Recommended Oracle version for SAP 4.7 and for BW 3.5

where I can find the SAP's recommended version of Oracle for SAP ERP 4.7 and BW 3.5?
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Recommended would be
Oracle has ended the customer care support for 9.2 in July 2007:
Note 925871 - Discontinuation of 'Customer Care Support' for Oracle 9.2
At the same time, SAP customers have a "free" year of  Extended Support for Version 9.2. is the latest patch set provided for 9.2. (see note 1021844)
I think that, if you are planning to perform a new installation, it would be better to do it in 10.2

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    I am looking for a trial version of the SAP J2EE Development Environment and the corresponding SAP J2EE Engine for windows environment. I looked at the link But the downloads are for the Linux environment. Are there any downloads for the Windows Environment.
    Thanks for your help in advance.
    Sumit Agarwal.

    Hi Sumit,
    Currently trial versions of SAP NetWeaver 2004 and 2004s (7.0) are only available for Linux.
    Java EE development environment (the latest Java EE version - 5) trial versions for Windows are available in the [SAP NetWeaver CE download section|].
    -- Vladimir

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    Where can I find an Oracle version of the Microsoft Application Blocks for Data Access? Is it tied to any specific version of the Oracle Client software? I currently have version installed.

    I think that DAAB 3.0 only has support for ODBC and OLEDB, which indeed can be used for Oracle. The Nile 3.0 program has an OracleHelper file, but this one uses the Microsoft Dataprovider for Oracle RDBMS. With some minor changes you can make this version work with the ODP.NET that Oracle provides.
    The issue I'm trying to convey is, that it seems hard to use the Microsoft Application Blocks using ODP.NET. As I described earlier, the LOBs and REF Cursors are reference types that actually point to data in the Database. This means, that the Connection to the database must be open to get to the Data.
    In the DataHelper, you open the Connection and get the data you need. The DataHelper should then clean up and close the Connection. Then you pass the data to the caller. However, since we're dealing with Reference types, a closed connection means no data.
    So I guess the only way to make this easy to use and not having to assume the caller/developer will open and close connections, you must copy the data in an instance of a DataSet, before you close the connection and then pass the Dataset back to the caller.
    I wonder if people have delt with this issue and what their solution looks like.

  • New IBM JDK 1.4.2 for SAP NetWeaver 2004 and 2004s

    In May 2006 IBM System p brand and SAP announced the direction to enhance the IBM AIX 5L JDK 1.4.2 for SAP NetWeaver 2004 and SAP NetWeaver 2004s based applications. The new IBM JDK 1.4.2 for SAP NetWeaver applications on AIX 5L is 100% upward compatible for all SAP business applications and, compared to the classical AIX JDK, provides a more consistent runtime behavior, enhances memory management, and improves debugging capabilities.
    <b>General Availability (GA) of the new IBM JDK 1.4.2 for SAP NetWeaver 2004 and 2004s on AIX 5L</b>
    As part of a staged release process aligned between IBM and SAP a customer pilot program was started in August 2006 followed by a Controlled Availability (CA) program. Based on positive customer feedback resulting from real production usage and the very encouraging internal test results, the new IBM JDK on AIX 5L is/will be generally available
    •     for SAP NetWeaver 2004 SP14 and above starting at 5th of February 2007
    •     for SAP NetWeaver 2004s SP06 and above starting at 30th of March 2007.
    This means systems running above SAP NetWeaver releases in an AIX 5L environment are allowed to use the new IBM JDK without restrictions.
    This announcement does not affect the use and support of the classical AIX JDK outside SAP environments.
    <b>Transition Plan to the new IBM JDK 1.4.2 on AIX 5L</b>
    SAP will support the classical and the new JDK in parallel for a limited number of NetWeaver support packages. Afterwards only the new IBM JDK will be supported:
    •     for SAP NetWeaver 2004 the first support package only supporting the new JDK will be SP21 (planned date for SP21 see,
    •     for SAP NetWeaver 2004s it will be SP14 (planned date for SP14 see
    So please plan a transition to the new JDK prior to the upgrade to these support packages.
    SAP and IBM strongly believe that the switch to the new JDK will improve your experience with JAVA based SAP applications on AIX 5L. Both companies recommend upgrading to the new IBM JDK 1.4.2 for SAP applications running on AIX 5L as soon as it matches your company’s maintenance plans.

    You can download the JDK directly from the sun java website...
    I don't think Ubuntu is supported...

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    Update 12.1 installation errors | Photoshop Elements, Premiere Elements

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages for the larger blocksize and for

    What are the advantages and disadvantages for the larger blocksize and for the smaller blocksize?

    Smaller blocksize
    GoodHas relatively large space overhead due to metadata
    (that is, block header).
    Not recommended for large rows. There might only
    be a few rows stored for each block, or worse, row
    chaining if a single row does not fit into a block, for small rows with lots of random
    Reduces block contention.
    Has relatively large space overhead due to metadata
    (that is, block header).
    Not recommended for large rows. There might only
    be a few rows stored for each block, or worse, row
    chaining if a single row does not fit into a block.
    Larger blocksize
    Has lower overhead, so there is more
    room to store data.
    Permits reading a number of rows into
    the buffer cache with a single I/O
    (depending on row size and block size).
    Good for sequential access or very large
    rows (such as LOB data).
    Wastes space in the buffer cache, if you are doing
    random access to small rows and have a large block
    size. For example, with an 8 KB block size and 50
    byte row size, you waste 7,950 bytes in the buffer
    cache when doing random access.
    Not good for index blocks used in an OLTP
    environment, because they increase block contention
    on the index leaf blocks.

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  • Oracle RAC for SAP on Linux and OCFS

    We are going to be installing SAP with Oracle RAC on Linux RHEL 5.2 and OCFS.  The Oracle RAC documentation states:
    You must store the following components in the cluster file system when you use RAC
    in the SAP environment:
    - Oracle Clusterware (CRS) Home
    - Oracle RDBMS Home
    - SAP Home (also /sapmnt)
    - Voting Disks
    - OCR
    - Database
    I'm curious about the requirement of installing the Oracle Home on shared clustered filesystem.  In other RAC installations I've built, I installed the binaries on local filesystems on each node.  This is to facilitate the concept of rolling patches.  With the SAP's requirement, it appears rolling patches are out of the question.  Can someone enlighten me on why SAP requires the Oracle Home reside on shared filesystem.

    We have even put /oracle/SID on OCFS, because the brtools cannot cope with local FS. If you take a backup on node1, then you cannot restore it from node2. Or you could start multiple brconnects at the same time (this is normally prevented with a lock file). Of course you could run all your all your br commands on a dedicated node, but this doesn't fit the RAC idea much.
    Just my two cents, of course this does not fully explain, why the ORACLE_HOME has to be shared as well.
    Best regards, Michael
    Edit: Ahh, now i recall, i really think it is because of the BR*Tools, they need the file in ORACLE_HOME/dbs. This implies that it won't be a big thing to get SAP on RAC running with local ORACLE_HOME's, but that doesn't help a lot as long as SAP does not officially support it...

  • What is the Java runtime version required for SAP GUI 6.20 for Windows?

    Hi All,
    I need the following information:
    1.       What is the Java Runtime version required for SAP GUI version 6.2 for Windows (Platform Windows XP)?
    2.       And is there any problem if we use Java runtime version 1.6 on PC?
    It would be great if anybody can provide the information on the above.

    To run SAP GUI for WIndows -- Java isnt a pre-requisite nor is there any dependency for the same.

  • Need installation steps for SAP - 4.6c and 4.7

    hi guys i am new to sap so any one can send me a guide which can tell step by step installation procuder of sap 4.6c and 4.7 on my system which runs on windows xp professional my email is :[email protected] or [email protected] it would be very greatful for me if any one send the same thank u

           <a href="">Check Here</a> and <a href="">here</a>
    Kind regards
    Umesh K

  • Applying PL19 for SAP J2EE 6.20  for a Single Node

    We are trying to upgrade from EP6 SP2 patch 2 to patch 3.
    A pre-req for applying Patch3 is that we need to be at PL19. Turns out we are in between PL16 and  PL17 from a SAP J2EE 6.20 standpoint.
    We managed to download SAPJ2EE620C_19-10001433.SAR the SAR file for getting the SAP J2EE 6.20 from PL16+ to PL19.
    On reading SAP Note 529088 ( that helps you with installing the SAR file ) it seems "SAPJ2EE620C..." the 'C" in the SAR file name denotes that it is for a Cluster Node. We have a Single node install. For which we ought to see a 'S' in that place. On we dont know of a place where we can find the .SAR file that we may need for a single node version.
    We  went ahead and ran the visual.bat and that brought up a screen meant for a cluster version.
    It has been two days since we have working on this.
    Anybody has any idea/experience with what we are taking about. Please help.
    thanx for your help.

    Hi rj,
    If you have installed EP6 SP2, you have installed the Clustered Version of J2EE (dispatcher, server, state(pl21)).  The Single node was used for EP5.  I believe you are getting this terminology confused with a clustered install of EP6 for HA purposes where the actual application piece is clustered.  So even an EP6 install running on a single server runs on a the J2EE Engine Cluster. 
    So if you ran the visual.bat for PL19 and the portal started up fine, you have successfully upgraded your J2EE version to PL 19.  Just a quick hint, when you are running the patch install, select upgrade and put in the path to your instance (i.e. c:\usr\sap\DEP1\j2ee\j2ee_00).
    Hope this helps to clarify,

  • Searching for SAP certified project manager for project

    Please post a response if you know someone who has a BS or BA degree and has:
    General SAP Functional Knowledge and Experience
    8 - 10 years of previous experience as
    an SAP Project Manager with SAP, an SAP Partner, or large companies doing SAP
    implementation projects.
    A minimum of 5 full lifecycle
    implementations of SAP in a Project Manager role.
    Would prefer a candidate that is an SAP
    Certified Associate Project Manager, or have some other type of Project
    Management certification combined with significant SAP project and implementation
    experience on a number of different SAP implementation projects at different
    customers and in different industries. 
    Candidate should be certified in the
    use of SAP Solution Manager.
    Candidate should be certified in the
    use of ASAP Methodology.
    Candidate should be willing to provide
    two professional references.
    Required SAP Functional Knowledge and
    Experience Specifically for this Project:
    SAP Solution Manager
    Solution Manager Implementation
    Implementation Projects with SAP
    Solution Manager (SMI310)
    ASAP 8.0 Methodology for Implementation

    this might help you
    Agasthuri Doss

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    I'm new to Leopard and haven't launched Time Machine yet. I would like to use a single (500 GB) external hard drive to use with Time Machine, plus I would like to use whatever portion of this external drive Time Machine isn't using to keep some other files upon it as well--things that I can drag-and-drop manually and then trash from my computer's HD (avi files, etc., so that they don't take up space on the computer). Is there anything special I need to do with the external hard drive before I let Time Machine have its way with it, so that I can also do drag-and-drop manual file backups with it?

    I’m not terribly knowledgeable, but I’ll tell you what seems to be working for me.
    I also have a 500GB external drive which I had planned to use for TM for my MBP. I partitioned it (using Disk Utility) into two partitions. One I created nearly the same size as my MBP drive, the other I used for TM.
    I used the smaller partition for a backup using SuperDuper prior to upgrading from Tiger to Leopard. Once I tested that I was able to boot from it and that all my programs seemed to work, I upgraded to Leopard and told it to use the other partition for TM.
    It then created a TM icon for the other partition and, to the machine, it looks like a separate drive. I’ve seen no performance hit at all.
    Just one man’s experience, though I haven’t yet tried to retrieve anything.
    Good luck.

  • Variant setup for SAP standard report SDRRAV01 for dynamic Posting Period

    Can someone please help with the process for setting up a variant for program SDRRAV01 so that we can get the Posting Period To ( Screen field PPOPER_H : T009B-POPER ) and Posting Year To (screen field name PGJAHR_H : T009B-BDATJ ) fields populate the values dynamically to current posting period and posting year.
    Thank you in advance.

    or else write a small program calling this report and passing the period and year to the selection screen using the submit option.
    hope it helps.
    award points if it helps.

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