Recently I have install windows 7 in my old laptop since then the program Itunes show one music library at the top of Itunes and another bellow my device. The problem is that I can upload music to the top library but I can't move them to my Itouch librar

recently I have install windows 7 in my old laptop since then the program Itunes have 2 libraries one at the top which I can put in new music and the other just below my I touch device botton. The problen is that now whenever I upload music is going straigh to the top library and from there I can't move it to my Itouch library. Before I never have problems cause I could only see one library and not 2 like now .....HELP !!!!!

I do not understand what you mean about two libraries. Can you post a screen shot?
Maybe this will help with your problem
If you  have iTunes 11 turn on the Sidebar. Go to iTunes>View and click on Show Sidebar. You can also do a Crtl+S to show the sidebar. The sidebar is where Devices appears. and Control+B to show the Menu bar
iTunes 11 for Windows: Syncing overview
iTunes 11 for Windows: Set up syncing for iPod, iPhone, or iPad

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