Regarding Material Master Record and Vendor Master Record

Dear Gurus,
I have deleted both Material Master and Vendor Msater  records and i want to activate again. how to do this can anybody explain.

If you have not archived data, u can reactivate both masters from same tcodes by which u flaged for deletion..
I think mm06 & xk06/07

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  • Hi regarding material master and vendor master (mm01,xk01) upload using BDC

    hi can any one tell me how to upload material maste and vendor master using BDC.
    will the views capture by shdb when i use recording.

    Hey i suggest you to go to LSMW direct input program method. That's the best option.
    Material Master:
    Object               0020   Material master
    Method               0000
    Program Name         RMDATIND
    Program Type         D   Direct Input
    Vendor Master:
    Object               0040   Vendor master
    Method               0001   Standard
    Program Name         RFBIKR00
    Program Type         B   Batch Input

  • Regarding material master record

    Hi guru's
    material master records are created by MM consultants or SD consultants.
    can u please give me the early as possible

    Hi Ramesh,
       Material master is basically the part of both SD and MM cycle.Actually it depends upon the views which needs to be selected in order to solve your purpose.
      For e.g. views like sales org data 1,sales org data2,sales general plant data are the part of sd cycle.
      Where as views like Purchasing are part of MM cycle and views like MRP 1 TO 4 are required by PP and MM both.
      SD people can create their own views and if MM person wants to include his own views then that material can be extended.WExtension can be done by writing the name of the material in MM01 na can select relevant views.
      hope this answers your questions.
      Reward points if it helps.

  • Regarding material master.

    Hi All,
    1. there are many views ie data will be supplied to the material master. how upload of data takes place in the production system.
    2. In the material master I have come across cash discount filed , what is the use of that ? can any one explain what is the significance of that.
    Devi Reddy.

    hi devi
    If we check cash discount then the material is valid for Cash discount when selling the product to customer.
    Next field is Condition Tab: If we open that field then it will go to Condition Scales..we can maintain scales for that material
    like Ex:
    From 10pices-----rs.200
             20pices---- rs.100
    So if u enter that material in sales order.. if u give material quantity for 10 it will pick up the price rs.200
    like wise if u give quantity for 20 it will pick up the price rs.100
    for quantity for 30 it will pick up the price rs.50
    if not clear reply me.. and try this... one time...

  • Regarding Material master segment.

    HI all,
    I need to see the fields of mm01 that can be passed by BD10.For that please tell me how to view fields of material master segment.Please tell segment name and transaction to view.Also please tell if its possible to pass classification view by BD10.

    You can check from WE31 transaction for segment E1MARAM.
    Just double click on each segment defnition you can get all fields.

  • Regarding : Material document data and PO data do not match (Plant)

    Hi Gurus,
    Please go through this BAPI program.
    While uploading it is giving an error ' Material document data and PO data do not match (Plant) '.
    Please help regarding this issue.For all Other moment types it is working fine except this 351 moment type.
    dATA: i_excel TYPE truxs_t_text_data. "work table for excel upload
    DATA: BEGIN OF it_itab OCCURS 100,
          mvt_type(3), "Movement Type
          plant(4), "Plant
          pur_doc(10), "Purchase Document No
          po_item(3), "Purchase Document Item No
          material(18), "Material Number
         lfmng(13), "Quantity
          batch(10) TYPE c,
          vfdat TYPE vfdat,
          END OF it_itab.
    DATA: it_goodsmvt_head TYPE TABLE OF bapi2017_gm_head_01      INITIAL SIZE 100,
          it_goodsmvt_code TYPE TABLE OF bapi2017_gm_code         INITIAL SIZE 100,
          it_goodsmvt_item TYPE TABLE OF bapi2017_gm_item_create  INITIAL SIZE 100.
    DATA: wa_goodsmvt_head LIKE LINE OF it_goodsmvt_head,
          wa_goodsmvt_code LIKE LINE OF it_goodsmvt_code,
          wa_goodsmvt_item LIKE LINE OF it_goodsmvt_item.
    DATA: w_mat_doc  TYPE bapi2017_gm_head_ret-mat_doc,
          w_year     TYPE bapi2017_gm_head_ret-doc_year.
    DATA: BEGIN OF it_errmsg_goodsmvt OCCURS 10.
            INCLUDE STRUCTURE bapiret2.
    DATA: END OF it_errmsg_goodsmvt.
    DATA : obj_type LIKE bapiache09-obj_type,
           obj_key  LIKE bapiache09-obj_key,
           obj_sys  LIKE bapiache09-obj_sys.
    DATA: v_date1 TYPE sy-datum.
    DATA: v_date2 TYPE sy-datum.
    DATA: w_lines TYPE i.
    DATA: errflag.
    PARAMETERS: p_file TYPE  rlgrap-filename.
          field_name = 'P_FILE'
          file_name  = p_file.
    Start-of-selection processing
          i_line_header        = 'X'
          i_tab_raw_data       = i_excel
          i_filename           = p_file
          i_tab_converted_data = it_itab[]
          conversion_failed    = 1
          OTHERS               = 2.
      IF sy-subrc <> 0.
        MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno
                WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.
      LOOP AT it_itab.
        REFRESH it_goodsmvt_head.
        REFRESH it_goodsmvt_item.
        CONCATENATE it_itab-docdate6(4) it_itab-docdate3(2) it_itab-docdate+0(2) INTO v_date1.
        CONCATENATE it_itab-postdate6(4) it_itab-postdate3(2) it_itab-postdate+0(2) INTO v_date2.
        wa_goodsmvt_head-pstng_date = v_date2.
        wa_goodsmvt_head-doc_date   = v_date1.
       wa_goodsmvt_head-ref_doc_no = it_itab-delnote.
    wa_goodsmvt_head-pr_uname   = sy-uname.
        APPEND wa_goodsmvt_head TO it_goodsmvt_head.
    Maintain it_goodsmvt_code
        wa_goodsmvt_code-gm_code    = '04'.
    Maintain it_goodsmvt_item
    *LOOP AT it_itab.
    IF wa_goodsmvt_item-po_number IS INITIAL.
        wa_goodsmvt_item-po_number    = it_itab-pur_doc.
        wa_goodsmvt_item-move_type    = it_itab-mvt_type.
        wa_goodsmvt_item-MOVE_PLANT      = it_itab-plant.
            input  = it_itab-material
            output = it_itab-material.
        wa_goodsmvt_item-material     = it_itab-material.
        wa_goodsmvt_item-stge_loc     = it_itab-lgort.
        wa_goodsmvt_item-po_item      = it_itab-po_item.
        wa_goodsmvt_item-entry_qnt    = it_itab-erfmg.
        wa_goodsmvt_item-ENTRY_UOM_ISO    = it_itab-uom.
       wa_goodsmvt_item-po_pr_qnt    = it_itab-lfmng.
        wa_goodsmvt_item-batch        = it_itab-batch.
        wa_goodsmvt_item-expirydate   = it_itab-vfdat.
       wa_goodsmvt_item-NO_MORE_GR   = 'X'.
        wa_goodsmvt_item-mvt_ind      = 'B'.
        APPEND wa_goodsmvt_item TO it_goodsmvt_item.
            goodsmvt_header  = wa_goodsmvt_head
            goodsmvt_code    = wa_goodsmvt_code
            materialdocument = w_mat_doc
            goodsmvt_item    = it_goodsmvt_item
            return           = it_errmsg_goodsmvt.
    Process of commit work
        IF it_goodsmvt_head[] IS NOT INITIAL.
          DESCRIBE TABLE it_goodsmvt_head LINES w_lines.
        IF it_goodsmvt_item[] IS NOT INITIAL.
          DESCRIBE TABLE it_goodsmvt_item LINES w_lines.
              wait = 'X'.
        RETURN        =
          CLEAR errflag.
          READ TABLE it_errmsg_goodsmvt INDEX 1.
          IF it_errmsg_goodsmvt-type EQ 'E'.
            WRITE:/'Error in function', it_errmsg_goodsmvt-message.
            errflag = 'X'.
            WRITE:/ it_errmsg_goodsmvt-message.
          IF errflag IS INITIAL.
            IF sy-subrc NE 0.
              WRITE:/ 'Error in updating'.
              WRITE:/ 'Material Document created successfully and the Document Number for the Material',
                      wa_goodsmvt_item-material,'is:', w_mat_doc, w_year.

    Just wanted to post that in my case this was the error of MVT_IND field in item table. When I made it from 'B' to blank then it worked.
    Mine is solved....

  • Workflow Help regarding Material master workflow

    I have a requirement as follows...anyone can help me or tell me the possibility of doing this..
    1. Basis material will be created with mandatory fields.
    2.Once the above material is stored it has to trigger workflow to inimate 10 members to fillup the fields(appropriate) for this material based on the material type and the fields to which they are attached or responsible.
    3. In the sameway the plant data needs to be maintained by 5 persons in addition to the above based on the plant.
    Help me to setting up this in ECC 6.0.

    this sounds like a great iteration on the MM02 transaction. If the users can live with the standard screens, you can call transaction with a view corresponding to the selection in the beginning of the screen. The real chalange in this workflow is how to controle and maintain all the agents to do which enrichment of the material. This can be done with a small workflow, where you construct a large controle table, in which you can maintain, who will (or what roles) will maintain which views. When the agents have been found, create a subworkflow to run in parallel, for each agent.
    Hope it makes sence.
    Kind regards

  • Regarding Material Master Field Makt-maktx(Short description)

    hi ,
    i have one requirement, i want to make Maktx (short Description)
    for material Field as optional, i had tried , by going in group 20,
    and tried to change it optional, but things are not working as per.
    Can anybody help me out for this.

    Field MAKTX is a mandatory field. You cant make it optional I suppose.
    Pl note the following from SAP HELP:
    Enter all required information. Fields in which you must enter data are
    prefilled with a checkmark or question mark ("?") by the system. If the
    current screen contains tabs, check all tabs to make sure you have     
    filled in all required fields. Then restart the action.    

  • Question regarding material for Forms and Reports

    Hi, I'm good at SQL, now that i would like to learn Forms and Reports in Database. But i dont know like where to start and how to start. Could someone please help me out like what i need to do to learn them. As i said i'm very much new to these concepts.
    Thanks in advance

    if buying abook is an option for you and you are speaking german I would advise you to get
    Perry Pakull, Stefan Jüssen, Walter H. Müller:
    "Praktische Anwendungsentwicklung mit Oracle Forms", HANSER Verlag ISBN-10: 3-446-41098-8. Have a look at

  • Error in BAPI_PO_CHANGE - No info record exists from material and vendor

    I am using BAPI_PO_CHANGE for performing material exchange in a PO.
    While the new exchanged material do not have any info record for the vendor, the BAPI is throwing an error " No info record exists for material ABC and vendor ABC."
    The funny thing is the bapi return Error message shows the vendor number and material number same. Infact the material is A and vendor is B.
    We will not maintain any info records and hence the BAPI should not ask us to maintain any info record.
    Also I want to mention that Material exchange is working fine in ME22N but BAPI is throwing the error. The above error is a warning message in ME22N but a hard error in BAPI.
    Anyone having any idea? Please help.
    <promise removed by moderator>
    Thanks in advance.
    Aafaque Husain
    Edited by: Thomas Zloch on Mar 10, 2011 3:49 PM

    The error and the same values would seem to indicate an error in the input to the BAPI...

  • In creation of material master

    hi to all,
    I have one issue regarding material master creation in in intial screen.
    when i enter the material number, industry sector and material type it gives one error  message as "record Z2 01  is not exist in table T133A"  and message number as "M3748".

    Are you experiencing this after upgrade?
    This is something relevant to IS-oil.
    However please go through OSS notes 918298 and 868771, you may get a clue.
    warm regards

  • What is the concept of  view in material master?

    Hello sap gurus
    Some quetions regarding Material Master
    what is  the concept of views in material master ?
    what is determined by specifying industry sector in material master ?
    To sell material which views are material are maintened in Material master?

    <b>Material master  for finished ggods is related with SD, MM & PP departments</b>. If you carefully go through the various screens in MM record you will realize the importance of the respective fields and the department to which they belong.
    <b>1.Suppose Base unit of measure</b> in Basic data 1 screen. The production people will keep the stock of the item using this UOM.
    <b>2. In Sales:Sales Org.1</b> screen we have sales unit in which we will sell the material.
    <b>3. Then we have the plant</b> data in which we enter the delivering plant. Also the taxes are determined from the plant so we have the settings for taxes also - whether this material is fully taxable/50% tax/Tax exempted.
    <b>4. Then we have purchasing</b> screen in which the data like the purchasing group, variable units,etc are entered. This will effect the purchasing cycle when we are procuring a material from outside. This is related to MM.
    <b>5. The we have MRP</b>, this is related to PP as to how to manufacture the product, the MRP type, the strategy group - whether it is MTO/MTS like that.
    <b>5. Sales:Sales Org.2 screen</b> - Here we mainatin the account assignment group which is very important as far as the generation of the accounting document is concerned. This triggers the system where to post the value in which G/L account. Accounting document is generated when we create the invoice in VF01 & save it.
    <b>6. Work scheduling</b> - Related with the sceduling of the production as to whether underdelivery or overdelivery is allowed, the storage location
    <b>7. Quality</b> - Here you can select for a particular finished item where where it has to be checked for quality during its journey from the raw material stage to the finished goods store as a finished item.
    <b>8. Accounting</b> - Related to accounting, product costing, total value of the stock in hand, etc. Also related with FI & PP
    So all the screens have data which effects one or more modules for the proper functioning of the system to give the optimum results.
    <b>Industry Sector:</b>
    Key that specifies the branch of industry to which the material is assigned.
    When you create a material master record, the industry sector you specify determines
    1. which screens appear and in what order
    2. which industry-specific fields appear on the individual screens
    <b>Screens for Sales:</b>
    Sales:Sales Org.1, Sales:Sales Org.2. But other screens also have data which is related to sales. You cannot just maintain the sales views and save the master. It has to be properly linked with the other modules also for the proper functioning of the system. That is why the system is called as "Enterprise Resource Planning" You have to paln the resources of your company and these resources are related with all the modules.
    Reward points if solution helps.
    Allabaqsh G. Patil

  • Material Status field in Material master

    This is regarding Material Master.
    Where can I find field Material Status (MARA-PSTAT) in Material Master??

    Different views of material master when maintained are given a unique ID such as:
    Work scheduling - A
    Accounting - B
    Classification - C
    MRP - D
    Purchasing - E
    Production resources/tools - F
    Costing - G
    Basic data - K
    Storage - L
    Forecasting - P
    Quality management - Q
    Warehouse management - S
    Sales - V
    Plant stocks - X
    Storage location stocks - Z
    MARA-VPSTA- MARA is the master table for materials and is at client level. VPSTA tells you all the views that have been created for the material. and Plant Stock and Storage Location stock views get created automatically.
    MARA-PSTAT - tells you the views that have been created manually.
    MARC-PSTAT - tells you the view created manually, relevant to Plant
    MARD-PSTAT - tells you the view created manually, relevant to Storage Location data (Storage)
    MBEW-PSTAT - tells you the view created manually, relevant to Finance (Accounting and Costing)

  • D prefix of Material Master

    This is a requirement regarding material master. There are some materials in the system with D prefix. Now client requirement is they want to remove this D prefix from materials.
    E.g. D-09XMSR416BBC1.IO
    Now client want new material no as 09XMSR416BBC1.IO  only.
    There are open PRs, POs, GRs, IVs.
    Please suggest the solution.Is any abap standard program is avilable for this Purspose.
    Swetha Reddy

    HI Kesava,
    explain clearly. More than 1 lack materials having the D-prifix. How can i handle this situation programatically.

  • Material Master,Vedor Master and Info record

    When we create all these record, some of the fields are populated from one an other, so if we change these common field in one record, will it be changed itself in other record?like purchasing value key in MM and Info record are common so if we change this one in info record,the change in MM will be done itself or not and if not why?

    Let me take one example of reminder days only.
    Now material master's reminder days are specific and limited to that material only. for ex for material "007" reminder days are 3,6 and 9. that is in general.
    but when that material is provided by X vendor than reminder should be 4,7 and 11..than what?
    that should be maintained in info record. so info record is one level up for data maintenance. so if there is no info record, reminder days will be take from material master that is first level. but if you have maintained info record , means you want some specific data for that material when it is provided by any specific vendor..than reminder should be taken from info record.
    when data is adopted , first system checks info record than material master/vendor master.
    so when you create info record, some data are taken from master data ( material master/vendor master) but you can overwrite it base upon your need.
    than that data is fixed for that material n doesnt change if you change master data...
    hope this solves your query..
    reward if useful.and revert if any doubt

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