Reciever File Adapter - Temp File Name Scheme using Variable Substitution

How can I create a temporary file that uses variable substitution? 
We are having a problem with files merging when we write files using the "Use Temporary File" setting on the FIle Adapter.  So two independent files are merging into a single file.  We are not using the "Append" setting.
We would like to use a Temp File Name Scheme that would append the message id onto the temporary file name. 
Using variable substitution we created a msgid variable.  When added to the temporary file name using %msgid% the temporary file name is created with %msgid% in the name instead of the actual message id.  We put the variable into the "File Name Scheme" as well and the end completed file used the message id in the name.
Any Ideas?

HI Matthew,
Why are you adding the message id into the temporary file??
I understand that you want the output of the filename to contain message id .. and hence you are using variable substitution for the same.
Temporary file name will anyways get overwritten by the actual file name (here the actual filename will be using variable substituion).
So i suggest to achieve your scenario you can add any name in the temporary file and maintain the desired filename you require as output in the variable subsititution.
Temporary File Name option actually acts as a lock - unlock mechanism from PI side while the file is getting written to the file server so that while PI is writting the file no third party application batch program picks it up.
I hope this helps.

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    Can any one send me a scenario where we can have file to file scenario with out message mapping and where i can use variable substitution.
    As of now i am using integrate configurations where i cant use variable substitution as the message does not reflect in integration engine. I need to populate time stamp between <filename><timestamp>.txt.pgp
    I am as of now using configuration scenario.
    The time stamp always writes before the last file extension.
    Let me know your thoughts?

    Hi Chandra,
    u can use the Variable substitution even without IR contents also(Mapping....).
    in the receiver communication channel just specify the path u want to access for a value...
    eg: filename                             payload:mt_name,1,records,1,name,1
    and in th file name give it as %filename%.txt... or vt ever ur requirement

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    I am creating a file adapter with Logical name. Apart from giving the Logical name is there any other configuration that I am suppose to do on the Web Logic before I start using it?
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    After configuring the file adapter, all you need to do is , give the path as a value for the logical name which you have created earlier. That you can do on the file adapter property inspector. There is no need to do anything on the server level. Lemme know

  • Used variable substitution to substiture the field 'date' in file name

    Hi gurus
    I have used variable substitution to substiture the field 'date' (dd/MM/yyyy/hh/mm/ss) in the file name so when empty payload (a valid xml ) is generated by Message mapping then the communication channel is failing by showing the following error
    File processing failed with Error during
    variable substitution: The following variable was not found in the message payload
    : date
    As of now the business is not getting effected as the business scenarion needs only customer master data at the reciever side But when ever there is no custmer master data in the sourse side the message mapping is generating an empty payload and the communication channel is failing ( so it is an internal issue and is there any way which could solve the both (ie the business must not get effected and as well the communication channel must not fail)
    any coments on this will be higly apreciated
    thanks and regards

    Hi Sandeep -
    Yes If you use the Variable substitution from the payload , that perticular field has to be generated in the target structure.
    To handle this You can do the following:
    Sourcefield --->exists -> IfThenElse-->TargetField
    Where     SourceField>exists(node function)-> If
                   SourceField -
                   CurrentDate(Date Function)----->Else
    Hope this will help !!

  • File Adapter: Dynamic file name

    I would like to use a filename like this:
    For DOCNUM I use variable substitution. Works fine.
    For <Timestamp> I need a different format as the timestamp function
    in file adapter create. So I try to set up my timestamp in mapping like
    dynamic file name:
    DynamicConfigurationKey key1 = DynamicConfigurationKey.create("", "Timestamp");
    conf.put(key1, a);
    Input a is date function which creates my desired timestamp format. In file adapter I try this:
    all doesn't work for Timestamp.
    So is there a possibility to configure a dynamic filename like this???
    Is there a possibility to access dynamic configuration variables in dynamic filename except
    the known for filename and directory??
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    Edited by: Christian Riekenberg on Mar 10, 2009 4:05 PM

    your file name needs to be
    dont use variable substitution. use only dynamic configuration and set the file name
    introduce a logic that will create the string
    eg. String filename = "Name" + var_docnum + "Direction" + var_timestamp;
    then use the dynamic conf code to set the file name and use adapter specific properties in you adapter to retrieve it.

  • White lines generateds in a File Adapter when using variable substitution.

    Hi all,
    I have been a problem in File generated by XI, my File Adapter is using variable substitution with reference to a field of my message type. Because it, the files generated has white lines in top of file.
    What can I do to not apears these lines ?

    Try to give a more detailed description of your problem otherwise I don't know who's gonna answer...

  • Blank Lines at end of file when using Variable Substitution in File Adapter

    Hi all,
    I'm using variable substitution in a File Adapter, it's refers an element of message, like:
    filename    payload:MESSAGE_INTERFACE,1,FILENAME,1
    The variable substitution is working right, but it's append a BLANK LINE at end of file.
    Anyone knows how to solve this problem ?
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Regis,
    I suppose you're using content conversion?
    if so try adding
    <b>endSeparator</b> = '0'
    to your last element
    this will delete the default line break at the end
    <a href="/people/michal.krawczyk2/blog/2005/06/28/xipi-faq-frequently-asked-questions">XI FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions</a>

  • Sender File Adapter with file conversion

    Hi guys,
    I’m using a Sender File adapter with file conversion. The message to be processed has a structure with fixed lengths and in your content are some values that needs to be ignored.
    An example:
    value1  <b>value2</b>  value3…
    I want to ignore <b>value 2</b> but I can’t find a parameter for that! Do I need to define dummy fields on my data type and ignore those fields during mapping? Or there is a specific parameter for that?
    Thanks in advance,

    there always is another way:)
    you can import the whole line to one field
    and cut it inside the adapter module
    (then you can define start and stop of the substring that you need to use)
    but of course it's not standard even though it's quite easy to achieve in java
    <a href="/people/michal.krawczyk2/blog/2005/06/28/xipi-faq-frequently-asked-questions"><b>XI / PI FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions</b></a>

  • White lines generated in a txt File when using variable substitution

    I have a problem with a File generated by XI, my File Adapter is using variable substitution with reference to a field of my message type. I use content conversion as well and the generated file has a white line in top of file.
    How could I avoid this and make the white lines disappear? I was trying a lot of things but I don’t really know how to solve this issue, the following is the data type used:
    FILE_NAME is the field I use for variable substitution and COMPANY is declare as 0..unbounded.
    Thanks a lot in advanced,

    Hi Jai,
    I have declare the following Content Conversion parameters:
    Recordset Structure: COMPANY
    FILE_NAME.fieldFixedLengths     0
    FILE_NAME.fixedLengthTooShortHandling     cut
    COMPANY.fieldFixedLengths     10,80,10,2,50,30,5,5,2,50,50
    COMPANY.addHeaderLine     0
    COMPANY.endSeparator     'nl'
    But it does not work, I have the same white line in the beginning of the file. Do you have any other suggestion??
    I couldnt find the blog written by Sravya either, could you post the link?
    Thanks a lot,

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    What language are you compiling? Does the compiler support leaving the output in memory? If yes then you use Runtime.exec(). If no then you will have to re-write the compiler to support that, presuming you can get the source.
    (Of course I am not sure what good that would do you. You would also have to write some other application to use it once it was in memory, since the OS probably isn't set up to do that.)

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    Hi all,
    File Adapter or File Transport which one will give more performance ? in OSB?
    Which one to select any one did performance analysis?

    Why don't you just go read some benchmarks?

  • When opening a sealed file, are the Autosave-File and Temp-Files encrypted?

    Hi, when opening / editing a sealed file (e.g. a MS Word document), are the Autosave-File and Temp-Files encrypted?

    Yes they are. If they weren't, it would be relatively easy to leak an unsealed version of the file. In older versions of the Desktop IRM opened all files in browser, so theIRM Desktop had to encrypt and copy around these files manually. Nowadays, the IRM Desktop is embedded in the Office applications themselves so we leave the temporary file creation to the application but manage the encryption depending on the nature of the file. So the autosave and temp files (where content may reside) are encrypted, but the lock file (which is only for ownership, not content) is not encrypted for example.
    In fact, the autosave/temp files which are encrypted are actually treated as sealed files, so they contain all the metadata fields you would expect. For example, open a sealed document in Word and set the autosave to every minute and make some changes. wait a minute and you'll see the autosave file (which is a .asd) update automatically (the default location is C:\Documents and Settings\<youruserid>\Application Data\Microsoft\Word\). Make a copy of the file and close Word. If you open the file and Select a Program from a List and choose Word you'll see the file open as a sealed document. If you rename the extension to .sdoc or .sdocx (depending on what the original file was), then you can right click Properties and see the metadata is there too.
    Nicely secure.

  • ORA-04054 : using variable substitution for the database link name

    I need to use variable substitution for the database link name.
    Here is my command :
    GET VARCHAR2(50);
    for rec in (select * from [email protected]_GET_DESIGNATION)
    dbms_output.put_line('TEN_CODE vaut : '||rec.ten_code);
    DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('Message Erreur : '||SUBSTR(SQLERRM,1,245));
    :crd := -1;
    When I run this programm, I receive the error :
    ORA-04054: database link REC.OIA_GET_DESIGNATION does not exist
    When I replace :
    for rec in (select * from [email protected]_GET_DESIGNATION)
    by :
    for rec in (execute immediate 'select * from [email protected]'||rec.OIA_GET_DESIGNATION)
    I receive the error :
    PLS-00103 : Encountered the symbol "IMMEDIATE" while parsing.
    What can I do to resolv my problem ?

    What is the name of the DB Link and the name of the object you are selecting
    I find it easier to create a view on the remote object then use that in selects.
    Link Name = MyLink
    Object_name = Addr_Loc
    create or replace VIEW Rem_Addr_Loc AS
    select * from [email protected];
    In the code I then use the view
      for C_Rec in (select * from Rem_Addr_loc)
         dbms_output.put_line('Rec: '|| C_Rec.Col1);
      end loop;

  • Using Variable Substitution

    Hi Im new to XI and Im testing a simple file to file scenario by using Variable Substitution method.
    PFB the input payload of my scenario:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    - <ns0:INF94145_Emp_Input_MT xmlns:ns0="">
    - <Employee>
    - <Details>
      <Other />
    - <Address>
    - <Employee>
    - <Details>
      <Other />
    - <Address>
    I  used the variable substitution feature of Receiver File adapter to get the Output file name as one of the Field value from payload(Employee name in this case).
    Now my question is can I be able to get the output files based on employee names.i.e.,for two employee details I should get two out files and for n employee details I should get n output files.
    Can anyone tell how  the above scenario could be done.
    Thanks for your help.

    I have used multi mapping and I tested the same and is working fine when I test in TEST tab present in mapping.
    My scenario is a file to file and also I used same fields in input and output DT(datatype) for understanding purpose.
    My input data type is as follows:
    - <ns1:INF94145_Emp_Input_MT xmlns:ns1="">
    - <Employee>
    - <Details>
    - <Address>
    But when coming to END to END testing I'm getting an error in IE as follows:
    <SAP:Code area="MAPPING">GENERIC</SAP:Code>
      <SAP:P1>Split mapping created no messages</SAP:P1>
    Can anyone say what i have to do to overcome this problem.
    Thanks and regards,

  • Retrieve the message put in message header using variable substitution

    i am using dynamic configuration to put some information in the message it possible to retrieve the message using variable substitution and if it is possible then how it be done using variable substitution.

    Variable Substitution does not allow you to read all the messaeg header elements only some of them can be read/ access....for more info on how to read the message header elements refer: /people/jin.shin/blog/2007/04/27/sap-netweaver-xi-variable-substitution-with-adapter-specific-message-attributes-via-dynamicconfigurationbean
    From the above blog:
    When using Variable Substitution, only certain standard message header attributes can be used/accessed (e.g. sender_party,
    sender_service, receiver_party, receiver_service, interface_name, interface_namespace, message_id)
    Better use Dynamic Configuration to read the parameters.
    I am wondering why you need to read the message header parameters when you are putting them using Dynamic Configuration.....cant you just get the details from the dynamic configuration UDF itself?
    Edited by: abhishek salvi on Dec 10, 2009 1:18 PM

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