RAW-support in future?

does Apple give information, which cameras will be supported in future? Or does Apple somewhere has a feature request for this?
As a Panasonic / Leica fan I would really appreciate RAW-support for e.g. LX2 / D-Lux 3, or L1 / Digilux 3.
Thanks, Frank

To date Apple has not shared future support. They love secrecy.

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  • Future RAW Support for Nikon D40

    Does anyone know if future updates of iPhoto will support Nikon D40 RAW format (or where I might look to find out)? Thanks.

    RAW support is a function of the OS not iPhoto. Have you updated to 10.4.9? I know the D80 is supported.

  • Sony a700 dSLR, iPhoto RAW support

    I recently purchased a Sony a700 dSLR. jpeg files import into iPhoto without trouble. I want to try to use RAW files but they can not be imported. The camera supported list has the Sony a100 but not the a700. Is there a plan to support the a700 in the future on iPhoto or Aperture.

    Welcome to the Apple Discussions.
    No one on this board has any idea what Apple's plans for the future are. It's a user-to-user forum.
    RAW support is a function of the OS, not either application.
    Let them know you want it though:
    iPhoto menu -> Provide iPhoto Feedback

  • HT201070 there is no camera raw support for Leaf Aptus-II 8? I need to be able to read MOS files

    there is no camera raw support for Leaf Aptus-II 8? I need to be able to read MOS files

    OS X Mountain Lion: Supported digital camera RAW formats seems to indicate that you are correct.
    Are you are trying to provide  Apple - Aperture - Feedback or Apple - iPhoto - Feedback?
    If so, use you can send direct feedback via the above link(s).  You will not likely get a direct response, but you can be certain that the responsible Apple people  will see your input for consideration in future product development.
    If you seek a solution rather than to offer feedback, or until Apple supports your needs within the Mac OS, check whether Mamiya's Leaf RAW converter 1.2.6 for Mac meets your needs.
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    Mac OSX 10.8.4

  • FujiFilm Camera RAW Support Problem

    First, I'm sorry for Speak english not well
    I use Fujifilm HS10 and S200EXR Camera
    But I don't find it Adobe's Camera Raw support list
    When support FujiFilm HS10 and S200EXR Camera RAW(RAF) in Adobe Products?

    you wrote....there is no timetable....
    OK, but can you confirm that the RAF fuji files from the finepix HS10 camera will be supported in the future?
    Thank in advance for you anwer and have a great and sunny day :-)

  • Any one know when fuji X-pro 1 raw support is coming to aperture??

    Any one know when fuji X-pro 1 raw support is coming to aperture??

    Anyone who might know is constrained from answering your query by strict and strictly enforced non-displasure agreements. Further it is against the rules of these forums to speculate on future releases. There are however, any number of Apple rumor sites that are more than happy to spedulate on future Apple releases and occasionally they even have some basis in fact.

  • Aperture RAW support now independent of OSX?

    When 10.5.2 arrived yesterday, it added RAW support for several new cameras to the OS, but not to Aperture 1.5.
    Now, according to the new Aperture 2 pages, "* Cameras and camera backs followed by an asterisk require Aperture 2 with Mac OS X Tiger v10.4.11 or Mac OS X Leopard v10.5.2 or later."
    10.4.11 did not include support for these new cameras, so this leads me to the likely conclusion that support for new RAW formats must now be internal to Aperture. i.e. It is NOT using the RAW support in OSX 10.5.2, but its own internal codebase instead.
    If this is indeed true, does it mean we can expect speedier RAW updates for Aperture in the future? That would certainly be nice.

    no doubt about this!
    it was short sighted to have allowed aperture to rely on the OS for RAW file support. as a result, this positioned aperture in poor regards. now it looks like all these are now yesterday stuff, because with version 2 i'm able to import, view, and edit my ricoh g100 raw files. i couldn't do this with version 1.5, even with mac os x 10.5.2. so the current version is, i think, heading off in a good direction for aperture users.
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  • When is D600 RAW support likely to be added to Aperture?

    The Nikon D600 launched surprisingly quickly...I have my camera already!
    However, I would like to use it for an upcoming magazine shoot, however without RAW support that is impacticable (I shoot tethered with a stylist, so need to (semi) process the files on location).  Anyone any ideas on how long it is likely to be before Aperture is upgraded with the necessary algorithms to process the D600 RAW files (how long typically before new cameras are added)?

    Hi daktar 2
    Interesting post. I agree about View NX  but I have been using Capture NX2 . I have not noticed any problems with WB with previous RAW  images  ( with other Nikon DSLR's  prior to D600) . On the rare occasion I shoot an interior with flash  I use the correction filter on my Flash ( SB700) .
    I have all the NIK software  and rate it very highly. I think you may be correct  that NIK had  access to Nikon Algorithms  but I believe that association has ceased.  At least part of the Quid Pro was that Nikon's  Capture NX2 could use the NIK Colour Efex Pro 3 filters( and still can ) , however, the current CEP 4 filters do not work with NX2 . However, I can assure you that all the current Nik Applications  work perfectly as Aperture Plug Ins
    ( except for snapseed which is stand alone )
    I see Nik  has recently been acquired by Google  so it will be interesting to see what any future upgrades or new Applications  are like.
    As noted elsewhere  Aperture has now been upgraded to RAW  for the D600 provided you have OS 10.7x or 10.8x

  • Any idea on a Nikon D750 Raw support ?

    Any idea on a timeframe for Nikon D750 raw support update ?
    Thanks !

    According to dpreview, this camera will not be available to purchase until mid-October. Apple supports only raw L on the D810. The availability of D750 raw support is a schedule that only Apple and Nikon possess, and do not share with us in this international Apple Support Community. When it is ready, it will be in a future Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update.
    Dial up your patience. It may be awhile.

  • RAW Support for Sigma Merrill and Sony RX-1

    When does Adobe expect to be able to provide RAW support for the Sigma X3F files produced by the DPxMs and the SD-1/SD-1M?  I am also interested in RAW support for the soon to be released Sony RX-1 Cybershot FF camera.  Thank you for the time and response.

    Thanks for the information.  As you can probably tell I haven't posted here before.  It's where Adobe's FAQ section sent me to "Ask a Question."  Therefore, I thought it was the place Adobe looked to for feedback on what customers wanted.  I'm not sure why future camera support should be such a secret.  In the case of the RX-1, I suspect they will have it fairly quickly as there will be many phtographer's asking for it.  In the case of the Sigma's, I suspect that since the cameras have been out for a while now that they are waiting to see how much demand there is for support.  The DPxMs are receiving very good reviews for their image quality and it is well deserved in my opinion.  I haven't seen the output from any camera that can match it for detail below the Nikon d800 or the Canon 5D MK III and even then it is very close at ISO 100-200.  I was surprised at how good 800 ISO can look with these cameras when the tif file is processed in LR 4.2.  A comparison of the .jpg processed for best image and the .tif processed for best image in LR 4.2 both at 50%.  The .tif cleans up very nicely while preserving significant detail.

  • Powershot G15 RAW support in LR 3.6 (Elements 10)

    I have Elements 10 and LR 3.6 installed (I also have LR 4.3 but more on that later). I just purchased a Canon Powershot G15 and from what I've been able to determine RAW support for it was included in ACR 7. Am I correct in assuming I cannont use ACR 7 with my two programs?
    I'm afraid to install LR 4.3 because of all the reported performance problems. My 3.6 runs like a champ. I'm using a MacBook Pro with 4GB RAM and intel i5 processor. So what do you think? Should I take the chance and go ahead and install 4.3 or leave well enough alone. I received 4.3 as a free upgrade so if I don't install it I'm really not out anything.

    I have both 3.x and 4.x installed on my Windows 7 computer.  I don’t remember doing anything special, but you can always just install LR 3.x again if you decide to abandon LR 4.x. 
    Assuming you have LR3 currently configured to open the last-opened catalog each time you start it up, LR4 will find and ask permission to convert a copy of that LR3 catalog to LR4 format but your LR3 catalog will still be useable by LR3.  Anything you do with the LR4-converted copy won’t be reflected in the original LR3 catalog because they are two separate catalogs and LR3 cannot open the LR4 catalog.  When doing the initial conversion, name the new copy of the catalog something that makes sense for being the LR4 version of your LR3 catalog so you won’t be confused when you look at the catalog names in the future.

  • EXPRESS: Why no raw support in Photoshop express from Revel?

    We just got back from a trip to Disneyland and I shot over 800 photos in raw format on my Canon camera. I uploaded the images using my iPad to Revel each night and tonight I am home and I opened Photoshop Express so I could send some photos to Walgreens and I see thumbnails of my images from Revel in PSE but when I try to open one, I get an error that Photoshop Express cannot open this file. I dug around some before I found a message from Patti on the forums that says that PSE does not support Raw Files. Come on guys, I am a premium subscriber and I have Raw support in Revel and yet PSE which has more editing options won't support the files. I wanted to tweak some and upload to walgreens to print and it's easier to do it from PSE than to have to use the camera roll and then Walgreens app. I also wanted to upload some to to Flickr which PSE support and Revel used to support but no longer does. What is going on Adobe? Why are all the cloud products so fragmented? I'm starting to consider just storing images on my NAS and using other apps to accomplish the tasks from my iPad because your cloud services are not making this easier.

    But InDesign has it as well and I think this is like the craziest omission I can think of and they have made some serious ones in the past.
    Hopefully the next version all the apps will have it and that in case there are any problems it will be done in the way so that it will not cause any unforeseen difficulties.
    thanks for the answer David. Good you can find a little time to visit here as with this thread we all guess and you know better.

  • RAW Support for Canon G9

    Looked at the RAW Support page this morning after the website was updated and it appears there were no updates to support the Canon G9. Is this correct? Or have some of you received software updates this morning.

    I've downloaded the Lightroom demo (my 3rd time) and imported 266 D300 RAW photos from a Sunday morning shoot. I prefer Aperture, but I'm giving LR another chance. It's not that bad. My problem is that all our Macs are on Tiger and I really don't want Leopard (I also run many programs simply not compatible with Leopard), so in all likelihood will have to switch to LR/PS, which is rapidly becoming the standard anyways. I have to say performance is much faster but the 5 workflow separations in the user experience is inefficient, an artificial "silo" approach. Apertures UI model is much more flexible and transparent.
    I'll wait this week out and see if anything happens...

  • Continued lack of RAW support

    I am really perplexed with Apple RAW support. I thought finally with the release of Aperture 3 they would finally get it right. I haven't been able to use Aperture before because they haven't support most of the cameras I've owned. Finally today they added the G1 - 16 months after the camera launched and on the eve of a new model release. I sort of understood that they needed to incorporate lens corrections BUT.....
    There is still no support of the GF1 - released in September 2009. Gheeez the files are the same as the G1. Lightroom has had support since day 1.
    I am really afraid to make Aperture my primary DAM and image editor until I can get comfortable that Apple is actually serious about supporting cameras as they are released. Not sure how to get Apple to understand that their audience for this product is an audience that tends to buy new camera gear. Waiting months or years for camera support makes Aperture unusable as a product.
    How do we get Apple to listen?

    teb, me too. I have owned the GF1 since September and have been waiting and waiting.
    Supporting only the G1 and GH1 makes no sense - it is the same raw format. I'm wondering if there is a way to get Aperture to ignore it. See this post on how a script can make EP1+EP2 files be read as an E30:
    http://www.apertureexpert.com/tips/2010/2/1/a-script-to-open-olympus-e-p1-e-p2-r aw-orf-files-in-aperture.html
    The only way to get Apple to listen is to go to the Aperture menu, then click Provide Aperture Feedback. Here's the direct link: http://www.apple.com/feedback/aperture.html
    This is the only channel that works and I think a lot of people either don't know it is there, or cannot be bothered.

  • Lost camera raw support for canon 1ds markI in mountain lion

    I seem to have lost system support for camera raw files for the original Canon 1ds (what you might call the markI). There's been two recent raw support updates, and I'm not sure if it occured with the first for those two updates or with update to Mountain Lion itself (which I recently clean-installed). I noticed it after the first raw support update (Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 4.01) but it could have happend with Mountain Lion install and I just didn't notice. In any case, I definitely don't have support for the camera raw files, finder shows only the generic TIFF icon thumnail (the raw files from the markI 1ds were of the extension .TIF, before canon moved on to .cr2 format..). Preview and Aperture can preview the file but without any custom white balance or other info stored with the raw file from camera.
    Anybody else experience this or know fix?
    For anyone wanting and willing to test on their machine, I'll post a link to a test raw file.... hmm, apparently this support forum does not allow for the linclusion of a link to an image file, but I'll see if it allows for a link to a zipped folder with image inside... I suppose I wouldn't download a .zip file myself but for anyone braver than I:

    That latest raw update also shows supported devices. The EOS-1Ds is still shown as supported by Mountain Lion in the knowledge base article that accompanies it. Bump!
    I wonder if using Disk Utility and verify/fix permissions may restore your RAW capability.
    Don't have Aperture or Lightroom.
    I installed the recent raw updates into 10.8.2. The DB5W2360.TIF file has a generic Preview icon. Graphic Converter 8.3.1 opens .cr2 files, and it opened this TIF file nicely as well. GC is willing to modify white balance with a condition that it cannot be done in place, and must be exported to a different format.
    Not much help, I know.

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