Re: Is there a way to check any electrical problems on my Satellite A300-1MZ?

as itle I check for any *electronic problems* on my toshiba a300- 1mz
Unfortunately I suspect that there is any problem and therefore I require your support.
In the majority of PC-desktop I find direct utility to check all the voltages(of motherboard and connectors) but with my notebook as I do??? ...
I hope you know to help me ...

I apologize that I answer only now
I've read the *warranty terms* but *I dont found explicit references to the replacement of the disk.*
How can I do to be sure of *no warranty lose for replacement*?
however, about the cracking of disk, it was appeared since first boot.
I had to contact the support, and they done me to *perform some controls* on the new notebook (only a *CHKDSK* and a *boot-tool* for checking the integrity of the disk that I can not remember the name) and for them it's all ok,no error, no problem..and they said me literally:
+if you have no problems in the functioning of the notebook you can not send anything in warranty ... +
a true delirium...
since the beginning, it was really noisy....
I'd like to avoid spending money but if I have *no warranty right* I want to replace it and I hope it does not have other problems of noise
I'd like to buy *a bigger hdd but a little more noiseless*

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    Message was edited by: C. Angel

    Tap on the URL to get to edit mode.
    Then slide your finger over the URL to the right until you see the http or https part.
    Or copy the URL and paste it into free Notes page.
    For https URLs there is a padlock in the status bar above the URL.
    If you believe that this sounds complicated, then I agree.
    Perhaps someone will chime in with an easier solution...

  • HT4859 How can I verify that my App data is actually stored in iCloud. With Dropbox, I can actually see my stored files. With iCloud, itseems I'm supposed 2 just trust that Appl has the data. Short of doing a restore is there no way to check the data?

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    You can't access them on Windows (unless you have iCloud enabled Windows programs) and I don't think any are, yet.
    iCloud data is accessed via Apps/Programs, the Windows programs vendors will have to step up (just to make it worse Microsoft have not yet enabled their Mac programs, such as Office yet) I doubt that iCloud access is much of a priority for them, complain to MS, when enough Windows users complain maybe they'll do something.

  • Is there a way to check if my music(s) can actually play?

    Hello everyone. I'm planning to buy an iPod Shuffle.
    This question will decide if I'll buy the iPod Shuffle or wait for iPod nano.
    My firend who own the iPod shuffle said there's a case when certain .mp3, which is a supported file type, just won't play due to many possible reasons.(like encoder, etc.)
    I know that the problem can be solved by letting iTunes convert the files into its preferred format, then that converted files should be able to play on the iPod shuffle.
    I have no problem with that case if I'm ripping musics from a CD AUDIO. But if the file I want is already a compressed format like MP3, I wouldn't want to lower its quality even further by converting it to AAC or any other compressed format.
    When there are hundreds of music files onto the iPod shuffle, and if 2 or 3 of them will never play, you never know since there's no LCD or browsing features. To check hundreds music file by playing them one-by-one in order is a pain.
    But let me state this I do like the iPod Shuffle more than iPod nano. If there's a way to check if EVERY music files in my iPod are playable, I'll choose iPod Shuffle over iPod nano.
    To sum up the question : Is there a way to check if every music files in the iPod shuffle can actually play?
    Thank you very much. ^_^

    The shuffle will load from a specified play list in the order of that play list if you set it not to choose randomly.
    You do not have to play the songs all the way through to test them. If a song starts you can skip to the next one and test it.
    You have to test the songs on the shuffle becuse usually the songs will play in iTunes and on other iPods. The only shortcuts I have found are:
    1. If one song from an album will not play then all will not play (this is music store purchases) Thus you can test one song instead of an entire album.Ooops CD - i think I just dated myself.
    2. I have only had problems with songs from the Music Store. YMMV A very small number of songs.

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    Is there a way to check my iphone messages on my PC?

    Which iphone messages... email, voicemail, texts?

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    My macbook is getting older, it uses Lion OS though but is there a way to check my fan's life or something?

    No. There is no such thing. Either the fans work or they don't work. You can install various hardware monitors that provide information on fan speed and hardware temps, but that's about it. See
    Temperature Monitor 4.94
    Hardware Monitor 4.95
    iStat Menus 3.21
    atMonitor 2.7b
    And you will find a few others at the Mac App Store.

  • My itouch  6 was stolen on Wed night and I only activated Lost mode on Friday morning. I believe ios 7.0 was installed on it. Is there a way to check? and can someone do a hard reset on it? will my contact message still display if this is the case?

    I have gone onto Findmyphone and activated Lost mode and it appears to be offline. My concern is that I have left it too late to activate Lost mode ( stolen Wed night and activated on Friday morning). Is there a way of checking if ios 7.0 was installed and would be message still appear on the screen if someone was to do a hard reset on my itouch 6. What can I do? Please help.

    I am getting a message on Findmyphone that says lost mode will take place the next time the ipod touch connects to the internet which I am afraid will be when the person connects it to their computer( if they do that). If I activated lost mode too late...can a hard reset still be performed despite not having my apple id or password?

  • HT201274 Is there a way to check phone has been unlocked successfully ?

    Is there a way to check 4S phone to see if unlock process was successful ?

    Really the only way is to put a different sim in it. If you received an email saying that it has been unlocked and you connected to iTunes then it should be okay but that is the only way to be certain.

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    A restore might not even fix it; a fair amount of the time, when the Wi-Fi is grayed out it is a hardware issue.

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    Firefox isn't always compatible with logging onto my comcast email account. I have to clear the cache and then I'm able to get back into my email account. Is there a way to permanently resolve this problem? Thanks.

    Clear the cache and the cookies from sites that cause problems.
    "Clear the Cache":
    *Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Offline Storage (Cache): "Clear Now"
    "Remove Cookies" from sites causing problems:
    *Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookies: "Show Cookies"

  • Is there a way to check to see if an IMEI has been submitted for unlock?

    I wanted to ask is there is any way to check IMEI numbers to see whether or not they have been submitted to Apple for an unlock??
    I have two phones I need to check, and iPhone 4 which is my daughters and was a birthday present, and an iPhone 5 which is mine. Both are NOT blacklisted, barred, reported lost or stolen, both are legitimate phones.
    The iPhone 4 was paid for in full 3 weeks ago, and is locked to VODAFONE UK. The company told me 1-3 days, three weeks later, nothing, and all I get from them now is "we will email you when its been done"
    The iPhone 5 is locked to Orange/EE UK, this again was done three weeks ago, but directly through ORANGE, who tell me the unlock request has been submitted, and it is imminent but then they have me a "HOW TO" of how to unlock it, and told me this has to be done this way or it wont work??
    Here is what they told me I had to do they sent this via email
    Please find the process for unlocking your Apple handset:- 
    Before attempting the procedure, please take a moment to read the following information. Please make sure that your iphone is up to date the latest software version. This can be checked by connecting your device to iTunes via a PC/Mac/Laptop.
    Please be aware that if you have used an unauthorised unlock on your Apple device then Orange cannot be held responsible for any errors that may occur, as this procedure will not only be unsuccessful, it may damage the device. If you have modified the software please update with the latest Apple approved version.
    Apple devices differ from all other manufacturers in that there is no code required to enter into your device to unlock it. However Orange have requested on your behalf to Apple that your device be prepared for unlock and the procedure below advises how you can complete this process. Only handset’s that have been requested to be unlocked viaOrange or other networks can be unlocked this way and the below instruction will not work another Apple devices.
    Apple Unlock Procedure
    1)Insert a non-T-mobile 3G SIM card. This must be a network provider who also supplies the iphone/ipad.
    2)Switch ON the handset.
    3)Connect to iTunes using USB cable
    4)Use the “restore” option within iTunes (located at the bottom of iTunes not the top)
    5)The handset may then display: USB cable and iTunes icon.
    6)Disconnect from USB then re-connect
    7)Synchronise device with iTunes
    8)Once synchronised a message will appear on iTunes stating “Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked” If using IOS5 this message will not show
    9)Follow on screen set up instructions to enable new carrier settings
    Your handset should now be successfully unlocked
    Should this not show, please keep other network 3G sim in the iphone and restore the iphone via iTunes making sure all data is backed up first.
    You can also get some self help tips, please put the following into Google and search;
    If anyone has any idea, please let me know, its driving me mad lol, two iphones, both not working

    Unfortunately, many carriers "drag their feet" when it comes to processing iPhone unlock requests. All Apple does is add the phone's IMEI number to the officially unlocked database, and Apple does this immediately. The breakdown is with your carrier.
    You can call AppleCare, they'll be able to tell you whether the IMEI number is in the database or not.

  • Is there a way to check if the rechargeable battery is the original?  I have a feeling mine has been swapped out...

    I have a feeling my rechargeable battery pack was secretly swapped out by another user (whose battery had died) - left for vacation working computer, returned from vacation battery not charging.  Is there any way to check (serial number, etc.) what battery came with the purchased computer?  Any help would be appreciated.

    kimberlyfrompennington wrote:
    Is there any way to check (serial number, etc.) what battery came with the purchased computer?
    No, but you could check to see if the battery installed has about the same amount of charge cycles if you were paying attention to that number. 

  • Is there a way to check whether an Excel file has a header or not?

    I'm currently using POI Utility to read and write Excel files.
    You normally use the HasHeaderRow = true / false to specify whether the file has a header or not.
    Now, let's say I have a program that needs to read Excel files from a directory, some have headers, some don't.
    Is there a way to know dynamically whether a header has been defined or not?
    Then, for those having headers, the flag will be set as true, while for those which don't have any header, the flag will be set as false.
    <!--- Create an instance of the POIUtility.cfc. --->
        <cfset objPOI = CreateObject(
    <!--- Set directory --->
    <cfset currentDirectory = GetDirectoryFromPath(GetTemplatePath()) & "newDir">
    <!--- Check whether the directory exists. --->
    <cfif DirectoryExists(variables.currentDirectory)>
         <!--- Read files from the specified directory --->
         <cfdirectory action="list" directory="#variables.currentDirectory#" type="file" filter="*.xls" name="qDirectory">
         <!--- Check if the directory has any Excel file --->
         <cfif variables.qDirectory.recordcount gt 0>
              <!--- Loop query --->
         <cfloop query="variables.qDirectory">
                   <!--- Check if header is present in each of the file --->
                        IF headerExists THEN
                             headerFlag = true
                             headerFlag = false
                        END IF
                   <!--- Read Excel File --->
                <cfset objSheet = objPOI.ReadExcel(FilePath =, HasHeaderRow = #variables.headerFlag#, SheetIndex = 0) />
    Any help would be most welcome.
    Thanks and regards,
    Yogesh Mahadnac  

    Hi cfSearching,
    Many thanks for your reply! I really do appreciate!
    However, I've still got 1 more question for you.
    At the moment, I'm using POI and sometimes cfx_Excel2Query to read Excel files.
    In both cases, you have to specify whether the first row is a header.
    How would you read the Excel file to check whether the 1st row is the header?
    I've tried using cffile, but I get all sorts of "garbage"
            <cffile action="read" file="#variables.filename#" variable="xlsResult">
            <cfloop index="i" list="#variables.xlsResult#" delimiters="#chr(13)#&#chr(10)#">
                <cfif variables.i eq 1>
                        Test 1st Row: #trim(replacenocase(listgetat(variables.i,1,","),'"',"","All"))#
    I get the following output:
    ÐÏ à¡± á����.... etc etc
    I'd be very much grateful if you could please advise on the latter at your earliest convenience.
    Thanks and best regards,
    Yogesh Mahadnac

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