Relation ship between table USR02 and ADRP

Hi all,
My requirement is to dispaly the userid , username, address and email id.
iam unable to find the realtionship  between table USR02 ( which maintains userid's) and ADRP( which has user name, etcs).
Please tell the how to fetch the name , address and email id data for perticular userid
thanks in advance

Using userid U can get the personnel number from PA0105 ..
pass this PERSNUMBER to ADRP and get other details.
select pernr from pa0105 .....
          where USRID = USR02-USRID.

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    I am using jdev
    Use case:
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    master table - req_hdr
    detail table - req_file
    req_hdr is drop as adf table (t1) on a fragment page and req_file is drop on popup as adf table (t2).
    user can add any no of row in req_file with respect to each row of req_hdr.
    to open popup for req_file, a command image link is provided in one column of req_hdr.
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    On save button,commit operation is performed and on close button,rollback operation and popup.hide() is performed.
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    Popup contains no row while in database there is one row exist for that.
    2. if user add a new row in req_file and perform save( commit ) and again for next row of req_hdr user open a popup to add new row in req_file and click on add button ,values of preceding row is already populated in new row while is should be empty because req_hdr and req_file have master detail relation and for next id of req_hdr, req_file should display new row.
    Anyone have the solution regarding this....?

    the contentDelivery for the popup is already set to lazyUncached
    and on add button i use following code to add new row:--
    Row r_file=null;
    CollectionModel tableModel = (CollectionModel)getT2().getValue();
    JUCtrlHierBinding adfModel = (JUCtrlHierBinding)tableModel.getWrappedData();
    DCIteratorBinding dciter = adfModel.getDCIteratorBinding();
    NavigatableRowIterator nav=dciter.getNavigatableRowIterator();
    Row lastRow=nav.last();
    int r_index=nav.getRangeIndexOf(lastRow);
    nav.insertRowAtRangeIndex(r_index+1, r_file);
    r_file.setAttribute("Sno", vo_file.getEstimatedRowCount());
    r_file.setAttribute("Filetype", null);
    r_file.setAttribute("Filename", null);
    r_file.setAttribute("Remark", null);
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    Hi Roy, please check this link.
    Rich Heilman

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  • Relation-Ship between Personal Area & Bussiness Area

    Hello Everone,
    can any one pls help me out with one of my query .
    the query is, i want the releation-ship  between Personal Area and Bussiness Area and on which table do i find it ????
    waiting for ur Response
    Edited by: Rakesh Barthwal on Jan 14, 2008 7:19 AM

    Hi Rakesh,
    You can create the relationship between the Company Code & Business Area in the V_TFIN020. So that it will automatically default the BA in the IT0001 of the employee.
    Business Area in terms of Finance where the Business is happening and PA is the geographical location in HR Perspective.
    You can find the relationship in IT0001, in terms of table its PA0001.
    Good Luck

  • What is difference between table space and shchema

    what is difference between table space and shchema ?

    784633 wrote:
    so each user has it own space of tables - schema ?yes, but let's clarify a bit ....
    The "schema" is the collection of all objects owned by a particular user. So if user SCOTT creates two tables, EMP and DEPT, and a view EMP_RPT, and a procedure GET_MY_EMP, those objects (tables, views, procedures) collectively make up the SCOTT schema.
    Those objects will be physically stored in a tablespace.
    A tablespace is a named collection of data files. So tablespace USERS will be made up of one or more data files. A specific datafile can belong to one and only one tablespace. If a tablespace has more than one data file, oracle will manage those files as a collection invisible to the application - much like the OS or disk subsystem handles striping across multiple physical disks.
    A specific object in the SCOTT schema can exist in only one tablespace, but not all objects of the schema have to be in the same tablespace. Likewise a tablespace can contain objects from multiple schemas.
    and can one user to access tables of other users?As others have said - FRED can access tables belonging to SCOTT as long has SCOTT has granted that access to FRED.

  • Find the key for join between table "crhd" and "equi" for use field "answt"

    I make program for read data from table "crhd" for print  about machine report
    but I can not find the key for link join to table "equi" for print field "answt" (acquistion value)
    please help me  find the key field for join between table "crhd" and "equi" for use field "answt"
    thank you very much...

    This is how the Work Center is linked to a particular Equipment -
    Functional - In IE03 ( view Equipments) You see the Work Center of a particular Equipment.
    Technical - Go to view V_EQUI ( view of EQUI and EQUZ). Pass the Equipment number alongwith V_EQUI-PM_OBJTY = 'A' ( i,.e searching for the Object Type Work Center).  In this way u ll get the V_EQUI-GEWRK - this is the Work Center ID.
    You can pass this Work Center ID to CRHD. And you will get the Work Center text.
    CRHD-OBJTY = 'A'
    and u ll get the CRHD-ARBPL - this is the Work Center.
    So u need to come backwards, alongwith ur CRHD-OBJTY and CRHD-OBJID , you pass the same to V_EQUI and u get the list of equipment numbers alongwith ur ANSWT(Acquisition value).
    I guess it solves ur problem.

  • Difference between table CKMLKEPH and transaction figure of CKM3

    Hi Gurus,
    Having an issue in material ledger transaction and table data.
    There is a difference between table CKMLKEPH and transaction figure of CKM3 for couple of periods.
    Single level price difference for raw material domestic figure coming in transaction CKM3 is not matching with CKMLKEPH table.
    Can you advice the tentative reason of it.
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi MC,
    MLHELP_CCS_CONS_CHECK which check the actual CCS and the program
    MLHELP_SPRICE_CCS_INIT for the standard CCS.
    These programs are provided by the ML Helpdesk tool via note 364368.
    Although these reports are used by SAP Support you can execute them in
    test mode to verify your CCS data.

  • Link between tables BBP_PDACC and BBP_DET_ACCOUNT

    Hi All,
    I am creating a shopping cart using function module BBP_PD_SC_CREATE. I can determine a GL account based on product category using table BBP_DET_ACCOUNT. But there are some other account assignment details which this function module requires and based on existing shopping carts that are created, I found that they are stored in table BBP_PDACC. Is there any linkage between tables BBP_PDACC and BBP_DET_ACCOUNT.
    Any help or guidance will be really appreciated.

    Hi Ameet,
    Yeah you need to provide other account assignment if your business process do require? For example if you choose account assignment category as "Cost center" then standard account assignment category set up require Cost Center and GL account to pass in this function module. Account assignment configuration you can verify in SPRO in Cross application basic settings --> Account Assignment --> Define Account assignment category.
    BBP_PDACC as i mentioned earlier gets populated when you will create Shopping cart as it will store shopping cart account information.
    Hope this helps.
    thank you

  • Relations ship between ADF and Fusion CRM

        Currently I'm in need of a clarification and thus posting this query. I'm currently being trained in Oracle ADF. I wanted to know if my training is useful to work in Fusion CRM in anyway?
    Thanks & Regards,

    In the table CRMM_BUT_LNK0141 youll have a mapping between the PARTNER_GUID and SET_GUID.
    Get the SET_GUID corresponding to the PARTNER_GUID and
    in the table CRMM_BUT_SET0140 you can get the Sales Office,Sales Group etc by giving the SET_GUID.

  • Relation field between table VBRK/VBRP and BSEG

    Can any body guide on the common fields between VBRK/ VBRP and BSEG, except field "assignment".

    If you know the accounting document number, Goto SE16. enter BSEG table and enter.
    Enter the accounting document number in selection screen. E.g 90000498.
    You will get multiple lines. E.g normal billing document(Not credit memo /debit memo)
    Customer information will be available in posting key 01 line (Header). And Item information will be avilable in Posting key 50 line.
    List of fields available in Header.
    Billing document number
    Payment terms
    Company code
    Controlling area
    Reconciliation account number
    Item level information in Posting key 50.
    Tax amount
    Tax code
    As per my knowledge for reporting purpose we don't use BSEG  bcoz of performance issue.
    BKPF -  Accounting document Header

  • Relationship between Table BKPF and RBKP

    Hello Developers,
    I need to fetch value of field BKTXT  from table BKPF and this value need to insert in internal table i_tab.
    in the below situation:
    select bebeln bebelp bwerks ausnam alifnr abelnr
             abldat abudat
             caedat cekgrp cbukrs cekorg
             dbanfn dbnfpo dnetpr dafnam
      into corresponding fields of table i_tab
      from rbkp as a join rseg as b on abelnr = bbelnr
                     join ekko as c on bebeln = cebeln
                     join ekpo as d on cebeln = debeln
                                          and bebelp = debelp
      where a~budat in s_date
        and b~werks in s_werks
        and c~bstyp = c_f
        and c~ekorg in s_ekorg
        and a~bukrs in s_bukrs.
    Can any one suggest how to relate table BKPF with other table like RBKP.
    Thanks in advance.

    perform the following steps:-
    1.   Go to transaction SQVI
    2.   Create a View
    3.   Enter title
    4.   Choose the Data source as Table Join
    5.   Go to insert table and add table as per your requirement.
    and hereafter you can find relation between any two tables...

  • Relative linking between tables no longer supported?

    With the Numbers 3.1 update, relative linking between cells in different tables no longer seems to work. That means that if I want to pull the value of one cell into a cell in another table, now if I reorder either table, the value that gets passed changes. Up to this 3.1 update, Numbers was able to keep it straight if you sorted one (or both) of the tables.
    This is bad (for me, anyway). Am I missing something? Thanks.

    I'm not even using a formula. I'm simply saying take the value of a cell from one table and pull it into another table.
    I have two tables (Grades and Participation). In the Grades table, I'm pulling the summed participation score for each student from the Participation table. So, for Student A, in the Grades table, I have a cell in their row of scores:
    =Participation::All Sections::R3
    This makes the cell equal to the cell R3 on the table "All Sections" on the sheet "Participation" (yes, the tables are on different sheets; this shouldn't matter).
    This works, but if I resort the table "Participation," say by last name only instead of by section number/last name or by student number, the student who lands on Row 3 is different, and R3 is the number for a different student. But on the Grades table, the student in Row 3 has stayed the same. And the number for that student is now wrong.
    In Numbers 3.01, I think this worked correctly. So, if you resorted, Numbers was able to keep it straight in the other table. In Number 2.3 it surely worked correctly, because I can test it, and here's how Numbers 2.3 references that same cell. Instead of simply referencing the cell R3, it uses a unique identifer that references the email field in each row - like so:
    =Participation::All Sections::Participation [email protected]
    That way, if I resort, everything stayes aligned across tables. Numbers 3.1 is no longer doing this.
    Anyway, that's the problem. I hope it makes sense. Thanks.

  • Relationship between tables CRMD_ORDERADM_H and BBP_PDORG

    Hi all,
    I need to search all the RFx for a certain condition.
    In the transaction BBP_PD i can see that the header table is CRMD_ORDERADM_H and the table for org. data is BBP_PDORG.
    But the guid of both tables are different.
    Do you know how I can relate the two tables?
    Thanks in advance !

    Hello Husalban,
    SELECT set_guid FROM bbp_pdorg
    SELECT guid_hi FROM crmd_link WHERE guid_set = bbp_pdorg-set_guid
    SELECT header FROM crmd_orderadm_i WHERE guid = crmd_link-guid_hi
    SELECT object_id process_type FROM crmd_orderadm_h WHERE guid = crmd_orderadm_i-header

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