Regarding File adaptor?

Hi @ ,
In my scenarion I am using file adaptor where i need to read the file ,i have one doubt IF while the application is writing the file my adaptor reads the file which is still not written completely by the application as a result XI gets incomplete data how to ensure that this particular coincidence doesn't take place and file adaptor reads only complete data file and not incomplete

you just need to set:
Msecs to Wait Before Modification Check
then it will work as you need
is that what you need?
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  • File Adaptor....... system command after file processing

    i am creating 2 files with file adaptors..
    lest say a1.txt and a2.txt..
    in the file adaptor i am specifying the path of a batch file which is located at the same location where these 2 files are created......this batch file should run after message processing
    i am using this .bat file to create a file by combining these 2 files and delete these 2 files after that...
    but nothing seems to be happening..after the 2 files are created.
    seems like the command is not getting triggered which it is suppose to after message processing.
    please help

    Hi Tarun,
    Check this blog, Might give u some idea as well...
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  • Operating system command in file adaptor

    I am doing file to Idoc scenario, can i use the Operating system command in file adaptor to compress the file at FTP server and decompress the file at IE. I don’t know is it possible and if yes then how or is there any other way to handle the big files as the network speed is very low.
    Any clues!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks in advance

    Have a look into these threads - they seem to have the solution u need (i havnt tried it though)
    Unzip file using operating system command in file/ftp receiver adapter
    How to zip and unzip xml files dynamically by XI

  • File adaptor not working.

    Hi ,
        I am trying some scenario using file adaptor but it is not working. I tried with Runtime Workbench but my adaptor entry is not there in Adaptor monitoring.
        Can anybody plz tell me how to check whether adaptor is working or not?
        I am new to XI detailed explanation will be helpful.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Atul,
    Just adding on to what Shabrish has suggested..
    I Guess you should first see if the file is being picked... for that do the following.
    While configuring your Sender File Adapter, let the mode be DELETE. This way, we will know if the file is being picked by the File adapter. The file will be deleted and you can be sure that it has been picked up.
    In your runtime workbench home, there will be a tab, Component Monitoring, click on it. Select status as all, and click on display. The components will be displayed on ur screen. In that, under Integration Server, there will be a link for Adapter Engine. Click on it. Now, scroll down, and u will see a link to adapter monitoring, there under FILE ADAPTER see the log of the file adapter
    and also, you can see the flow of your message in the integration engine in SXMB_MONI.
    Do this and let us know what is happening...

  • Multiple files in different directory using single FILE adaptor

    Hi Guys,
    How can we handle multiple files having different format(PDF,TXT,EXCEL) and in different directory with the single FILE adaptor.
    I know by using "." we ca get mutilple files, but here tthe files are of different format and in different directory.
    Could you please explain as to how we can handle this scenarios?

    The short answer is - "No".
    The Long Question - "Why do you want to use a SINGLE channel".
    If your idea is to reuse the interface then dont worry... Except for the Senderchannel and Sender agreement all your other objects can be reused ...provided your sender apter converts the different files into the same XML format..
    For TXT you can use the simple file adpater..
    For excel see if you can use save the file as .CSV format...then you can use it directlky by the simple FIle adapter..
    For PDF use conversion agent... Here a blog to get u started on that ->
    Arvind R

  • File adaptor Debugging?

    HI @,
    I am using a file adaptor which is reading the file and then archiving it after successfull reading .Now what happened that In my scenarion the file got picked up by adaptor and archived also but there is no trace available in the SXMB_MONI
    I need help in debugging the same scenarion How to dedbugg and why this happened

    I would recommend looking in the Message Display Tool (http://<xiserver>:<xiport>/mdt) for errors.
    Kind regards,

  • File Adaptor-picking after error

    I have a scenario where File adaptor has to pick files where file name is dynamic but the extension is constant e.g <dynamic name>.file
    I have configured the file adaptor for picking up the files, as  *.file but the problem comes when there is some error in the file and adaptor (field content conversion) fails to pick up the file.
    And now on when ever file adaptor polls the directory it again tries to read the same file and fails , irrespective of other  correct files(*.files).
    Is there any way to remove/archive this error file so that file adaptor polls for the next correct files.

    hi satish,
    Are u talking about additional files? If so you can use NameA.optional=yes and proceed.

  • XML File to Flat File scenario: Reciver file adaptor content conversion

    Hello Friends,
    Currently I am working on XML File to Flat File Scenario.
    I used receiver side File adaptor with content conversion.
    My receiver side adaptor is giving error. Error is given below.
    Conversion initialization failed: java.lang.Exception: java.lang.Exception: Error(s) in XML conversion parameters found: Parameter '.fieldFixedLengths' or '.fieldSeparator' is missing
    My content conversion parameters are as:
    row.fieldNames                           Customer_ID,Name,Address,Phone
    row.fieldSeparator                      ,
    row.processConfiguration          FromConfiguration
    row.endSeparator                       'nl'
    Can you please suggest me what kind of error is this?

    Still I am facing below given issue.
    2010-06-08 15:34:25     Error     File adapter receiver channel CC_Customer_FlatFile_Distination is not initialized. Unable to proceed: null
    2010-06-08 15:34:25     Error     Exception caught by adapter framework: Channel has not been correctly initialized and cannot process messages

  • File Archive When file adaptor is Receiver

      How to Archive the File when the File Adaptor is Receiver?
      My scenarios is IDOC TO FILE.

    1.<i>you can try creating your own adapter module for
    that and use it in the file adapter</i>
       --- How to write Adapter module and where to write?
    2. <i>Add Timestamp, Add Counter , etc .,You can use any of these options? Is this what you are looking at?</i>
    I am looking for to take a backup of the file which was generated by XI through idoc to file scenario.Bcoz this file is will be read and deleted by another application(:: I need to store the file in another folder).
    3. <i>write a script or create a batch file</i> ...
      --- Can u plz give some more information...
    4. <i>create anyother file adapter and place the archive folder path</i>
      ---  I created like that but not working (ie. Receiver determination I am unable to give 2 communication channels..)

  • Reg.File Adaptor scheduling

           I have the follwoing questions for you:
    How can I configure the file adapter so that it can pickup a file at every midnight?
    How can I configure the file adapter so that it can pickup a file on every Thursday(i.e. Weekly once)?
    Is it possible to configure the File adaptor as asked above?
    I would be very much thankful to you if you could answer my question ASAP.

    Note:You will need to have the authorizations of the user group SAP_XI_ADMINISTRATOR with the role modify.
    Go to Runtime Workbench -> Component Monitoring -> Communication Channel Monitoring
    Locate the link Availability Time Planning on the top right corner of your Communication Channel Monitoring page.
    In your case, the requirement is to schedule the Sender file adapter daily once at Specified time.
    In Availability Time Planning, choose the Availability time as daily and say create.
    Provide the details like the time “   “
    Then select the communication channel , goto the Communication Channels tab and filter and add the respective channel (File Sender).
    Once all the above has been done 'Save' the changes.
    Reward Points If Helpful

  • File adaptor

    hi, i have a doubt . my requirement is i want to send a flat file as a flat file using file adaptor. in that my structure consists 236 fields, i cant specifiy each and every field in that. it takes more time.
    is there is any alternative for this.

    If both sender and receiver are flat file with content conversion with coma saeparated then there is a way to solve it.
    - first my doubt is , you wat the same file from source to target , no structure modification, is it correct , or you want do some thing in mapping ??
    create a data type under row as root node with 0..unbound, message type . and create outbound interface and inbound interface with same mt.
    so no need of mapping.if you dont have to do any thing in mapping except one to one.
    and rest of config is same .
    Only you have to give the file cc is
    file record structure ; row
    processing parameters
    ignorerecordset ; true
    row.fieldSeparator : ,
    row.endseparator ; 'nl'

  • How to configure the file adaptor so as to send an sample XML message.

    Hi all ,
    I had done the configuration and now i want to test the scenario but i dont now how to do that ?.
    how to configure the file adaptor so as to send an sample XML message to the integration server ?.
    I am totally new to XI.
    please help me out how to do it.
    its an urgent.

    I think you should post your question Process Integration (PI) & SOA Middleware.
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            Shehryar Khan

  • Difference between  MDM adaptor and File adaptor?

    Hello All,
    Could any one light on the difference between PI Adaptor and File adaptor?

    >>>Could any one light on the difference between PI Adaptor and File adaptor?
    for MDM <= 5.5
    there was no difference as file adapter was the MDM adapter
    it changed with the latest version as Shabz mentioned
    Michal Krawczyk

  • HOw to set processing sequence of file in File adaptor?

    Hi @ ,
    I am using file adaptor where i need to ensure the files are processed in a particular sequence like a,b,c,d and if c is received before a and b it should not be processed unless a and b are processed
    Please help how to do this .

    you just need to set:
    Processing Sequence (for transport protocol File System (NFS))
    (it only works with NFS)
    and set it: By Date
    is that what you're looking for?
    <a href="/people/michal.krawczyk2/blog/2005/06/28/xipi-faq-frequently-asked-questions"><b>XI / PI FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions</b></a>

  • Issue in File Adaptor

    I am using a file adaptor to poll file from a location and process the records and to call an java callout in the same proxy which will accept filename with file path as argument.But this java callout always reurns filenotfound error.I also tried to give stage directory value/archive directory along with file name.But getting the same error.Kindly help me to find the location of polled file(but proxy is still processing).

    poll file from a location ... proxy which will accept filename with file path as argumentJava callout will run on the host OSB server is running... File must be in that same host... If it's not you will have to write the file before passing to the java callout... But probably passing the content as a byte array to the java callout would be a better option...

Maybe you are looking for

  • Migo: field not ready for input

    hello  , i am stuck with an issue , which is ---   I have to add two fields in migo tablecontrol with dyndr- 200, for overdelivery tolerance and under delivery tolerance. I am able to add them with my custom fields (ZZUEBTO,ZZUNTTO). and now fields a

  • How to set min-password length on ASR1002?

    How to set min-password length on ASR1002?

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    My hp officejet 4500 all in one wifi. Was working fine now it wont print words only will print in codes.  Already reinstalled printer but that didn't correct the problem.  Im desperate   ;{

  • IDOC confirmation

    Hi, Here is the question that I faced in one of the interviews. How can we confirm whether this is an Inbound IDOC or Outbound IDOC just by seeing it? Plz give me answer for this....... Thanks, ravindra.

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