Re:Issue with Sales Order block

Hello Everyone,
In my company they have some materials for which they are custom coded in a way that when the sales order is created with these materials  it immediately creates a production order for that particular material.
These are high value materials for which they have credit block (Business asked for these particular materials) so manually needed to release the credit block.
But when there is a credit block it is manually checking the production order flag to delete and also when the block is released it is re-creating a new production order for the material (duplication is being done) and also if a change is made in the sales order then the production order is getting affected.
Can anyone help me with a solution.
Thank you!

Check in t.code OVB8, whether any routine is assigned under column RNo. If assigned, then remove and assign routine 5 under SyRoutine. Then test again by creating a new sales order.

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  • Issue with sales order stock that is referencing a non-existing sales order

    We have an issue with sale order stock.
    Due to user error we have ended up with a negative quant of sales order stock in a bin. Further the error was due to mis-keying of sales order number. Hence this negative quant is referencing a sales order that does not exist.
    We need to get rid of this quant.
    I thought of cycling this quant off as a solution. And hence replicated the scenario in the test system. I was able to create a TO to cycle it off but cannot clear the differences from 999 . The error I get while trying to do this is "SD document not in database or has been archived" . This error is true since the sales order actually does not exist. So cycling it off did not work.
    Can anyone suggest how we can get rid of this negative quant of sales order stock ?

    You said that your user mistyped the SO number and it resulted in a -quant. In which transaction was it possible? If I give a non existing no. SAP doesn't allow me to book.
    If I were you I would check both in WM & IM what the user had done...step-by-step...
    Negative quant comes to existance in interim storage type if we book e.g. a GI. It should have started in was your user be able to do that??? If it was possible cannot you reverse the IM booking?
    (...if all else fails...cannot you create a SO document with external number assignment with the same number?...)
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  • SCM Issues with Sales Orders Created through CRM

    Hi All,
    I'm trying to ascertain any issues with ERP processing that will not update orders created through CRM, i see there was a OSS Note some time back informing that the backorder reschedule program would not update orders created in the CRM system. Is this still the case and are there any other process that we should be marking as an issue?

    Hi Sirisha,
    The solution depends on the exact issue you are facing.
    The CRM Sales Order is created OK, but you only see the error when you open the Sales Order?
    If this is the case, then you can follow the steps below:
    1. Find the Message ID and Message No for the error message
    2. Use Program - CRM_MESSAGES_DELETE to delete error messages from the error producing Sales Orders.
    Let me know if this is not the issue you are facing.

  • Number Range issues with sales orders in CRM and R/3

    We are currently using CRM4.0. I have sales orders created in R/3 and they are replicated into CRM.  These sales orders can only be created in R/3.  I have given them a number range of 0000000001 and 0005899999, however we have reached the number 0005899999 so we increased the internal number range for the sales orders in R/3 to 0009499999, however we forgot to update the number range for the corresponding sales transaction type in CRM so we are getting the following error in CRM:
    +Enter a business transaction number between 0000000001 and 0005899999
    Message no. CRM_ORDERADM_H532
    You have attempted to enter a transaction number which is not allowed for the transaction type.
    Enter a number between  &1 and &2. Make sure that you issue a number which has not already been issued.+
    We have now updated the CRM number range to match that in R/3 to 0000000001 and 0009499999 but we are still getting the error above on our existing sales orders in CRM.  I thought that increasing this number range it will remove the error but when I open sales orders in CRM the error is still there. 
    Is there any way to remove this error message?  Any tips or advice would be much appreciated.
    Please note we've already checked the post Re: Number Range Problem and note 427289.
    Kind Regards

    Hi Sirisha,
    The solution depends on the exact issue you are facing.
    The CRM Sales Order is created OK, but you only see the error when you open the Sales Order?
    If this is the case, then you can follow the steps below:
    1. Find the Message ID and Message No for the error message
    2. Use Program - CRM_MESSAGES_DELETE to delete error messages from the error producing Sales Orders.
    Let me know if this is not the issue you are facing.

  • Issue with sales order to planned order.

    Hi Guru's
    We have sales order with FERT materials.  These items are made using planned order and then process order.  Currenlty we are using planning stategy 40.  We are really more of a make to order type business but need to still forecast as well.  Do you know if we can still peg requirements between plan, process and sales order but still allow forecasting. 
    I want to ensure any planned process orders are assinged/pegged to the sales order as early as possible to assist with planning and processing.  Further to this if we can do this,  can we change the pegged requirements if we decide a batch needs to be rejected and a new planned order is required for the sales order.
    I hope this is enough information.
    Please let me know

    This is very useful information,  can you tell me if we should set our HALB up as well with these planning stategies,  HALB's either go directly to a sales order or a further process order.    A|lso can we change the pegged requiremments from MD04 as I cannot see this anywher in SAP.  Finally do these 2 strategies still allow forecasting.
    Thanks again

  • Issue with Sale Order Change

    Hi All,
    This is regarding the Sale Order Change where I am updating the reference document field.
    In WE19,( taken one successful IDOC )When I am using the Standard Inbound  ( IDOC_INPUT_ORDCHG) ,IDOC is failed and getting message as "There is no article description for Item".
    But if I use Inbound Function Module ( IDOC_INPUT_ORDCHG) in Foreground  mode,IDOC is successfully created.
    Please let me know the cause for this issue.

    Check note 161744 helps you.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Issue with sales order when doing the availability check.

    In MD04 we have a material avail date of 12.05.2011.    The order was then changed to 13.05.2011 delivery date to reflect this availability,  but then delivery time was added e.g GI time and route time which then showed the sales order in MD04 as 18.05.2011.    However,  if we run the availability and take the 18.05.2011  and key this in the delivery date,  it shows in MD04 as 13.05.2011.  It seems like the availability check is only looking backwards,  and I can't find a setting in ATP relating to this.  In MM they have foward and back consumption in days on MRP3.  Do these fields impact this.

    Check in OVLY what is maintained to your sale order type
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • How to block material issuing after sales order invoiced?

    As the subject mentioned,  could be a possible to block material issuing since sales order invoiced, or
    in the another words, after the sales order completed?
    Or could be a possible to set sales order as closed, and then material issuing related with this sales order are
    Thanks in advanced,
    Zhou Zhen

    Dear Friend
    A sales order is created say order no 10000 and for material X say 10 units this order is delivered and PGIed and invoiced and the payment too has come
    That means the order 10000 is closed
    Case 1
    Now an user goes to VA02 t code and put this order no 10000 and changes the material X qty from 10 to 12 and opens up the whole order once again
    This can be controlled by using t code OVAH choosing message class the V4 message no 083 and change from warning to error
    But to avoid the user to add material Y to the existing order say 10000 then i think we have to go for user exit
    Because the system doesnot even throw a warning message too in case 2 (according to my knowledge) and allows another line item to be added in the same order
    But you can test it if it throws any warning message we can try to convert that error
    But in case 2 it is not happening(even warning is not there)

  • BAPI For Create Goods Issue for Sales order with picked quantity

    Hi friends,
            Is there any BAPI available to create Goods issue For sales order with picked quantity...............?
    with sales order .......its creating delivery order but not doing goods issue with piked quantity........

    pls,reply its argent

  • Sales Order Blocked for MRP

    Dear All
    i hav a scenario for make to order where sales order created should default block for MRP,only authorized person should release the block
    Please suggest how to do this

    Hi Sugunan,
    You can use default delivery blocks for your requirement.
    IMG - Sales and Distribution - Basic Functions - Availability Check and Transfer of Requirements - Transfer of Requirements - Block Quantity Confirmation In Delivery Blocks - "Deliveries: Blocking Reasons/Criteria".
    Here you have the option of creating new entries. For a particular delivery block you have multiple controls as under:
    Sales order block - Indicates whether the system automatically blocks sales documents for customers who are blocked for delivery in the customer master.
    Confirmation block - With this you can control in addition to blocking delivery, also block the confirmation of order quantities after an availability check during sales order processing. So MRP won't be affected because no requirements will be transferred to MRP even when the sales order is saved.
    Printing block - Indicates whether the system automatically blocks output for sales documents that are blocked for delivery.
    Delivery due list block - The system does not take a sales document with this block applied into account when creating a delivery due list. You can only create deliveries manually for sales documents with this type of block.
    Picking block - block for picking goods in delivery.
    Goods issue block - Will not allow goods issue if the block is active.
    1. I would suggest create a new delivery block with a suitable description & only tick on "conf."
    2. Go to VOV8 - select the document type - assign the delivery block.
    Now whenever you will create a sales order with the specific document type, the system will propose the delivery block by default for all customers. If you check at the item level - schedule lines, the system will do the availability check. When you save the sales order, the block will function & the system will not transfer the requirements to MRP. Even if you run the MRP using MD50, the system will not generate the planned order.
    If you assign the reason for rejection to the sales order item, then the system will show the status of that item as complete. If there is only 1 item in the sales order, then the system will change the status of the whole sales order as complete which is not recommended.
    With best regards,
    Allabaqsh G. Patil.

  • Transfer Posting problem with "sales order stock type" status

    Hello, i have this problem, i spend 2 days looking in the forum, but
    nothing, the question is:
    The SD users sell an item, and the item get the status of "sales order
    stock type" in the MMBE, but at the same time, the MM user made a
    trasfer posting in two steps, he take out material with transaction
    MIGO, mvt 351, to another plant, but the materail was already
    compromised with SD; now he cant sell the items, because he dont
    realize that the material was in sales order stock type, and he already
    transfer it to another plant. how can i block this? if a material in
    MMBE is with "sales order stock type" status, he CANT transfer it with
    351 mvt type, what config i have to make?  thanks a lot!!!!
    now the quantity of the unrestict use
    stock is lower than the sales order, we dont want to have this issue,
    thanks again
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    Have you recently upgraded to EHP4? In this case, please, check the note 1441195. This note should solve the issue that you are reporting.
    I hope this helps,

  • Interesting and an  imporatant issue at sales order schedule line.

    hi all,
    interesting and an  imporatant issue at sales order schedule line.
    i created a sales order with 10 qty.and the system proposed a two schedule lines.
    let's say to order created date is 27.11.2008.and the requested delivery date is 27.11.2008.
    but the stock is not available today then the system proposed two more schedule lines apart from the now there are three schedule lines like below.
    schedule line date                      Material availabilyt date   delivery date                   
    27.10.2008 with zero quantity.     
    28.10.2008 with 5 qty.                28.10.2008                     29.10.2008
    02.10.2008 with 5 qty.                02.10.2008                     03.10.2008
    now the delivery and pgi already for the schedule line 28.10.2008.
    then when i run the availability check on 01.11.2008 system is over writing the material vailability date as today at the scheduleline number two.
    now i can able to view only two schedule lines only.
    schedule line date                      Material availabilyt date   delivery date                   
    28.10.2008 with 5 qty.                01.11.2008                     29.10.2008
    02.10.2008 with 5 qty.                01.11.2008                     02.11.2008
    now my concern when we reschedule the avalability check it should notchange the Material availability date of the schedule line which i already delivered.

    can any one repsond for this.....

  • SAP Mobile Sales 2.0 delta load issue for Sales Orders

    we have used Mobile Sales 2.0 with a Windows app for a while now. Our current issue is that sales reps won't see any historical sales order data on their devices.
    Due customer requirements, we need to make small changes to customer master data attributes and reload all customers from ERP to CRM. Then we ran delta loads (MAS_PARTNER followed by all other objects) to DOE, in which virtually all 5000+ customer accounts were compared. The delta load ran for about 3 days (some performance bottleneck we haven't located yet).
    During the delta load, data on devices was inconsistent. Accounts were missing and all transaction data disappeared. After the delta loads, all accounts and contacts are OK, save for a few. Data from activities (appointments, tasks) have reappeared, as they should. Only sales orders won't reappear. The sales orders exist in the backend and belong to active accounts and sales reps.
    Settings and troubleshooting so far
    We don't have any limitations for sales orders in CRM Sales Mobile configuration.
    We've run delta loads for all objects in transaction SDOE_LOAD.
    MAS_CUSTOMIZATION etc seem fine.
    We've re-run initial load for sales orders from CRM.
    In the test system, we've even reinitialized the whole CDS database on DOE and on the devices, then re-ran the loads.
    Checked steps suggested in discussion
    SAP CRM 2.0 initial load issue
    Historical sales orders (those created before the master data reload) exist in the backend, but don't show up on the device.
    If I change one of those historical sales orders in the backend, it gets sent to the device.
    If I create a new sales order in the backend or on the device, it is saved and replicated just fine.
    To sum it up, it seems DOE is unable to identify the sales orders relevant for replication.

    First Doubt i got clarify by my self as we can go with Unwired Runtime option .
    But i still have doubt in :
    2. How can i Modifying the Main Menu for iOS.
    i am able to customize the same for windows using files SybaseCRM.Configuration.xml file.
    Same how can i do for iphone/ipad.

  • Pricing issue in sales order

    Hi All,
    We are facing pricing issue for few sales orders.
    The pricing is being carried for  line items even though there is valid condition record exist at pricing date of line items .
    For example we are creating order on 26.10.2010 and Requested delivery date is 01.01.2011.
    The pricing date at line tem is 01.01.2011 and condition record is valid only till 31.12.2010.
    Still pricing is carried for line item and it is not for all the sales orders .
    So could please advice how to overcome this kind of errors?
    Thanks in advance

    Hi All,
    We are again facing pricing issue in sales order,the pricing date of line item is not in synchronization with the condition record validity date.
    Due to that incorrect pricing is being carried out .
    But when we do repricing the error is getting fixed.
    So could you please let us what could be the root cause for this error ?
    This is not happening for all the orders,for only few orders it happens.
    If we create new order for  same sold to ,sales doc type the error is not occuring.

  • Create delivery with sales order reference.

    Dear all,
           I created a sales order with sales area (1000,10,00) and order type(or).
           when i am creating a delivery with sales order reference , error is occurring.
    error:(Order cannot be delivered (see long text)).
           plz solve the problem urgent.
                                v.mallikharjuna rao.

    You must do the PGI before creating the delivery. Please follow the below mentioned procedure carefully and you will be able to do that.
    Once you create a Sales order, go to the transaction VL01 and do the PGI. To do PGI (from transaction VL01), in the menu, go to Outbound Delivery->Save and Subseq.Func->Transfer order. This will take you to Transfer order transaction. click on Generate TO and save. Now return to transaction VL02 and click on Post Goods Issue. This will do the PGI and save the Delivery document. Now go to VF01 and you will have the delivery number just created as a line item. Select it and click on execute button. Save once the execution is done and a Billing doument (invoice) is created. Now if you go to the sales order and click on document flow all these documents will be displayed.

Maybe you are looking for