Read_text no of line in a table footer

Hi Expert,
       With the help of Read_Text FM we get many no of lines in internal table. I want to print these lines in Table footer at smart forms main window. But my problem is that itu2019s not printing all lines.  Is there any limitation for no of lines in table footer?
Kindly let me know the limitation for no of lines in smart form footer.

Hi all,
  I tried some more on this and found its only print first 355 lines. Itu2019s wonu2019t print if no of lines 366, in such case program comes out from smart forms with out any error message.

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  • Table footer printed in next page without upper border line

    Hi Experts
    I am faceing a problem regarding printing of smartform. I have 2 tables under one LOOP control, TABLE2 and TABLE1 respectivelity. TABLE2 display the Header data and TABLE1 displays the Item data under Main window.
    TABLE2 has no ROWs  under table Footer section. TABLE1 has footer and I want to print the TABLE1 footer according to the page size, for that I have added a Folder under TABLE1 footer section and then create the line type under that Footer, also check the Page Protection check box. I manage to print the Footer in next page according to the page size but when the Footer goes to next page for printing the upper line border of Footer section is not dislayed.
    Please give some tips or example, how to manage the Footer at print time.

    Yes your problem is common because of two different line types while you are selecting the pattren the
    pattern is assuming that the pattern is selected for the entire two line types.
    solutions are
    1). Use same line type for both footer and item
    2). create a window with a template and copy the same for both the pages and put a check box
        in the conditons of your window as only after end of main window.
    3). Create windows with the lines you required with the postions(but not advisible because page numbers or line items lenghts are dynamic) .

  • Subtotal in Table Footer Appears in Body on the Next Page - Smartform

    Hi experts,
    I have a subtotal row in my table footer. It works find (appears correctly for each page). But when I check the body of the table, in page 2, there is a line with the subtotal amount from page 1, appearing in line 2. Do you guys know why does this happen and how to solve it?

    Hi Sam,
    1. Can you cross check whether you have coded anything which will modify the internal table content with the subtotal value?
    2. Did you keep any condition like printing the sub total at each new value for a particular field
    (Eg: If there is a field f1 in your internal table with values a, a, a, b, b, b, d, d, d - is there any condition to print sub total when f1value changes from a to b or b to d ? )
    Swarna Munkoti.


    i hav to pritn 6 items in page1 and 13 items in page2 and so on.
    but while calculating total for fields
    if pages exceed more than one i hav to fill with constant value'total' for corresponing fields in table in all pages except in last page
    in last page i hav to total all the values from page1 and so on and i hav to print in the last page in table footer.
    how to do this?
    and what code i hav to write and where i hav to write it?
    wether in code lines for text or in initialization of global definitions?

    Another idea is to have a structure declared in the smartform with the same type of the table being displayed.
    In the table body section in the end  you can insert program lines to add the required fields in another structure or simply some fields ( declared again in global definitions ) passing the table line data just got processed.
    Then use the footer at page break option checked and the option footer at the end of table in the events tab of the table node.
    And display the totals per page and also at the end of the table.
    Hope this solves your problem.

  • Button in Table Footer?

    I have a htmlb:TableView with a footer.
    In the footer, I display a pager (..."Page x of X"...).
    Now I'd like to add a button and a textfield
    (..."show [___] lines per page [Update]").
    Because I have not much space on my screen left, I would like to add this to the table footer right next to the pages. Is there a way to put it there?

    I have a htmlb:TableView with a footer.
    In the footer, I display a pager (..."Page x of X"...).
    Now I'd like to add a button and a textfield
    (..."show [___] lines per page [Update]").
    Because I have not much space on my screen left, I would like to add this to the table footer right next to the pages. Is there a way to put it there?

  • Table footer when page break in smartform

    I put a table component into a loop control, and in the table footer, there are some texts in several lines and a command component.
    the problem is that, when there's not enough space to print the whole table footer texts in one page, the extra part of will be output in the next 2 pages.
    for example, I suppose  there are 3 pages totally. and for the first page, it's all right about the main window. when there's no enough space, the footer is still output, the rest is printed on the 2nd page. but on the 3rd page, the footer texts in the 2nd page is output again and followed main windows on the 3rd page.
    Could anyone help? Thank you in advance.

    Create a folder for that window and set page protection.
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            Prashant Patil

  • Table Footer page protections

    Hi all,
    On my PO i have the totals inside a table's footer inside the main window
    set as such
    problem is that if there are enought items the net line may be on the first page then the tax and total on the second page
    is there a way to set the table footer so that it will always print together?
    thanks in advance.

    In table footer, I think you cannot create text node, instead only table line can be created.
    Please check again. And try as:
    Nitesh Pandey said:
    Create a folder in table Footer and check the checkbox Page Protection in output option tab. Now put create line type and print your data using text modules and text elements.

  • How To delete the Chosen line from the Table Control

    Hi Friends,
      i am new to Module Pool Programming , i developed a Table Control in input mode and i am getting data also into that table control. my requirement is that i want to delete the current chosen line from that table control. please help me out.

    REPORT demo_dynpro_tabcont_loop_at.
    DATA: cols LIKE LINE OF flights-cols,
    lines TYPE i.
    DATA: ok_code TYPE sy-ucomm,
          save_ok TYPE sy-ucomm.
    DATA: itab TYPE TABLE OF demo_conn.
          TABLES demo_conn.
    LOOP AT flights-cols INTO cols WHERE index GT 2.
      cols-screen-input = '0'.
      MODIFY flights-cols FROM cols INDEX sy-tabix.
    CALL SCREEN 100.
    MODULE status_0100 OUTPUT.
    DESCRIBE TABLE itab LINES lines.
    flights-lines = lines.
    MODULE cancel INPUT.
    MODULE read_table_control INPUT.
      MODIFY itab FROM demo_conn INDEX flights-current_line.
    MODULE user_command_0100 INPUT.
      save_ok = ok_code.
      CLEAR ok_code.
      CASE save_ok.
        WHEN 'TOGGLE'.
          LOOP AT flights-cols INTO cols WHERE index GT 2.
            IF  cols-screen-input = '0'.
              cols-screen-input = '1'.
            ELSEIF  cols-screen-input = '1'.
              cols-screen-input = '0'.
      MODIFY flights-cols FROM cols INDEX sy-tabix.
        WHEN 'SORT_UP'.
          READ TABLE flights-cols INTO cols WITH KEY selected = 'X'.
          IF sy-subrc = 0.
            SORT itab STABLE BY (cols-screen-name+10) ASCENDING.
            cols-selected = ' '.
      MODIFY flights-cols FROM cols INDEX sy-tabix.
        WHEN 'SORT_DOWN'.
          READ TABLE flights-cols INTO cols WITH KEY selected = 'X'.
          IF sy-subrc = 0.
            SORT itab STABLE BY (cols-screen-name+10) DESCENDING.
            cols-selected = ' '.
      MODIFY flights-cols FROM cols INDEX sy-tabix.
        WHEN 'DELETE'.
          READ TABLE flights-cols INTO cols
                                  WITH KEY screen-input = '1'.
          IF sy-subrc = 0.
            LOOP AT itab INTO demo_conn WHERE mark = 'X'.
              DELETE itab.

  • How do I execute some code when a line of a table control is selected?

    I would like to execute some code when a line of a table control is selected.  At the moment I have to select one or multiple rows and then press enter, this forces a screen refresh and my code is executed but I would like the code to be executed as soon as any line is selected.
    I've done something like this using ALV grids and object orientated code but is there a way of doing this in a normal non-OO table control?
    Thanks in advance.

    U need to declare a char1 field for marking (mark field).  This will reflect with value 'X' in your tcontrol internal table for all the selected rows. 
    Now u need to handle the okcode for enter in your PAI.
    There u need to loop through the table for all marked fields.
    There after u can do what ever u want.

  • Copy selected lines in the table control

    Hi friends,
    I Have a screen 200 in which i have a button COPY and table control.
    In my table control i have 6 lines of data.
    now my requirement is when i select any lines  ie :  let us say i ahve selected 1 , 3 , 5 lines of my table control and when i click on the button COPY of that screen. i need those 3 selected lines 1 , 3 , 5 to be copied again in the table control
    example  :
    line 1         selected
    line3          selected
    line5          selected .
    now my table control should be
    How can i do that

    I have similar issue...i need help how to accomplish automatic addition on every line.  example (see below)
    this is how it looks right now
    2/23/2009     M.Paquiao   NB         1960     001     10             1.50                14.00                     S                      NO
    2/24/2009                                                      1.00             14.00                  S                        NO
    2/25/2009                                                      4.50                14.00                  S                    NO
    2/27/2009                                                      3.00             14.00                  S                        NO
    2/28/2009                                                      1.50             14.00                  R                       YES
    3/1/2009                                                      2.00             14.00                  R                  YES
    this what I need it to do when I meant automatic addition of each line:
    2/23/2009     M.Paquiao      NB        1960     001     10             1.50        14.00               S         NO
    2/24/2009                                                      2.50             14.00                  S             NO
    2/25/2009                                                      7.00        14.00                  S             NO
    2/27/2009                                                      10.00     14.00               S             NO
    2/28/2009                                                      11.50     14.00               R             YES
    3/1/2009                                                      13.50     14.00               R             YES
    As you can see everything is the same but on column LX_HRS, the first example one is not doing anything addition but on the second example is now doing addition.  This additions were done manually, how can I tell crystal to add each line, in the example above, the
    first example                                              second example: (addition is involved)
    date                lx_hrs                                  date                  lx_hrs
    2/23/09           1.50                                     2/23/09              1.50
    2/24/09           1.00                                     2/24/09              2.50 (sum of : 1.50 + 1.00 was added)
    2/25/09           4.50                                     2/25/09              7.00 (sum of 2.50 (on date 2/24/09 &  4.50 from date 2/25/09 of the first example).

  • Copy more lines in the Table Control

    Hi ,
    I have created a table control in one of my mod pool programs,
    I have to paste lines from Excel (for instance) to this table control, but it copies only to the lines in the table control which I see in the screen. if I have more lines to copy than the lines which I see in the screen, it doesn't copy it.
    plz help me in this regard.......

    Hi, Shoaib
    I think you have to Program for this in Special Button like in Select-Option's (EXTENSION) Button Window you have an Button Upload from Clipboard (Shift + F12) just left side of the Cancel button.
    For Copy data from Clipboard Check the Bellow Sample Code. (Copy data and Run the Bellow Code)
    TYPES:  BEGIN OF ty_char256,
            line TYPE c LENGTH 256,
            END OF ty_char256.
    DATA: it_data TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF ty_char256,
          wa_data LIKE LINE OF it_data,
          length TYPE i.
    CALL METHOD cl_gui_frontend_services=>clipboard_import
        data                 = it_data[]
        length               = length
        cntl_error           = 1
        error_no_gui         = 2
        not_supported_by_gui = 3
        OTHERS               = 4.
    IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    *            WITH SY-MSGV1 SY-MSGV2 SY-MSGV3 SY-MSGV4.
    LOOP AT it_data INTO wa_data.
      write: wa_data-line.
    Please Reply if any Confusion.
    Thanks and Regards,

  • How to print grandtotal in table footer only in the last page in SMARTFORMS

    Hello Experts,
    How do I print the GRANDTOTAL in the table footer only on the LAST PAGE in SMARTFORMS.
    What I have done is in the text element of CELL1 of the table footer i wrote the folowing logic but not working.
    * V_SUM.
    /: ENDIF.
    I even tried this.
    /: IF &NEXT-PAGE& EQ 0.
    * V_SUM.
    /: ENDIF.
    but still it displays the grand total on all pages at table footer.
    How do i go for this experts.
    Ranjith N

    HI Nambiar,
    To print the grand total only on the last page then create the secondary window --> create the text node for the grand total -->In the condition tab check only after the end of the main window.
    This grand total will be displayed after all the items and end of the main window.
    Footer in the table displays as the subtotals i.e on every page total is displayed..

  • Unique row count in table footer

    In my current table, I am able to show total row count at a table footer by using #{bindings.<myVO>Iterator.estimatedRowCount}.
    I have a request from my user to show unique total row count. For example rows below:
    1 A
    2 B
    3 A
    4 C
    The footer should show:
    4 3
    The second column has A, B, and C where A is counted only 1 (unique). Is there a way to achieve this?

    Hi RRA,
    This may work for a static # of rows (no filtering). In the table I use, I can do filtering and that certainly will make the count result be different if I use another VO for distinct result.

  • Sub total in table footer

    I am creating an Adobe form for SD invoices.
    I have a table which contains the list of invoice items.  I want to calculate a sub total per page in the table footer.
    For example :
    PAGE 1                                                                         
    Item1   10,00 euros                                              
    Item2   10,00 euros                                             
    Item3   10,00 euros                  
    Sub total : 30,00 euros  
    PAGE 2   
    Item4  10,00 euros
    Item5  13,00 euros 
    Item6   22,00 euros
    Item7  14,00 euros
    Sub total : 59,00 euros   
    PAGE 3
    Item8   23,00 euros 
    Item9   55,00 euros
    Sub total : 78,00 euros
    How can I calculate this ?
    I have found this code on SDN but I don't know if it matches with my problem and I don't know how to use it ....Do you have an idea ?
    var fields = xfa.layout.pageContent(, "field", 0);
    var total = 0;
    for (var i=0; i <= fields.length-1; i++) {
    if (fields.item(i).name == "PRICE") {
    total = total + fields.item(i).rawValue;
    this.rawValue = total;
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    Hi ,
    Search for the function "sum" in formcalc in the "Adobe Livecycle Designer Help". That will solve your problem.
    It is something like
    var total = sum( TableName.RowName[*].FieldName[*])
    Omkar Mirvankar.

  • WD Table:  Repositioning Paging Buttons in Table Footer

    Is it possible to reposition the paging buttons  to appear in the right hand side of the WD table footer?  Is it possible to reposition the paging to appear in the header of the Web Dynpro Table?


Maybe you are looking for

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