Reg: Bank payment transfer form in f110

Hi all,
I am getting Warning message in F110 T code.
F0417:Warning: Check whether a duplicate payment medium has been created
Please help me regarding this issue .

Long text of the message has enough information I think.
Comparing below fields , you have duplicate record in table REGUH REGUT.
Paying company code
Bank country
Payment run (date and ID)
Data medium format
Total amount and currency
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  • Payment Transfer Prinitng using Z-script

    Dear All,
    I am trying to print Payment transfer form from the transactions FB60 and F110.
    Here I have taken the Z-copy of the Script form "F110_D_AVIS" and modified the script to my requirement.
    Then I assigned the Z-form in the FBZP transaction.
    But the output is coming as it is in the standard. The Z-form is not reflecting in the payment transfer output.
    On the other side, I changed the form to "F110_CH_AVIS" in the FBZP transaction to test whether that standard is reflecting. But it is also not reflecting in the output.
    Can anyone help me. what could be the reason for this issue?

    I tried all your options. It is also not the transportation problem.
    I even tried Script debugger, it is not breaking at the script position.
    Now with different options.. I tried the Japanese Bank transfer script and program, but the output itself is not coming.
    Also I tried with taking Z-copy of the driver program which was assigned in FBZP trxn and kept break point in front of the OPEN_FORM function module.. then also it is not breaking while running in F110.
    Can anyone show the way to resolve this issue?

  • How to take Bank payment voucher from sap fico production user?

    how to take Bank payment voucher form sap fico from production user?
    anyone can help?
    Thanks in advance?

    Ask your ABAP consultant to develop Z program for payment voucher printing.
    In program selection screen will be
    1. Company Code
    2.  Document Number
    3. Fiscal Year
    and you can get the desire output according the data key in the document.

  • Payment advice form for each payment method

    We have Check, RTGS and Bank Transfer payment methods in single company code, I have assigned different payment programs in OBVCU for payment methods C,R & T and seperate payment advice form to each payment methods in OBVU, and also I have maintained the varaints in F110 under printout tab, but still system by defualt picking the payment advice form of Check only, it is not considering payment advice forms per payment methods when i run print job.
    Does the by default picks the payment advice form per company code?
    It should be  possible to print the payment advice per payment method in single company code.
    Can someone help to achieve this....

    Check this [article|] by Ramanuja Chary Sripada. The idea is use the report RFFO* . Run it with SE38 and read the documentation (info icon). Set the flag for advices and run it.

  • Multiple Payment Methods problem in F110 - Parameters

    <b>Prob : Wehn I enter more than one payment method in Parameters in F110 only the 1st Payment method entered is saved. The other payment method gets deleted automatically.</b>
    Following is already done :
    1. All the payment methods entered in F110 Parameters is already maintained in
    the vendor master.
    2. In FBZP - Payment Method for Country & Payment Method for Company Code
    is configured for all the payment methods.
    3. Also Invoices in FI (FB60) are posted for all the payment methods without any
    4. Ranking order is maintained for each payment method & for the house bank
    5. Account determination is also maintained for all the payment methods for the
    respective house bank.
    6. The maximum amount is also maintained for all the payment methods under "Payment Methods for Comapany Code".
    Pl help to resolve this problem.

    My problem is in the parameter stage 1st Screen.
    Also you cannot assign more than one Payment Method in the Print Variant.
    Also this variant is used only for printing. Its not called at the stage when I am entering the Payment Method in the 1st screen in the Parameter.
    I have somewhat found out what the problem is.
    I guess there is some change done in the standard SAP program, becuase if i type more than one payment method in the Parameter 1st screen and try to save it, it returns with a warning message "Only one Payment Method can be entered". This is a unique msg which has been written through a Z Program.

  • Invoice Booked for USD but payment want INR through F110, Cheque printing.

    Invoice was booked in USD but user want payment in INR through F110, that to cheque printing how it is possible...
    please advice me..

    Hi Trinath,
    No additional configuration is required. However specify following in co.code pymt method,
    select with a tick
    Foreign Vendor allowed,
    Foreign currency allowed and
    Customer Vendor bank abroad allowed.
    What chris mentioned was the main key. If a particular USD invoice needs to paid in INR,then edit the original invoice and change the payment currency to INR. If you don't see payment currency field, edit vendor/posting key FSG. That's it.
    Thanks Chris once again.

  • Bank Payment with Three currencies at a time

    Good afternoon
    Iu2019m looking for someone that would know if SAP Business One could handle three different currencies from a Bank payment perspective, meaning that I have ZAR set as my local and system currency and my bank account is a USD currency but my client is paying me in their currency which could be anything let say EUR.
    My system is set up local and system currency being the same, but like this it canu2019t manage three currencies it only looks at the local and BP currency when doing a payment not giving me the option to pay in USD. Itu2019s important because when I pay my client out of my USD bank account into their EUR account the system only keeps track of the exchange rate between my local and bank currency and I need it to keep track of both EUR to USD and USD to ZAR.
    Does anyone know how I would be able to do this in SAP B1?
    Thank you all

    Hi Ronald
    I had a similar issue with Namibia where they can accept Rands or Namibian Dollars as the Namibian Dollar is linked to the Rand through our Reserve Bank at 1:1. It is a bit tricky to handle but here goes. You could consider using an interim account for the incoming payment to offset in EUR. Then use a journal to transfer the EUR to the USD account. With other words under bank transfer in payment means, choose an interim account instead of the bank account. Then do a journal to transfer the EUR into the USD account. Only problem is that any exchange rate gains or losses must be posted manually.
    Give me a call on my cell if you need more assistance
    Kind regards
    Peter Juby


    How to Reprint Payment advice form apart from using
    T.code-F110, please tell me if there is any other alternative.

    HI Naveen,
       Check this out


    Hi All.
    I have an issue in the FI.
    in the SPRO , settings where we will give the BANK PAYEMENT VOCHER form.
    And what is the corresponding form and driver program.
    can any body help me to solve this issue.
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Venkat,
    There are many ways to find the form name
    Let me give you one example,
    Ex: Goto FBZP
          For the respective CC identify the program name. Usually, payment program starts with RFF*. If you could not find any program name then go to SE38 and try the following
    Tcode SE38 --> RF* --> press F4 --> it will give the list of available payment programs ( read the description and select the suitable program)
    Now press documentation radio button and click display, you will see the corresponding form name to be used along with this program. Also it will give what program does.
    I guess you can solve your issue. Any question write back to me.

  • Payment transfer program with PSCD

    The payment transfer program works if we use FIAP
    But when pay vendor invoices through the process of PSCD we have the status paid but we don't see which vendor invoices have been paid.
    Does the program works normally with PSCD
    Best regards

    The process payment in PSCD, to make for cash desk and/or payment lot, then
    You need configure for payment, the seletion category R- REFERENCE FOR PAYMENT FORM, when to apply the payment.
    and aditional in Account balance display, for when to see the balance of contract account or business partner.
    When to do the aplication of payment, it need write the invoicing number
    I hope that my coment help you

  • Error when create bank account transfer

    Hi All,
    When I created bank account transfer, i got error message "oracle.jbo.RowValException: JBO-27012: Row validation method validate() failed for row with key oracle.jbo.Key[282 ] in PaymentTransactionsEO"
    Need some help

    Can you provide more info? Release, form where you are performing that transaction?

  • Bank Payment Vocuher Printing

    Regarding bank payment voucher print we have customised with the help of abapers. in the voucher print, system is printing exactly the invoice reference and amount of the particular payment.(if it is a full payment or part payment)
    But for the final settlement of the bills system is taking the clearing document number for all the bills. Document is showing the amount of final payment. But reference of the bill is not showing correctly, it is showing the bill amount istead of final payment amount. how can rectify and which table is to be used for getting the amount exactly for the final amount.
    For taking this detail from BSAD for open item and BSID for clearing items.

    If the config the the module you are using doesn't support a certain type of form them you have two options;
    - Take a copy of the print program and change it to use the desired type of form
    - Create a type of form that is supported and use that to call your form.

  • Bank Payment Registers for Bank Transfers

    We are not able to print Payment Register for Bank Transfers.  GL Transaction Journal has no Ref 3 field used in Banking Payment.
    It is important to list all Incoming and Outgoing Bank Transfers other than Check Payments.
    Kedalene Chong

    I was wondering whether you are referring to something like Check Register Report where you would like to see just bank transfer transactions or just to an enhancement to existing GL Transaction Journal with separate display of bank transfers? What other details you would like to see in such display?
    Could you please desribe a business case (daily scenario) in which you would use such enhancement?
    Thank you.
    Peter Dominik
    B1 Product Definition

  • AP Payment Batch  form

    As per my understanding AP Payment Batch form generates a file with formated check layouts.This file is sent to the server.
    I am supposed to store this file in the database.
    Was going through the seeded APXPAWKB form couldn't find the code which generates this file.
    Will it be possible for someone to throw some light here.
    Do let me know incase more information is required.
    Eagerly waiting to hear.

    Thank you very much for your help.
    I did find the reports which run from the payment batch form.
    And i also gathered a custom program which transfers the file from the standard out directory to the customized one.
    But there has been some change in the requirements and instead of inserting the file into the database i am picking the data from ap_selected_invoice_checks_all and ap_selected_invoices_all and inserting into a staging table from where web-methods is going to pick data and send it across to other vendor for more processing.
    I know that web-methods can spool the data from the staging table every few minutes but i was searching for some way to start the web-methods procedure from oracle. I know the communicating from web-methods to oracle is possible but i am not sure how to do it other way round that is from oracle to web-methods.

  • In dev server my payment advice form f110_prenum_chc  is not working

    friends i need urgent help.
    1) i have copied f110_avis_in frm 000 client to 200 client with form name
    2) i have copied f110_prenum_chc frm 000 client to 200 client form name
    3) then i modified my both forms in 200 saved assigned TRs and
    transported frm DEV server to PRD server(client 700).
    4)in dev server 200 client my both forms are working
      but in prd server 700 client my form cheque z_prenum_dup is
      working but payment advice form zf110_prenum_chc1 is
    not working.
    5) but i can see my both forms r their in 700 prd server in se71 t.code.
    6) if i run f-58 tr.code and by switching on debug mode i can see my
       cheque form but not payment advice form.
    7) if i run in 200 client i can see my both forms.
    can any body plz help me out of this issue.

       I will be able to put some points, if you can give me some more idea about ur problem,
    1, Does system giving any error..?
    2, Can you see a preview..?
      As I understood, it must not have any problem in transportation.
      You can also check with Respective functional consultant whether he has done with required customization in NACE..?
      One more thing you can do is,
      open a program RSNAST00 and put break point at "  PERFORM (tnapr-ronam) IN PROGRAM (tnapr-pgnam) USING returncode", here you can check at runtime ( While in debugging mode) the value of field TNAPR-FONAM, this value must be your SmartForm.  If it is not the case then, there is problem with NACE settings and contact your functional counterpart.
    Hope it's helpful .......Enjoy.

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