Re: Trade-ins Not Showing Up

I just traded 2 games in yesterday and ran into the same issue. After checking my receipt and reviewing the online trade in prices, I did not receive my 10% either. It took 10 minutes to trade in 2 games and didn't even receive my 10%. How difficult could the trade in process be?

Hello UofVirginia,
Welcome to the forums and thank you for reaching out to us about your Trade-In and the Gamers Club Unlocked benefits.  I'm sorry to hear that you weren't given the added bonus and I'll be happy to see what I can do to help.  
I'm sending you a private message.  Make sure you’re logged in, and click on the envelope icon on the upper right-hand corner of the page to check your forum inbox.
Thank you again for contacting us! 
Blake|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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  • Trade-ins Not Showing Up

    I've traded in games two seperate times and neither have shown up on my account. One was over the past weekend, and the other was at the end of February. Also on the last one, I wasn't given my 10% GCU bonus. Is there a place I can enter the transaction id's to get credit for them?

    Hello DogFromDuckhunt,
    It's a good thing I was so good at Duck Hunt back in the day, or you and I might have had a problem!
    Anyway,I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been seeing your points apply for game trades.  This is a great way to add up some additional points for your next gaming purchase.
    At this time there is no automated way to add points missed from game trade-ins.  I may still be able to help though.  Please watch for a private message from me shortly.  
    Mike|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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  • Hey Apples Users, my iPod 80 GB ins not showing in windows, itunes and my computer

    hey Apples Users,
    my iPod 80 GB ins not showing in windows, itunes and my computer
    Could anyone in there show me the best solution for the same
    thanks in advance

    First of all does, the iPod power on okay? 
    Have you tried plugging the iPod into a different USB ports, preferably a high powered USB 2.0 port on the back of your PC tower (these are directly soldered onto the motherboard and receive much high outputs of power than the ones on the front).
    What about a different USB sync cable?
    What shows up on the iPod's screen when you connect it?  Does it charge at all?  Maybe try resetting it with it still connected to your PC.  To do this, press and hold both the Select (Center) and Menu buttons together long enough for the Apple logo to appear.

  • Plug ins not showing

    After migrating from tiger on a powerbook G4 to snow leopard 10.6.7 on 2.93 GHz i7 imac. all my plug ins are not showing in Garageband 11 (Atmosphere, Rmx, trilogie, FM7 etc ...)where should they go? I put some in HD> library> audio> plug-ins> components ... but still none showing when I am in GarageBand.
    Thank you for your patience

    You need to make sure that they are Universal Binaries, you can't use PPC plug-ins on an Intel machine.
    You might need to see if there are updates available from the mfg.

  • Waves plug-ins not showing up in AU.

    My waves plug-ins never shows up in logic 7 or 8. But it works as AU under peak and Cubase (under VST). Any solutions?

    make sure you are using the latest Intel version, which is 5.9, as far as I know.

  • Boris plug ins not showing up in effect menu?

    I had to uninstall and reinstall my system. Everything is fine except my Boris effects are not showing up the effect menu. The disc was installed and the a copy of the folder is in the library app support and the FCP system support folder. Why don't I see them in the program?

    yes- I have the few Boris options that come with FCS.
    But I'm talking about the full Boris Complete effect application. The effects should be in the video filter drop down menu. For some reason they are not showing up.

  • Plug-ins not showing up in Aperture 3.1

    I have been using Aperture for a past few days, and when i tried to instal two plug-in programs (photoshelter - it is a photo hosting site and the plug in allows you to upload photos directly to the site, and HSC edit - this is an edit tool I downloaded from the Apple site). Neither of them show up in the menu of Aperture. I tried re-installing, but doesn't work. what could i be doing wrong?

    I have a similar situation that you seem like you might understand.
    I bought a new computer, started a new user (A), and downloaded Aperture. Then I realized it was easier to move the pictures from my old computer by transferring everything from that computer, creating another user (B) on my new computer. Since then I havent used user A at all, but now I can't access plug-ins for Aperture. Based on your posts above I checked user B and sure enough there are the plug-ins. I tried to repair permissions in the disk utility, and that didn't help. I restarted the program after each try.
    Any idea of what I might try next?
    On a separate note, I've been unhappy with this new macbook pro from the start, as compared to my old macbook, in terms of speed. Plus the battery life *****, which is a main reason i ditched the last one, no where near as advertised. Could an extraneous unnecessarily running/ partitioned in the background be creating any problems for speed or battery life? Or was dumping in everything from my old computer a bad idea?
    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

  • Video game trade in not showing up in pending points

    Last week I traded in Call of Duty Ghosts and NBA 2k14 for the xbox 360 they asked for my information and told me to confirm on the debit card machine yet I have not seen it show up in my pending points and transactions on my Best Buy points page. Is there anyway I can get my points for this trade in?

    Hello omendt,
    Thank you for being a My Best Buy member, and thank you for trading in your games to Best Buy.  I'll be happy to help you with this, and have sent you a private message with details on how we can support your request.
    I look forward to continuing our correspondence.
    All the best,
    Mike|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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  • Plug-Ins Not Showing In Logic Pro 9

    Hey guys, I'm having some trouble with plug-ins in Logic Pro 9. Any of the third-party plug-ins I have installed (I've checked the location in the Components folder and they're all there, so I guess it's not something related to the plug-ins location) don't show up, even after rescaning the AU library, reopening Logic and all that stuff.
    Anybody has a clue about what could cause this and how to solve it, please?

    If you ran Logic Pro in 32bit mode first and then in 64bit mode.. any 32bit plugins which you have installed, will appear under either the Software Instrument button (In LP9) or the Insert FX button for a Software Instrument track....
    If they dont then either..
    You didn't install the AU version of the plugin.... in which case, please do so and then again run LP in 32bit mode and then 64bit mode to make the 32bit version appear in LP 64bit mode..
    You are not looking in the right place as shown below..
    You are trying to access a software Instrument on an Audio Track which wont work.. Create a Software instrument track and try again...
    You are not using a legal version of the 32bit plugin...... in which case, asking here is a bit of a dumb move...
    Here is a screenshot of where the Software Instrument button is in LP9... Click and hold.. on it and look for the 32bit AU plugin sub menu and choose Sylenth...

  • Photo Tools 2.6 plug-ins not showing up in CS6

    I copied Photo Tools 2.6 into CS6 Plug Ins but I can't find it anywhere when I open CS6.

    Hello, isn't there an installer you are supposed to use?
    You might want to wait for Jeff Schewe to show up in here.
    And do check this FAQ:

  • "3rd Party Plug-Ins" Not Showing Up In Preference Pane...

    I'm trying to install a couple of 3rd-Party Plug-Ins... Apparently the procedure for this is to go to Preferences, and in the "General" pane, there should be a heading that says "3rd Party Plug-Ins" along with buttons "Choose..." and "Clear" and a path.
    On my General Preferences Pane, there is no such section... It goes right from "Content Library & Templates" to "Media," with no "3rd Party Plug-Ins" listed anywhere in the pane.
    Using Motion 3.0.2.... Did something change and they didn't change the manual to match? Or is there some setting elsewhere that's making that option disappear?

    The "3rd party plug-ins" section in the Library and preferences really refers to AE plug-ins. Third-party FxPlug plug-ins (like dvMatte or Boris Continuum) show up mixed in with the regular filters and generators.
    That "3rd party plug-ins" path setting in the preferences doesn't appear on Intel-based Macs, as they're no longer supported. If you have a PowerPC system, they'll show up (and so will the setting).

  • Editing software filters/plug-ins not showing in LR 5.4

    I have editing software and plug-ins that I use mostly in LR, but now I notice when I use them, the filters don't show up.  I have Google Nik Collection, Topaz suite, Photomatix and Perfect Effects 8.  I went to my LR preferences >external editing and the first editor I have is Photoshop. The sdditional external editor is HDR Efex pro 2.  In the Additional editor, should I be making that a new preset, or as a custom preset.  Am I only limited to 2 choices in the External editing preference pane?
    I notice that in the File>Export w/Preset, it lists HDR Efex Pro and Photomatix Pro.  Under file>Plug in extras, it lists Perfect Effects 8, and again, Export to Photomatix Pro. Opening any of them, the filters don't appear like they used to.  What am I overlooking? This is making me crazy with loss of time since I have a show coming up.  Any pointers would be appreciated.
    I am using a Mac, OS Mavericks which I just installed a couple of weeks ago.

    It isn't obvious, but you can add as many external editors as you want. In Preferences/External Editing, hit the Choose button, select an application, then from the dropdown select  "Save current settings as new preset". Repeat as needed.

  • Yamaha o1x Issue with plug ins not showing on the DAW

    Hi everyone, Been a while since I have used the Logic program, and I have updated the software as it was developed over the years. First I have already discovered that the Mlan will not connect in 64 bit mode and boot my macbook pro in 32 bit. I completed a mix a few weeks ago and need to eq certain areas and this job would be a breeze using my Yamaha O1x which is old but still works marvelously but the plug ins controls are not appearing on the DAW which is most frustrating. I am doing a number of experiments ( Which I would prefer not to ) to see if any plug ins work and plan two is to use an old 12" power pc and load an older version of logic and use the dongle to finish this up, failing that I guess I will have to do the finger dance with my track pad. Anyone have this issue? Anyone using a newer operating system and current logic pro using an O1x and having no issues? Thanks for reading. Cheers Chris

    Not sure those plugins will work on recent versions of OSX and Logic, but if they could work it won't be on the initial version of OSX 10.7.5 which had a serious AU plugin problem... er.. BUG!
    See if the supplemental update helps... (I would reboot after installing)
    If not, going back to the older PPC system may be the only choice.
    I set up an O1X in a small studio many years ago, nice mixer, we used a digital patchbay and a master wordclock to sync up various digital devices.

  • Plug-Ins not showing under "Audio Units"

    When I open up Logic and try to insert a new plug-in, the only thing there is Apple. I have the .component files in MAC HD > Library > Audio > Plug-Ins > Components. But they simply won't show up in Logic. I'm in 32-bit mode and I've tried 64. I've scanned and rescanned my audio units. They are all validated and checked. I've restarted Logic and my computer. Nothing. Any help?

    I have the "opposite" question. I have a lot of AU plugins in Logic but I can't find them in the expected places (as above, or in the User Library). I would like to remove some obsolete ones, but am totally clueless where they are. I have done Finder searchs, including system files, to no avail.

  • Adobe Flash installed but not showing up in Plug-Ins?

    Before this happened, every time I would download the latest version of Flash it would show up in Chrome Plug-Ins. I have Version 17 installed but it's not showing up anymore, there's only 1 file when there used to be 2...and when I attempt to watch a video that requires Flash it tells me to upgrade when I already have the latest version... Help?

    It looks like you have the correct Flash Player and that it's enabled.  Since you have Flash Player, usually the thing that's going on is that the website either has faulty code that detects the presence of Flash Player (each website has code that does this), or if you're seeing it everywhere, it's typically a plug-in or extension that prevents that kind of code from working as written. 
    Have you installed any ad-blocking or anti-tracking plugins (AdBlock Pro, Ghostery, etc)?
    In rare instances Chrome can get damaged, but a fresh install will usually clear that up.  That's the nuclear option though.

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  • Constantly Restarting Pearl

    Hi, I am hoping someone can give me some help solving my problem. I have a Blackberry Pearl. Yesterday, it started to constantly restart itself. Some times it will run fine. Then it will shutoff, and just have a long slow pulsing of the red light. Th

  • When i open my Music it goes to a white screen then crashes

    This happens with video as well and It wont let me go to music through settings either.

  • Error 1050, when calling MATLAB 7.1 from LV8.0 - Function Definitions not allowed.

    I am trying to call a MATLAB M-file from LabVIEW 8.0. I keep getting Error Code 1050: "Error 1050 occurred at LabVIEW:  Error occurred while executing script. Error message from server: ??? Error: Function definitions are not permitted at the prompt

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