Recently, when I "check-in" using the Yelp app, it says it had a problem sharing with Facebook. Has anyone else experienced this?

I am using the following versions:
iOS 4.3.3
Yelp 5.2.0
Facebook 3400
It used to work perfectly fine.  I would check in on Yelp and simultaneously it would post my check-in on Facebook.  But, for some reason, a few days ago it stopped working.
I've tried the following:
- Shutdown and booted up the phone.
- Uninstalled and reinstalled both Yelp and Facebook apps.
- Changed the email address and passwords I use on both Yelp and Facebook.
- Removed the Yelp application from Facebook and added it again.
In any case, none of my efforts have been successful.  When I attempt to check in, it checks in on Yelp, but then a message pops up stating "Facebook - Sorry, we had a problem sharing. Ignore or Retry".
Any suggestions would be much appreciated!  Thanks!

Since you've already done a good job of troubleshooting, try Yelp support here >
Make sure and tell them what you have tried that didn't work.

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