To Generate SCHEDULE LINES for Scheduling Agreement

    I have followed the below steps but still the Schedule lines is not generated for scheduling agreement.
    1Maintain MRP views 1,2,3,4 for the material in material mste.(MM01)
    2. Maintain Purchase Info Record for the vendor plant & material combination.(ME11)
    3. Create Scheduling agreement using ME31L
    4. Maintain source list for the material & the scheduling agreement # and Line item set the MRP relevant indicator 2 (Necessary ?) ME01
    During Run MRP for the material.the below details entered///
    Processing key NETCH Net Change in Total Horizon
    Create purchase req. 1 Purchase requisitions in opening period
    Schedule lines 3 Schedule lines
    Create MRP list 1 MRP list
    Planning mode 1 Determination of Basic Dates for Planned
    Run MDBT or MD02 but still doesn't create the schedule lines......Anything else missing.
    MRP Procedure: PD
    MRP Group: 0000 (External Procurement only)
    Lot Size: EX (Lot For Lot)
    Procurement Type: F
    Sched Margin Key: 000
    Avilablity chec: 02 (Individual requirement)
    MRP: 4

    Source List a Mandatory for Scheduling Agreement, if you want to create automatic Scheduling line.
    Plz use (2) in MRP RELEVENT tab in ME01 (Source List).
    rest of the thing is ok, make sure a material master(MRP 2 VIEW) in that view you have to give a planed delivery days. it is must.

  • About selecting Scheduling Agreement and Forecast delivery schedule

    Hi Experts,
    i want to write a Report, with 2 parameters for the selection : Sold-to-party and Period
    For this Sold-to-party/Period, I want to list all scheduling agreement + Forecast delivery schedule.
    I already found the Function SD_VBEP_READ_WITH_VBELN to read all Forecast delivery schedule lines using Sales Doc.No. , but how can I select all Scheduling Agreement for the Period ?

    by selecting data from table VEPVG (Delivery Due Index) and using function SD_VBEP_READ_WITH_VBELN for each SD Document.

  • Error in creating a schedule agreement

    hi friends
    i got an error in creating a scheduling agreement
    the error reads- 'zjk5(the output type ) is not defined'
    condition records,port definition,partner profiles everything is fine.
    another error that reads is 'No communication data is set for medium 6ie edi'
    please answer this problem.thanks is advance.

    Check the Output type was created or not for that Scheduling Afreement?
    check the table T685 for that Output type?
    And n the diocument have you configured the Output type with the correct medium (EDI  value 6) and have you assigned the same in NACE tcode?
    reward points if useful

  • Batch in scheduling agreement

    Hi gurus,
    we manage some material with batch.
    when i create sheduling agreement or when I maintain delivery schedule, I cannot enter the value of batch,
    In selection screen (for scheduoing agreement o delivery schedule) is not possible to set "display" to the field "batch".
    So I suppose that the field batch is not available for scheduling agreement,
    What do you think?

    The functionality for batch field is not available in Scheduling Agreement.
    The cause is that a scheduling agreement is for a longer period.
    So it wasn't expected that the batch number is known when creating
    the scheduling agreement. You can enter the batch number when
    creating the goods receipt.
    Edited by: Agreta Gupta on Nov 22, 2011 6:20 PM

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