Release date for Forms 9i?

Is there any date for it?
my best regards

Ola Joco...
Por falar em patches, sabes qual o zltimo para o forms e reports developer 6i?
Ja agora, onde posso encontar isso?

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  • Release date for next version of Forms?

    Has anyone heard of a release date for the next version of Forms ( or whatever it will be)? I may be starting a major Forms project shortly and I'd like to use the most current version of Forms with the current Application Server.

    We are looking at mid summer this year. Depending on your start times it may be as well starting on 10g (9.0.4) as there is a long support cycle for it.
    Grant ROnald
    Forms PRoduct Management

  • Release date for JRE version 1.4.2_13

    Does anyone have a scheduled release date for JRE Version 1.4.2_13? I'm in need of this patch as it fixes some Oracle Forms Client Issues.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Jason,
    Can you please let me know the release date for Service Manager 4.1.
    Also please guide me where can I find the functionality difference between 4.1 and 4.2
    Thanks and Regards
    Neha Mahanty

  • Release Date for Albums Year, MONTH DAY

    Why can't I enter the release date for albums (Year month and day)?   Itunes has a field for year but that's it.    I would have loved to be at the meeting where it was discussed.
    "Year, month and day? why the heck would any want that?"
    "Well a lot of us want to see our albums in chronological order and you can't do that with just the year, many albums come out every year"
    "Blah Blah Blah, music is just to dance to, no one cares about dates, besides it would four extra digit fields in each entry"
    But seriously, I would think that Itunes would aspire to be THE program for music lovers.
    Instead of being able to just enter the release dates I have had to come up with my own work around.  I put a the release date in the format yyyymmdd in fromt of each title and then sort by titles.
    Now all of my Beatle albums finally show up in chronological order by release date.   But why should I have to massage the data like this.   I can't imagine what goes on at Itunes planning  sessions.  I'm very unhappy about the loss of cover flow but that's another story.

    I'm glad to hear that I am not the only one who sees this as a problem.  And another Beatles fan too.
    This is so fundamental.  Every album has a release date and it's part of the data that is always associated with  that album.   Why did Apple look at the data available for an album and consciously decide to truncate it?
    What kind of music lover isn't aware of when albums are released?  I just don't get it.
    I like having the date yyyymmdd in front of each album.   It isn't pretty but it means the albums are chronological.   If you want, you could just put this in the sort field and leave the regular album title in the regular field.   Then the names would be right and they would sort correctly.   But again.  Why should we have to do all that? 
    Apple is busy constantly changing where the controls are on I tunes  rather than fixing something simple and important like this.
    Today I wanted to load some songs onto my ipod touch and it took me 10 minutes to figure out how to sync because the last itunes update got rid of the side bar.  
    How are you supposed to get comfortable using a product when they keep moving the controls around?   Just quit apple.   leave the controls where they are.  Add new controls if needed but stop moving them.  I know I'm ranting now but I am honestly angry and frustrated,

  • The current iTunes 10.5 upgrade does not install on Windows 7 and indicates a faulty install package (error 2324). Advice or details on the release date for a proper fix?

    The current iTunes 10.5 upgrade does not install on Windows 7 and indicates a faulty install package (error 2324). Advice or details on the release date for a proper fix? I'm not able to roll back to the prior version, so I'm stuck in limbo.

    There have been a number of problems with installing the latest iTunes on Windows 7 64-bit machines during the last couple of weeks.  You might want to do a search on that topic and see if anyone has a solution.  There have been various versions of the problem but a lot related to errors in the download package or failure to download.

  • What is the Released date for IPhone 5?

    What is the Released date for IPhone 5?

    When Apple makes an announcement.
    Based on the past 4 years, the original iPhone was released in the summer of 2007.
    The iPhone 3G was released in the summer of 2008.
    The iPhone 3GS was released in the summer of 2009.
    The iPhone 4 was released this past summer.

  • Release date for new updates

    I'm super excited about the new features, especially the integration of C4D and AE, and adding looks in Premiere. I've looked for information about release dates but can't find any details. What's the release date for the new features?

    No official date yet but based on past releases it will likely be in the next month or two.

  • Release date for itouch 5g?

    Is there a confirmed release date for the itouch 5g?

    no so far there hasn't been any news for itouch 5g but the ios 5 update.  But hope they will make a 5g soon this year

  • Release date for Mapviewer 11g?

    Anyone have a release date for Mapviewer 11g?

    MapViewer is a feature of the Oracle Application Server. So it'll be available when the App Server 11g is available.

  • Release date for service pack for 9.2

    When is the release date for weblogic 9.2 sp1? What bug fixes are included in this release?

    I'd suggest contacting [email protected] for this type of information
    -- Rob
    WLS Blog

  • Release date for ECC 6.0.

    Can anybody please tell me the release date for ECC 6.0.
    Full points will be assigned.

    Hello JB,
    mySAP ERP 2005 (ECC 6.0) was release on Sept 1' 2006
    Here is some more release date information.
    Version 3.1......................................... 1998
    Version 4.0B...................................... 5/22/98
    Version 4.5B...................................... 5/17/1999
    Version 4.6B...................................... 1/31/2000
    Version 4.6C...................................... 5/29/2000
    Version 4.7 xt. 1.1.............................7/15/2002
    Version 4.7 xt. 2.0.............................9/22/2003
    mySAP ERP 2004 (ECC 5.0)...... 2005
    mySAP ERP 2005 (ECC 6.0)...... 9/1/2006
    Hope this helps.
    Arif Mansuri

  • Next release date for C++ Parser- URGENT-

    What is the next release date for the C++ Parser??
    The bug in regarding broken DOS filenames is preventing us from shipping a build to Apps that is required next week.
    Otherwise what is the most recent C++ build that offers:
    a) A fix for entity reference parsing(&apos,&quot)correctly.
    b) DOS filename compatibility(i.e c:\cleo.xml).
    This is very urgent so your response is much appreciated.

    It is scheduled to be released by the end of this week.
    Oracle XML Team

  • Is there a release date for Apple pay in australia

    IS there a release date for Apple pay in Australia

    The SQL Developer team have always run a series of early adopter releases before the production release as we have found the community really get involved in these, which is of course benficial for everyone. We plan to do the same for the next release and will announce any early adopter releases here on the forum.
    We will be demonstrating features at Oracle OpenWorld, but you may recall that SQL Developer 2.1 was not production for that last year, so we have a lot to show.
    Unfortunately we are bound by Oracle policy and may not release any dates.

  • Does anyone know the USA release date for West of Memphis movie?

    Does anyone know the USA release date for West of Memphis movie?

    There's no general answer, it depends on the platform. On Metalink this information can be found under Certification & Availability.

  • Release date for Arch 0.8 ?

    Hi all,
    I am a Slackware user in search of a new home. I have installed and played around with ArchLinux 0.7 on my test machine and feel ready to install it on my workstation, along with the current Slackware installation, in order to ease migration.
    On the main web page, it says that version 0.8 is 'pending'. As I like to install from CD, and as I couldn't find any -current ISO, is the relase date for version 0.8 close, far or undefined?

    Basically there are two suggestions I can give you:
    1 - Use the 0.7 - base iso. Which only contains the base for Arch, which is what most people do. Install that and the pacman -Syu up to the current release state.
    2 - Since you have to do 3 installs, and from what it sounds like you need to be up and running as quickly as possible, use the 0.7 full iso's. They contain the base and a few more apps (some DE's and what not). That way you'll have a full working system and can pacman -Syu later on when you have time.
    Basically to answer your question, there is no stated release date for 0.8, as Arch doesn't really function like that. Things are similar to Slackware, where you can follow Slackware-current and stay up to date. With Arch however, there really isn't anything other than current. So version numbers and releases don't really matter.
    I hope I cleared this up for you. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask .

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    After dozens of posts regarding these problems, still not a word from Apple, here on on the iTunes site. And of course no fix yet.

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