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I've got a problem here, when I'm trying to release the cost estimates. I get an error message that "Account 650300 requires an assignment to a CO object". The above gl account is a stock reval gains P&L account, but this problem was never there before.
Any ideas what could be the reason for this?
Many thanks

Good evening and greetings,
This revaluation is hit when there is a difference in Material Master price and the new Standard cost estimate...Earlier you would have defaulted a cost centre inside the cost element...please check inside the cost element for a cost centre...the best way to maintain is OKB9...Alternatively if CO-PA is active, the differences can be settled to the product hierarchy which is again a cost object.
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Ramesh Padmanabhan

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  • KE380 for finished good with released cost estimate

    Dear Gurus,
    We have following error.
    No product costing estimate could be found
    Message no. KE380
    In Profitability Analysis (CO-PA), the system tried to find a product cost estimate for product 20010412 in plant FA03 that uses costing variant LG01.
    The system looked for the cost estimate using costing key LG1 as defined in the CO-PA Customizing
    System Response
    No estimate could be found.
    Check the settings for valuation using product costing. If necessary, create a product cost estimate for this product.
    The thing is this error occurs for materials with released cost estimate.
    Before we had error ke350 for all materials considering DIEN and ROH.
    After supressing the error in kepc we can release invoices with DIEN and ROH materials.
    But we got another ke380.
    How can we solve this issue?
    With best regards,

    This type of errror is usual if costing based COPA is active and you are using Costing key to valuate the inventory using the Standard cost estimation.
    When the costing key is been configured in COPA to access the standard cost estimation and is accordingly assigned to material types, then when the billing is released to accounting system tries to find out the SCE in the material master to pass the COGM to COPA. If it doesnt find the same, it will throw the error.
    Hence, run SCE and update your material master.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Ravi Kumar

  • Deleting the released cost estimate -reg

    I have created std cost estimate for one material through CK40N and released.
    After that , I tried to delete the cost estimate through CK44 , The variant (costing name) only deleted but  i could not delete the released cost estimate  for the material.
    No GR , sales invoice any posting were happened after releasing.
    Can you suggest me, what could be the reason and  how to delete the cost esimate.

    Dear Karthikeyan,
    If you want to delete the released cost estimate use CKR1,which is not recommanded,as it may create
    CKR1 is used to reorganize or delete the existing or the future or the previous standard cost estimates.
    CK44 is used to delete the costing run datas.

  • Release cost estimate

    Hi Experts,
    We run product cost estimate by CK40n. When we realease price we found there is difference of 1.00 or 2.00 Rs when we compare price at analysis.
    e.g when we analysis cost estimate we found price 12.00 Rs & when release price we found that released price 10.00 Rs.
    Whats the problem. Please help

    Hi Raja,
    Can you please give us some more details like are you having multiple Prodcution version for the same cost estimate?  and are you relaeasing the same cost estimate with the same production version for which you are creating the cost estimate?
    Best Regards,

  • Material Cost Estimate - Release too early

    I ran the cost estimate for one material on 12.06.2008 and i released the cost estimate. Here it is saying 'Cost Estimate released too early'. I thought system is releasing the cost for material for the next month. but i want to update the material cost for this month only.
    And how many days before you have to run the cost estimate for the new month.

    Hi Sateesh,
    Please check the period which you have mentioned in CK24.
    I think the period you have given is of next month. Hence system is giving that message as next month's  period may not have been opened.
    System allows to release cost estimate only once in a period. Normal practice is to carry out cost run at the end of the month.
    Please do let me know if your problem is solved.

  • Material ledger and standard cost estimate

    Hi Gurus,
    When standard cost estimate is done in a scenario, where  material ledger is activated, does the entire stock get revaluated andl post a credit in my P/L? Is it possible  to keep my inventory(FG and SFG) at periodic unit price ie at the actual manufacturing price over a longer period say 3 years? Please fill this gap in my understanding.
    Best regards

    Hi Vimal,
    Material ledger uses the standard price as 'preliminary price' always during the current month, independent of the question if a new standard price was estimated and released.
    But: After period end, when the actual price is calculated the posting will adjust the inventory and P/L accounts to the actual price, with posting date in the recent period.
    That means if you have a material that was manufactured once and then consumed over a 3 year period, and during that period you calculate the same material in a standard cost estimate with changing results, that would mean: Looking back at any month during the 3 years the consumption and stock values will be valued at the actual price of manufacturing. But during the currently open period it will always be valuated at the price of the last released cost estimate.
    I hope I understood your scenario correct...
    Best regards,  Udo

  • Taking more time for loading Real Cost estimates

    Dear Experts,
    It is taking more time to load data into cude CO-PC: Product Cost Planning - Released Cost Estimates(0COPC_C09).The update mode is "Full Update"There are only 105607 records.For other areas there are more than this records,but it gets loaded easily.
    I have problem only to this 0COPC_C09.Could  anybody can guide me?.

    suresh.ratnaji wrote:
    NAME                                 TYPE        VALUE
    _optimizer_cost_based_transformation string      OFF
    filesystemio_options                 string      asynch
    object_cache_optimal_size            integer     102400
    optimizer_dynamic_sampling           integer     2
    optimizer_features_enable            string
    optimizer_index_caching              integer     0
    optimizer_index_cost_adj             integer     100
    optimizer_mode                       string      choose
    optimizer_secure_view_merging        boolean     TRUE
    plsql_optimize_level                 integer     2
    please let me know why it taking more time in INDEX RANGE SCAN compare to the full table scan?Suresh,
    Any particular reason why you have a non-default value for a hidden parameter, optimizercost_based_transformation ?
    On my database, its default value is "linear". What happens when you reset the value of the hidden parameter to default?

  • Cost estimate REM

    I donot have PP knowledge(I m into QM),and I am trying to run production cycle in rem.I have creatd the master data by opying from other..I have reached backflush stage,but system is saying no cost estimate available for period. Can somebody suggest what steps to do next.Or am i missing some master data.
    Pls asssist
    THANK you in advance

      Hi assume u have created required master data,however pls reconfirm whether
    a)u r MM mrp profile has rem profile and rem allowed indicator.
    b)do u have a valid poduction version
    c)in the P>V tab have u CHECKED teh Run shedule header tab.
      Next, step will be to create Run schedule header.(3.1i) ,t code: MF01.or product cost collector as our PP guru suggested.The Run Scedule header is basically an object that collects all the Costing data related to u r product(inclusive of P.V,therefore BOM,Pr line,Routing,Validilty dates for RSh,etc).So when u run a cost estimate for this product the system will pick data with reference to RSh.This RSH is like a cost collector for updating or collecting the costs for this product.
    Cost estimate(3.1 i),since our guru has suggested for laetr verison)
    --CK11 run cost estimate(pls check status or error logs,and clear error logs with ur CO consultants help)
    --CK20 for marking cost estinmate
    --ck21 for releasing cost estimate.
    Once it is succesfully done,check u r material master for FERT if the Std Cost estimate has updated.
    Then u shud not have problem running backflush,since the system will now know where to credit or debit the costs .
    GURUS,Pls update on this.

  • Cost estimate/costing run

    What is the difference between cost estimate and costing run?

    Hello Ram,
    There are 3 steps in Costing Procedure. They are
    1. Creation of cost estimate
    2. Marking of cost estimate
    3. Release  of cost estimate
    Once you release cost estimate, then only system will update the required fields in the database and can be used for transactions.
    Hence, cost estimate means, it is just estimated total cost of the product and Costing Run means which inclusive of all the above three steps to complete the total process.
    Please let me know if you require any further clarifications.
    Thank you,
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  • Reorganization of Cost estimates

    Dear All,
    Please help in knowing the difference between "Reorganization of Cost Estimates" & "Revaluation" of a product having standard price in material master.
    In a nutshell, why "Reorganization of Cost Estimation"(CKR1) is to be done before "Price change" (MR21).
    Hope that my query is clear.
    Nikesh Patel

    1. Reorganization of cost estimate means deletion of cost estimate, by using the transaction code CKR1 you can delete the current cost estimate, marked (future) cost estimate. It is advisable to do the CKR1 before any goods movements for that material.
    Generally this will perform when the business realized that released cost estimate is wrong.
    2. MR21 will use to update the standard price for the materials. when you update the price as per the new standard price your inventory will evaluates at that time there is an accounting entry if your new standard price is greater than old standard price.
    Inventory dr to Revaluation inventory cr.
    The above GL accounts will trigger as per the OBYC--> UMB settings.
    Please let me know if you need any further help.

  • Alternate Bom for a finished product has huge varience in cost estimate

    Hi all
    I have created alternate BOMs for a finished material. One is local raw materials and another has imported raw materials. Goods are produced using both these boms but in one period i can release cost estimate of one BOM. Thats why there is a huge variance in cost estimate when alternate BOM is used for the material. kindly give me a solution as to how i can fix this issue.

    Please refer this link for,
    [Costing with alternative BOM |Re: Costing with alternative BOM]
    One thing you can do it with split valuation with batch managment please take help from CO person.

  • Cost Estimate Mistakenly deleted - ML Active

    Dear all,
    One of the user mistakenly delete the cost estimate released for a material.
    This material already have the status "quantity and values entered" in Material ledger/
    The Material ledger is active with price determination 3.
    What things usually must be done in this case?
    Please guide us on the issue above.
    Thank you very much for your help.

    Hi Erwin,
    If there is no released cost estimate for the FG/SFG products, you will have a problem during the Billing Doc release to Accounting/COPA document.
    The workaround is : if you are using Split Valuation/Valuation type, you can create new valuation type and release standard cost estimate.
    Let me know if you need any further details.

  • Restrict revaluation of existing stock after cost estimate

    Hi experts,
    Our users are having Finished goods in Standard price. I understand that there will be automatic posting in FI for updating existing inventory value once we release cost estimate. However, the users do not want this update.
    Any chance that we can execute cost estimate, still release price to use for the new period but no inventory value update for existing inventory?
    Thanks in advanced!!
    Best Regards,

    I think it may not possible, However, release of cost estimates for not for inv val can be done.

  • Latest Cost estimate itemization Table

    Dear All,
    Could some one tell the table name where I can fine the particular material's latest released cost estimate date by each item number and item category.
    I use the CKIS table , but the Costing date field (KADKY)  of  CKIS  is not matching with my latest cost release date in my cost estimate (Cost date from : KADAT)
    For example :
    Material master  R1234
    Costing Date from  :  01/01/2014   ( Latest cost  released date)
    Item Number : 1
    Item Category  : L
    Value :   100

    Hi Ram
    CKIS table is the itemization table.
    Cost is always released from 1st of the month and this might be different than the Costing Date From. You need to find the Cost estimate number from keko and then retrieve from CKIS
    Also if you are intending to make a Z program, use the Bapis. I have answered it many times, you can search it
    Those bapis start as Bapi*cost*estimate*. You can search in SE37
    Br. Ajay M

  • Cost Estimate error is coming at the time of billing document release

    Dear All,
    Hi, I am facing one problem that is whenever i am releasing the billing document system gives the error message.
    Error : No standard cost estimate found for this material 164001001.
    Here problem is some finished products we have a cost run and other finished materials we don't have a cost run. Other finished materials billing document release time we are facing the above error. There is no costing run for other finished materials. Here we have a CO-PA.
    I have mainatined the costing key settings(ke40) in co-pa. In Ke40 t.code i have maintained the below settings.
    1. I have selected transfer standard cost estimate radio button under determine material cost estimate.
    2. Costing variant is 1010( This is our varaint)
    3.Costing version is 01
    4. Period indicator : Current standard cost estimate account to entry in material master.
    I have maintained the above settings in ke40 t.code. Please suggest if any thing is wrong on above settings.
    And also i have maintained costing key to material type assignments in ke4j t.code.
    Here i maintained the three point of valuation (PV), One is real valuation, second is manual planning, third is automatic planning.
    here i have assigned material type (fert) to costing key in costing key1 filed.
    Please suggest if any thing wrong in the above settings. Still i am facing the same error at the time of billing document releasing time. Anybody please help to me. It is a very urgent to me.
    Thanks & Regards,

    This is a common error when COPA is activated and when the Costing Key is assigned according to the Material type in KE4J.
    When you need Cost estimation for few FGs and dont require for other FG, then you list out the materials for which you require SCE and then assign these list of materials to the costing key in KE4H(Costing key for Products) leaving out those which dont require.
    But detail the requirement further to facilitate the solution.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Ravi Kumar

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