Remote Control Doesn't Work in Win-7 !!!

After upgrade operating system to win-7 Remote Control Stop Working !!
and the ENE CIR Already installed ...
but it's still Don't Work
My Remote Details : RC1762302/00
3139 228 50021
Hp SPS :435743-001
cp04 30801 j 064454 REVB
and this pic 4 it

I too have this exact same issue.  The play, stop, forward, reverse buttons don't do anything, and also the sound buttons, they activate the volume window but not adjustment of the volume happens. The only buttons that work are the opening of applications and the power button. All this happened after I installed some free updating software for some other paid and free applications I have (Advanced SystemCare Professional), all quite legitiment, as a result there were corrupt icons and I had to uninstall the offending software and some corrupted software including Microsoft Office beta and reinstall... no viruses were found on a full Zonealarm scan.  I have the DV6-2113TX on Win-7.  If ANYONE has a clue how to fix the full functionality of the remote, please let me know as it's really niggling me that it just doesn't work even after reinstalling the drivers for the IR etc.
I tried contacting HP online and I get NO replies.  I am yet to phone.  It is still under warranty with 20 months left (8 months manufacturer, 12 months supplier).

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  • Earbuds remote control doesn't work anymore!

    I've had an iPhone 4 since September 2010, and I've always used the earbuds that came with him.They used to work great until this week.
    Now, it's buillt-in remote control doesn't work anymore.By that I mean I can not skip, pause or even use voice control through the earbuds.
    And this probably isn't an iPhone problem, because I tested these earbuds in my iPad 2 and the remote control still doesn't work.
    I noticed that the rubber that used to cover the cable itself is coming off, especially near the remote control area.
    Is there a fix for these unresponsive controls?
    Or what Apple email I should reach in order to ask them about this issue?
    My iPhone 4 is running iOS 5.0 and so is my iPad 2.

    Is your phone locked in portrait orientation? I've found that for some reason my controls will not work when my portrait orientation is locked.
    Try double-clicking the main button, and then sliding your thumb right. You should get some controls at the bottom of your screen, and the button on the far left is the Portrait Lock button. Try unlocking your phone, and see if your earbuds will then work.
    Hope that might help!

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    After updating my iphone 3G and my ipotouch 3G with ios5, the apple remote controls (the white and the aluminium one) doesn´t react when iphone or ipod are docked at the universal dock. The remote controls both still work with my Macbook, therefore it must be a problem with the dock. I have tried to connect both with the dock (Menu + left for 6 seconds) but it doesn´t help. Further the volume control doesn´t react on the iphone and the ipod when they are docked. Neither the one on the touchscreen nor the buttons. The day before the update everything was fine. Anyone any idea?

    Look at the previous posts on the right under the heading: "More Like This".  I appears that others are having the same problem.

  • Qosmio G30 - Media center remote control doesn't work in windows

    Dear All,
    I have Qosmio G30-194,
    first i had a problem with the VGA , i send it for repair, when it comes back i noticed that the remote control is not working on windows Media Center, while in A/V mode it work perfectly.
    I tried to do full system restore from the recovery DVD, but nothing changed, even i installed Windows Vista with all of its drivers.
    Nothing changed also, I borrowed a USB IR received for another remote control it worked perfectly with my remote on windows.
    Please advise me what to do, do i send it back to the service center , or there is an easier solution.
    Mazen Habbal
    N.B, : My laptop info are:
    Model Number PQG32E-01P018AR
    Thank you in advance

    don't expect toshiba to fix problems like this.
    they replaced motherboard on my laptop and ever since the remote was not working.. it would turn the laptop on but was unresponsive thereafter. thing's we have tried:
    - install software and drivers for remote again
    - reinstall windows
    - replace reciever
    - change motherboard
    - change remote
    - terminate and restart relevant processes
    - downgrade bios
    - update bios
    - combinations of the above
    on several occassions Toshiba told me they were able to replicate and solve the problem but after trying it on my laptop they remembered that actually their one was slightly different.
    almost a year later, i still have a non-working remote
    my theory is the laptop leaves factory with certain software which Toshiba fail to include in recovery partition and\or bios that is available through them... so once you lose the factory components (i.e.the original motherboard) you also lose some necessary files with them.

  • Apple Remote controll doesn't work

    hi there.
    I have read, that the Apple Remote Controll, that can be used for things like iPhoto & iTunes can also be used to controll Logic 8, starting and stopping playback ... .
    Doesn't work at my system. Is there anything i have to setup? Have heared it should work by default.
    thx for help

    In iTunes 8:
    Go into your iTunes preferences and select the Devices tab. Make sure "Look for iPhone and iPod Touch Remotes" is selected. If it already is, try clicking "Forget All Remotes"
    In iTunes 7:
    Go into your iTunes preferences and select the Advanced tab. Select the General tab beneath it, and make sure "Look for iPhone and iPod Touch Remotes" is selected. If it already is, try clicking "Forget All Remotes"
    You also want to be sure that both devices (the computer and the iPod) are connected to the same wireless network.

  • My remote Control doesn't work with my new imac

    I have a brand new iMac 27" with mountain lion, and Doesn't work with my aluminium remote control, I already follow the steps on Help, but there's no IR option on the advanced button of security and privacy. Of course I already check with my iphone dock and the batteries are OK, So I think it's a bug from the OS.
    Any thougths?

    Thanks mende1.
    Apple that, *****!!

  • Remote Control doesn't work.

    I got an Apple Remote control with my MacBook a while back. I refuses to work with my computer. It will not pair with my computer, it will not do anything. I read the support files, and I can see a blinking light when I hold it up to my camera in photo booth and press a button, so I know the batteries are working. The remote (or the receiver) does not want to work.

    Open System Profiler (Application/Utilities)
    Under Hardware on the left, select USB. Under USB Device tree on the right you should see...
    USB Bus
    IR Receiver
    Is it there?
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  • Replay video in Muse (some controls doesn't work)

    Hello colleagues,
    Can't understand what is happening. I put a video in the Animate and assign controls for buttons (for example, replay video from 0:00 sec). For stage and video autoplay function are disabled.
    Then I export the oam-file and insert it into the Muse with a Scroll Effect "Edge Animate" (Autoplay) to play the video at a certain point. Video starts correctly, but some controls doesn'n work, for example, "replay video". Along with this function "Toggle video play/pause" works correcly.
    Actually, I want to loop video playback but it doesn't work in the Muse (Loop function for a video).
    Can anybody recommend a solution?

    Hello Joe,
    This is very interesting, but when I upload the project from Muse to my FTP-server, everything is working properly in all of browsers, all of controls and loop for the video clip. I found it by accident when I lost all hope. In other words, the problem is only when previewing the page in a browser (via the built-in local server). Maybe this is a question for the team Muse? Anyway I can send it in PM.
    Thanks for your reply,

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    Do you have that problem when running in the Firefox SafeMode? <br />
    [] <br />
    ''Don't select anything right now, just use "Continue in SafeMode."''
    If not, see this: <br />

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    Can't get the iPhone remote control app to work for my HDD Hi Res Audio player.  The app can "find" the player and I can turn on the power with the app but then can't get it to go to my music - can only use the "demo" tool with the demo info. What am I doing wrong?

    Good day cb94!
    I'd like to see if I can assist you with the Hi-Res Audio player. Please provide us the model, use this link to verify the model: Thank you! - Paul

  • HT204492 can someone help me ? My iMac remote control isn't working properly , well all buttons are working apart from the MENU button !! Can anyone shed any light on this ?

    can someone help me ? My iMac remote control isn't working properly , well all buttons are working apart from the MENU button !! Can anyone shed any light on this ?

    As this is the forum for PPC (pre-2006, non Intel) iMacs I assume that is what you have.
    Try pairing the remote again:
    How to Pair your Remote to your Mac:

  • HT4352 I have turned home share on my iPhone and my Apple TV and the remote app doesn't work all of the sudden. How can I fix this?

    I have turned home share on my iPhone and my Apple TV and the remote app doesn't work all of the sudden. How can I fix this?

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    Have you updated to the latest version of the Remote App.

  • My live! platinum doesn't work on win

    My sound blaster li've! II platinum doesn't work on win xp! I have tried to download drivers and install them but it's still impossible to listen to my external midi keyboard. Creative Playcenter, recorder, launcher and surround mixer are impossible to initialize....a message tell me that there's an error or that it's impossible to find drivers. I've tried to re-install everything and then install new drivers for xp but...nothing!!!
    How can I solve these problems? I want again complete funcionality of my audio card!
    Thanks to everyone will give me an answer...

    iOS: Troubleshooting applications purchased from the App Store
    You may want to try deleting the app and download it again. Read the troubleshooting steps.

  • My beats studio 2013 work fine on my ipad but the mic/ volume control doesn't work on my iphone 5

    My beats studio 2013 work fine on my ipad but the mic/ volume control doesn't work on my iphone 5. Can anyone help me?

    Thanks, daniel.early79!
    I have an iPhone5 bought in late Dec 2012.
    I've noticed on rare occassions that the volume down button some times would not respond.
    Starting yesterday, the volume down button would not respond more consistently.
    Sometimes a reset would fix it, sometimes a reset network would fix it, but the problem would come back.
    Came across this thread, and pressing gently on the upper right hand corner fixed it!
    I remember seeing some video on Youtube or iFixit that shows how to replace the power button. It appears that the volume buttons and the power buttons are tied in together on the same piece of connector. I supposed taking the iphone in and out of cases may have warped or twisted the connector inside the case ever so slightly that the sensor for the down volume button got shifted.
    The down volume button works now, after doing the trick you suggested. I'll wait and see if it comes back before taking it in for warranty repair.

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    ´Till the moment it is, i just recently received a notification with a software update, but i tried with another 3gs with the same characteristics and it worked.

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