Real  time issues

hi there,
can any one share some of the issues that have been dealt with in real time. i.e.during blue print stage, <b>especially in realisation stage</b>, final preparation stage
puhlease answer this question immediately

Hi Medasani,
Real time issue you can get it from the Sap support consultants. Hence, getting all the information is very difficult.
In what basis you are asking let me your requirements.
For Example :- Tolerance limits is has to increase to Rs.1 to Rs.100. for employees and vendor / customer. This is the issue from client.
How you will decide that to increase.
First you should understand the clinet work flow and get the approval from client end (core Team) then you have to increase meanwhile you have to decide the % also.
Oba3 /Oba2
Warm Regards,
Sivakumar Sathiyamoorthy

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    Hi all,
    Can any body plz send me some FICO real time issue on [email protected]
    and plz tell me hw shld I prepare for interview
    Thanks & Regards

    Hi Balraj,
    In the normal practice, developers will try to find the similer infocube (as per the requirement) in the Business content. But always you will not be lucky to find such infocube in Business content. You need to create at your own to suite the business requirements. Regarding the characteristcs & key figure, it 's again depend on the requirements. Calculated object can be assign as key figure like. Sales qty, revenue & net sales etc. where as Dimesion (characteritcs) will be purely depends on the reporting point of view. Like Customer, Material & Sales Document type etc.
    Hope this will help you !

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    Hi Gurus,
    I'm new to SEM-BPS Real times issues also some interview questions on SEM BPS. How we want to answer please forward to my email id: [email protected]
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    Have you tried posting to th eBusiness Planning forum which is focused on SEM/BPS?  It's under the Business Intelligence category.

  • Please tell me some real time issues faced by u in SCRIPTS

    please tell me some real time issues faced by u in ur experience

    First understand SAP scripts are client dependent..changes automatically not reflects in all development client once it is change in once client.
    We mostly see alignment issue in SAP script it is mostly because of printer settings etc...
    Also we may have few problems when printing unicode characters.. for printing double digits characters... like Japanese, chinese, korean etc.. we should have a printer with unicode enabled..

  • Real time issues faced during Sap Implementation.

    Hi All,
    Please let me know some real time issues faced during SAP end to end implementation. Hw did u get over the issues.
    Issues faced during Production Support.
    I have an F2F interview. Please help me out.

       This is Srinivas If u dont mine can u help me in Sending me the solutions to me what type of issues we will face in sap/bw implementation like issues and defeacts  can u send to my mail  [email protected]  can u give me solution for error9,error8,return8 can able to plz help me .

  • Real time issues in fdm

    What are the real time issues in fdm

    Nice and vague, try to be more specific with your questions and you will likely receive a better response.

  • HD WorkFlow, Having Real Time Issues

    Hey I've captured 422 ProRess, I need to know is there a quicker way of working with it in realtime Mulitclip editing, other than conforming back down to HDV. I'm experiencing a lot of dropped frame issues.
    In HDV I could cut realtime mutlclips but now that I've online with ProRess My system acts like it can't handle it which is nutz, I've got a killer system. I thought the proRess codec was suppose to be better than the HDV for this reason. Any workflow solutions would be greatly appreciated.

    What sort of drives is your media stored on? ProRes has a MUCH higher data rate than HDV. HDV is in the ballpark of 4MB/s, whereas ProRes is between 18MB/s and 24Mb/s. Getting multiple streams of HDV for multicam shouldn't be too difficult, but getting the same for ProRes...multiple streams? You need a pretty hefty RAID for this. Two Drive eSATA Raid 0 might work. Better to have a 4-5 drive Raid 0 or Raid 5. ProRes is lighter than Uncompressed HD, but more taxing than HDV...and again, you are trying to play back multiple streams when you are using the Multicam feature.

  • Can anybody get me some real time issues?

    hi alll gurus,
    i  am attending the interviews... with ur  kindness am able to handle the all the basic level of
    subject part. But, they are asking the issues and gap analysis what u have got and cleared?
    so that , am requesting to get me some helpful data regarding above things.
    am very thankful to u...
    hope will get me the above...

    hi arun,
    1.Mostly the issues are related to master data.Means the user enters wrong master data such as customer master fields (Eg:-Account assignment group,Tax code,Currency,Dopp etc) due to this processing of sales order gets stuck.
    this situation applies to other masters as well like material master,condition master,output master etc.
    2.Issues related to outputs :-If you have prepared any Z outputs then the user will ask change in the layout,additional fields in output,Wrong values may show in the outout, New output all together.
    3.Issues related to Z reports :- Same as outputs.
    4.New routines or userexits might coome in picture because of some specific bussiness reqirement which is not possible to deal with standard SAP.
    5.Awareness issues :-This is frquently faced because some new users might not know how to operate the systems.
    6.Authorization not provided for the users for a particular transaction.
    Normaly the issues we face in support porject are in follwing categories
    3.New requirement (Functional/technical/Abap)
    pl reward if it helps.
    Sadhu Kishore

  • Real time issue and need a solution

    Hi Bi experts,
    Currently one standard cube is already running in production.
    Now i need to make a multiprovider with this standard cube and another one new DSO. But i wish to add a new infoobject to the standard cube, without affecting the production. Because it has being used for so many areas.
    How to add a infoobject to that std cube?
    Any solution pls suggest me...

    Try creating a Zcube as Ashok had mentioned above, else try remodelling.
    Regarding remodeling Steps
    Remodeling is one of the good feature in BI.
    This helps in remodeling your Infoprovider, when its filled with data.
    You can add characteristics and key figures in BW 3.5 without deleting data in the infocube, but you can't remove them without deleting all data first.
    Deleting data is also needed when you change dimensions.
    If you dont need any history data you can just add the keyfigure in Edit Mode.The corrresponding update rules may get deactivated and you may have to reactivate them again.
    /thread/782986 [original link is broken]
    info cube
    Remodeling Tool in BI 7.0
    Library-Remodeling InfoProviders
    Remodeling concept in BI 7.0
    Adding Key figure to existing cube
    Adding Key figure to existing cube

  • Reg: real time production issues

    Hi friends
    what type of Production issues we will face in GL, AP, AR, AA, CC, PC, IO, PA, COPA
    pls give me some examples and resolves my mail ID: [email protected]
    thanks in advance

    Hi Madhu,
    What Issues you see in this community are real time issues.
    you can pick any 5 of them which you can understand better with solutions
    All the isssues posted in this community are real time and struggling by someone in the industry
    Pls assign points if this is useful
    Best Regareds
    Ashish Jain

  • Hi , any body can send real time problems they faced

    hi every body this is siva from banglore, any body can send the real time problems they faced in sap crm and how they solved if any body kindly send to my id : [email protected]

    hi Siva,
    All the issues in the forums are the real time issues
    YOu can just go through them .
    Also why do you need real time issues.
    If you have any issues post it here and some one can help you

  • Please send me some real time quetions in REPORTS/ ALV  REPORTS

    please anybody can send me some real time issues and quetions from REPORTS,

    Report is basically a program which extracts the data from the database tables based on some inputs and gives the output as a list.
    Report are classified as Classical Reports, Interactive Reports and ALV Report.
    Classical Report is a normal report which just displays the output.User cannot interact with that report.
    Interactive Report is nothing but, a user can interacte with the report.After a basic list is displayed, user can click on some field on the list which generates a secondary list giving the necessary information relevant to that field.
    ALV Report is to provide users with a consistent, user friendly and functional method of manipulating the data, which appears on report lists. ALV provides more advantages than the normal report
    Reports - this one discusses which way should you use - ABAP Objects calls or simple function modules.
    ALV programs.
    . How do I program double click in ALV?
    How can I use ALV for reports that are going to be run in background?
    ALV -
    Top-of-page in ALV
    selection-screen and top-of-page in ALV
    ALV Group Heading

  • Real time scenerios

    hi gurus,
    Please send some real time issues u faced at the time of implementation and support . if possible send any link.
    thanks and regards

    Most of the threads whcih are posted in SDN forumns are real time issues only, you need to go through them , so that you understand the issues clearly.
    Thanks & Regards

  • Any real time production support scenarios

    hi can any oneexplain some real time issues in production support
    i mean errors these occur frequently and the ways to solve
    hoping for reply

    This is a generic question and numerous possibilities. Main issues will be of the following types
    1. data load faillures.
    2. data in report does not match with that in the sourse system.
    3. report hangs
    4. authorization
    5. make modifications to the reports and even to the underlying objects like cubes.
    6. make new reports
    etc etc
    Ravi Thotahdri

  • Real time critical issues in  Implementation Project

    Hi friends
    Please send  me the *Real time critical issues in  Implementation and Development  Projects*
    Srikanth Reddy.P

    Blue Print: Assume the client is already having sound legacy system in place.
    Also assume that all the processes in FICO are neatly documented with visios.
    Now study those process flows and prepare a list of sub processes.
    Now prepare the fits/gaps/ assessment.
    If the process fits into SAP it would be a fit. If an enhancement / modification is required, it goes into the red column.
    Record all the discussions with the core users against each process and sub process.
    Also list down the dependencies for each process / analyse the integration aspects.
    Also plan how you would convert the legacy data into SAP.
    The whole document should have illustrations / scenarios and ultimately signed off. This at any cost should not be changed unless, there is a total turnaround in the process requirements.
    With the finalised blue print, you could start the activities in the implementation.
    Now regarding the interview questions:
    - Starts with your resume. How you have projected yourself. Have you shown real time experience or faked up projects. In any case, it is very easy to make out whether you have experience in implementation or support environment. You could never fool the interviewer.
    Initially the interviewer would try to make an assessment on your genuinity.
    - When did the implementation start?
    - When did it GOLIVE?
    - Were you involved in the end to end implementation or was it a partial role?
    -If you are supporting the client, who implemented SAP?
    - What tool do you use to track the support activities?
    - How many tickets have you handled so far?
    - Name some critical issues which you resolved and without which the production or business got affected?
    - What is the system landscape ?
    -Have you developed any reports / enhancements / technical / functional designs?
    - Are you aware of interfaces / ALE / IDOCs ?
    - Are you aware of SLAs
    - Rate yourself on a rank of 1 to 10 in FI and CO
    - How often have you interacted with client during implementation / support?
    - What process designs have been prepared by you?
    - How do you react when you get a critical issue or cross modular issues?
    And so on and on
    Hope this helps

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