RE: Access to iphoto on external hard drive

I have recently moved my iphoto to an external hard drive and i am able to open and access my library through iphoto, but when i have DVD Creator open and try to access the video in my library iphoto is greyed out and i am unable to access it.  I have access granted through preferences but am still unable to access.  Does any one have any other ideas how to enable access for other programs to the library or do i have to put iphotos back in my Mac hard drive?

see this user tip for details on supported methods for accessing your iPhoto library

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  • Managing photo storage on my iPhone/iPhoto/Pictures/External Hard-drive

    Hello, I need some help with managing photo storage on my iPhone/iPhoto/Pictures/External Hard-drive.
    I have 1,200 photos/videos on my iPhone 4S on the camera roll and need to delete them to save space. Most are photos/videos of my new baby which I would be devastated to lose, so I want to be 110% sure that I have them backed up properly and accessible.
    I frequently hook my iPhone up to iPhoto to download all of the latest photos to iPhoto.
    I have done Time Machine back ups and just did a latest one yesterday.
    I would like to save my camera roll into a folder on my hard-drive so that all of these photos are in one place in case I need to access them (and not spread across different folders like in iPhoto).
    My Mac (Macbook Pro - circa 2009) is now telling me that my 'Starter Disc is nearly full' and won't save all of the photos from my camera roll.
    My questions;
    Are photos stored both in iPhoto and Pictures folder, and if so are they duplicates?
    I've heard that Time Machine only backs up full libraries and so cannot be used to access individual photos - is this true? If so, how do you access individual photos/files from my external hard-drive?
    How and where should I delete older photos from to save space on my Mac - iPhoto or Pictures? (once I know how to access them from my external drive if needed).
    How do I delete all of my photos from my iPhone camera roll in one go? - I can only see a way to delete the 1,200 of them individually.
    Going forward where is the best place for me to synch/upload my photos for medium term storage/access on my Mac?
    I would consider myself quite intelligent but when it comes to this topic, I'm happy to be spoken to in very simplistic terms!
    Thank you.

    Import the photos to iPhoto - then select the photos in iPhoto and export (file menu ==> export) to the desired location

  • When using Time Machine, if I delete items from my computer, will they still be backed up to access later on my external hard drive? In other words, when time machine backs up again, will it delete the files from the back up?

    When using Time Machine, if I delete items from my computer, will they still be backed up to access later on my external hard drive? 
    In other words, when time machine backs up again, will it delete the files from the back up that I have deleted from my computer?

    No, I do not believe so. Time Machine would keep all those now-deleted files in previous backups, and as time goes by those backups might be deleted if you needed room, but it would still keep one backup from each day in last month, as well as one from each week forever, as long as you don't start running out of room, then just the oldest would be deleted to make room if needed.
    I use a backup drive about double the size of my drive to be backed up, so I would guess it will never get to the point where deleted files being replaced by new ones being backed fill up that drive to the point where backups actually have to get deleted.

  • How to access a PC formatted external hard drive

    I am trying to access a PC formatted external hard drive, however when I attempt to mount it I get a message saying the drive is not recongnized and if I want ti initialize, which i believe if I execute will remove the files I am trying access..Is there a way to access the files on the external hard is a avi file i need to edit..
    Paragon also has a program (suite) that will convert NTFS <=> HFS+ without data loss (but have backup never use something wo one!)
    And Pargon has kept up with Lion while others have not or have stopped development and works best with PC drive cases with low overhead and fast reliable copy operation.
    The demo is also fully functional for 30 days.

  • I moved all my photos and videos from iPhoto to external hard drive and now can't play any videos. Please help!!!

    I moved all my photos and videos from iPhoto to external hard drive, then totaly formated my macbook and now trying to play videos of external hard drive, but they wont play and they in "quicktime containers" and really small in size (50 - 150 Kb). Please Help!!! My misuse will kill me if find out that we have no more videos from our honeymoon...

    I moved all my photos and videos from iPhoto to external hard drive, then totaly formated my macbook and now trying to play videos of external hard drive, but they wont play and they in "quicktime containers" and really small in size (50 - 150 Kb). Please Help!!! My misuse will kill me if find out that we have no more videos from our honeymoon...
    You may need to prepare yourself for a "World of Hurt" from your wife...
    Since the average 0.9 megapixel JPEG photo file of normal graphic complexity stored at a high quality compression setting is 125-135 KBs in size, I would have to assume any QT video files you created of more than a fraction of a second in duration were most likely saved as "reference" files to only be 50-150 KBs. Basically, a reference file is q QT (MOV) file that tells a video player how to play data that is still stored in its original source file container(s). For instance, you could trim and merge a number of files together and save the result as a "reference" file that takes up very little room on your hard drive. Or, you could post fles to a server and create a "reference" file that is small enough to be sent as an email attachment that plays the uploaded data on someone else's computer as long as they are connected to the Internet. Unfortunately, for these reference files to work, all of the resources referenced within the file must continue to exist in their proper locations in order to be found and played by the reference. Since you did not indicate what "but they won't play" really means here or how you actually "moved" your iPhoto library files to the external drive, I can only make some "educated guesses" at this point. (BTW: for future reference, iPhoto has a built-in function that allows you to copy your library to one or more back-up locations and then connect to them by default when iPhoto opens or switch source libraries at will within the opened application.)
    If you created reference files and saved them to an external drive, you should be getting an error message telling you the app needs to know where the source files are located so the reference file can re-connect to the resource data. If the original files were also saved, then simple navigate to the source files in oder to tell the app where they are now located. If the source files were deleted as part of the reformatting process, then you are up the proverbial creek whithout a paddle with little or no hope of doing anything about this issue. (I.e., reformatting and then re-installing a system drive usually means you would have little hope of recovering the specific "lost" data you want as there is always a good chance that some of the data segments were overwritten during the process.)

  • Accessing back-ups on external hard-drive with Time Machine.

    Hi guys,
    I hope someone can help me with this problem. I am a novice at this so please be patient and forgive my ignorance.
    I backed up the internal hard-drive of my '06 iMac onto an external Iomega 500GB hard-drive using Time Machine.
    A couple of weeks later the internal hard-drive of my iMac fried and I got the " grey screen of death ".
    Now I have the external hard-drive connected to my '06 MacBook.
    There is 300GB of data on the external hard-drive. There is only 50GB of space available on my MacBook.
    I would like to access my iPhoto on the external hard-drive but when I click on the iPhoto icon in Time Machine, I get "error code 10657 ".
    I am NOT trying to do a full restore of the back-up onto the MacBook because :
    1. There is not enough space available on the MacBook and
    2. I will do a full restore when I have bought and installed a new bigger hard-drive into the iMac.
    So, I guess my question is this : Is it possible for me to access my iPhoto on the external hard-drive using my MacBook without doing a complete transfer and if so, how ?
    Thanking you in advance,

    If this is a network device, you can't back it up with Time Machine. If it's directly attached, and in Mac OS format, delete it from the exclusion list in the Time Machine preference pane.

  • Iphoto from external hard drive won't open on another macbook

    My iphoto wont open from my external hard drive on my other MacBook.  It says: The photo library will need to be upgraded to work with this version of iphoto. Your photo library will not be readable by previous versions of iphoto after the upgrade.
    1) Why do I need to upgrade?
    2) Will I still be able to open this external HD on my old macbook?
    When I click upgrade it says: there is a problem accessing one or more files in your iphoto library.  Do you want iphoto to repair permissions for this library for you?
    3) What does this mean?
    4)Can I open this external hard drive iphoto library on a Dell laptop or will it always have to be on a Mac?
    Thank you for your help!

    You do not give enough information to give a total answer - but basically it sounds like you have two Macs with different version of iPhoto - newer version of iphoto have to upgrade the iPhoto library to use it and once they do older versions  can not use it - that is the meaning of the warning
    The photo library will need to be upgraded to work with this version of iphoto. Your photo library will not be readable by previous versions of iphoto after the upgrade.
    Pretty clearly stated by the warning
    1 - because you probably have a newer version of iPhoto on your "other MacBook"
    2 - Probably not
    3 - you have a permissions problem that needs to be repaired - often this is caused by having the iPhoto library on an improperly formatted drive - the iPhoto library must always be on  a volume formatted Mac OS extended (journaled) - what format is the drive the iPhoto library is on?
    4 - no - if the drive is properly formatted the Dell can not open it and if it can it has no idea what to do with it - the iPhoto library must be used by iphoto on a Mac - if you want to have your photo on a PC you have to export them to a drive the PC can read

  • Iphoto and external hard drive issues

    I have backed up my Iphoto onto an external hard drive and then upgraded my iphoto and can't access any photographs. How do I restore my iphoto library from the external hard drive?

    There are 9 different versions of iPhoto and they run on 9 different versions of the Operating System. The tricks and tips for dealing with issues vary depending on the version of iPhoto and the version of the OS. So to get help you need to give as much information as you can. Include things like:
    - What version of iPhoto.
    - What version of the Operating System.
    - Details. As full a description of the problem as you can. For example, if you have a problem with exporting, then explain by describing how you are trying to export, and so on.
    - History: Is this going on long? Has anything been installed or deleted? - Are there error messages?
    - What steps have you tried already to solve the issue.
    - Anything unusual about your set up? Or how you use iPhoto?
    Anything else you can think of that might help someone understand the problem you have.

  • Older iphoto on external hard drive won't open in Mavericks os

    I have my iphoto on an external hard drive that I would open on two different computers. I recently upgraded my imac to Mavericks and now I can't open the library stored on the external HD; it's indetectible. When I click iphoto icon on the imac, the existing (internal hard drive) library opens. I *believe* before the upgrade I had to choose which library to open, but it was such an intuitive process I can't remember exactly what or if I had to do anything specific now. The library still functions fine on my macbook air, which is running iphoto 9.2.3. 
    Can I upgrade the iphoto on the external hard drive?? I've been reading tons of threads but haven't found a solution that sounds like it fits my issue. and of course i'm hesitant to just try anything as I don't want to lose all the photos (and I like how they're organized).
    Thanks for any advice!

    So can i update the library on the external HD so that it can be used with 9.5.1??
    Probably - I'm still not totally clear on what you ahe, what you have done and what yu are doing
    this statement is worrysome and more information is certainly needed
    I recently upgraded my imac to Mavericks and now I can't open the library stored on the external HD; it's indetectible.
    If I update the MBA to Mavericks with the EHD attached will the iphoto be updated to 9.5.1??
    If you also update iPhtoo to version 9.5.1 on the MBA then both computers can access the 9.5.1 iPHoto library while the EHD is connected to them

  • Tranferring photos from iphoto to external hard drive

    Hi there, I'm a bit of a luddite, and am trying to back up all my photos on an external hard drive. I've dragged the library over, but none of the individual photos appear when you click on the folders (the ones I've created and named).
    You can access them via the "year" folders that iphoto automatically creates but I - for the life of me - can't understand the logic behind these!
    Does anyone know how to transfer folders (and their contents) from iphoto to an external hard drive?

    First off - and this is really important - what version of iPhoto are you using?
    iPhoto Menu -> About iPhoto.
    The basic idea - copying the iPhoto Library Folder - is correct.
    Don't change anything in the iPhoto Library Folder via the Finder or any other application. iPhoto depends on the structure as well as the contents of this folder. Moving things, renaming things or otherwise making changes will prevent iPhoto from working and could even cause you to damage or lose your photos.

  • IPhoto on External Hard Drive Attached to Time Capsule

    I can't seem to find the answer to this question on any of the forums.
    I currently have a Mac Mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. I have two iPhoto libraries, one on my MacBook Pro and one on my Mac Mini. I use the Pro as my primary library for editing the photo's and then using a USB stick transfer the photo's to my Mac Mini which is attached to my television as I use it as a media centre.
    What I want to do is have just the one library which can be displayed on my Mac Mini and editied using my two laptops.
    I am thinking of using an External Hard Drive attached to my Time Capsule and then use this to store one iPhoto library that I can access on the network on all three of my computers.
    Is this possible to do?

    I read your question a while ago and since nobody has jumped in .. let me have a go..
    Yes, I should say it is possible to have your iphoto library on the TC.
    It is older post but still should work.
    Second point... don't do it.
    Here is why..
    1. Extremely slow. gen-review-faster-wifi-/7
    Much worse than the internal drive.
    2. More importantly .. there is zero backup. If you do want to backup, you have to drag the files off the USB disk, across the network and back onto a drive connected to your computer.. Net gain.. zero.. you still have to have a disk connected to a computer.
    Use the Mac Mini, a drive connected by firewire is hugely faster. Even usb drive direct from the computer over the network is faster.
    And you can set it to backup via Time Machine. Remember all files on single hard disk will one day be lost.. get ready for that day.

  • Why can't I access folders on my external hard drive when I am an admin user?

    Early 2011 15" MacBook Pro
    2GHz Intel Core i7
    I have a 2TB external hard drive connected to my Airport Extreme that I use to save all of my files.  Both my user profile & my wife's are admin users, however she cannot access the external drive at all.  It has a red circle with a white line through it when you look at it on finder & none of the folders are listed to change permissions under her login.
    When I go to finder under my login, I have selected Read & Write permission for "everyone", but she still cannot access the drive.  When I attempt to add permission for her user profile specifically, I am told "The name you entered isn't valid.  Please try again"

    ld3mb wrote:
    Thanks everyone. I suppose I'll just reformat for Apple. I need to use it for large files, and I suppose I could survive without editing ablities on Windows.
    There's another alternative, format it as exFat, 4G limit does not apply and OSX + Windows will be able to read/write.

  • How to export photos from iPhoto to external hard drive keeping Events structure (files and titles)

    I’ve been looking for a Automator application that does this for quite a while now.
    Basically I want to have an Automator application that saves a copy of my iPhoto pictures in a folder, inside Finder. Like a backup. Later on, I can save those “folders and files” on my external hard drive.
    What I want it to do is this:
    1) Export photos from a selected Album or Event on iPhoto. Using as title: “Event name” – “number” (I mean the number of the file: 1, 2, 3 …)
    2) Save them in a folder in Finder that I want.
    3) Organize the photos in different folders, the same way they are in iPhoto.
    The idea I had, was that it would do this automatically every time I launch iPhoto, as if it was synchronizing the photos into that folder.
    And then, every time I connect my hard drive, it copies these “real” folders into my hard drive.
    Is that possible? If yes, could you help me creating it, or tell me how I can do so myself, or where to download something like it?
    Thank you a lot! Kind regards,

    Is this waht you want to do?
    It's built into the File Export function of iPhoto 9 (11).  Select what every photos you want and use that option to put each photo in a folder with the Event title it came from as in this test of six randomly picked photos:

  • How does one move iTunes (& iPhoto) to external hard drive?

    How do I move iTunes and my entire iTunes database to an external hard drive? What folders and files do I need to move? Do I need to create a "music" folder on the external drive? I have an enormous music collection -- some 700 CDs -- and I would like to have them all in my iTunes database, but there is not enough room for them all on my MacMini hard drive.
    Similarly, I would like to move my iPhoto database to the external drive. What folders do I need to move?
    Mac Mini   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   iPod 80 Gb

    Thanks - I had a look and they are both there on my external HD, the same name, size and date as on my computer, so that's ok, I must be backing them up as you say.
    But, they don't have the same icons - the XML file is described as a "REALbasic XML project" instead of "Text document", while the iTunes Library file doesn't have the iTunes logo, and is described simply as "Document" and not "iTunes Database File". Does that matter? Will it matter if I ever need to restore from them?
    iMac G5 17" 1.5Gb RAM   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

  • Can't access files moved to external hard drive

    I moved my pics to external hard drive using copy function. Then I deleted the files from Iphoto on the hard drive.   I see thumbnails on both, but neither photo will open.  I get an ! in a circle.  What file(s) do I need to restore?

    tell us what you did - it is generally not possible to restore the iphoto library in parts - it is a single entity and must be restored as such
    When you moved your iPhoto library and tested it was it fine? Did you switch to it (depress the option key and launch iPhoto using the select library option)?
    how did you move "your pics" to the external drive - the correct way is
    Moving the iPhoto library is safe and simple - quit iPhoto and drag the iPhoto library intact as a single entity to the external drive - depress the option key and launch iPhoto using the "select library" option to point to the new location on the external drive - fully test it and then trash the old library on the internal drive (test one more time prior to emptying the trash)
    And be sure that the External drive is formatted Mac OS extended (journaled) (iPhoto does not work with drives with other formats) and that it is always available prior to launching iPhoto
    And backup soon and often - having your iPhoto library on an external drive is not a backup and if you are using Time Machine you need to check and be sure that TM is backing up your external drive

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